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The phone call

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The phone rings. The voice on the other end says,
“We need you again,” then they hung up. I stood there, baffled, processing what just happened. That voice, I couldn’t place it but then it hit me once I saw the caller ID, which read Bobby Singer. Those words began to play over and over in my head,
‘We need you again.’ I knew exactly what it meant now. Somebody needed my help with a hunt and Bobby decided to call me. Five years since my last one and now he calls! I got up from the comfy chair and started to pack my gear. It took two duffle bags, one for essentials and one for my hunting gear.
I loaded my motorcycle, checking my phone to see a text from Bobby saying ‘hurry, the boys aren’t back yet.’ I answered with an ‘okay’ and checked out of the hotel I stayed at, I never stopped moving around. I grabbed a hand gun and put it in the back of my jeans. I put on my helmet and made sure everything was secure then I quickly pulled out of the parking lot and drove off to Bobby’s.
It took me at least 30 minutes to get there, I saw that the boys still hadn’t arrived so I hid my cycle and went to the front door. I gave it a good, loud knock and waited for the owner of the house. I heard heavy footsteps approach the door, it opened to reveal a smiling Bobby.
“Hey Bobby,”
“It’s good to see you Chris.” He gave me a quick hug, then motioned me to come inside. I walked into an old familiar place, nothing had seemed to change since the last time I had been here. I dropped my bags in a corner, keeping them out of sight so I could give the boys a really good surprise.
“Where are the Winchesters?”
“Trying to get some answers to this case.”
“Not sure what it is yet?” Bobby nodded his head, he told me they called to say they would be here in 10 just before I had arrived. That gave us just enough time to get some beers and catch up. As we talked, we heard the front door open but continued to talk until we heard someone shout.
“Bobby! We’re back with pie but no leads yet on wha-“ Dean stopped talking as soon as he saw me sitting on the couch. He stood there, looking in my direction as Sam came to stand beside his older brother. He started to do his puppy dog eyes with slight tears forming.
“Chris?” Sam said, a small smile started to form on my lips as he said my name.
“How? What? Why?” Dean stuttered, trying to find words but failing. I put my beer down and stood up as Sam started to walk towards me. He gave me a big bear hug, up close his tears were more visible, almost crushing me. I let Sam go, letting him process this and pull himself together. I looked to see Dean speed walking up to me, he hugged me as if I would disappear right then and there.
“How is this possible? We saw you die.” Dean croaked.
“I faked it,” Sam’s eyes widened as Dean pushed me to arm’s length, holding my shoulders firmly. I smiled at the boy’s confused expressions. Dean’s was also filled with a little anger as well.
“Why would you do that?” he asked, Sam stood behind him. He must also want the answer too, I thought. I pointed to the couch as a way of saying sit, they both sat down while I pulled up a chair and sat so I was facing Bobby, Dean, and Sam. I began to tell them my story.
“So, we were hunting a demon, if you can remember, and he threw a blade which hit my stomach and I “died” right. The day before, when we were here, I told Bobby about my last hunt and how horrible it went. He suggested a little time off, which I thought was a good idea, but I didn’t know how to do that without being bugged to help with any hunts. That’s when he said that I should fake my death and go in hiding but we would still stay in touch. So, I changed my fake ID’s, phone number, and vehicle. Yet I told Bobby everything just in case anything came up.”
“What could be so bad you would need to take some time off from hunting?” Dean sounded pissed at what I did while Sam looked worried and surprised at me. I looked at Bobby, he motioned me to continue and answer the question so, I did.
“The hunt had been at my old family home that no one would buy because everyone thought it was cursed. So, I reluctantly took the job and started to look for the problem and found it to be just a normal haunting. But it was my family that was doing it. My parents were abusive and blamed me for everything, even my little sister’s death! But then on a family gathering, demons had broken in and killed everyone except for me. I hid in the basement and later came out to see my entire family lifeless and spewed everywhere. I didn’t know what to do so, I ran. Grabbed some things and started living on my own, resulting in me becoming the heartless hunter I was and still am sometimes.
