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Of All That's Beautiful and Rare

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It all started after Jasper's failed attack on Bella. Carlisle had patched the human up and had Edward take her home. Leaning back in his office chair he thought about the last couple months and the effects they had on his family.

Edward was enamored with the mortal. Carlisle had doubts to whether it was really love. In fact, in the darker depths of his mind he was somewhat happy this accident happened. He hoped this would force Bella to realize that although his family drank from animals they were at their cores still predators. He also hoped this would make Edward decide to turn her or give her up. Carlisle shook these thoughts away instead deciding to muse on the actions and thoughts of each family member regarding the mortal he son proclaimed to love.

Rosalie was pissed. However, underneath the anger she was seriously concerned. While she wanted Edward to be happy she was displeased with his choice. Oh Rose had plenty to say about Bella, much of it not worth dwelling on, but the reason behind it was worth plenty. The thought of Bella telling others or worse gave Carlisle a cold chill down his spine and the fact she was close to the wolf shifters especially Jacob Black did nothing to ease that fear.

Emmett had similar concerns as Rosalie and Carlisle but was much better at hiding it. While he was friendly, often joking with Bella and ribbing Edward, he was also constantly watching them, analyzing their relationship. He, like any elder brother was worried Edward would get his heart broken.

On the complete opposite side was Esme. She was ecstatic that seemed to have finally obtained a mate. Carlisle, if he was being completely honest, found this mildly concerning. He felt she was a bit too dismissive of the problems presented.

Then again Esme was a bit of a mystery these days even to him. He felt they might have finally hit a rough patch in their marriage. Esme had been a bit standoffish with him lately and showed little interest in being intimate.

She also seemed to have lost interest her work and taking care of the house (which she had always proclaimed gave her great pleasure to do). To be truthful it was beginning to seriously worry him and he planned to have a serious conversation about it soon with her.

Moving past that train of thought he moved onto thoughts of Alice. She too seemed to be enamored with Bella. Although, if Carlisle were to compare to something it would be like a girl loves her favorite doll.

More interesting to Carlisle was the time Alice spent away from Edward and Bella. While still bouncy and energetic he had caught her several times looking very pensive like she was deciding on something vital. And whatever this something was seemed to be worrying Jasper.

Ah Jasper, his most interesting and dare he say favorite member of the family. He solider was rather wary of Bella and all too aware of the dangers she posed to the family. As displeased as he no doubt was of Edward's choice he was also like Emmett not about to air all his concerns for his little brother. It was with thoughts of Jasper in mind that he decided to check on him.

Directly after the accident he sent Emmett to stay with Jasper. He hoped that by now Emmett would have Jasper relaxed enough to listen to Carlisle's words. Leaving his office behind Carlisle began to scent Jasper out. It wasn't difficult as out of all his family members Jasper had the most distinct scent. after several minutes Carlisle located him alone in a clearing. Carlisle felt a pang of annoyance resonate through him. Where was Emmett and why wasn't he with Jasper?

"Carlisle?" Jasper called out quietly. Carlisle walked further into the clearing. Jasper was sitting on a fallen tree slumped over with his head in his hands.

"How are you feeling Jasper?" Carlisle inquired calmly. Jasper was silent but upon hearing Carlisle's question hunched into himself. Carlisle approached slowly before sitting next to his dejected solider. He took Jasper's face slowly into his hands. "Jasper look at me...please." he requested gently.

For a moment it seemed like Jasper was going to deny his request but finally he turned his head making Carlisle's breath catch painfully. Jasper look the definition of miserable but what made his heart break was the venom shine in his eyes (1). "Oh Jasper..."Carlisle sighed. Jasper flinched in reaction. "What's wrong?" Carlisle asked in puzzlement. Surely Jasper didn't think Carlisle was going to hurt him?

"You're annoyed and frustrated." Jasper whispered looking guilty. Carlisle could have kicked himself. Jasper was normally always so calm and composed that Carlisle often forgot his empathy made him vulnerable.

"Jasper I'm not in the least bit annoyed or frustrated with you. Emmett was supposed to be out here with you so it annoyed me when I saw he was nowhere in sight. The last thing I wanted was for you to be alone after what happened. As for the frustration I'm quite sure its related to Edward." Jasper still looked miserable.

"I'm sorry Carlisle. I've caused everyone so much trouble. I didn't mean ta honest! The emotions and den tha blood I couldn't stop myself! I'm so sorry Carlisle please forgive me?" Jasper pleaded while looking horrified with himself and his behavior.

