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If Walls Could Talk

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The last seconds on the clock is ticking as his nimble fingers buttons his shirt quickly. He eyes the door with small glances as he tries to not act frightened in the slightest. He should be used to it after it's been happening for 13 whole years now, nonstop so why was he so scared each time?

“Why are you up so early?”

At the sound of the voice, his posture immediately straightened and his head bowed until his brain registered who the voice belonged to. Jimin, of course, it was Jimin, said person shuffled into the room looking tired out of his mind “he's not going to be back until later in the evening, I suggest you sleep until then” of course, how could he have forgotten? He's been gone all week, he often goes on little business trips and it's the only time he and Jimin ever felt free for a little while. But it's when he returns that is the worst part of it all.

“You look like you need the sleep more than I do” came his reply, watching as Jimin fell face first onto his bed groaning and stretching. The room was quiet for a while, enough to have him thinking that Jimin had fallen asleep “Jungkook, c’mere” came a sleepy mumble, the younger wastes no time climbing onto the bed next to the elder, his gaze taking in the bags under his eyes. He knew Jimin was tired and stressed out and the guilt keeps eating at him because he knows he's the reason why. He was always the reason “does it still hurt?” He asked quietly, his gaze traveling to Jimin's bandaged wrist, he got a hum in response but didn't press further only wanting the elder to rest.

His mind involuntarily wandered to the incident that happened the last time he had punished them. It was raining and Jungkook really wanted to go outside but he didn't dare do so, he sat on the windowsill while Jimin lounged on his bed seemingly absorbed into whatever book he was reading to the latter. But Jungkook wasn't listening anymore, he stopped the moment the first droplets of water hit the window. “We can go if you want...just for a minute” the elder quickly clarified when Jungkooks wide scared eyes landed on him, it was just a suggestion and if he said no, Jimin would simply go back to reading the book and never bring it up again. But Jungkook is greedy, he's always been greedy for the feel of things he can't have and so he agreed with a timid nod.

They were only supposed to be a minute, but one turned into 5 and before they knew it they didn't care about time anymore. Even if it was only for a couple of minutes they were able to forget how horrible their lives are and just for a second Jungkook was actually happy, that is until he caught sight of the person that haunted his dreams standing by the back door watching him and Jimin with a calm expression on his face. Calm was never good, calm meant even more trouble. That day if it wasn't for Jimin begging to be punished for bringing him outside then Jungkook would've had more than the bruises and scrapes on his shoulders to worry about. But he wouldn't mind it if it meant that Jimin didn't have to stay locked up in his room, cuffed to his bedpost without water or food for hours until the sick son of a bitch felt he punished him enough.

But Jimin, he was strong-willed and never once blamed Jungkook for his misfortunes. But it ate away at the younger like cancer in his blood.

They laid in complete silence, Jimin already half asleep while Jungkook was wide awake and staring at the ceiling. It was comforting, the calm before the storm most would call it, Jimin and Jungkooks life was not their own. And so when they got the chance to just have a minute for themselves they took with eager hands, fingers wrapping around the opportunity with joy.

Jungkook didn't know how long the laid there or how long ago he fell asleep, all he knew was he awoke to Jimin's cry of pain. It had him startling awake, deep in the back of his mind he knew very well what had happened but in his sleepy panicked haze he was scared to even look over towards where the elders please where coming from.

“Well didn't you two look good all cuddled up” a mock scoff followed the statement and Jungkooks body grew rigid and tense. The latter chanced a glance in the direction of the voice and wasn't surprised to find Hyunwoo standing there, a handful of Jimin's hair in his fist while the elder sat on his knees biting his lip. Hyunwoo obviously caught them sleeping and had most likely dragged Jimin out of the bed by his hair. “Come here little bunny” Hyunwoo’s voice oozed authority and coldness, who was Jungkook to not obey?

No one. He was no one to this monster.

Jungkook slid off the bed standing up, his gaze was on the ground as Hyunwoo took in his attire for the day. He liked it in particular when Jungkook wore the navy blue Chino shorts he was currently sporting along with his baby blue button up. His bare feet padded onto the wooden floorboard the closer he got to the man, he struggled to keep his breathing normal. Once he was at arm's length his eyes flitted to Jimin, finding the elder looking right back at him “Kneel” Hyunwoo commanded and Jimin opened his mouth ready to protest but the younger sent him a pleading look to keep his mouth shut. He knew damn well what would happen if Jimin was to open his mouth just like all the previous times, but this time it would be even worse considering the fact that he hasn't been home for a whole week.