“Anyway, once I had arrived, my memories started to bubble and I got scared. I came back later that evening to get rid of them but my family showed themselves and beat the crap out of me. My mind was so fuzzy that I just ended up burning the house to the ground, it got the job done at least. All of my past has been erased and I’d like to keep it that way.” I finished with a shaky breath and fell back into the chair I was seated in. Bobby gave me another beer while we let the other two think things through.
After a while I went outside to get some air and calm down, that is until I heard Dean raise his voice. I couldn’t understand what was happening but I stood on the porch until they had time to also cool down. Before I could move from my spot, I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist and a head fall onto my shoulder.
“We’re both happy to have you back. Even though Dean is yelling, he is happy to see you again.” Sam said, squeezing me a little. I giggled at him, leaning into his chest. I’m gay and they’re straight, I think, but they find me as a shoulder to cry on or a person to let off steam with but the rule is they share me. I’m just there for them and now I’m back in gear and can help them in any way possible.
“Sam! Chris! You going to help with this hunt or what?” Bobby yelled at us, earning our attention. Sammy let go and let me walk on my own to the other two, they seemed to have grabbed all the information about the case and put it in the middle so I could have a look at it. Pictures, medical notes, witness reports, the whole shebang. And it looked like they really needed my help with this one too!
“Okay. All the victims have multiple bite marks that seem to be bigger than any animals jaw, other than a shark or something like that.” Dean said.
“Which is why we checked the animal rescue teams and vets to see if they had heard of a beast with such a huge bite. But nothing.” Sam finished. I nodded and started to take down my own notes so I could do my own research and tie any loose ends. Dean grabbed beers for us all as Sam continued with what they had to go on.
“We looked at the witness reports to see what they saw. They all said the same thing,”
“Tall, long arms and legs, skinny, and no head.” Dean read from the report copies, placing them back down after he had gone down the list. As I wrote every detail he had said, my face twisted in confusion. How could there be bite marks if there was no head?
“Well, let’s get to researching what is!” They all looked at me, surprised on how little info was said and yet I could still find any creature with such a tiny amount.
“But, there’s still more notes here Chris.” Bobby said, also confused. I shrugged and walked to my stuff, walked upstairs with it, found a spare room, and started to look over the info. I put notes on the wall with a list of creatures to go on as well. I put in my headphones and began to analyze everything, the boys brought their computers and crashed on the bed. I let them converse while I stared the wall, crossing off creatures that didn’t meet the requirements.
Two days of research had gone by, Dean, Sam, and I crashed in the same room. We had reached a dead end, nothing matched. I had had it, I saw Sam and Dean were both sitting on the bed so, decided to flop on top of them.
“I can’t find anything and it seems you can’t either,” Dean peeked over his laptop and looked at me laying down on top of both their laps. An idea popped into my head so, I grabbed Sam’s computer and searched up a monster I had heard of.
“Hey, you have your own you know.” Sam crossed his arms as he bitch faced me.
“It’s charging. Now, where is it?... I GOT IT!” both boys jumped at my sudden outburst.
“What? What are we hunting?” Dean asked as I jumped up to explain my findings.
“We’re looking for a Blemmyes or a headless man, it’s a creature described as lacking a head, with their facial features on their chest and have sharp teeth that can tare through skin. Blemmyes are said to occur in two types: with eyes on the chest or with the eyes on the shoulders. They are believed to be cannibals and can be killed with any normal weapon.”
“Okay then. Let’s tell Bobby,” Sam and Dean started to move from the bed while I had begun run down to find Bobby but he was nowhere to be found. I started to look around as the other two were walking down the stairs. I found a note that said he had left to get some groceries for us all, such an awesome guy!
“Well, until he gets back, I’m going to work on my baby.” Dean grabbed his jacket from a chair and left to his car, leaving me with Sam. We watched Dean leave to the garage, closing the door as soon as we lost sight of him. I walked over to the couch and plopped down in the corner away from the doors to the kitchen.
“Thanks for coming out of hiding and helping us Chris,” Sam said, sitting next to me with book in hand.
“No problem Sam. I have been away for a while and I think the best thing now is to get back in the game.” Sam nodded and began to read his book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I smiled as I saw the cover, thinking of the adventures Harry had during the tournament, seeing it was the copy I had given him; To Sammy From Chris was written on it with black sharpie. I flipped myself around so I was on my side and rested my head upon Sam’s leg, letting sleep take over.