"Oh course you've forgiven Jasper. You try so hard, harder than most to curb your blood lust and your empathy makes that even more challenging. Unfortunately, I think we forget that and i'll make sure we do better. Bella will be fine and you did no actual harm. There absolutely no reason for you to be guilty." Carlisle reasoned firmly.

"But Edward! Bella hurt her arm and Edward suddenly got so...conflicted! What if my actions cause them to break up? I can't bear the thought that I might have caused Edward such misery!" Jasper exclaimed somewhat hysterically. Carlisle pulled him into a tight hug.

"Jasper this was Not. Your. Fault. Bella got hurt as a result of Edward's stubbornness and her own clumsiness. Edward should have respected Bella's wishes and let her have a quiet birthday. If they break up due to this, then it's on them not you Jasper." Carlisle said resolutely.

The atmosphere lighted somewhat. "Thanks Carlisle." Jasper murmured somewhat embarrassed by Carlisle's defense.

"No thanks are needed Jasper. Did you know that of all my coven members I value you the most? My fierce and loyal solider." Carlisle revealed whilst looking at Jasper fondly. Jasper pulled back in shock.

"I didn't know. I would have thought if Edward or Esme before myself." Jasper responded looking at Carlisle with wonder filled eyes.

"If you promise to keep it to yourself and only you I'll tell you a secret." Carlisle said quietly.

"Anything you say will stay between us. Alice knows not to pry when requested and I know how to get around Edward's telepathy. I would never repeat something said in confidence." Jasper swore looking serious. Carlisle leaned into Jasper.

"Edward was turned because of his mother. I was very lonely true but it was mostly curiosity. His mother begged me to save him and so I conducted an experiment. Could I really turn him? I of course succeeded but there are times when he makes me doubt he's really of my venom and I regret it. Do you think me to be a horrible monster now?" Carlisle explained voice so soft it could have been a whistle on the wind.

"No! Never! I would never think you monstrous! You are by far the best vampire nay man I have ever had the honor to know." Jasper protested his eyes wide.

"You honor me with praise Jasper. As for Esme well...I love her dearly but lately she has been distant to me. She shows reluctance to speak about her day or anything of importance. I worry that she feels I am working to much but she has never found issue in it before." Carlisle confessed feeling almost lightheaded at having finally aired his concerns to another living soul.

"I'm sure whatever the problem is it will pass and she will warm to you once more. I can't imagine another calling you a bad husband. You work long hours but its primarily to keep us safe and if we ever found issue with it everyone knows you would reduce them in order to please us. You are a wonderful husband and I hope I find someone who is half as devoted as you are to Esme." Jasper soothed.

"Find someone? Are you and Alice having trouble?" Carlisle asked in concerned thinking that this might be the reason for Alice's pensive expressions lately.

"We meant to tell everyone long before now but it never seemed the appropriate time. At least that what Alice claims and I trust her intuition completely. Alice and I have never been mated. While I love Alice deeply and can never repay her for saving me all those years ago we always knew we were never supposed to be mates. Alice saw many futures but she saw the best chance of us both gaining our true mates was joining your coven. Knowing the stigma attached to unmated pairs Alice convinced me we should introduce ourselves as a mated pair to ensure we would be allowed to stay." Jasper admitted watching Carlisle's expressions and emotions closely.

Carlisle took several minutes to contemplate what he was just told. "I would never turn someone away for their mated status alone. However, I am well aware of the stigmas that attached to unmated nomads and can see why you wouldn't wish to disclose that information to a strange coven leader. Despite the deception I am indebted to her for she brought you to me regardless of dangers." Jasper seemed stunned by Carlisle's nonchalance.

"But why am I so important. I'm not even of your venom." Jasper muttered as if trying to solve some great mystery. Carlisle chuckled in amusement at his expression.

"My dear solider, your everything I could ever want or desire in a coven member. You can't know how many times I have gazed at you and wished I had found you instead of your sire. I envy your sire something awful because she got to you first. But I am also indebted to her because she made it possible for you to come to me. You Jasper is the dearest of all to me." Carlisle proclaimed fondly brushing Jasper's golden locks away from his face.

Jasper leaned into the touch his tawny eyes staring at Carlisle in adoration. "Feeling better?" Carlisle murmured gently. Jasper nodded shyly. "I'm glad to hear it. Shall we head back home?" Carlisle proposed smiling. Jasper nodded again this time a bit reluctantly. Carlisle gave a sift chuckle before rising and leading Jasper back toward the house.

"I find it only fair to warn you that I will be horribly overprotective of you now that i'm aware you are unmated." Carlisle remarked casually a mischievous glint in his eyes. Jasper gave a huff of a laugh before taking off to find Alice. Carlisle on the other hand had a negligent elder brother to find.