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We Have Each Other, That's All We'll Ever Need

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John ==> Wake Up And Freak the Fuck Out Then Pester Everyone


Ok you are awake and you are DEFINITELY FREAKING OUT. The last thing you remember is seeing the vast hulking monstrosity that was Lord English falling through a rip in the very fabric of reality like some gigantic Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. You had felt such an immense sense of relief and freedom when the rip had closed behind him supposedly nullifying his existence, then you had seen a flash of light, or what you thought was light, and everything just...stopped. You don't know why, or quite how, or for how long. But you feel quite certain that the universe and all its little cogs had ceased moving for a period of time. Time...maybe Dave could tell you more? He was a time player after all, he would probably know a bit more about what had happened than you. Or maybe Rose? She always had a theory of some kind cooking in her pan. Wow you sound so much like a troll right now, and oh shit you are rambling to yourself and you just CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

You are staring at a room that you have been staying in for the last three years and some odd months while you were trapped in a sadistic mockery of a game. Only this room is nothing like your room. This room has four walls that have been un-edited by game mechanics. Has posters which have not only multiplied, but improved by your estimation. And this room has furniture and accommodations that, while sixteen year old you finds appealing, are definitely NOT YOURS. And it looks very, very, normal. Which makes it even weirder! Man you really need to check up on your friends! Someone has to know whats going on!

A ping from your computer draws your attention so you get up out of bed and plop down in your new/old computer chair. The message displayed on your screen says that you are being pestered by "groupChat [GC]" which makes about as much sense as your room right now. Shrugging you just decide to open the chat window and see what this is all about.


tipsyGnostalgic[TG] beganS pestering groupChat [GC] at 9:16 am EST [Eastern Standard Time]

TG: hey all you peple
TG: *people
TG: i set up a thing so we can all talk togetha!
TG: p cool huh? *wonk*

ghostlyTrickster[GT] began pestering groupChat [GC] at 6:21 am NAST [North Atlantic Standard Time]

GT: um... i kind of have no idea what is going on...or what to think right now.
TG: don worry dude soon as the others get here imma explain all u a thing :3
GT: ok i guess...

turntechGodhead[TG2] began pestering groupChat [GC] at 8:25 am CST [Central Standard Time]

TG2: sup egderp older lalonde
TG: lol hey young-ish strider!

tentacleTherapist[TT] began pestering groupChat [GC] at 9:30 am EST [Eastern Standard Time]

TT: This is quite convenient Roxy. Thank you for putting it together so fast.
TG: wow omg no probs! it was actually kinda fun tbh.
GT: yeah its pretty cool! i didnt think that pesterchum could be used like this. shows what i know :P

gardenGnostic[GG] began pestering groupChat [GC] at -:-- UTZ [Unknown Time Zone]

GG: hey guys! wow i am so glad to see all of you here!
GG: i was kinda worried when me and jake woke up together on the island alone.
GT: jade! oh man im glad to see you too. you and jake woke up on hellmurder island together?
GG: yep. in different wings of the house. and our towers are gone!
GT: what really?!?!

golgothasTerror[GT2] began pestering groupChat [GC] at -:-- UTZ [Unknown Time Zone]

GT2: They are missing from our houses structure alright.
GT: man that is weird!
GT2: Extreamly. Say Roxy, how does this work exactly? I must say I am quite intrigued!
TG: a tru hacker nevr revels her secrets!
TG: *never

gutsyGumshoe[GG2] began pestering groupChat [GC] at 6:34 am NAST [North Atlantic Standard Time]

GG2: Hello everyone, or everyone who is here at least. :B

timaeusTestified[TT2] began pestering groupChat [GC] at 8:42 am CST [Central Standard Time]

