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Bleach Yaoi One-Shots (Requests Open)

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This is page where you give me your requests. And the characters I can write are down below.


















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Here's what I have to work on so far. The first one will be posted soon. Sorry for the wait guys, I promise I will get them all posted as soon as I can.


Jushiro x Ichigo - A Quick Snack (Done & Posted)


Byakuya x Renji - Jealously Looks Good On You (Done & Posted)


Ryuken x Ichigo - Coming Out (Done & Posted)


Shunsui x Ichigo - Fated (Done & Posted)


Urahara x Ichigo - Call Me Sensei (Done & Posted)


Chad x Renji - Let’s Go See The Killers And Make Out In The Bleachers


Jushiro x Byakuya - Tea Time


Byakuya x Hanataro- Let Me Take Care Of You


Shunsui x Ichigo x Jushiro - The Welcoming Party


Shunsui x Jushiro ft. Ichigo - Cats Out of the Bag (Shunsui, Jushiro & Ichigo Are Out of the Closet)


Ikkaku x Yumichika ft. Zaraki - Victory Is Sweet & Sweaty


Urahara x Jushiro


Ichigo x Gin

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Sitting in Ichigo’s room, Jushiro looked around the small and neat bedroom. It was a lot cleaner and plainer than the Soul Reaper would have pictured for a teenage boy, and the guitar in the corner of the room was a bit of a surprise. Hearing a growling noise, he looked down and patted his stomach. “I guess I need to eat something. I wonder if Ichigo keeps any snacks in here.” Seeing a jar on the desk, he picked it up and looked it over. “Peanut Butter… I wonder if it tastes good.”


Watching through the door, Kon was confused and worried on why a Soul Reaper captain was there sitting on Ichigo’s bed. Hearing the front door open, he ran as fast as he could. “Ichigo! There’s big, big trouble!” The mod soul yelled as he jumped to grab the orange haired teen’s face.


Putting a hand up to stop him, Ichigo glared at the stuffed lion. “What is it now Kon? I just got back. This better be important.”


“It is! There’s a Soul Reaper Captain in your room! That can only mean trouble!”


“Why didn’t you say so before?!” Dropping him, Ichigo raced to his room and slammed open the door. “Jushiro? What is it? What’s the problem?”


“Hm?” Looking up from his treat, Jushiro smiled at his new company. “Hello Ichigo. There’s no trouble. I just came for a visit.”


“Seriously? I’m gonna kill him…” Sighing, he set down his school bag and plopped down next to the white-haired man on his bed. “Hey! That’s my peanut butter!”


“I got hungry. And it’s very good.” Putting his finger in the jar, he scooped some up and put his finger inches from Ichigo’s mouth, that innocent smile never leaving his face. “Would you like some?"


Blushing, Ichigo avoided eye contact. “I’m not hungry right now.” He’d always had a thing for the kind Captain, but it was times when he did things like this that got him embarrassed and wondering what he even saw in the guy.


“Aw~ that’s too bad. It’s delicious.”


“It’s just peaun-” Looking over, his blush darkened. “W-what are you doing?!”


Placing a hand on the substitute Soul Reaper’s chest, Jushiro lightly pushed him to lay flat on his bed. “I thought I told you already. I got hungry.” Unbuttoning the school shirt, he quickly discarded it with the black undershirt with it, tossing it to the other side of the room. “It looks like an enjoyable treat.” Making sure to get a good amount of the brown, creamy food on his fingers, Jushiro trailed his fingers down Ichigo’s lean body.


“H-hey! That feels weird! Stop it!” Squirming, Ichigo tried his best to push the older and larger man off him but with no success.


“Just relax Ichigo. It’s not like I’m going to actually eat you.” Leaning down, he began to slowly lap up the peanut butter, working his up to his chest. Raising himself up on his hands, he looked down at the teen, licking his lips. “You were silent this whole time. Didn’t you like it? Or did you bite down too hard on your lip?” Lightly running his finger over the soft, pale lips, he smeared some of the blood that was starting to form. “You don’t have to be shy Ichigo. I wouldn’t have expected at all for you to be. It’s cute actually.”


