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Define Lust

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Everything they had done up until this point was based on that. Lingering touches that burned their skin, harsh breathing over their neck, bruises blooming across their chest as the colour of passion coloured their bodies. If someone were to ask them to define lust, they would point at each other.

Gaze dark, eyes locked. Neither of them backed down, hands itching to touch the other but none of them made the first move. Patience was a virtue and lust was a sin, but they were greedy. Challenging each other, testing their self control, wanting and waiting to see the other fall for temptation and make the first move.

Because once one of them moves, the other will too.

And that’s when the clash of lips will come, moulding together in a perfect dance of dominance. Fingers twitching, the shorter of the two felt the first spark of impatience glowing deep in his stomach, itching for something he would not allow. Truthfully, the shorter of the two enjoyed the feeling of chasing and being chased, adored the thrill of it and something in him knew that the other male loved it just as much as he did.

But not once did they chase each other in front of the cameras. Everyone were watching them, eyes weary as they waited for the pair to break, to chase each other across the stadium. Somehow, they managed to keep themselves calm and collected as the last host for the night walked up on stage, an envelope in her hands.

A breath of relief, a drop of shoulders and countless of cheers as the host called out the name ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’. Satisfaction coursed through their veins as the group stood up and embraced each other, patting each other on the backs encouragingly. Once they accepted their prize, the emotions came fast as tears flowed down their cheeks. Inhaling, the youngest member of the group looked out at the crowd, contacts hurting his eyes as they moved around and distorted his vision, but he did not mind.

For they had won the Daesang.

The rest of the night was a blur, he hadn’t listened to anything his leader had uttered as he searched through the crowd for a certain raven haired male. Spotting the taller within seconds, the shorter of the two allowed his legs to carry him over to the other male, who was walking towards him with long strides, arms open. Happiness bloomed in his chest when the younger of the two embraced him, arms circling around his wrist and moulding their bodies together.

“Congratulations.” It was a mere whisper but the shorter of the two heard it loud and clear. Biting his lips, he pulled back and stared at the taller, warmth blooming in his chest as he met the other’s gaze, lips pulled in a smile.

“Jungkook. Yugyeom.” A voice called out and the two male’s separated as two more individuals joined them, congratulating the older of the two with hugs and kisses. Suddenly, the two males were pulled apart, Yugyeom being led away by his manager and Jungkook by his members.

The taller of the two mouthed ‘call me’ and Jungkook nodded frantically before turning to look at his leader, who was speaking about something the younger male couldn’t bring himself to care about. So he zoned out, allowing himself to get pulled along, further and further away from Yugyeom.

Missing someone was an awful feeling he decided later that night.


Groaning in pain, the youngest member sat down, a pout evident on his face as he watched the rest of the members jump around in happiness. Usually, Yugyeom wouldn’t describe himself as someone bitter but there was a feeling in his chest that had him frowning and scowling at anyone that dared to speak to him. Obviously, the elders in the group weren’t willing to put up with his awful attitude so they let him be. Jackson had tried to make the youngest of them all laugh, however, it only ended with Yugyeom scowling and Jackson sighing.

Scowling again, the youngest member stood up and left the practice room, the bitterness staying in place as he got his jacket on and walked out of the J.Y.P Entertainment building. Missing someone was a living hell and right now, he was missing Jungkook but the older male was currently working on preparing for his comeback.

Sighing, he continued to aimlessly walk around the city of Seoul, mask covering half of his face in hopes of not getting recognised. Walking in and out of stores was by far the most boring thing he’d done all day, so he settled for sitting on a park bench, looking at the children as they continued to play in front of him.

Envy would probably be the right word to describe what he was feeling as he watched the children play around, holding each other’s hands. Seeing things like this would usually make the average person coo with happiness, but he wasn’t average. No, he was an idol, hopelessly in love with someone of the same gender within the same profession.

