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Don't Touch What's Mine, Bitch.

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Holly stared longingly at the gorgeous redhead sitting at her friend Debbie Gallagher’s kitchen table. All she knew about him was that he was Debbie’s brother and that he was smoking hot. Holly wouldn’t mind on getting a piece of that sexy man. Sure, she was only sixteen, but she was sure that if she persuaded him she could certainly get him to agree.


There was a Gallagher movie night going on and Holly was sure that if she sat next to Ian under the blanket she could make her first move. First, she needed to get through dinner with the Gallaghers and that quiet, aggressive, dark haired friend Ian always seemed to have around. What was his name? Mikey? Whatever, formalities weren’t her main concern right now. That happened to be the delicious looking redhead sitting across from her at the table.


Holly smirked to herself as she stretched her legs under the table, hoping to give Ian a little hint with her feet. When she felt someone’s leg, she was so sure it was Ian’s that she didn’t expect the dirty look being tossed her way from Mickey, who was sat right next to Ian. Holly ignored him and moved her foot a little higher up the leg it was was currently rested on, when an exasperated huff pulled her out of her concentration.


“Do you fuckin’ mind not molesting my leg under there?” Mickey huffed, angrily. Holly was just confused, Mickey was far enough away from Ian that his leg shouldn’t even be a concern. She just muttered an apology and “dropped” her fork on the ground as an excuse to investigate. When she looked, she saw that the leg she had been touching had been Mickey’s. The boys were sitting thigh to thigh and their legs were connected all the way to their ankles, odd.


When she resurfaced, the boys in front of her were whispering to each other. Holly caught a little of their conversation, the overuse of the word ass was not lost amongst Holly and apparently Mickey, who was blushing like a fucking tomato. Thank god Holly was dealing with Ian, she didn’t want some guy who was going to blush the whole time she was with him. Ian looked experienced, and that pleased her greatly. So, Ian was an ass man? Looks like Holly wore her fancy push-up bra for no reason, which was a bummer because it was so cute. Ian wants ass? Holly will show him ass. That’s when she devised her apparently foolproof plan to get into the pants of Ian Gallagher.


When Ian told Mickey he was going into his room to get something, Holly saw this as her perfect opportunity. Before he got up, Holly quickly turned to Debbie, eager to beat Ian upstairs so she could put her plan into action.


“Debs? Do you have somewhere I can change into my pajamas? I want to get comfortable before we start the movie.” Holly asked, desperate for Ian just to wait one more minute before going up. She spared a glance and saw him talking lowly to Mickey, he hadn’t moved at all. Perfect.


“Yeah, sure. Just use the bathroom upstairs since Carl is intent on not leaving the downstairs one!” Debbie yells the last part, hoping to get the attention of Carl, who had been in the bathroom for the last 45 minutes doing who-knows-what. Carl just gives her a grunt as a reply and Holly takes that as her cue to run up to the bathroom upstairs.


Once she got there, she made quick work of undressing herself. She left the door open, for obvious reasons. Holly threw her shirt down on the ground to have an excuse to be bending over as Ian walks by, since his room is right next to the bathroom and he’d have to pass by. She bent over to pretend to pick up her shirt and waited for the redheaded God to walk by.


When she finally heard footsteps, however, her blood ran cold.


“Ah! Fucking Christ! Close the fuckin’ door next time!” Mickey exclaimed, reaching and slamming the door shut. Holly heard Ian’s loud, beautiful laugh a few seconds later and fuck Mickey for messing up her foolproof plan and seeing her ass. What the fuck?


When Holly reemerged from the bathroom she turned towards Ian’s, now closed, bedroom door. She heard the loud laughter of both Ian and Mickey now, something that surprised her since Mickey was always so angry when she had seen him before. Mickey and Ian were loudly joking and laughing when she decided to go back and join the rest of the people, sure that they would be back down within few minutes.


Holly was very wrong, and they’d ended up coming down fifteen minutes into the movie. Mickey was limping from what she could see, she had no idea why but they were both sweating for whatever reason.


Must’ve been hot in his room, she thought weirdly.


Much to Holly’s enjoyment, Ian squished in next to her on the couch with Mickey squished into the arm. Holly’s view was completely blocked by Ian, she couldn’t see Mickey, which she was grateful for. She wasn’t one to be embarrassed about her body, but something about the thug gave her a weird vibe.


Holly draped the blanket from the back of the couch over the three of them, and Ian shifter slightly closer to Mickey, much to Holly’s annoyance. About fifteen minutes later, Holly went in for the kill. She placed her head on Ian’s shoulder and smiled slightly when he didn’t push her off, progress! She just left her head on his shoulder for the next five minutes before her hand started inching closer and closer to the blanket, view of Mickey still completely obstructed. Holly’s hand went lower and lower until she grabbed Ian’s dick through his sweatpants. Holy fuck, he’s huge! She considered this a win until about two seconds later when Ian jumped up so quickly she was sent tumbling to the ground.