Getting an angry mark, Ichigo sat up, knocking him down. “I am not cute and I am not shy!”


Blinking, Jushiro started to laugh. “There’s the fire and passion.” Sitting up he got them back in their original position. “We unfortunately can’t do much since your father told me they’d be back at four thirty.”


“But that’s in ten minutes!”


Nodding, he sat up and undid the other’s pants. “This will be all we have time for this time.”


“T-this time?!”


“Did you think that after I expressed my attraction to you that I would let you go did you? Especially when your body is reacting so nicely.” Pulling his pants and boxers down, Jushiro took in the sight of the hard on. Leaning down, his tongue was just meters away from tasting his treat when he heard noise downstairs. “Back early? Now what are we supposed to do?”


“Well for starts, you could get off me so I could take a shower and you can put back my peanut butter. I eat that while I study.”


~A few hours later~


Sitting at his desk, Ichigo had finished up his homework and had all his books out to study. Grabbing his jar of peanut butter, he scooped some of it onto his finger and put it in his mouth while reading. Taking his finger out, he stared down at it. “. .  . DAMMIT JUSHIRO!”

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I feel like i'm letting you guys down... our air conditioner didn't work so with it still being allergy season, I'm having a server allergy attack and it's making my eye swell and water to the point I can't see. Which of course makes it hard to write. It's gotten better so I'm back to work on them all! 

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It was unusually silent in Squad 6 as Byakuya did his paperwork. And the paperwork of his Lieutenant who is nowhere to be found. Finally reaching his limit of patience, the Captain stood and made his way out of his office to look for him. He didn’t go far before he found Renji sitting outside with the substitute Soul Reaper. The two were laughing and leaning on each other, making the older Soul Reaper irritated.  


‘Those two used to barely tolerate each other, and now they’re all over each other. Almost as if they’re a couple.’ At that thought, Byakuya’s eyes went wide. “No. He would have told me if that were the case. Right? I am his Captain after all...” Taking one last look at the two, Byakuya decided that he would confront Renji about this later. In the meantime, he had to get the rest of both of their paperwork done.


“So, he doesn’t even notice? Man… and you guys call me thick headed. I would have thought that he’d notice with how much he watches people with that steel gaze.” Ichigo laughed at how dense his friend’s Captain was. “You either need to tell him or make him jealous enough to make a move because just waiting for him to notice is going to take too much time.”


“Yeah… sometimes I don’t think he even has any feelings for me. Heck. Sometimes I don’t think he even knows I’m there unless he needs something.”


“You’re imagining things. He’s always looking at you. Especially your ass. Which I have no clue why, you have no ass.”


“Hey! I do too! More than you do!”


“You wish you red pineapple!”




Later, after dinner, Renji was heading back to his room for the night, wondering what he should do to get the Captain to notice him and acknowledge his feelings. “Maybe just being upfront with him would be the best?”


“Who are you talking about Renji?” Byakuya asked from behind him, making the younger Soul Reaper jump and face him. “Who is it that has caught your attention and… your heart?” The gaze in his grey eyes was serious and jealous.


“W-what? No one. No one has done… that… you don’t believe me, do you?”


“Not one bit. Is it that Kurosaki? Is it because he’s young?”


“What? You think that I love him? That’s funny Captain Kuchiki. Well… maybe love him like a brother but that’s about it.”


“Then who is it?”


“Why are you so concerned about it suddenly?” Renji asked, suspicious of the man in front of him as he crossed his arms. “So, what if I’m in love with someone? Maybe it is Ichigo, maybe it isn’t. Maybe I’m in love with Ikkaku. You’ll never know. What does it matter to you so suddenly? Wait… you’re not jealous, are you? I mean, that’d be impossible.”


Narrowing his eyes, Byakuya grabbing a hold of Renji’s wrist. “That was the wrong answer.” Having enough of all of this, the black-haired man drug him to his room and tossed him inside and closed the door. “Renji. Do you really think I’d let anyone else steal your affection from me?”


