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The Sins of The World Bind Us To Humanity

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You are standing before a high end nightclub that lights up the rest of the street with its neon red signs. The place seems to be called ‘Sinners Night Lounge’ judging from the largest sign. Looks like this is the place. You look down at the invitation in your hand which reads- ‘ Sinners Night Lounge, One night only, Free drinks and other services.’ You don't really trust the invitation to be real, especially for a place like this, but you might as well try, not like you had plans tonight anyway.

You take a deep breath and stride up towards the bouncer, a man with extremely ape like features. He looks you up and down with a rage in his eyes that shakes you to the core. You hesitantly hold out the card. He looks down at it and makes a noncommittal grunt holding open the door for you. Looks like the invitation wasn't fake after all.

You step into the nightclub and you are greeted by the aroma of incense and red wine. There's a bar to the left of the large room and a hallway leading past it. There's a stage where a young woman is singing a crooner's song. She appears to be a young Mexican woman of average height. Her hair is shaved on both sides of her head and the hair that's not shaved is elaborately pinned up on her head. She is wearing a long form fitting purple dress that splits up the side revealing her left leg and her black high heels. As she finishes her song the patrons in the club clap politely and she locks eyes with you giving you a wry smile. You nervously smile back. You see several tables in the center of the room with the many patrons eating and speaking in a low murmur. Off to the right of the room there are two doors identifying the bathrooms and several leather chairs surrounding a coffee table. Sitting in one of the chairs is a tall dark Hispanic man. His arms are crossed and he holds his head up and his mouth is formed in a sneer when he looks at you. You swallow anxiously as he continues to stare you down. You decide to look anywhere but him and you opt for the ceiling. There is a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling that illuminates most of the room when it shouldn't be able to. As you look around an elderly woman approaches you. She seems completely bored and uninterested.

“Come with me, we've been expecting you,” she says with a slow drawl. You can't quite place her accent but it sounds middle eastern, arabic maybe? She holds out her arm to you and you decidedly take it. As you walk across the room one of the men working at the bar gives you a wicked grin that sends a chill up your spine. He has messy blonde hair and has a fake arm and a peg leg, he's hunching over but you assume he is much taller than he appears to be. The man next to him is very large and is covered in tattoos, his face is obscured by a mask. He cuts a very imposing figure but he pays you no mind. You walk down the hallway with the woman and you stop in front of a door. She gives you a curt nod and lazily saunters off.

The door is a dark mahogany with a gold door knob. You don't know what awaits you beyond the door but you feel drawn to it somehow. You slowly push the door open to reveal a dimly lit room. Candles and incense line the walls of the room. In the center of the room is a large bed with red silk sheets and sheer gold curtains covering it. Through the curtains you can make out two figures intertwined on the bed. The door eases shut behind you, however you pay it no mind. You slowly walk towards the bed. As you inch closer you feel waves of jealousy and lust wash over you. You stand by the bed and pull back the curtains revealing the two figures. On the left side of the bed is a young Japanese man with electric green hair lounging lazily on the bed. He is wearing a silky sheer green robe with designs of what appears to be dragons on it. Underneath the robe he is wearing small black shorts and thigh high black tights. Intertwined with him to his right is a beautiful white woman. She has long jet black hair pulled into a high ponytail. She is wearing a long red robe which stands out in stark comparison to her skin. She is swirling a glass of red wine that is half empty. She glances over to you with a small smile. She has heavily lidded eyes that appear to be yellow. Neither of you say anything as you make eye contact. The man disentangles himself from the woman and pours a glass of wine, which he hands to you. You take it from him and look up to his face. You look at his eyes which are a striking green almost matching his hair. He flashes you a wide grin revealing a set of pearly whites. The woman is the first to speak up.

“Bonsoir,” she says in a sultry tone of voice and her accent and word choice reveals that she is in fact French. You give a little wave in response suddenly struck silent by her beauty. She stands up from the bed and draws closer to you. The longer you are in the room the more you feel jealous and lustful. You don't know why but with the woman so close to your face you suddenly don't care. You lightly set your wine glass down on a nearby table and you feel someone begin to remove your jacket. You turn your head to see the man slipping it from your body. You turn back to the woman and she inches her face closer to yours. She leans in and captures you in a kiss. As she does so the man removes her robe revealing a curvaceous figure wearing black lingerie. The man continues undressing you. He unbuttons your shirt from behind wrapping his arms around you tearing apart the shirt. The woman steps away and drapes herself on the bed. The man has also removed his robe and he spins you around and pushes you on the bed with a predatory smirk. You fall with a soft thud your breath catching. The man begins to straddle you and runs his hands up and down your body. The woman creeps over to you and removes your shoes and socks. The man reaches down and unbuttons your pants and pulls them off with ease. At this point you are breathing heavily with arousal and are a little out of it. Your wine was set aside, you didn't even take a sip but you feel intoxicated. The man spreads himself on top of you and starts biting and sucking on your neck as he does so the woman leans in and captures your lips in a kiss. You gasp as she does so and you suddenly feel a lot colder. The woman still holds the kiss as you drift from consciousness.

“Aw man, I wanted that one!” You faintly hear the man whine

“Come now Envy you can have the next one,” the woman responds. That is the last thing you hear as you fade away.