TT2: Sup.
TG: ok so every body here?
TT2: Looks like.
TG: great!! so as the lil cutie in dark blue and teh rest of u who scrolled up already knwos
TG: *knows
TG: i hav made dis chat room so we can all talk togetha!
TG: and u all should thank me cuz this took a lot of work
TG: specially since it was a rush job
GG2: I thinks its great Roxy! Absolutely lovely.
TG: thanks janey! :33
TT2: So now that we have all gathered let us commence with the dishing of gossip.
TT2: We will reach slumber party levels of gossip up in here.
TT2: By the time we are through we will know exactly how much force it takes to knock Jenny off her feet with a pillow.
TT2: Exactly how much processed sugar we can consume before we pass out.
TT2: And just exactly who the cutest boy in school is.
TT: Dirk. Stop. As much as we appreciate your special brand of "ironic" rambling, we have some important matters to discuss.
TT2: Sorry.
TT: It's fine Dirk. Now that we are all present I believe that it would be prudent to disclose each of our individual situations.
TG: yeppers :3 we all gonna tell what is goin on and where we are and what we know and 'member and stuff!
TT2: Getting a little southern there Rox.
TG: shut up di-stri its cool!
TT2: If you say so.
TT: If you two are done? I'd like to recount my experiences up to this point.
TG: ...
TT2: ...
TT: Alright, I awoke in what appeared to be my home, in a room very similar to the one that I had before my three year interlude on the meteor.
TT: But this room has changed a good deal from what I recall of my personal quarters. Things have moved, books have disappeared and new ones have taken their places.
TT: My room seems to be in the same locations but there is a door across the hall from mine that I have never seen before.
TG: dat's mine rosey
TG: we r roomies now!
TT: Lovely. Has anyone else experienced something similar?
GT: yeah, i woke up in a room that looks like mine but really different. so weird...
GT: but i dont think there are any new rooms in my house
GG2: I can report the same, actually. Different bedroom, no new rooms, but everything still feels familiar!
GT: aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! jane look outside right now!
GG2: What? Why?
GT: just do it!
GG2: Oh my goodness...
GG2: This is very unsettling.
TT: What is going on?
GG2: John's and my houses are sitting across from each other as practically MIRROR IMAGES of each other.
GT: this is freaking me out!
TG2: everybody calm the fuck down ok
TG2: so egderp and crocker have mirror houses
TG2: the lalondes have adjourning rooms
TG2: harley and english are back on hellmurder island in a mansion with no towers
GT2: Indeed.
GG: yep.
TT2: And baby Bro and me have apartments right across the hall from each other.
TT: It would seem the game saw fit to deposit all of us with our most direct family members, and in the locations we inhabited before our games began.
TG: yeh i gotta give teh game kudos ther cuz i get to room w/ mah sis roesy!
TT: Yay. I simply cannot wait to see what kind of passive agressive snarking sessions we shall have together my dear sister.
TG: luv ya 2 rosey!
GT: ok so i think im done freaking out now. but why did the game make our houses mirrors? and why did it change our rooms???
TG: i think its cuz it wanted to give us teh stuff we r supposed to want as ternager s
TG: *teenagers oops
GG2: Well I must say that I do like my new accommodations
GT: so whats your room look like jane?
GG2: It is quite nice, some framed posters of my favorite movies, a few portraits in water color that I personally find appealing, my bed is a sight bigger and my wardrobe is filled to capacity with clothes.
GT: wow sounds like my room, but neater!
GG2: Hoohoo :B
GG2: What do your rooms look like Jake and Jade?
GG: it is really cool! all my plants are back and seem to be growing even better than they were when i entered the game! and my wardrobeifier is stocked with new outfits.
GG: not to mention all the cute new plushies piled up in the corner and some interesting looking projects that i guess i have been working on?
GT2: Mine looks much cleaner than it previously had, that's for sure! And much like my new house-mate I seem to have been working on some projects! All my posters have frames now and they practically cover the walls!
GT2: I have a few adjourning rooms as well but I've yet to explore those as this message board was far more important!
GT2: But seeing as I haven't much to add to it I might as well go and see what new acomodations I have procured! Tally-Ho!
TG: jaek wait!!!
TG: *jake

golgothasTerror[GT2] is now an idle chum!