All Renji could do was stare up at the man, not sure if he was dreaming or not. ‘He wouldn’t let anyone steal my affection from him? Did he know? And if he did why didn’t he say anything?! This guy is really messing with my head!’ His thoughts came to a halt when he felt something soft pressing against his lips.


Now over him, Byakuya had his arms on either side of his head and pinned under his body. Looking down into wide brown eyes, his grey eyes shone all the emotions usually kept hidden. “Renji. Don’t think that I haven’t noticed the way you look at me.”


A dark blush settled across Renji’s cheeks, making him turn his face away from embarrassment. “T-Then why didn’t you say anything?! I’ve been going out of my mind trying to figure out if I should tell you o-or if you even feel the same! Or feel anything for me! I’m in love with you… but if you don’t feel the same… I don’t want to be a toy.”


“A toy…? Is that what you think?” Sighing, the noble sat up and took the kenseikan from his hair and tossed it aside. “I’ll just have to show you my true intentions.”


Swallowing a lump in his throat, the lieutenant couldn’t meet the other man’s gaze. “Captain…”


“Renji. Look at me.” Grabbing his chin, Byakuya pulled his face close to his own, making sure he was looking at him. “Right now, you will not refer to me as Captain. You will use my name. Is that understood?”


“Y-Yes Capta- I mean… Byakuya.” A small smile graced his lips, making Renji’s heart speed up. ‘I’ve never seen him act like this before. I should get him jealous more often… you know, if this isn’t actually a dream.’


“Your mind is elsewhere. I’ll have no choice but to not hold back. No going easy on you.”


“No wait! I-I’m sorry!”




“I haven’t seen him all day. Do you know where that idiot went to?” Rukia asked Ichigo as they walked down the hallway to try and find Renji.


“Maybe he finally grew the balls to finally confess to your brother.” Stopping, Ichigo put an arm out in front of her to make her stop. “Do you hear that?”


“Yeah… it sounds like… moaning.”


“Oh my god. Don’t tell me they’re…” Running off to the room, Ichigo pressed his ear against the door. Moans and thuds echoed throughout the room.


“B-Byak- AH! ~”




“I so knew it. Who knew Byakuya was so forward about it though?”

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In the bathroom, Ichigo was fixing his hair. Everything had to be perfect for tonight. He was going to introduce his boyfriend to his family at dinner. “Tonight, is going to be crazy… I hope the cops won’t be called on us. I don’t want my dad to go to jail for manslaughter.” He said nervously to Rukia through video chat on his phone.


“Don’t worry. I’m sure things will turn out okay in the end. If anything, you would threaten to run away with him, never coming home or speaking with him ever again.”


“Nah. I don’t need both a blood and tears tonight.”


“Suit yourself. That’s how I got my brother to let me date Renji.”


“Yeah but your brother and Renji don’t have a rivalry going on. Also, he’s only a few years older than you. Did you forget that my boyfriend happens to be 29 years older than I am? It also doesn’t help that he’s bringing his son, who my dad thinks I’m dating.”


“So, are you ever going to tell me the name of your older man? Come on! I want to know!”


“I’ll give you some hints.” Grabbing his shirt, Ichigo slipped on the black long-sleeved button down, working on the small buttons. “His son goes to school with us, in fact is in our friend group. He knows my father. And he’s a doctor.”


“...Oh my god. Ichigo you didn’t….” A big smile was on Rukia’s face at the realization. “I knew it! I knew you had a thing for Dr. Ishida!”


“You’re joking, right? I couldn’t stand the man. I’m not even sure what made me like him or how we even got together.”


“How long have you two been dating?”


“...I’m not sure. I’m not sure how or when any of this happened.” Looking down, Ichigo thought about if all of this was a good idea. If even being with the man was a good idea. “Rukia. I’m starting to have doubts about all of this.”


“What?!” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Never had she heard about him having doubts about  anything.  “Ichigo you two were meant for each other. I’ve seen how the two of you interact. Trust me, there’s nothing to have doubts about. Sure, your family will freak out. They might not agree with or support your decision. But at the end of the day, you love each other, right?”






