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Did you ever wish to one day wake up in another dimension? Away from the reality you once knew? I always wanted it to happen, I finally got the chance but not in the way I have ever wished it. You see I died but what I didn't know, it truly was only the beginning.

"Kate!" My friend Lizzy called from down the hallway. I turned and grinned at the exasperated girl that was hunched over panting.

"Good god, I am not made for running." She said as she straightened herself up. I arched a brow and chuckled

"Yeah, you were never really made out for sports."

Not really the one to talk, I am kinda chubby but I scored an hourglass figure. Thank you genetics, I will forever be grateful.

Liz and I walked out of the school and got halfway across the crosswalk before we heard the screeching of tires and I whipped my head around to see a car coming at us at full speed. Without thinking and on pure reflex I shoved Liz out of the way and braced myself for impact. All I felt was excruciating pain and the ringing of screaming in my ears, then everything went black.

I came back into consciousness floating in a black void

"Where…where am I?" I asked myself out loud.

A voice spoke out from the inky blackness. "You my child are in limbo, a world between the living and the dead."

"What! No!" I said in tears “I must get back home!" I screamed into the void.

The voice sounded empathetic. "I am sorry my child, but you can't. Your time has ended in that realm."

I had a life back there, it was finally a good one after the years of abuse I endured by my parents. I had won a few scholarships to pay for my current college classes, I had amazing supportive friends, my parents have been finally charged and I have a home of my own with my best friend Lizzy as a roommate.

"My child, you have a big heart and your time just isn't here. I will give you a chance in another world."

My head snapped up "Another chance to another world?" I asked out of disbelief.

"Yes, you will be reborn but you will retain all of your memories and you will still be yourself."

"How will I fit in?" I asked confused.

"You will be given a home and a new identity, don't worry my child it will all work out. I'll be here to guide you."

I smiled "Thank you," I said sincerely "You are welcome child, now go"

There was a bright light and everything went dark…

*beep* *beep* *beep* the sound of an alarm clock went off and I reached out and slammed it. The noise instantly stopped, I groaned and sat up.

My eyes instantly almost popped out of my head remembering what occurred and I looked around. Nothing seemed familiar.

"So it wasn't a dream." I mumbled.

"No it isn't," a voice said and I screeched looking around for the voice but I suddenly realized it was the voice from the void and I calmed down.

"You must be wondering where you are." It said

"Well, yeah I honestly have no clue where the hell I am"

The voice bluntly said, "You are in the town of Forks, you are in the Twilight universe."


The voice responded calmly "Because you have a purpose here my child."

I ran my hand through my hair and sighed. I got up and looked in the mirror and I was shocked. I looked…younger like I was back in high school again.

"Why do I look ok younger?" I asked.

"You will be placed in Forks high school."

"WHAT! I AM SUPPOSED TO BE IN COLLEGE!" I screeched, absolutely horrified.

"Yes, my dear you should be but like I said you have a purpose here."

I sighed "Fine, when do I start?"

"Today I have all of your supplies that you need and transferred your stuff here as well.

My eye twitched "Fuck"

Time Skip

I dressed in my usual leather jacket, white tank, black ripped skinny jeans, converse and for makeup rusty red eyeshadow, sharp wings for eyeliner, and burgundy matte lipstick.

I looked in the mirror studying my appearance. I really do have that badass vibe. I have ghostly white skin, dark purple hair and eyebrow and nose piercings.

It's nice to know nothing has changed appearance wise. I grabbed my bag and keys off the table then headed out the door locking it behind me.

Turned out my car was transferred here as well, and my GPS was also intact. I have to get adjusted to the date as well, it seems I went back in time…well, of course, I had since the books are based on when they came out.

From what the voice said this timeline should be right after prom for Bella and Edward so the first book was over and done with.

I pulled up to Forks High parking in one of the empty spots. I looked at the school and sighed

"This is gonna be a long day" I muttered before grabbing my shit and getting out.

When I got out everyone was staring at me, I guess it's because I'm the new girl and they don't get many newbies as often. I ignored their stares as I walked down the halls.

"Office is down the hallway to the right." The voice said.

"Thanks" I thought. Turns out I can talk to him in my mind which is pretty sick.

Walking into the office and up to the counter, clearing my throat. The woman looked up in awe probably from the fact I'm new.

"Hi, I'm Katherine Green but I go by Kate. I am here for my schedule, I'm new." I said awkwardly

"Y-yes of course dear." She said fumbling through the papers and handing a form out to me.

I looked it over Biology, History, Art, and Gym for the first semester.

"Not bad," I thought. Silently dreading the thought of gym class, not my favorite of times.

I looked around, seems like it's lunchtime. Some kid suddenly bumped into me and I looked up with a glare. It was some blond kid that looked like a cream puff with a sheepish expression on his face

"Hey sorry I didn't see where I was- Wait…you are the new girl right? Katherine Green?" He smiled

"Yeah, I prefer to be called Kate, thanks." I said irritably.

His smile didn't falter at all "I'm going to introduce you to some friends, you are going to like it here."

"I hope so…" I mumbled with a sigh.

Edwards Pov

I was walking through the halls with my love, Bella. Sweet innocent Bella, my lovely mate. She was too good for a monster like me.

She looked up at me and smiled, made my cold undead heart warm.

I heard Mike Neuton all the way down the hall, annoying little-

That's when a smell hit me, it was mouthwatering. A smell of Spice, vanilla and Cinnamon wafted through the hallway. It wasn't "I'd drain you dry" smell but one that made my beast purr

What's happening to me? I looked for the source of the smell and that happened to be right beside the Neuton kid. My eyes zeroed in on her, she was…stunning. She locked eyes with me and right there is when I felt my entire world click in place.

Her eyes as blue as the Caribbean, short silky purple locks of hair, pale soft skin, heart-shaped face, small button nose, high cheekbones, plump lips and god legs that would go on for days. She had an hourglass figure, round hips and her breasts had to at least be a double D.

My god, she was perfect, my pants tightening just by examining her glorious body. I bet her personality is as striking. The beast roared in its cage calling out, MATE. My eyes went black with lust, fascination, and desire.

I suddenly felt guilty and looked at Bella, but I found I didn't feel the same feelings for her anymore. She looked at me confused and I forced a smile and looked back at the girl. The beast screamed to claim her and mark her as mine. She bit her lip looking at me, god…she's wet. I can smell her lust from here. My cock hardened painfully. Oh, how I wanted to press my lips to hers and fuck her until she couldn't stand.

Neuton placed his hand on her trying to get her attention. A growl ripped through my chest. How dare he touch what is mine! I thought with rage.

Bella pulled on my arm concerned and I shook it off ignoring the hurt look on her face. I had to control myself before I sped over there and claimed her where she stood.

I went for outside, got into my car and speed out of there trying to clear my head and talk to Carlisle about this development.

Kate's Pov

Mike was annoying the fuck out of me, his relentless flirting was getting really old fast and I was ready to snap.

I looked around the hallway boredly, anything to distract me from Mike. I then met eyes with someone I wanted nothing to do with...Edward Cullen. God was he gorgeous in person though, pale flawless skin, striking golden eyes from his diet, his copper hair was done perfectly, his build was lean and god those cheekbones though. Was enough to make a girl swoon, but something changed in his eyes when they locked with mine. Almost animalistic, his eyes turned black. It scared me a bit but it also turned me on. His eyes got blacker if that was possible, I bit my lip as I just stared into his eyes.

Mike grabbed my arm trying to get my attention and I jumped from the contact. I turned to look at him questionably and I turned back to look at the copper-headed boy to see him walking away.