Holly looked up in time to see Mickey tumble off the couch, holding Ian’s hand tightly in his own. Why the fuck were they holding hands? Their fingers were fucking intertwined so it wasn’t like Ian had grabbed him to help him from falling over. Holly quizzically stared between the two, one with a blazing anger in his eyes and the other looking slightly annoyed but curious at the same time.


“What the fuck were you doing just then?” Ian yelled, anger dripping from every word as they fell out of his mouth. “Why the fuck were you grabbing at my dick?” He asked, incredulously. Mickey’s gaze suddenly turned from curious, to downright angry.


“She did what?” Mickey asked angrily. Holly looked between the two and saw the tell-tales signs of jealousy and possessiveness burning in the shorter boy’s eyes. Oh. Holly smirked. Mickey was jealous that Ian got all the attention and he was left in the background.


“Don’t get mad just because I’m not interested in you, Mickey. Don’t ruin this for your friend, I mean, if I were you I wouldn’t hold him back from getting the best piece of ass around.” Holly smirked at Mickey then, who looked brutally angry like he could kill her any second.


Ian laughed, making Holly frown. Was he laughing at her or Mickey? Her answer was confirmed when he stepped back towards Mickey and put his arm around him. She had a small sliver of hope going that Ian was just going to reassure Mickey or something that bros did. What he actually did made Holly damn-near piss herself.


Ian turned to look at Mickey, who stared back with a fire burning in his eyes. Ian pecked Mickey on the cheek and turned back to look at Holly with an apologetic look in his eyes. Holly’s mind started to go on overdrive, what the fuck did she miss?


“Actually, Holly, the best piece of ass I’ve ever gotten is Mickey.” He stated, matter-of-factly. Holly’s jaw nearly made connection with the floor as Mickey turned Ian’s face to kiss him. Ian pulled back after a few seconds and gave Mickey such a tender look, Holly felt like she was an intruder on the moment.


Mickey wrapped his arm around Ian’s waist and turned to look at Holly again. “If you ever touch my man’s dick in my presence again I will personally break all of your knuckles.” Mickey deadpanned. Holly suddenly grew fearful because of the fact she had challenged him earlier. Holly wasn’t sure if Mickey was one to go through with his threats, but she was sure she did not want to find out.


“I- I’m sorry.” Holly mumbled as she plopped back down on the couch, dejectedly. Holly thought back to all the times she saw the boys together tonight. She remembered the way Mickey fumbled with his fork while eating his food. She forlornly thought that it probably meant Ian and Mickey were holding hands out of her view the whole time.


Holly thought back to the time upstairs, when Mickey had first came up it appeared as though he had been dragging Ian  towards the bedroom. And when Ian and Mickey came downstairs all sweaty they had probably just- ugh!


During the movie, Ian had kept turning towards Mickey. Holly realized then that Mickey’s head had probably been on Ian’s shoulder that whole time and every time Ian turned was probably to give him a kiss or some shit like that. They had been holding hands under the blanket the whole time and Holly just grew overly pissed off when embarrassment made its way into the pit of her stomach. She’d grabbed her best friend’s gay brother’s dick while his boyfriend was sitting next to him the whole time.


And to top it all off, said gay boyfriend saw her ass while she was trying to seduce a gay dude.


Mickey kept a wary eye on Holly as she distanced herself as far away from the couple as she possibly could without falling off the couch. Ian sat down too, on the other end of the couch, and for a moment Holly feared that she was going to be stuck with Mickey breathing down her neck the whole time. That thought flew out the window when Mickey just plopped himself in Ian’s lap without even a second glance in Holly’s direction.


Holly kept glancing at the couple to see if they were fucking with her because she was so much younger than Ian. Five years wasn’t much to her but seemed to matter a lot to the men she’d been with. When Mickey left soft kisses on Ian’s neck, Ian just kept his arms firm around his waist and smiled while still looking at the television. Mickey was turned towards her on Ian’s lap, half his face buried in the crook of Ian’s neck and the other half watching the movie the best that he could. Mickey’s arms were hooked around Ian’s neck and after a few minutes he looked like he was trying very hard to keep his eyes open.


When Mickey finally did fall asleep, Ian glanced down and smiled softly. “Goodnight, baby.” He whispered, kissing Mickey softly on the head. Mickey snuggled closer at the contact and fuck, they were adorable. Holly was glad they had each other and she got to witness it, embarrassed or not.


Well, Holly may have already blown through three Gallagher brothers, but she’d be back in fifteen years to see what Liam was up to.