Sometimes, he wished he was born in another country, a country where they allowed him to express himself openly. Love whoever he wanted without hiding. A feeling as strong as love shouldn’t be forbidden or suppressed, so why was it? Perhaps someone would be able to answer that question someday, but today was not the day.

Grumbling quietly, he settled for glaring at his own feet. Stupid. It was incredibly stupid of him to fall head over heels for someone he could never have, Jungkook would never be his, no matter how hard he tried.

“Why do you look so bitter?”

Turning around, he was met with the sight of Jungkook standing behind him, wearing a long black coat and turtleneck underneath. Standing up, he looked at the older, who stared back at him with those beautiful doe eyes of his. Suddenly all of his self control went out the window as he grabbed the brunette by the waist and pulled him closer, eyes dark.

Gulping, the shorter of the two tried to pull them apart but the raven haired male wasn’t allowing it as he leaned down and nuzzled into Jungkook’s throat. Wanting and needing were two different things, but in that moment Yugyeom couldn’t tell the difference between the two as he kissed the shorter male’s throat, who shuddered violently, a gasp leaving his mouth.

“There’s a hotel down the street... I’ve heard that they have pretty comfortable beds.”


Moans were echoing throughout the room, silhouettes dancing together in a fight of dominance. Bodies moulding together as the males attacked each other, bruising the other’s body and marking their territory, lips pulled in a smirk as they admired their work of art.

Curtains swaying with the cool wind that entered the room from the open windows, reaching the two males on the bed, making them shudder. But they did not mind, for the shudder was a pleasant one and so was the feeling of sin.

Patience may have been a virtue but neither of them were good at it, hence the reason why the shorter of the two was currently sprawled out on the silky sheets, hair messy and face flushed. Above him was none other than his dear friend, who was situated between his legs, hands pinching and groping the shorter male’s chest.

Panting, Jungkook stared up at Yugyeom, eyes dark and hazy, filled with lust and hunger and the younger of the two growled, leaning down to nip at the older male’s bottom lip. Both males moaned in unison as the younger of the two grinded down, creating a lovely friction that sent jolts of pleasure through their bodies.

“Fuck… Jungkook, clothes off.” Yugyeom rasped out, tugging his own shirt off as he threw it across the room, ignoring the cool air as it hit his body. The brunette didn’t waste any time to do the same, moving to get out of his pants as soon as he was done with his shirt.


That was what drove them to do what they did, at least that’s what the males were trying to tell themselves as the shorter of the two fell to his knees, pushing the raven haired male’s legs apart. Staring up at the younger male, he smirked as he got closer and closer to Yugyeom’s clothed dick.

Yugyeom gasped, a moan falling out of his mouth as the brunette started to trail kisses up his clothed dick, erection growing with each kiss the older gave. Deciding that teasing him would be fun, Jungkook blew on the younger’s dick as he finally freed it from it’s confines. Groaning, the taller man brought a hand down and rested it on brown locks, carding his fingers through the hair and scraping lightly as a warning.

Teasing was not something he appreciated.

Ignoring the warning sign, Jungkook continued to blow hot air onto the genital, earning a growl from Yugyeom. Suddenly his head was pulled back, a stinging pain in his scalp and neck, the feeling of a few strands of hair getting pulled out had the shorter of the two hissing in pain, eyes screwing shut.

“Disobedient, huh?” Yugyeom growled out, eyes dark as he stared down at Jungkook, who yet had to open his eyes. “Open your eyes and look at me when I speak to you… otherwise you’ll make it worse for yourself.”

The shorter of the two shuddered, an exciting feeling entering his body as he slowly opened his eyes and stared at the male in front of him, whose gaze was darker than any shade of black he’d ever seen.

The taller of the two leaned down, coming eye to eye with the shorter male, who couldn’t help but shudder as the taller pulled on his hair and leaned further down to place light kisses on his collarbones. Moaning, the shorter of the two couldn’t help but let out a mewl as the raven haired male continued the abuse on his collarbones.

