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sweet bruises

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"Uh Josh ? I think I forgot my stuff again in your ro-"

Tyler stopped dead track once he came in his boyfriend's room, in shock.

"What the fuck?" he screamed.

After the hurt, he felt anger and he wanted to punch Josh and this guy he didn't know.

"What the fuck, Josh ?" he screamed once again, seeing as Josh didn't answer him.

The man he didn't know pulled out and Josh's body fell to the floor.

Something was off.

Tyler rushed and punched the man in the face, who lost his smirk right away.

"Who are you?"

He was still angry and he didn't think about Josh who was whimpering in pain and seemingly close to pass out.

All he knew (understood) is that Josh didn't want to cheat on him. And oh my god, how much he was angry that someone dared to hurt his Josh.

He punched and kicked and there was blood all over his hands and the man's body but he didn't stop until he heard Josh's quiet cry.

Oh shit.

"Josh !"

Josh was in bad shape; half naked and his hoodie torn in pieces covering his shoulders and some of his stomach.

He was crying.

"Oh no."

With a final kick in the balls to make sure he won't move, he went and hugged Josh tight.

He called the cops and the ambulance.

"Oh my god, Josh I need you to stay with me, please. Josh, look at me, say something. I'm begging you."

"I-I'm sorry... I didn't want t-to cheat on you- I-I told him to st-stop but he didn't listen; I tried to kick but he b-b-b-beat me. And then he- he took- he took my pan-pants and-"

It was heartbreaking and Tyler didn't know what to do so he just hugged him close. Josh flinched at first but then melted at the touche, crying like there's no tomorrow.

"It's okay, kittenboy, I'm here. You're fine, I've got you. Tell me, talk about tomee-bear. Who gave it to you? Talk to me about your memories. Do you remember how we met? How we fell in love?"

Josh laughed quietly and Tyler was relieved. A little bit at least.

"Talk to me, kit."

"Do you- do you remember how- how I got ice cream all over our shirt for out first date?" he laughed a bit "I'm still sorry about it. God I'm so clumsy. Maybe if I wasn't, I wouldn't be here."

The cops and the ambulance has come, they went with Josh to the hospital and Tyler stayed with the cops.

The film was playing in front of them; the characters talking and arguing but Josh and Tyler weren't paying attention to them. Josh was quiet and sleeping softly (and snoring) and Tyler was watching him sleep, playing with his hair and enjoying the peacefulness on Josh's face. Since that day, Josh was having so much trouble sleeping at night so tonight, Tyler wasn't waking him up anytime soon.

Josh's face was marked with dark big bags under his eyes and tiredness all over his face.

So Tyler wasn't waking him up because of it but also because Josh looked so cute in this position. Looking fragile and vulnerable; even though Tyler knew he wasn't.

Josh was one of the strongest person Tyler has ever seen in his life and he admired him. He loved him, he adored him. He worshipped him.

He still couldn't understand how someone could ever hurt someone like Josh.

Oh God, how much he hated that man, how much he wants to fucking kill him. He was so angry.

The rapist will spend all his life in jail (thank God) but that wasn't enough. He deserved to suffer.

He was deep in thoughts when he felt something (or someone) stirred besides him.

Josh was having a bad dream. He panicked (but knew how to do) so without touching Josh, he called his name softly.

"Josh, Josh, baby. Wake up, it's just a bad dream."

Josh soon woke up, sweat all over his face, screaming.


Tyler flinched, the despair in Josh's voice was so strong it made him want to cry.