TG: gog dammit! cna u try 2 get him back online puppy-jade??
GG: sure i can try!

gardenGnostic[GG] is now an idle chum!

TG2: well that went over well
TG2: out of curiosity what exactly did you want to tell us mama lalonde
TG: wait 4 it lil strider bro! we all ned 2 b here 4 dis
TG: *need
TG2: ok fine i guess we all wait here twiddling our thumbs until the gun-toting wonder twins get back online
TT: Not necessarily. We could each expound on what we recall from our last moments in the game?
TT2: Yeah sure ok. So I was behind LE and hitting him with every Fray-Motif I had, just wailing on him with my mad heart powers and trying to destroy him inside and out with his own twisted emotions.
TT2: Then I think the girls plan started to work because suddenly I felt this huge wave of Despair and Anger wash through LE before he fucking DROPPED through reality.
TT2: After that all I remember is a bright flash of something like light, but not really like it, and then nothing until I woke up in bed back in my mockery of an apartment.
TT: I was attacking from every angle I could manage, hoping to find an exploitable week point, and I think I found one that did moderate damage to LE so I began to focus my energies on that spot while keeping an eye on the rest of our party.
TT: Jade I noticed was working with Aradia, Dave, Kanaya, and our ace in the hole Calliope's ghost. I had no idea what they were planning but it had to be something big.
TG2: it was yo
TG2: fucking huge shit was going down and you had no clue
TG2: that was a question btw
TT: I was more intent on exploiting a percieved chink in the armor of our enemy than with what you five were trying to do.
TT: What did you do anyway?
TG2: we ripped a hole in space time
TG: yep they did
TG: i felt the void in teh spaces call at meh when tehy got it open
TG: *they
TG: lemme tell u it was scary as fuck
TG2: sorry mama lalonde but it was the only way to kill the evil thing
TG2: only instead of making it eat its own heads we knocked it back through a mobile rip in the fabric of reality and sent him to end game
TG2: id say its still a better ending
GT: nope! the ending of that movie was so much better than your stupid timey-spacy tear thing!
TG2: it was not
GT: was too
TG2: was fucking not
GT: it was fucking too!
TG2: nope egbert it was not
TG2: i am revoking your cool kid status and returning you to derpdom with the rest of the derps
TG2: begone for you are banished
GT: whatever dude im still waaaaaaaay cooler than you!
TG2: bro why are you still typing with 8 letters
TG2: it looks so dumb
GT: it does not! and i dont have to explain my 8 typing to you!
TG: yo little strider and cutie in blue stahp teh ramblin fo a sec and let this party get back on de tracks!
TG2: ...
GT: ...
GG2: I think its my turn now?
TT: Go ahead Ms. Crocker, I yield the floor to you.
GG2: Alright, thank you I suppose Ms. Lalonde. Ok, well, after I broke free of my mind control I came straight to all of you as you know.
GG2: And I would like to extend my belated thanks to all of you for believing in me after such a...scandal.
TT2: No problem Crock-pot. We know you and we know what you are capable of, and betraying all of us is just not on that list.
GG2: Thank you.
GG2: Anyway, you had assigned me the task of healer in the battle hoping to keep everyone un-injured enough to continue fighting.
GG2: And I did my best to keep everyone in fighting condition! But a few of you slipped through the cracks and I over exerted myself a little trying to get you back.
GG2: I nearly died myself in the middle when I was too tired to move and left myself vulnerable.
TG: das when i came in an grebbed u janey!
TG: *grabbed
GG2: Yes, I remember. Roxy saved me and gave me a safe place to rest a little.
GG2: After I recuperated I tried to continue with my duties, and I was in the middle of healing a grievous wound on Karkat when I felt the tear's energy run through me, it felt like LE was dying and the force of it was so much that I could feel it even without my powers focused on him! I felt the shock of it go through all of you too, as tight as I was gripping your life lines with my "Sleuth-Sensor" and "Grief-Grabber" Fray-Motifs.
GG2: Then the light-ish thing hit me and I can't remember anything except a stillness like the universe was stopped before I woke up in bed.
TG: i think i kno wat the thing with the light was kinda...
TG2: so what was it mama lalonde
TG: i wanna wait fo teh guntotin wonda twins to come beck first
TG: *back
TG2: fair enough
TG2: ...
GT: who wants to know what i was doing?!
TG: oh me me! if only to crawl out from unda teh scrutiny of the lil strider bro
GT: ok so i was flying around like rose was trying to hit a week spot on LE and i THINK i found one.
GT: only it was like right on his heel. and it was really hard to hit most of the time because he kept moving!
GT: and i think i got hit a few times which probably means jane had to heal me and get me back up so i could hit him again
GG2: I did indeed heal you several times John.
GT: cool thanks jane! so anyway, im hitting him again and again in that one spot and all of a sudden his feet fall out from under him and hes going DOWN into that reality-tear-thingy and gog i was so HAPPY!
GT: and then that weird flashy light thing happened and i felt like the universe stopped and then i woke up in bed.

