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   Before you came round, my heart wouldn't beat much faster. 

   Wednesday, October 10. The day Samuel Seabury planned to end his life. He couldn't find a reason to stay alive. He felt... pointless, like every choice he made would end in disaster. No one would even care he was gone. He had disappeared from class about 10 minutes ago and not a single soul had probably noticed.

   George Fredrick, a stuck up prick who only cares for himself. Or, at least what everyone thought he was like. 

   George sat at his desk, next to his best friend, Charlotte, the both of them paying no mind to the history lesson happening in front of them. He peers over at Alexander Hamilton, who is attentively listening to George Washington, their history teacher. Alexander was always the first to finish tests and had the highest grades in the class Show off.

   Before you came round, I was ready to slow down. 

   George snuck a peak at his phone, checking notifications and the time. 

   Wednesday, October 10, 2:45pm.

   He sighs, wishing this day would end quicker. George never paid attention in class anyways. He came from a rich family and could always use money to get him a passing grade. Where's that Samuel kid? He's been gone for ten minutes.

   George never really talked to Samuel but he's seen him around the school, often looking bored. Kind of like him but Samuel seemed like a tired of life bored. George is actually an attentive person, just not when it comes to school.

   Suddenly, a loud scream is heard from outside and every student's eyes widen. What the fuck? George thought to himself. He looks at Charlotte who is visibly frightened. The classroom door is shoved open and behind it lies Charles Lee, tears forming in his eyes. "Mr. Washington! Please call 911!"

   Everyone has their eyes on the raven haired boy as Mr. Washington says in a soothing voice, "Charles, please calm down. What might be wrong?

   "I-it's Samuel Seabury. He's on the roof and I-I think he might jump!" 

   Almost everyone gasps in terror at Charles' words. "Do not worry, please. Everyone stay seated-" Washington tries to tell his class but just about everyone gets up and rushes to the front of the school, where the the highest point of the school is. 

   Before you came round, I was heading for a small disaster. 

   Sure enough, Charles was telling the truth. A 5"7 ginger boy wearing a pastel blue sweater and black jeans is seen on the roof of the school, standing on the very edge. 
   George stands wide eyed, looking up at the gray sky and at the ginger boy, who looks... empty. Charlotte who is standing right next to him is shaking with fear. 
He has to stop him. In any other instances, he wouldn't give two shits but... George has been in this situation before. He can't bear to see another person kill themselves. Not again. 

   Before you came round, I was ready to blow me down. 

   Running to the entrance of the building, he passes by hundreds of cowardly students, none of which even tried to help the boy. Damn cowards. I should knock some sense into all of you. He crashed through the door and races up the stairs, ignoring principal Adams' advisory to let the fire department handle the situation. 

    After about five flights of stairs, George is at the highest point of the school. He opens the door carefully to see Samuel Seabury, standing on the edge of the platform. His mind is rushing with thoughts of what to say. He starts with a simple (and out of breath), "Hi, Samuel."

   "Hi," Samuel says with a monotonous voice. George feels chills go down his spine as a strong breeze goes by.

   "The wind gets really strong up here. You should back up a bit, you know. I wouldn't want you to fall."

   "...That's kind of the reason why I'm up here."

   "But... why? A lot of people care about you down there. It would devastate them if you did something irrational." 

   George hears Samuel pause for a moment. He must have hit a nerve. He moves a bit closer to the ginger, in hopes to pull him away from the ledge.

   "Charles Lee is down there, frozen in shock. Elizabeth and Margarita Schuyler are bawling and crying for you to stop. They don't want you to do this."

   "...They can find better friends than me, Fredrick." Samuel turns around to see the snow white haired boy looking at him with concern. Both boys' hair flow to the side as the wind continues its rampage. Samuel's bloodshot eyes remain emotionless and so does his voice as he asks George, "Why do you give a damn whether I jump off this building or not? From what I've seen, you only care about yourself."

   Let it go, paint my body gold. Take our bodies higher and higher. 