Painting them with bruises that would stay for quite some days, but the brunette did not care nor did he mind. And then the kisses disappeared, along with the pain in his neck. That is until he got pulled forwards, a yelp leaving his lips as his face collided with the younger male’s dick.

Glaring at the younger, he tried to pull himself back up but the hold Yugyeom had on his hair stopped him. Whining, the older of the couldn’t help but feel his eyes tear up because of how painful the hold Yugyeom had on his hair was. Once he realised how vulnerable he was, he couldn’t help the sob that left his mouth. Especially because of the position he was in, kneeling between the raven haired male’s spread legs as the younger male’s dick slapped him in the face.

A humiliating position.

Tears pooled down his cheeks as the taller of the two cooed at the sight, hand coming down to cup his cheek as the older male continued to bawl his eyes out. Yugyeom got off on seeing Jungkook like this and the latter of the two loved this just as much as the taller did, even though he never would tell anyone that.

The older of the two loved being pushed to his limits, he loved overstimulating himself to the point where he was a mess. And the raven haired male loved turning him that way, he adore the way Jungkook would mewl and moan, tears pooling out of his eyes as he continued to come, never catching a break.

Being pampered and cuddled once it all was over and done with was only a bonus, both males knew that Jungkook truly got off on the humiliation and overstimulation. Torturing his own senses was nothing new to Jungkook, considering he’d done it for almost the entire of his career. Everyone around him had noticed it, but they all chose to shut up about it, not wishing to bring it up incase it was a sensitive topic.

But Yugyeom didn’t care.

Spitting it out was one thing, but seeing Jungkook actually react to what he had told him was another. The older of the two hadn’t dropped to his knees and begged Yugyeom to shut up about it, instead, he only looked at him with narrowed eyes and smiled, a sinister smile that had the younger of the two shuddering.

“You seem to like that about me though, if the way you approached me is anything to go by?”

Yugyeom raised Jungkook head up, moving to line his dick up in front of those pretty red lips. The brunette understood immediately and opened up his mouth, tongue sticking out in the slightest and the younger of the two almost came right then and there, but he held himself back.

Self control.

Bringing his hands down, he took a hold of Jungkook’s head and rammed his dick straight in, groaning in pleasure as he heard the older of the two choke. Spit had made it’s way down the older male’s chin as the younger continued to ruthlessly fuck his mouth, speed increasing by the second. Fuck self control, this was much better than that.

“Touch yourself.” The raven haired male grit out, hissing through his teeth as he continued to fuck the elder’s mouth, who was taking him like a champ.

Moving his hand down, the older of the two circled one finger around his nipple as the other hand worked on jerking himself off. Moans were falling out of his mouth and based off on Yugyeom’s reaction, he felt them and he loved every single second of it. The brunette continued to pleasure himself and the younger male, until he released Yugyeom’s dick with a wet ‘plop’.

Looking up, he was met with dark eyes once again, but this time they looked almost predatory like. Pupils dilated and mouth slightly open as the taller of the two gestured for Jungkook to climb onto his lap, which he did without any complains.

However, Jungkook let out a shriek when he felt himself being flipped onto his stomach, ass in the air and Yugyeom’s hand hovering over his buttcheeks. Rubbing at the flesh, the younger of the two took a moment to appreciate Jungkook’s body, who had to be the best one he’d seen by far.

Sorry Jackson.

“Count.” Yugyeom said as he lifted his hand up and brought it down half a second later, with a force that had Jungkook’s body shuddering and jumping. The older male gasped, tears spilling out of his eyes as he surpassed the need to whimper for more but he quietly managed to whisper out a weak ‘one’.

The taller male continued to spank the shorter one, hands continuing their abuse on the brunette’s buttcheeks. Stopping at the buttcheek’s would be stupid though, so he spanked the older male’s inner thighs as well once he’d managed to turn Jungkook on his back, lying sprawled out of the silky bedsheets.




