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"I'm nervouse about this." Kurt said stopping at the entrance to his old high school hand resting on his eight month baby bump.

"Why, there's no need to be nervouse." Noah said.

"We haven't seen any of these people since we left high school." Kurt said looking really nevouse.

"Come on babe there's nothing to be worried about. It's just the glee club they were you best Friends." Noah said as he placed a hand on top of Kurt's hand trying to comfort him.

"Exactly when was the last time we saw any of them." Kurt said starting o get really worried.

"Kurt lets just go in and get this over with so you don't get yourself worked up. It will be fun seeing every one again." Noah said in a reassuring tone.

"Okay." Kurt said with a sigh before grabbing Noah's hand and pushing the door to William Mickinly High School open.

Kurt and Noah wales over to the choir room. Noah was about to push the door open when Kurt stopped him.

"I can't do this." Kurt wisperd.

"Yes you can." Noah said moving his hand out of Kurt's grasp and pushing the door open.

"Kurt." Rachel practically screamed when she saw them. "OMG your pregnant." Rachel yelled when she noticed his baby bump. "Who's the dad?" She asked now abbot quieter then she was a minute ago.

Kurt just held up his and Noah intwined hands not wanting to say anything.

"What happened to Blaine. You guys were going to get married what happend?" Rachel asked shocked.

"Yeah what happend boo?" Mercedes asked.

"I will tell you every thing I just need to stand up I've been walking for the past two hours and my feet and back are killing me." Kurt said Drematicly.

Mercedes, Tina and Rachel all nodded as Sam pulled a chair over for Kurt.

"So what happened?" Rachel asked as she seat opposite Kurt.

"Me and Blaine were fine until I got pregnant about three months after we graduated. He broke up with me bacouse he wasn't ready for the comitment. When I was about four months pregnant it got really had to see Blaine every where so I moved to LA where I saw Noah. When he found out I was pregnant he helped me out let me stay at his place instead of an hotel. About a year after I moved in with Noah I realised that I liked him as more then a friend and I kissed him on night he kissed me back. We started dating about a year into dating Noah proposed me and we got married a year after that." Kurt said not stopping with the story.

"Really Blaine just abandons you?" Quinn asked in shock.

"Yeah." Kurt said not looking very happy.

"And now your pregnant with your and Noah's first baby?" Mick asked.

"No. I'm pregnant with our 4th and 5th child." Kurt said placing a hand on his baby bump.

"Wow. Does Blaine know his son?" Sam asked.

"Nope haven't seen him since I left New York." Kurt said with a shrug.

"Okay why not?" Mercedes asked.

"He never tried to contact me and he never answers my calls so I gave up I couldn't keep tourcharing my self." Kurt said with a frown.

"Okay. Do you two still live in LA?" Tina asked.

"No we moved back to Lima four years ago." Noah said.

"Why I thought you guys hated it here?" Sam asked.

"There was some complications in my pregnancy so we decided to come back home." Kurt said.

"What complications?" Rachel asked concernd.

"I got in a car accident at about four months and I almost lost the baby. I was in a coma for six days. They kept me in the hospital for a month and one bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. So we came home to get some help." Kurt said.

"Oh. Was the baby okay?" Mercedes asked.

"Yeah. She was born a bit small but other then that she's fine." Noah said a smile on his face.

"What are there's names?" Tina asked.

"Josh, jake, Jessica and Jacob." Kurt said his frown turning into a smile.

"What are you going to name these two." Sam asked.

"Jamie and jasmine." Noah said.

"Do you think your going to see Blaine again."Rachel asked.

"Yeah well see him in two days at the Warblers reunion." Kurt said looking like he wasn't loking forward to it.

"That will be though." Rachel said with a sad smile.

"Yeah I haven't spoken to his since I told him I was pregnant it should be amazing." Kurt said sarcastically.

"It won't be that bad." Noah said as he phone went of. "I'll be back in a minute." Noah said as he walked out of the choir room to answer the phone call

"What will you do if blaine wants to see his son?" Mercedes asked.

"I'm not sure." Kurt said.

"Will you let him." San asked.

"No Josh is nearly ten years old and Blaine has never asked to see him once if Blaine wants to see his son he will have to fight me for custody." Kurt said.

"Kurt we need to leave." Noah Said as he walked into the choir room.

"Why is something room?" Kurt asked sounding really worried.

"Jess broke her wrist playing at the park she's in the hospital." Noah said sounding just as worried as Kurt.

"Sorry guys." Kurt said as Noah helped him stand up. @we have to go." Kurt said.

"I'm coming." Mercedes said standing up.

"Okay just meat use at the hospital." Noah said as he and Kurt walked out of the room and towards there car.

"Where is she dad?" Kurt asked as he and Noah walked into the waiting room at the hospital.

"She in the first room down the hall. She hasn't stopped asking for you to. She's fine just a Brocken wrist she'll have a brace on her wrist for a while but that's it." Burt and beofre kurt and Noah walked down to Jessica's room.

"Heh baby girl." Noah said as he walked into the hospital room.

"Daddy, papa it hurts." She said looking absolotley miserable.

"I know it does baby. But it will get better soon." Noah said said as he seat down next to Jessica's hospital bed.

"Y'all stop felling the pain in a bit princess." Kurt said as he seat down next to Noah.

"Okay daddy." Jessica said as she grebbed into Noah's hand with her good one.