It was soon time for the two to get there. As soon as there was a knock on the door, Isshin ran to open it. “I’ll get it! ~”


“No way! I’m answering it!” Ichigo shouted, kicking his father in the head, sending him to the ground. “I will not be embarrassed as soon as he gets in this house.” Opening the door, he smiled at the two (mainly Ryuken) and let them inside. “Hey guys. Come on in.”


Giving a small smile back, Ryuken stepped inside with his son and took off their shoes. “Thank you for having us.”


Looking between the two, Uryu was getting confused and suspicious about the interactions between the two.  ‘Why are those two smiling at each other?’  Facing the two, he decided to try and figure things out. “So… are you dating Mr. Kurosaki?”


They two looked at him with surprised and disgusted expressions. Clearing his throat, Ryuken straightened up. “Son, I think it’s time I told you the truth.”


“Ichigo!” Running into the room, Isshin stopped in his tracks when he saw the older Quincy in his house. “Ryuken.”




“Now that our sons are together I think It’s time for us to start getting along.”


“Our sons? I’m sorry. There must have been some miscommunication.”


“Too soon. Too soon! Ryuken can I talk to you in the other room for a second?” Dragging his boyfriend off by his collar, Ichigo made sure they were alone before dropping him to the ground and crossing his arms. “It’s not time to tell them yet. Remember the plan?”


“Yes but… just the thought of you dating my son instead….”


“Did you get jealous?” A small smile was on his lips at the thought of the older man getting jealous. He was usually so rude and had a neutral face, but here he was almost pouting with light pink cheeks.


“Of course, I did. You are my boyfriend after all. And I uh…  I love you .”


“...You said it. You finally said it.” Standing in front of him, Ichigo grabbed a hold of his tie and pulled him down so they were eye level.


Smirking a bit, Ryuken put a hand on the younger’s hip, pulling him closer. “If I would have known it would make you act like this. So pushy and dominant.”


“Just shut up and kiss me already.” It was always like this. They pushed each other, challenged each other and usually ended up in heated and passionate kisses. But there was something different in this one. It was one of their rare gentle, sweet, loving ones.


Ryuken took the hand that was on his tie and held it in his own, intertwining their fingers together. Tugging Ichigo closer to his body, he brought his free hand up to tangle in the soft, orange locks. Pulling back from the kiss, he stayed close enough to see the breathless expression of his lover’s face up close.




Sitting at the dinner table, it was tense and awkward between the six people there. Isshin and Ryuken just stared each other down, ready to kill each other at a moment’s notice. Ichigo and Uryu just ignored their fathers and started up a conversation about what they’d be doing over winter break.


“Okay. I can’t take this anymore.” Karin said, annoyed by what was going on and really wanted to know who her brother was dating. “So Ichigo, you wanna tell us which one of these  Out of Your League  guys you’re dating?”


“What do you mean out of my league?!”


“Calm down Ichigo. I’m sure Karin is just teasing you.” Sighing, Yuzu was trying to keep everyone calm. She really didn’t want to deal with a fight. “But I’m curious also. Which one are you dating?”


“...You two seem pretty calm since there’s a chance I might be dating someone over half my age?”


“Oh please. If your happy and he doesn’t hurt you, who are we to judge? Love is love.”


“Yeah. I mean, Karin has a crush on that friend of yours with the white hair. Isn’t he even older than you?”


“Hey! This isn’t about me!”


“Wow. You guys are taking this better than I thought…” Whispering that to himself, Ichigo made up his mind to finally tell his family and friend. “Alright. I’m dating Ryuken. We’ve been dating for almost three months now. I love him so don’t try to talk me out of it.”


“Oh, that’s great Ichigo! I’m so happy for you.”


“Yeah. It’s about time you found someone who can put up with you.”


Uryu and Isshin were quiet and shocked at the information. “My father is dating your son…”


“My son is dating your father… we should get back at them by dating each other!” Three feet connected with his face, making the doctor let out a pained grunt.