  George is now standing inches away from Samuel. He looks down at his feet and holds back tears. Memories of his past flood his mind as he tries to prevent himself from breaking down. "Because Samuel-" his voice cracks in the middle of his sentence, "-I've lost someone close to me to suicide and its extremely hard to forget. A lot of people down there care about you and you know I'd hurt them if you did walk off this building right now. I may not know you well, but it'd sure as hell hurt me if you did."

    George holds out his arm, 

   "So please, don't do this. Whatever your going through, I'll be there for you."

   The wind still howling, Samuel looks behind himself, and looks down at the ground. 

   "Don't do it, Samuel! Please!"

   Samuel hears some people yell at him from below. 


   When Samuel turns back around, he is visibly frightened and sobbing. He grabs George's hand and steps down from the ledge. George is pulled onto the floor by Samuel, who falls into his lap. 

   We can go, until the morning glow. We can go higher and higher and higher. 

   Samuel pulls the white haired boy in for a large embrace while mumbling, "I can't do it, I'm so sorry."

   George wraps his arms around the ginger as he hears the faint sounds of fire engines approach the school. He ignores the sirens and the cries of relief from students below. He instead keeps his attention on Samuel. 

   "Don't worry, Sammy, everything will be okay."

   Wednesday, October 10. The day George Frederick saved Samuel Seabury.

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   For the next few days the only thing people talked about at school was Samuel. 

   The school was closed the day after the incident. On Friday, during homeroom, all students were called to the auditorium for an assembly, talking about bullying and self harm. 

  "We wouldn't be here if Sea-bass didn't try and belly flop off the roof. That kid's fucking crazy," says James Reynolds to one of his asshole friends sitting next to him. He obviously didn't care about anything Principal Adams' was saying. James Reynolds was a bully and more of a prick than George, and honestly, that's saying something.

  George, who sat in front of him, turns around in his seat and glares at the man. George says in an intimidating, yet whispering voice, "I suggest you shut the hell up or you'll fucking regret you ever opened your mouth." 

   The boys quietly laugh and brush off George's threat, who is furious. Sitting next to James was Maria Lewis, a smaller girl who hid her face behind her hands in embarrassment. She mouths to George, "I'm so sorry..." who only responds with a turn back around to the stage of the auditorium. 

   At the end of the assembly, all of the students migrated out the auditorium to their first period class. As George is about to walk out the door into the hallway, he hears the voice of Principal Adams' boom behind him.

   "Fredrick, may I have a word with you?"


   He is pulled over to the side of the auditorium as Principal Adams begins to speak, "I'd like to personally thank you for your bravery in saving Samuel."

    "Whatever, it was nothing. I just did what everyone should've got up and tried to do." George says with a nonchalant look. 

    Adams sighs, "Okay Fredrick. Thank you anyways. You may go to your next class. Also, as I've told Charles Lee, Maria Lewis, and the Schuyler sisters, Samuel is staying at Manhattan Hospital if you would like to visit him."


   "Hello and welcome to Manhattan Hospital! How may we be of service today?" says a cheery woman, sitting behind a large desk.

   "Hi, I've come to visit a patient, Samuel Seabury."

   "Sure sweetie! Just sign in on this paper. I'll have someone bring you to his room."

   George cringes at the nickname but complies and signs the paper.  He takes his phone out of his pocket to check the time. 

   Saturday, October 13, 11:34 am.

   He writes down the time and goes to sit down in a chair near the entrance. George decided to go visit Samuel in the hospital to see how he's feeling after Wednesday. 

   He reaches in his left pocket and takes out two golden rings, with a crown carved into each of them. He clutches the rings in his hand. He closes his eyes and gets lost in his thoughts until-

   "George Frederick?" says a nurse peering out from behind the double doors leading into where the patients stay. He snaps himself back to reality and puts the rings back in his pocket. He jumps up from his seat, and follows the woman behind the doors.

   When the two make it to Samuel's room, George reads the sign on the door.

   Patient 74159, Samuel Seabury

   The woman pushes open the door and motions for George to go inside. He complies and sees Samuel, sitting on his bed and reading a book.

   The white haired boy says in the most cheerful voice he can manage,  "Hello, Sammy!"

   Samuel looks up from his book to see George, waving at him from across the hospital room. "O-oh hi George!" He says with his cheeks turning red. He places the book on a nearby counter as George walks over to the bed and says, "May I sit here?"