golgothasTerror[GT2] is no longer an idle chum!

gardenGnostic[GG] is no longer an idle chum!

GT2: Well it looks like we missed a bloody awful lot! I feel like a billy-no-mates.
TT2: He's pouting isn't he GTWT number two?
TT: ...
TG: ...
GT: ...
GG2: ...
TG2: ...
GG: ...what?
TT2: GTWT Gun Toting Wonder Twin
GG: pfffffffft hahahahahahahahaha! XD wow! just wow! that is the best thing i have heard all morning! pffffffffthahaha!
TT2: Well is he?
GG: heh heh. who? um...who are you talking about?
TT2: Jake, hes pouting isn't he?
GG: yep its is pout city over here!
TT2: Tell him that Senpai noticed him.
GG: um...why??
TT2: Just trust me, it'll cheer him up immediately.
GT2: It will not you areshole!
TT2: Hey what do you know? It worked.
GT2: Bollocks.
TG: well now dat we all here
TG: i got something so explain to all of u
TT2: What things?
TG: no mor interupting! nop stop typing the things u typing and listen!
TG: ok so p much everybody here felt the universe kinda stop
TG: and it kinda did for a lil while
TG: whne teh time and space players made teh rip they kinda broke the multiveres or whatevs grasp on the void and the univeres in genreal
TG: imma void player so i was imune to the stop because i am kinda used to the void and its workins
TG: i SAW wut happened and it was fuckin scary
TG: i watched the eldest gods dat exist in the true void and witnessed them making a new universe from broken fragments of five old ones
TG: i even offered a few suggestions here and ther
TG: so basically we now liv in a verse that is part of both our sessions teh trolls sessions and unforch the cherubs too
TG: dat means thet we might meet the trolls agani becuz they are p far away but still in our verse
TG: de cherubs idek if we can meet dem again
TG: and frankly i don wanna kno
TG: so thats how it is
TG: if u got any questoins u best ask em now
TT: ...
GT: ...
GT2: ...
TT2: ...
TG2: ...
GG2: ...
GG: ...
TG: ok den, i feel lik we all need a few 2 process wut i just laid down 4 u
TG: so imma leave this open but ban every1 from respondin and ill ping u again when we need 2 talk
TG: cool? cool
tipsyGnostalgic[TG] banned ghostlyTrickster[GT] from responding to groupChat[GC]
tipsyGnostalgic[TG] banned turntechGodhead[TG2] from responding to groupChat[GC]
tipsyGnostalgic[TG] banned gardenGnostic[GG] from responding to groupChat[GC]
tipsyGnostalgic[TG] banned tentacleTherapist[TT] from responding to groupChat[GC]
tipsyGnostalgic[TG] banned gutsyGumshoe[GG2] from responding to groupChat[GC]
tipsyGnostalgic[TG] banned timaeusTestified[TT2] from responding to groupChat[GC]
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