“You will do no such thing with my son. You maybe protective but lax, but I will fight you to the death about this matter.”


Covering his blushing face, Uryu looked over at his friend. “Your father is an idiot.”


“True. But at least he’s taking the news better than I thought he would."

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Everything was silent in both the world of the living and the Soul Society. The loss of a brave and amazing soul. Ichigo Kurosaki had lost his life saving not only The World of the Living, but the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. Many souls were alive and safe, peace brought together between the Soul Reapers and the Espada. Things were slowly falling together as everyone grieved. A few months passed and everyone was back into routine. Expect for the person it had hurt the most.


Shunsui was laying on the floor in his room as his niece and Lieutenant, Nanao, was trying to get the man to come out and leave the barracks. Hell, she’d settle for just his room at this point. Knocking once again on the door, she was getting impatient with her Captain. “Captain Shunsui! Please come out of there at once! This isn’t healthy!”


“Not now Nanao…”


“Look. I know you two were… close…”


“I was in love with him. There’s a hole where my heart should be.”


Sighing, Nanao pushed up her glasses. “I need you to come out of that room. I have some very important news for you.” Understanding how the man was feeling, she was taking pity on him and letting him in on some information only a select few people knew. “They have found the soul of Ichigo Kurosaki.”


As those words sunk in, Shunsui’s eyes went wide and he jumped to his feet, running to the door and opening (breaking) it. “They… found his soul…?”


“Yes… I know where he is but you have to clean yourself up and eat! Do you really think he’d want you to be like this?”


Giving a sad smile, he tilted his hat down to cover his eyes. “No. He’d yell at me, calling me and idiot. Among other things, and force me to take care of myself.”




“This is so exciting! I can’t believe he’s been here in the Rukon District the whole time!” Rangiku exclaimed as she happily ran and jumped across roofs with Nanao and Yachiru. “I wonder why he never tried to make his way over to us.”


“Yes. It is a bit odd that he has made no attempt to contact us.”


“Who cares now?! The important thing is that Icchi is here and that we’re going to bring him back with us, making everyone happy!”


“Yeah I guess you’re right. It’ll be nice to see him again. And also get your Captain out of his funk.” Looking over at Nanao, Rangiku had a small frown on her face. Everyone was worried for the man. His and Ichigo’s relationship had barely started before everything had gone wrong.


“I finally got him to clean up and to leave his room. He should be eating right now.”


“About time. I could smell him all the way from Squad 6.” Dropping down, Renji easily dodged an attack from the Squad 8 Lieutenant. “Hey! That was uncalled for!”


Sending him a glare, Nanao jumped onto the wall with the other Lieutenants joining her. “Now, are we all here?” Quickly counting and taking names, she pushed up her glasses and began to explain their new mission. “Alright Lieutenants. We have a very important mission. Ichigo Kurosaki has been located in the Rukon District. We are to retrieve him and bring him back with us to the Seireitei. Any questions?”


Dropping down and landing next to his Lieutenant, Shunsui smiled. “Just one. May I come along with?”


“Captain Shunsui! This is for Lieutenants only. You need to leave.”


“Oh, come on~ Let him stay. He just wants to see his man again.” Rangiku said putting her hands on the Captain’s shoulders. “How can you say no to this poor man?”


Sighing, she pushed up her glasses. “We don’t have time for this… alright. You can come with us. But you have to behave.”




The group was now sitting in Squad 4 while they waited for Unohana for the results. They were only here because of a strange call from Renji.


“Guys! You need to meet me at Squad 4 now! There’s something wrong with Ichigo…. Crap. I’m still connected to all of the Captains, aren’t I?”


Squad 4 was now filled with high level Soul Reapers who was concerned about the young man. Unohana came out, making everyone look her way. She just gave them a smile and went over to the large group. “Do not worry everyone. He’s okay. The only problem there is, is that there is a rather large bump on the back of his head still. I believe it has caused a mild case of amnesia. He remembers some things but not all. I have Hanataro trying something out to try and get some, if not most, of his memories back naturally as to not cause him too much pain.”