   George notices that Samuel now stutters constantly when speaking which makes him quite worrisome. 

   George plops down next to Samuel, who's face suddenly changes from flustered to upset. "Hey, what's wrong Sammy?" Samuel looks down at his book for a while. "O-Oh it's nothing! Why wouldn't I be alright?" he says, forcing out a cheerful voice. He looks back up at George. "...Thanks for, you know, stopping me."
   "Don't thank me. You were able to come to your senses and stop yourself. I hardly did anything. You should be thanking yourself."

   The boys sit in silence for a while.

   "How's hospital life been?"

   Samuel exhales loudly and replies, "T-Tiring and boring. They did a whole bunch of mental state checks and things like that. Honestly, I-I don't see what good that does. People could just be telling the doctors what they want to hear, Y-you know?"

   "Yeah, I guess." George's face turns into a warm, yet worrying smile. He could tell that Samuel probably lied about his mental state to get out of the hospital sooner. "When do you get dispatched?"

   "Tomorrow morning, actually. I wish I could stay longer though. The doctors and nurses are actually nice, and they actually treat me with respect... I don't even think my parents are gonna g-get a therapist or something for me."

   More deathly silence.

   "Sammy, I want you to know people out there care about you deeply, okay?"


   "Oh, Sammy! I brought you a gift!" He takes the rings out of his pocket and opens his hand to reveal the present. Samuel begins to blush once again and says to George, "You must really love showing off your money, d-don't you?"

   George giggles and says, jokingly, "Well, I do try my best." He winks at Samuel who breaks out in a fit of laughter. "These are promise rings. We each promise each other something, and as long as we wear these rings, we try and keep the promise to each other."

   "O-oh so we can promise anything?" says Samuel in curiosity as he stops his laughing fit.

   "Anything, Samuel." George gently lifts the ginger's hand from off the bed and gently slides the ring on his pinkie finger. "My promise that I wish for you to keep is that if you ever feel sad or suicidal, or any problem you have, come to me. I'll help you to the best of my ability."

   Samuel looks down at his feet. He wants to seal their promise but...
He looks back up at George.
"...O-okay," says Samuel in a low, whispering voice. George let's go of Samuel's hand and gives Samuel the other ring to put on his hand.

   Samuel gently grabs the white haired boy's pale hand and puts the ring on his pinkie finger. "The promise I want you to keep is, to be a bit nicer to others. You've kind of made yourself a reputation as an ass and I don't want you to be known for that when I know you are so much more than that."

   "Of course, Sammy. It's probably gonna be hard because I'm naturally like that but for you, I'll try and change." The two of them let out a small giggle and smile. Samuel lets go of George's hand and they both talk and talk until at least 3:00.


   "George, time to go." Says his chauffeur, Daniel. George frowns and glances at Daniel who shakes in fear at the boy's signature spine-tingling glare. Samuel grips George's hand and looks at him with a kind hearted expression. "I'll be at school on Monday; don't worry." George exhales loudly and spares the young chauffeur. He gets up from the bed and walks over to Daniel. He waves at Samuel who smiles and waves back.

   Poor Daniel had to listen to an hour long rant about how amazing Samuel Seabury was on their way to the Fredrick home.

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   Samuel laid awake in his cold, dark hopital room, unable to get an ounce of sleep. His mind was boggled with so many thoughts. 

   He knew his parents would have his ass on a silver platter once he got home from the hospital. His parents would have troubles paying for the hospital bill and probably are mad at him, in more than one way. They probably wouldn't even assign Samuel mental therapy.

   More importantly, would he still be teased and bullied once he went back to school? It seemed like there was always trouble piling up in his life.

   Samuel tossed and turned in his bed trying to shake the thoughts from his mind. He wanted to call George so he could talk but it was very early in the morning. And he didn't even have his number. He shuts his eyes in hope that he would be able to sleep.


   George glances outside the car window, looking at his high-school.  He sees hundreds of teenagers crowded around and entering the school. The car door is opened by Daniel, who looks at George with terrified eyes but tries to look as kind as possible. George steps out of the car and pulls out his phone, not looking back at his chauffeur. 