The latter wasted no time as he descended onto his knees in front of the man, Hyunwoo released his hold in Jimin's hair shoving him to the side and curled his fingers in Jungkooks brown locks instead. The brunette but his lip to keep his whimper to himself “I’d hope my pet was behaving but I come home to find him with bed with the spawn of Satan” Hyunwoo chastised and Jungkook would've laughed at the irony in that sentence if it wasn't for the fact that there was nothing funny about it.

He once thought the man hated him and he isn't saying he doesn't but Hyunwoo went from being repulsed from being in the same room as Jungkook to being obsessed with making him his plaything. His little past time to entertain himself and his sadistic tendencies. “See I would do something about it but now is not the time, there is something much more important to be discussed” if it didn't have anything to do with Jungkooks freedom that he didn't care about it “I need your help little bunny” Jungkook doubts he was really needed “I need help to get eyes and ears into that fucking place, Cardinals” Hyunwoo hissed tightening his hold in Jungkook hair making him wince causing Jimin to frown “and I've heard that their little leader likes pretty things” he drawled before stooping down to reach Jungkooks height making the latter look at him “and you, my little bunny is the prettiest” and the latter tried to not make a face when his nose was tapped.

Was he insinuating that Jungkook should be his eyes and ears in his biggest rivals territory? “There's no way you're going to send him to do that, he's not...he's too young” came Jimin's meek voice but Hyunwoo just ignored him and kept looking at Jungkook “you'll do this for me won't you?” He asked and Jungkook didn't know if he should say yes or not, he had a feeling that his answer won't matter but his life was potentially on the line either way. “Little bunny you're taking too long” Hyunwoo clicked his tongue as he got up making his way towards Jimin, the bottom of his shoe the only thing filling the silence in the air.

“You know this yes and no game is getting boring, I just need your consent no matter how I get it” Hyunwoo drawled as he took the gun handed to him by one of the guards in the room that Jungkook hadn't paid attention to before. The younger was confused as he eyed the weapon unsure of what the man intends to do with it, threaten to kill him? Fuck. He'd be happy to give his life away, the only thing is that Jimin would be stuck in this horrible house by himself...and like clockwork, everything clicked into place making Jungkook eyes widen just as Hyunwoo pressed the muzzle against Jimin's temple. “So what's your answer little bunny? Will you or will you not help your beloved brother by helping me defeat my enemy?” Of course, Jungkooks going to help Jimin and Hyunwoo knows this, that's why he's using it against him “Jungkook don't you dare! I'm fine. He's not going to kill his only son.” Jimin said with little confidence because they both know that Hyunwoo wouldn't hesitate to blow Jimin's brains out should Jungkook refuse to help him.

The ticking of the clock grew louder when Hyunwoo took the safety off, Jungkook could feel the tears running down his cheeks but he was too numb to even try to wipe them away. “My patience is running thin little one” Jungkook couldn't breathe, not when Jimin had a gun to his head and he was asked to go out into the world he's never ventured by himself before, but it was either that or watch his brother get his brains blown out.

“Yes.” He muttered just as a resounding ‘click’ of the empty barrel echoed throughout the room.

Jungkook watched as Jimin's tense shoulders relaxed as they both realized that the gun was empty, none said anything as Jimin scrambled over to hug the latter into his arms muttering apologies into his hair. They clung to each other both sobbing from whatever the fuck they just went through. And honestly, they shouldn't be surprised knowing the sadistic man they've been living with since they were born.

“Get him and take him to the room” Jungkook could hear Hyunwoo say and his arms instinctively tightened around Jimin before he was eying pulled away by the guards “get your fucking hands off me! Kookie! Let me go! Jungkook! I swear if you put your filthy hands on him-” he was abruptly cut off when they covered his mouth dragging him out of the room.

“You won't see him again until what I want is done” and Jungkook knew it was more than just a statement “go get cleaned up we have much to discuss little bunny” Hyunwoo waited for Jungkooks stiff nod before leaving the room. Jungkook didn't move a muscle until he was alone in the room, he crumpled into a sobbing mess.