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The war between heroes and villains had always caused issues. Not just for the people caught in the middle, but for those who had taken sides. Flug had expected to run into trouble when he took the offer to work with the heroes. He was one of the best scientists that the heroes recruited, and it hadn’t taken long before he’d made a name for himself. So he was never surprised when the villains started targeting him. They would attack him, or try and kidnap him and force him to work for them. Because of this he learned quickly to fight and protect himself.


Besides the constant trouble it caused him, Flug couldn’t bring himself to dislike the fame he’d gained from working with the heroes. He was able to help save and protect people through his inventions. He was proud of that. Of course, being a scientist to heroes wasn’t always easy. Especially when fights went wrong.


The one down side to working for heroes?


They were like villains in a sense that they were too prideful to ever admit they might be at fault when things went wrong. It was either the inventions fault, or most commonly, the scientist’s fault. It was one of the few things Flug hated about his job. It was even worse when he was accused of intentionally sabotaging his own inventions.


Thinking back on it now… Perhaps, that’s why it was so easy to switch sides.




Flug had been out late that night, heading home from his lab at the base. He had his lab coat wrapped around him tightly to keep warm from the chilly winds. The scientist sighed as he walked, wishing he’d taken his teammates up on their offer for a ride home. But he’d declined wanting to finish his work before leaving. Flug was positive that it was well past 12, and was just thankful the streets of the city seemed to be empty as he made his way towards his apartment. He was passing by one of the back streets when he heard a noise. He froze and turned towards the street tensing. There was another noise, a pained frustrated hiss, followed by a cough and the sound of something splattering against the ground.


Flug frowned and shifted glancing around before swallowing and calling out, “...H-hello?” he called softly, stepping onto the street and looking around. There was movement to his left, accompanied by a growl and a hiss. The doctor turned his head and saw a tall figure leaning against the side of a building. It was a man, wearing a rather fancy suit, and long coat. He wore a top hat and a monocle on his left eye. He was glaring at Flug baring sharp, green tinted teeth. Flug felt his heart skip a beat as a shudder of terror went down his spine. He swallowed his fear and took a step towards the creature glaring at him.


The man was favoring his left side, his arm pressing tightly to his stomach as he held onto his side. Black blood dripped from the corner of the man’s mouth and stained his side. Flug frowned behind his scarf. The guy looked like he just had one hell of a fight.


“What the hell do you want?” the man’s voice came out as a snarl, deep and raspy.


“You’re injured.” Flug said, voice quiet as he stepped towards the other.


“What of it?” the other snapped, Flug stopped seeing the other tensing. Even in his condition the other seemed to be ready to attack. The doctor swallowed, shifting anxiously.


“…W-well. If you’re I-injured… y-you need m-medical attention.” Flug stuttered out.


“I’m Fine.” the creature growled. Flug winced, his instincts told him to run as fast as he could. But he could just leave the man. Taking a breath, he started to walk over to the other. He kept his pace slow to try and assure the other he didn’t mean harm.


“You’re lo-losing a lot of blood. Just… Let me help you.” Flug said. The man let out a low warning growl, pushing off the wall only to slump back against it with a hiss. “You shouldn’t move! You’ll just make it worse.” the scientist stated picking up his pace. The man snarled and lashed out at him. Flug just barely had time to avoid the other’s claws before they could make contact.


I told you. I’m fine!” the man snarled baring his sharp teeth. Flug frowned behind his scarf.


“You’re clearly not!” he argued.


“Even so it’s none of your concern.” the other hissed. “Bloody hero…” the last words were hisses quietly under his breath. The demon spat out a mouth full of tar-like blood to the ground. He was slumping more against the wall his breathing becoming more heavy. Flug to the opportunity to move to the other’s side. Claws were swiped at him again but he ducked under them and wrapped an arm around the injured man’s waist. The man tried to jerk away but the sharp movement caused him to double over with a snarl.


“Easy… You’re going to make it worse.” Flug scolded he winced as he looped the man’s arm around his shoulder’s awkwardly supporting the other’s weight as he pulled him from the wall.


“You’re wasting your time.” the other growled. “I’m already healing, you fool.” he snapped.


“Not fast enough, you’re still losing blood. Now shut up and just let me help you, stubborn ass hat.” Flug snapped back, getting annoying at the other’s stubbornness. The man paused staring at him. Flug could see the rage burning in the other’s eyes but refused to back down. He started walking pulling the other with him. The man limped along side him still eyeing the scientist.


“Clearly… you have no idea who I am.” he muttered.


“You’re someone whose currently bleeding out. That’s all I need to know.” Flug replied.