   He walks inside the school and in the the direction of his locker to put his backpack down. It's not like he would be using it or anything. He leans against his locker and brings his phone closer to his chest and looks down at it. He spots the golden ring on his pinkie finger and lets out a small sigh.

   Would Samuel show up to school today? George ponders for a while on the topic. In the top right corner is the clock at which he glances at.

   Monday, October 15, 7:50am.

   He unlocks his phone and is about to browse his social-media when-
"Hey George!" He looks up from his phone to see Charlotte walking towards him. Her french braided hair sways with every movement she makes. "Hey, Char," says George, looking back down at his phone. She frowns at being ignored so she reaches her arm up to George's snow white hair and pushes a chunk of it into his face who growls is frustation.

   He looks back up at Charlotte. "I've told you not to do that! Now I've got to fix my hair..."

  George puts his phone back in his pocket and fiddles with his hair as Charlotte, in a jokingly sassy tone, says, "Maybe, I wouldn't have done that if you haven't brushed me off like some dust."

   "Whatever, Char. Ugh, why won't my hair stay in place?" says a frustrated George. Charlotte sees something twinkle out of the corner of her eye while waiting for George to finish messing with his hair. She looks over to see a golden ring on his pinkie finger.

   "When'd you get that ring, George?" she says in curiosity. "This weekend. Why do you ask?" says the boy. "No reason, just asking."

   "...You jealous I didn't get one for you?" George says in a cocky tone.
"Bitch, please. You wish. I have just as much money as you. If I wanted one, I most definitely could get it for myself." She scoffs and gives George a playful glare.

   The homeroom bell rings and hordes of students move toward their class. Charlotte and George each go in their opposite directions to their homeroom. 

   George opens strolls into class, late as usual as his homeroom teacher tells him to take a seat. As he is walking to his seat, he sees Samuel Seabury, sitting in his normal seat. George lets out a small smile when he looks down at Samuel's hand and sees the ring. He sits down in his chair next to, unfortunately, Alexander Hamilton.

   From about 3 seats in front of George, sits Samuel, who is smiling, ear to ear. His desk-mate, Aaron Burr, looks over at him and asks, "Uh, Seabury, are you doing okay?"

   "Oh! U-uh, I-I'm fine!" He whispers to Aaron who looks down, to avoid eye contant. Aaron lets out a content hum and diverts his attention toward their teacher. "Also... I'm glad you're alive."


   As the 4th period bell rings, Samuel gets up from his seat and puts his supplies in his blue bookbag and swings it around his arm and puts his other arm through through the strap. He walks out of the classroom, making his way down the hallway and into the cafeteria.

   Today was... interesting for Samuel so far. Lots of people gave him glances and looks of all kinds throughout the day. He was approached and comforted by his friends who couldn't visit him in the hospital. There was also a note from Maria in his locker saying that his friends will be here for him.

   Even the teachers asked him about his weekend and if he needs help with classwork. All the attention was overwhelming to Samuel. He continues to walk down the hallway until he is pushed against his locker by a figure he can identify easily.

    He feels the back of his head begin to throb in pain as he sees James Reynolds and his friend loom over him. The hallways are almost empty and the people that do see the scene walk past in ignorance. "So, Sea-Bass, looks like you came back to school." says James.

   Samuel began to tense up. These pricks were one of the reasons why Samuel wanted to end his life. They obviously didn't give a shit about Samuel's life or mental health.

   They just wanted to see him suffer for their entertainment.

   "W-what do you want J-James..." whimpers Samuel, rubbing the back of head, trying to soothe the pain. James lets out a menacing laugh.

   "What's wrong, Samuel? You gonna cry? God, you're such a fucking wimp. You couldn't even bring yourself to end your useless life."

   Samuel froze. In his mind, he thought James was right. He thought he was just a wimp who couldn't even bring himself to jump off the school roof. It becomes harder and harder for him to breath.

   James' friend, Tyler, grabs the terrified ginger' arm and inspects the ring on his pinkie. "Where'd you get this? From that rich asshole?"