“25!” Jungkook sobbed out, voice scratchy and rough, perhaps from the rough treatment his throat had gotten earlier but Yugyeom did not care. However, he deemed the amount of slaps enough as he leaned down and kissed Jungkook, mouths moulding together perfectly.

Grasping the brunettes dick in his hand, he started to stroke the length quickly, living for the moans and mewls that spilled out of Jungkook’s mouth. Increasing his speed, the younger of the two brought his other free hand up to play with Jungkook’s nipples and that seemed to have done it for the older as he came with a cry, body spasming.

For the second time that day, the pure sight of Jungkook alone almost made him come but he held it back. Like he always did, because it would be so worth it at the end.

“Get on all four.” Yugyeom commanded, moving behind the brunette as the older somehow managed to actually get into the position asked of him. Red greeted the taller male’s eyes as he ogled over the brunette’s ass, hands moving to grope it.

They didn’t have lube, but Yugyeom doubt they actually needed it. Spreading the brunette’s cheeks apart, he stared at Jungkook’s hole, which fluttered at the attention. Blowing on the hole, he felt how Jungkook twitched, body moving to get away but the taller of the two quickly smacked his right asscheek, which caused Jungkook to cease his movements, whimpers spilling out of his mouth.

Letting out a scream, Jungkook nearly collapsed when he felt the taller male’s tongue penetrating him, exploring his insides. Sobbing, Jungkook lowered his head down and buried it in the silk sheets, hands clenching and tearing at the bedsheets.

His body started to shake as Yugyeom continued to thrust his tongue in and out and suddenly the older of the two wanted to cry, the feeling was amazing but at the same time it was way too much. Jungkook loved it. Mewls and moans left his mouth, some of which could easily make the best of pornstars bow their heads in shame.

There was a familiar coiling sensation in the depths of his stomach and Jungkook involuntarily clenched down on Yugyeom’s tongue. Pulling back, the younger of the two took a moment to appreciate his work as he saw Jungkook’s asshole flutter and clench down on nothing but air once again.

“Come.” Yugyeom whispered out as he got up and pressed a kiss to the brunette’s shoulder blade, fingers lightly tracing across his back..

Coming with a sob, the older of the two couldn’t help but collapse, body spasming once again. Staring at the the older, Yugyeom suddenly found himself wanting to get closer to the brunette, a fond feeling in his chest.

However, he ignored the feeling for now and went to the bathroom. Looking around, he tried to find a bathrobe, but to no avail so he got out, he did not miss the full length mirror that stood in the shower though, a smirk playing on his lips.

This was going to be fun.

“Yugyeom.” The brunette panted out, tongue sticking out in the slightest. The taller of the two whipped his head around to look at the beauty that called out for him, and his breath hitched. “Please… I need you.”

There on the bed, laid Jungkook, body on full display. One hand roaming across his chest, pinching and fondling his nipples every now and then as the other hand was situated further south, fingers pumping in and out of his hole.

A needly mewl left his lips as he looked up at the younger, eyes full of want as more moans spilled through his lips. Moving faster than the speed of light, Yugyeom was on the older boy within seconds, mouths moulding together.

“Fuck, you’re so needy. I had something planned but that can wait for later, I on the other hand don’t want to wait any longer.” Yugyeom said as he watched the brunette’s fingers still thrusting, two of them inserted. “Add another finger baby, get yourself nice and wet.”

The older male moaned as he added yet another finger, listening obediently. Licking his lips, Yugyeom started to stroke his dick slowly as he watched the brunette fuck himself. Deciding that Jungkook had prepared himself well enough, the taller of the two guided the older male’s hand away, which earned him a high pitched whine from the other as he pulled his fingers out with a lewd noise.

Lining his dick up with the older male’s entrance, Yugyeom pushed in, groaning as heat engulfed him almost immediately. Moans were heard underneath him and he looked down to see Jungkook with his head thrown back, throat on full display. Growling, Yugyeom leaned down and attacked the older male’s throat, biting and sucking as Jungkook only moaned louder.

