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The night was silent. Moonlight formed a spotlight around the two princes, bathing them in a silver light. Averill stared at Connor. A year hadn’t changed him. He wore the same clothes that he had worn the day he disappeared. His hair was still pulled up in a messy ponytail, and the layers that framed his face still shown the golden color that he had gotten from their Pa. His dark blue eyes sparkled in the light. The two stood there for a beat, neither moving an inch.


Averill dashed forward, aiming for his older brother’s arms. Connor laughed, the same little chuckle from so long ago. Averill could hear his feet pounding against the ground as he tore across the meadow. He was so close to Connor, the wind rushing through his hair. He leaped towards the other, tears pricking his eyes.

As soon as Averill touched him, Connor exploded in a cloud of stardust. Averill hit the ground with a grunt.

As the stardust settled on the ground, the only sound left in the night was the sound of Averill’s sobs.