   Samuel feels immense pain and anger. He knows George has a good heart, and he's not an ass. He has to stick up for him.

   "S-say what you w-want but George I-Isn't an ass." says Samuel, in stern voice. The duo look at each other and laugh. "Seabury, George doesn't care about anyone but himself." says James.

   Tyler lets go of Samuel's arm and once again pushes him into the lockers.  Samuel loses his footing and falls over, with his back against the metal. "We'll see you later, Sea-Bass," and with that, the two boys walk away from Samuel.

  Samuel begins to silently cry. I must really be a wimp... The hallways are silent, and only sounds are Samuel's cries until he hears a familiar voice which has a British accent.

   "Oh my god, Sammy!" Samuel looks up to see George slide across the marble floor of the hallway to him and frantically ask him many questions about what happened. "D-don't worry about it G-George... I-I just need to wash my face." says Samuel, wiping tears off his face. He uses the lockers to lift himself off the floor. George looks at him with worrisome eyes. "A-are you sure, Sammy?"

   In reality, Samuel wasn't okay, he was being bullied and nothing he did would make it stop. But, to make George happy, he nods his head and lets out a hum of agreement.

   "Want to sit with me and Charlotte for the rest of lunch?"

   "...T-that'd be nice, George. T-thank you."


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   The tapping of George's feet is heard throughout the empty hallway as he stands outside a closed bathroom door, waiting for Samuel to finish washing his face. 

   He looks down at his feet growls quietly, thinking about what might have happened to Samuel. He had suspicions on who may have caused this but didn't want to confront Samuel until he felt comfortable.

   "H-hey George, d-do I look alright?" George is pulled from his thoughts at the sound of Samuel's stuttering voice. He looks up from his shoes and his blue eyes meet the ginger's hazel ones.

   His eyes are slightly red from crying but aren't extremely noticeable. "Handsome, as always," he says with a friendly smile. The ginger's cheeks turn bright pink. "Samuel, are you sure you don't want to tell me what happened?"

   The boy sighs and says, "I-I will, just n-not now. I really just want to eat." He pushes a strand of his short ginger hair out of his face. George nods his head in agreement. The boys exit the hallway and open the doors of the cafeteria.

   They walk past many different students as Samuel looks around the room to see any of friends and acquaintances.  At a table nearby the lunch line sat Aaron Burr, Charles Lee, and Theodosia Bartow, who are exhibiting futile attempts at making Aaron laugh.

   When the boys make it to George's regular table, they see Charlotte sitting with and talking to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. "Hey, Char," George says to Charlotte, with a bashful Samuel standing beside him.

   "Hey George! These two decided to sit with us today!" Charlotte says looking at the boys.

   He turns to Thomas and James and says, "Why aren't you two sitting with Hamilton today?" Thomas spins in his seat and looks at the ginger and white haired boys.
"Hamilton got in a fight with some kid named Tyler and I do not want to be part of that."

   Samuel slightly smirks at the thought of Tyler getting beat up. "Hey, aren't you Samuel Seabury?" says James Madison turning his head to the ginger. Charlotte and Thomas also turn their heads to him. George frowns at James and chooses not to stare at Samuel.

    Samuel's smirk turns into a nervous expression as he answers in a whisper, "U-Um, y-yes? I-Is there something wrong?" James frowns slightly. "No, it's just... you've been the talk of the school since Wednesday and I just wanted to put face to name." The others nod in agreement.

  Samuel exhales a breath of relief as he and George sit down at the table. "You guys almost gave Samuel a fucking heart attack," George says with anger.

   "Come on George! We we're just curious!" replies Charlotte in a slightly whiny voice. Samuel puts his hand to his head in embarrassment. "It's fine George. Y-You didn't have t-to say that to them." As George apologises to Samuel, Charlotte looks at Samuel's hand and notices a familiar golden ring on his pinkie finger.

   "Wait a second; do you two have matching rings?" The two stop talking and look at Charlotte, cheeks flushed with red. "U-Um, promise rings t-to be percise," Samuel clarifies as he puts his left hand on the table, and George does the same.

