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Federation Fantasy

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Every wrestler knows the story of the Warrior of Light and Chaos.

Back in the days before the federations, before wrestling became regulated and was made safer for all involved, magic abuse ran rampant in the ring, and none wielded it more flagrantly than the man known only as Chaos. His natural strength combined with arcane enhancement led him to dominate any competitor who dared to step between the ropes to face him. Such was his reliance on magic that his visage twisted into something demonic, something out of a child’s nightmare. Had he remained undefeated, surely the art of wrestling would’ve died in its cradle, before it ever truly had a chance to grow.

It was then that the Warrior of Light appeared.

No record of his true name exists, and his face was covered by a mask, coloured blue and gold and marked with the sign of the Crystals. What is remembered clearly, is this: The Warrior of Light stood to Chaos in the middle of the ring, magic and all, took him the full nine rounds, then pinned him to the mat decisively.

This being the first defeat he had ever tasted, Chaos flew into a rage, his lashes of wild magic threatening to consume not only himself and the Warrior of Light, but the audience who had gathered to watch the spectacle. It is said that the Warrior of Light offered a prayer to the Crystals, then charged Chaos one last time. There was a brilliant flash of light, and when it faded, neither man nor monster was anywhere to be seen.

Some say that even now, the Warrior of Light and Chaos fight on, in the realm of the Crystals, away from anyone they may harm in their clash. Others dismiss the tale as a mere fantasy, a just-so story. What is clear is this: Magic is strictly regulated in every federation, though the minutiae may vary, so that incidents like this should never occur again.