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The Price of Love

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The east wind blows,
Our struggles are now at an end.
The time has come for us to finally see—
Has it all been for naught?

As the Evil rises in the South,
A Hero will challenge it.
But he will fall, for he must die.
He is the Dead Hero,
And his Son shall follow in his footsteps.

The Dead Hero will give his life,
To buy time for his Son and the Chosen One,
To give them the chance to prepare for the return of the Evil.

Under the Pony’s hooves,
In the land between big and small,
The Chosen One will be found
By the Son of the Dead Hero.

As the Evil rises in the South once more,
Stronger than before,
The Son will set out on a quest
To help the Chosen One defeat the Evil.

The past will come alive,
Trying in vain to stop the Chosen One.
They will only slow him down for a moment,
A moment too brief to be a victory.

From the White City,
The Chosen One will set out
To fulfill his Destiny,
Accompanied only by the Son.

A bird will guide the Chosen One,
Showing him the way to his Fate.
He will take on the Evil willingly,
Not knowing the price of his love.

Death will come to the Chosen One,
Leaving the Son to make the final blow,
Destroying the Evil once and for all,
With the help of all the lands.

~Leandra Palantir, ‘The Prophecy of the Fate of the Chosen One’