“Move.” The brunette grit out, hands latching onto the taller male’s biceps. Hips moving, Yugyeom started thrusting with a normal speed but quickly found out that neither he or Jungkook were satisfied with that.

Pounding into the older with quick sharp thrusts had both males throwing their heads back, moans filling the room as the shorter of the two started sobbing. Skin slapping skin, tears mixing with sweat, the sweet scent of sex wafted through the air and both males found themselves losing their minds with each lingering touch.

Hair sticking to his forehead, Jungkook cried out as Yugyeom hit his prostate, a white light disturbing his vision. Chanting for more, the older of the two started to meet the younger halfway with every thrust, the sound of skin slapping skin only growing stronger.

“Yugyeom.. ha-harder! Shit, go harder!”

The taller of the two ceased his movements all together, loving the high pitched noise of protest that left the older male’s mouth. Laughing, he buried his hand in Jungkook’s brown locks and tugged, forcing the older to look at him as he tightened his hold.

“I didn’t hear a please.”

Groaning, the older of the two chanted out a series of ‘please’ and who was Yugyeom to refuse Jungkook when he was asking so nicely. Within seconds the younger started to pound into the older once again, this time pounding into Jungkook ruthlessly as the latter let out a series of moans and mewls, sobs spilling out of his mouth.

“So needy… My sensitive little baby, you’re doing so good.” Yugyeom praised as he felt the older male clench around him, body shaking. Continuing his ruthless pounding, Yugyeom didn’t falter for a second as Jungkook scraped his nails down the younger’s biceps, needy mewls falling out of his open mouth.

“I’m clo-close.”

“Fuck, me too.” Yugyeom bit out as his speed increased and he felt a shudder wreck through Jungkook’s body as the older male came with a sob, painting his chest white as tears flowed down his cheeks. The taller of the two came as well, spilling his seed inside of Jungkook as he collapsed on top of the older, chest heaving up and down.

The shorter of the two pushed the other male off of him, making the taller of the two land on the floor with a harsh thud. Groaning, the raven haired male carrie himself up and plopped down next to the brunette, glaring at him slightly. Jungkook chuckled and pressed a kiss to the corner of the younger male’s mouth, who sighed as he embraced the other.

Cuddling on the bed was quite a wonderful way to end the day, but the younger of the two pouted slightly as he recalled that they didn’t get to make use of the mirror in the bathroom. Yawning, the brunette noticed this and raised a questioning eyebrow, staring at the other male as he continued to pout.

“What’s wrong Yugyeom?”

“Well, I had hoped we could have some bathroom sex.” Yugyeom admitted, sending the older male a cheeky grin. Rolling his eyes, the brunette settled for lying on his back as he looked up at the ceiling, a smile plastered on his lips.

“What are you smiling at?”

“Nothing… This was just really nice, the sex and all that is.” Jungkook mumbled out, yawning once again as tears prickled at the corner of his eyes. The raven haired male stared at the older, an odd feeling in his chest. Was it only the sex that Jungkook wanted? Perhaps that was the case but the younger of the two didn’t want that to be true.

“Was... was it only the sex that you liked?”


“I mean usually, we always make fun of it whenever the others tell us that we’re lusting for each other but… is that really all there is to it?”

The older stared at the younger male with a puzzled look, not understanding where he’s going with what he’s saying or for that matter, what he wanted to say. Staying silent, the older male gestured for the younger to continue, which he did.

“I just… I really like you, I want there to be more to us than just friends with benefits. Do you get where I’m going?” The raven haired male whispered out, leaning further away from Jungkook in fear of getting rejected. “I want us to be boyfriends. But I would definitely understand if you don’t want us too since you have so much going on a-”

The older of the two swiftly silenced him with a kiss, a slight smirk playing at the corner of his mouth. Pulling back, the older of the two stared at the younger with a fond look.

“Who said I wouldn’t want that, asswipe? I’ve loved you for quite some time now.”

“Fuck, I love you too coconut head, so much.”