“How on earth did he get amnesia?! He’s banged his head up before so why is now any different?!” Rukia yelled, furious and concerned.


“My best guess would be when he was fighting that giant monster, when they each gave their final blows, the back blast of it all sent him into the building making him hit his head three times as hard as usual. But there is nothing to worry about. His memories will come back in time. We’ll just need to give him small nudges here and there. Not too many okay?”


A loud scream came from a close by room, making everyone’s head snap in that direction. “Enough! It hurts!”


“Ichigo….” Without a second thought, Shunsui flash stepped to the room and took the orange haired male into his arms. “You’re shaking.”


“Captain Shunsui! Y-You’re not supposed to be in here…”


“I’m sorry Hanataro. I couldn’t help myself.”


“Dammit… Hanataro… that hurt…”


“I’m so sorry Ichigo. Captain Unohana thought it might help get your memories back.”


“This couldn’t have just been her idea. I bet Byakuya was in on this. Him and stupid scarf. Why does he hate me?!”


The three went silent as what he said sunk in. “Ichigo. You remembered something. Say, do you remember me by chance?” Leaning down, Shunsui brushed his large hand across his cheek and chuckled at the bashful blush that covered it now.


Knocking the hand away, Ichigo turned his face towards the wall, not being able to meet his gaze. “Dammit… what did I tell you about PDA? I’m not ready for that.”


A big grin spread across his face. “ICHIGO! ~” Too happy to care, the older man took him in his arms and started to place kisses all over his face.


“H-Hey! Knock it off! Shunsui! Gah!” Losing balance, the two toppled to the ground.


“Well well, what do we have here? Could you two at least wait until you get back to his room to do that stuff?”


“Shut up Rukia! You’re not helping!”




A few days had past as Ichigo got used to everything that had happened. He was soon bombarded with people asking him to join their squad. The most persistent were Squad 6, Squad 13, and his own boyfriend. When he finally got away from the Squads, he went to see the Head Captain and gave his answer to him.


That was earlier afternoon. Now he was sitting in Squad 8’s barracks, he was getting really annoyed of waiting for his idiot of a boyfriend. “He was supposed to be back by now. I’m in my uniform and everything…”


“Ichigo! Nanao said she’s stepping down from being Lieutenant!” Running into his room, he stopped and blinked at what he saw. Ichigo was sitting in his room, wearing a Squad 8 uniform and a Lieutenant’s bandage on his arm.


“It’s about time you got here. I was getting tired of waiting. And stop staring. Is that anyway to treat your new Lieuten- ah! What did I say about jumping me?!”


On the ground, holding onto the man he loved, he couldn’t help but to laugh happily. “You’re going to have to learn that I can’t help myself when it comes to you. It’s taking all of my control not to just have my way with you.”

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November 4, 2017 (Urahara x Ichigo - Call Me Sensei)


November 11, 2017


November 18, 2017


November 25, 2017

Chapter Text

“Urah! This is frustrating! I can’t go back to the Soul Society until I memorize all of this!” Falling back on the floor, Ichigo stared at the ceiling of the living area part of Urahara’s shop. “That bastard is just going to belittle me again….”


“Who’s going to belittle you?” Urahara asked, now lying next to the teen.


“Gah!” Jumping up, Ichigo had a hand over his heart, pointing at the man like he was a manic. (Which he is but that’s beside the point) “You need to stop doing that!”


Laughing, Urahara sat up fanning himself. “Answer my question.”


Sighing, he sat down and looked at him. “Byakuya… he embarrassed me the last time with my lack of knowledge about the Soul Society. So, I need to know as much as I can, so I can rub it in his smug rich boy face.”


“You know what you need? A tutor! Someone who has been there and knows all there is to know about Soul Reapers and the Soul Society.”


“Yeah. That’s a great idea! I wonder if Rukia or Jushiro would do it. They’re pretty smart and seem nice enough to help me.”


“I meant me.”