Black Hat winced as he walked with the other, the deep gash on his side slowly stitching its self together as he eyed the mortal out of the corner of his eye. His claws twitched as he limped along side the scientist. It was clear the other had yet to realize just who he was. It would be so easy to slaughter the doctor, but he stopped himself. He wasn’t stupid, he knew exactly who this hero was. He was one of the main scientists for the Heroes, currently employed by Mimic. He huffed out in annoyance glancing down at the gash on his side.


“I don’t suppose you’ll tell me what happened?” Dr. Flug spoke up, getting his attention.


“You’re a smart man, Doctor. I’m sure you can figure it out yourself.” he rasped. Looking at him. The red head met his eyes briefly before looking ahead. “But then again, you’re helping out a villain, so maybe you aren’t as smart as other’s would think.” he added.


“Villain or not, I still can’t just leave you to die in the street… Wouldn’t be very hero-like of me if I abandoned some one in need.” the scientist said. Black Hat sneered and hissed.


“What is it with you heroes and helping people? Its revolting.” the eldritch snarled.


“You’re not exactly refusing the help.” Flug pointed out. Black Hat could hear the smirk and amusement in his voice and growled.


“I could easily kill you.” he said.


“Oh, really? Then why haven’t you?” Flug asked, not even bothering to hide his amusement. Black Hat glared at the human, claws twitching. He was starting to ask himself that. The villain growled as he turned lashing out.


“GAH!” he yelled out as Flug dodged, clearly anticipating the attack, and jabbed him in his injured side. “Son of a BITCH!” the demon snarled his eyes glowing red as he glared at Flug. The scientist swiftly pulled him from his hunched position supporting him.


“I told you not to move. That was your fault.” the mortal said snickering. Black Hat looked at him. He wasn’t sure whether he should be pissed off or impressed at the human’s boldness.


“… You’ve got a lot of nerve, mortal.” Black Hat said. Flug seemed to grin under his scarf.


“and there is nothing you can do about it.” he said. “I’m Flug by the way.” he added looking towards the demon.


“I know who you are…. You’re inventions are rather… interesting.” Black Hat replied.


“Is that a compliment or insult?” Flug asked.

“You could do better than heroes.” Black Hat answered.


“Let me guess… Better as in working for the villains? Save your speech. I’ve already heard it from countless others.” Flug said.


“Other villains would waste the talent you have.” Black Hat snorted.


“And you wouldn’t?” Flug asked with a snort. “Save your breath. I’m never working with Villains.”


Black Hat rolled his eyes. He winced placing his free hand on the gash that been opened up from the jab he’d received from the scientist. They walked in silence for a bit.


“Where are you taking me?” the eldritch asked.


“Back to my apartment. I have a first aid kit there. Its not that much further.” Flug stated.


“… You’re joking.” the villain said looking at the other.


“Well I can’t exactly take you back to my place of work or a hospital.” the hero stated.


“You are insane.” Black Hat said.


“Maybe. But its the only place I can take you to help you. Fair warning, you attack me again and you will be on the ground with in seconds.” He said. Black Hat growled at the threat.


“Watch who you threaten, hero.” he snarled.


“Who am I threatening?” Flug asked.


“Black Hat.” the demon hissed. He felt the scientist stumble slightly and smirked. So he did know who Black Hat was. That’s good.


“… Huh. I thought Black Hat was a ruthless killer.” Flug commented.


“I could rip you to shreds, doctor.” the eldritch snarled.


“I’m sure you could. I’m just curious as to why you haven’t.” Flug stated.


“… That is something I’m still wondering myself.” Black Hat huffed almost silently. He wasn’t sure why hadn’t bothered to kill the other. Maybe it was because the human actually had guts to stand up to him. That alone peeked Black Hat’s interest. Lucky for the scientist, Black Hat was also to tired to start another fight.


The two of them fell silent as they walked. Black Hat sighed and glanced down at his almost healed side.


“..As fun as this has been, Doctor. I should get back home.” he stated starting to pull away wincing slightly being woozy from the blood loss.




“Healed.” Black Hat cut in gesturing to his side. “...But I suppose a thank you is in order for the distraction.” he added. Flug stared at where the other had been injured in slight confusion.


“How did….?” he started.


“Come now, Doctor. Surely you know I’m not human? Nothing can would me for long.” the demon said grinning. “Good Night, hero. Perhaps we’ll meet again soon.” he said.


Flug stepped back eyeing the villain as he walking off with a wave. His hand slowly moved too his pocket where his ray was, but he hesitated before drawing it. Looking down briefly at his concealed weapon he shifted before looking back up. He shook his head, and turned continuing his way home.


“… Maybe we will.” he muttered. He wasn’t entirely sure if he wanted to meet the eldritch again or not.