   As Charlotte and George argue about how he's never bought her anything. Samuel reaches inside his backpack and pulls out a crushed salami sandwich. He sighs and takes a large bite of it.

   "So... Samuel, tell us about yourself, what do you like to do?" says Thomas, as he takes a bite of a strawberry. Samuel looks up from devouring his sandwich. Samuel swallows his mouthful of sandwich and says, "W-Well, I can play the ukulele, I-If thats even interesting."

   George suddenly begins to cough intensely. "What the hell, George.  What are you choking on, air!?" says Charlotte. George finally stops coughing, and when he does, he basically screams, "You can play the ukulele?!"

   Samuel takes another bite of his sandwich and lets out an agreeing,  muffled sound. "Why didn't you tell me, Sammy?" says George. Charlotte lets out an audible snort of laughter. "'Sammy?' Is that your nickname for Samuel?" He shushes at Charlotte who makes Thomas laugh as well.

   "I didn't think it was important, so I didn't tell you." Samuel says, with red cheeks. Did George actually just call him that in front of these people!?

   "What's your favorite song to play on the ukulele?" says James, who is now laying his head on Thomas's shoulder.

   "Well, I-I really like playing "Would You Be So Kind by d-dodie." Charlotte's eyes light up as she says with excitement, "I love her music! My favorite of her songs is One for the Road!"says Charlotte with excitement.

   They all begin to talk about musicians they like and give Samuel suggestion on songs he should learn. George smiles at the ginger haired boy. He's happy that Samuel is confidently talking to his peers.

   Soon, the bell rings for students to head to their 6th period class. Charlotte, Thomas, and James throw away their trash, pick up their backpacks and start to exit the cafeteria.

   "See you in 7th period, George!" Charlotte yells as she exits through the door, waving at the boys. Samuel and George exit the cafeteria once the crowd of people has left. "Hey, Sammy; would you maybe want to go to a coffee shop after school on Wednesday?" says George, putting his backpack on.

   "O-oh, of c-course!" says Samuel, waiting for George. "Great! I also may need your phone number, incase you may need to talk to me when we're not at school."

   George actually began to get nervous. For once in his life, there's a person who doesn't think he's a total ass.

Samuel blushes and replies, "S-Sure!" He says his number to George as they walk out the doors of the cafeteria. "I-I'll see you in seventh period, G-George!" The two go opposite directions to their classes.

   George smiles the biggest he ever has in his life and waves at the ginger.

   He puts the number into his phone and looks at the time.

   Monday, October 15, 12:22 pm.


Chapter Text

Samuel and George both look out the tinted car window to see a large café with outdoors seating arrangements. The vehicle stops in front of this café as Daniel opens the left passengers door to let the boys get out of the car.

Samuel looks at the café with astonshment. This place looks so-- high class, not to mention expensive. There were customers of all sorts sitting on the padio chairs, probably talking about important business and such.

"Now, your parents want you back by five o'clock, George. Please don't make me have to drag you and Mr. Seabury home," says Daniel with a stern look on his face.

"Yeah, yeah. We'll be back in time. I'm seventeen, not six," says George, brushing off Daniel's statement. He rolls his eyes and mutters something under his breath.

Daniel sighs and climbs back in the car to drive away.

Samuel opens the door to the and both boys enter. A small bell is rung from above them. "Welcome to Phoenix Wing Café!" a female voice rings throughout the building as the boys find themselves to sit down in tall chairs near the back of the café.

A woman holding a notepad and pencil walks up to the boys and says "Hello! What would you like to order today?" George looks at the woman and replies, "Earl Gray tea with extra cream and a ham and swiss sandwich."

"Great!" The woman looks at Samuel, "Would you like to order anything?" Samuel hums for a second, thinking about what he'd like to order. "U-um I'd like a hot pumpkin spice latte with a b-blueberry muffin."

"Great! I'll be back soon with your orders!" and with that, the woman speeds off. "K-kinda strange how you invite me out to a c-coffee shop and you don't even order any yourself." Samuel says turning in his chair towards the table.

"I actually don't like coffee; I prefer tea. I just said that 'cause this place is well known for their coffee," George sighs. He takes his phone out of his pocket and checks the time.