“You’re joking, right?” Looking over at the blonde, he was surprised with how serious he looked. “You’re not joking… why would you want to tutor me?”


“No reason. And wouldn’t Byakuya catch on if it was one of those two teaching you? If you’re here having me do it, he wouldn’t even suspect it.”


“Well… that does make sense. Alright. Urahara will you teach me about the Soul Society?”


“Why, Ichigo, I thought you’d never ask!” Smiling big, Urahara stood and made his way over to his new student. “You can call me Sensei now, Ichigo-Kun.”


“Why do I feel like this is going to come back to bite me in the ass?”




“Now the decisions are usually made by Central 46, but since they were all murdered all the decisions are being made by the Head Captain. Now Ichigo, can you tell me what the Central 46 is? This is the only one you’ve gotten wrong and we’ve been over it three times already. If you answer it right, I’ll give you a special treat.”


“I don’t want anything you have to offer for a treat. Honestly, I probably could have asked my dad to help me and avoided all of this.”


“That’s so mean Ichigo~ I even brought you to my room, so we wouldn’t be interrupted by the others during our studying.”


“That’s just creepy. We’re in your room alone, you’ll give me a special treat, and you want me to call you Sensei. I’m not so sure I want to continue this session.”


Sighing, the blonde Soul Reaper leaned back on his hands. “Look, you’re leaving until you answer the question correctly. So just answer it.”


Groaning, Ichigo saw no way out of it short of knocking down a wall and that would just leave him stuck there longer to work off the money needed to pay to fix it. “Alright fine. It’s a group of 46 old people who make the choices and that’s that.”


“Technology you’re right but you’ll need to give the actual definition if you want to impress him.”


Red stained the teen’s cheeks. “H-hey! Don’t get the wrong idea! I’m not trying to impress him okay?! I just want him to stop making me look like an idiot!”


“Sure~ and that’s why you’re so defensive about it.” The way he said it, all casual, made Ichigo stopped his little rant and stare at him. “...Do you like him? Ichigo ?”


“W-what? No. Why would I-”


“Is that why you go to the Soul Society so much? Why you actually want to learn so much about the place? Are you in love with Byakuya Kuchiki?”


“I’m not in love with that stuck up noble! Why do you care anyways?! You’re acting like a jealous boyfriend!”


“Is that so?” Grabbing his arm, Urahara pulled him over and pushed him onto the ground before getting over him. “I guess I am in a way.”


“Urahara. Get off me.”


Ignoring the young male, Urahara leaned down and captured his lips in a hot and hard kiss. Pulling away, he smirked at the blush and surprised look on the teen’s face. “Ichigo.” Leaning down to his ear, he lowered his voice to a husky whisper. “Remember, I told you to call me Sensei.”




Pants and moans escaped Ichigo’s lips as hands freely roamed every inch of his body. Face down in a pillow, he started to wonder how they went from studying to very close to having sex. ‘Is Urahara really affected by the possibility that I could be in love with someone? Does he…’ Before he could think too much about it, a new feeling made his mind go blank.


“You were so lost in thought that I had time to find the spot on my first try.” Leaning down, he gave the shell of his ear a lick. “Let’s see if I can do it again.” Lightly nipping the ear, he smirked at the small whines the other made.


Turning his head so he faced him, Ichigo thought while he had some clarity he’d say what he’d been meaning to for a while. It was now or never. “L-look… I need to say this. So, listen to me.”


“Aw~ it’s so cute that you’re still trying to be dominant with how submissive you’re being right now.”


“I wouldn’t be like this with just anyone!” That got his attention, making him stop his fingers. “I’m not in love with any of those guys. I mean yeah, they’re attractive but they’re not the ones I have feelings for. I love… the one I’m in love with…”


A smile spread across Urahara’s lips at the flustered confession. “You probably should have saved the confession until afterwards.”






“I’m going to kill you once all this pain goes away.” Lying face down with his limbs spread out, Ichigo tried to sound threatening.


“Sorry. Guess I got a bit too excited.”


“You just shoved it in!”