Wednesday, October 17, 3:17 pm.

He places his phone on the table and turns back towards the table as well.

"So how are you feeling, Samuel?"

It was the one week mark since Samuel tried to end his life. The ginger looks out the window in front of them. There is a garden full of roses and other flowers that all look slightly wilted. Looks like the cold was finally getting to them.

"I'm alright, I-I suppose." He adjusts his pearly white scarf which is around his neck. "It's kind of cold in here, don't you suppose?"

George nods in agreement, zipping up his red jacket. "It n-never got this cold in C-Connecticut," says Samuel, letting out a small laugh.

"Oh yeah, you used to live in Connecticut until about five years ago, right?"

"Y-yeah, that's right. Thanks f-for remembering."

The woman who took their order earlier comes back with their drinks and food. "Here you go, boys!"

"T-Thank you!" Samuel says as nudges George in his arm and the woman puts the order on the table.

"Uh, thank you." The woman smiles. "No problem, boys." The woman puts the tray under her arm and walks off.

George lifts his cup and takes a sip of his scorching Earl Gray tea. Samuel does the same with his pumpkin spice latte.

"If you think it's cold here, you should check out Britain." George puts down his drink and smiles at Samuel. "When I lived in the United Kingdom, me and my sister would always get under some blankets and sit by the fire with some tea-"

George realizes what he's been saying and looks down at the table. He finishes his sentence but with a different and more monotonous tone than when he started. "-when it was cold."

Samuel notices his shift in attitude. He looks at George with curious eyes. "Sister? Y-you never mentioned her, before."

"...Samuel, remember when I told you someone close to me ended their life and fucked me up bad?"

George takes a bite of his sandwich and Samuel takes a bite of his muffin.


"...I know you would perfer to not have to hear this but could you listen to my pathetic sob story? Now would be the best time to tell you, I guess." George slicks back his gel-covered hair and sighs.

"O-Of course."

"...Alright then. Well for starters, you now know I have a sister." Samuel nods his head. "Her name was Caroline. Caroline Frederick. She was one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. Even to pricks like me, she was an angel."

"When we were young, we were close. She always helped me with homework, played games with me, stuff like that. When Mom and Dad weren't around, she cared for me."

Samuel takes another bite of his muffin, attentively listening to the white haired boy.

"...One day, when I was nine, I came home from school and needed help with my homework."

"Hey Caroline! I need a bit of help on my homework!"

"I went into her room but couldn't find her."

"Sis? Hey, are you hiding from me? Cause if you are, I'll find you, easily!"

"I thought it was a harmless game of hide-and-seek. I checked everywhere; under her bed, in her bathroom, behind every nook and cranny."

"...until I reached her closet."

"I know where you're hiding~"

"I opened the door to her closet to unveil her hiding place."

"Aha! Found y-


George looks down at his tea and sandwich. "...To cut it short, she hung herself."

Samuel sharply inhales. He can't believe George had to witness that. He felt his heart get heavier and heavier.

"I became a pretty fucked up kid. I had to go to therapy a lot after that. ...My parents moved us here in hopes we can leave behind the past. But, no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to forget her."

George looks over at Samuel, who has eaten his entire muffin. "...Sorry you had to listen to this."

Samuel lays his head on George's right shoulder. "Don't be sorry. I'm glad you felt like you could tell me something like that. I mean, why else do we have these rings?"

Samuel's stuttering suddenly dissapears for his statement.

Samuel wraps his hand around George's, "I'm sure she was an amazing person."

George exhales softly. He looks down at Samuel, who's face shows sympathy for him. George gives a small smile to Samuel.

"Caroline would love you, Sammy."


The boys step outside the cafe, to see Daniel, waiting in the valet parking area.

"Honestly, I-I don't understand where you get all this money from! That cost s-so much." Samuel says, holding George's hand as they walk to the car.

"Did you two have a nice time?" says Daniel, looking at the boys' hands. They both blush in embarrassment. "Shut the hell up, Daniel!" whines George.

Samuel smiles at George's defensiveness. He could understand why people thought George was a prick.

But Samuel himself knew there was a kind boy who loved his sister dearly behind this white haired boy's facade.