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Fighting in Silence

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Yara struggled against the Ironborn men that held her down on the deck of The Silence. Two restrained her arms while another put all of his weight on her legs attempting to stop her persistent thrashing. Euron laughed as he stood over her.
“I told you to be quiet, niece. But it seems you can’t hold your tongue. So how about I hold it for you?” He snarled.
“Euron! Don’t do this!” Yara tried to persuade her uncle. He bent down and straddled her hips on the deck.
“Ahhh! Get off me, fucker!” Yara screamed. He took hold of her chin.
“Silly girl.” He looked around to his men and laughed and they geared in solidarity with their captain. “You’re resilient, I’ll give you that.” Yara thrashed beneath him, freeing one of her arms. She clawed at her uncles face and neck, leaving bloody trails in his skin before the Ironborn grappled her arm back onto the ground.
“Bitch!” Euron shouted and struck her hard across the face. Fear took over her body. Involuntarily, tears sprouted from her eyes and began rolling backwards into her hairline as Euron slammed his hand back on her chin.
“Any last words, niece?” He snarled. Yara spat up at him, and Euron immediately squeezed her mouth open and grabbed hold of her tongue.

An ear-splitting scream could be heard across the sea as Yara’s tongue was slit from her body. Blood filled her mouth and she began to gargle on it.
“Turn her over” Euron directed his men, and Yara was flipped onto her stomach, blood spilling from her lips, spluttering all over the deck. Yara was no longer screaming, just moaning in pain and shock. Euron put his boot on her back, slamming her into the deck and her hands were shackled behind her back.
“That was wonderful!” Euron declared as he stretched out his arms. She was weeping now, and Euron reached down and took a fistful of her brown hair and pulled her head backwards. He shoved a rag into her mouth and secured another around her head to keep it in place.
“Should slow the bleeding…” He mocked. Yara kicked her legs, anger fuelling her to keep fighting. Euron placed his arms around her waist and hoisted her to her feet, pulling her against him. This is when she broke, no longer strong enough to contain her sobs. Euron gently stroked the side of her face and trailed his fingers through her hair. His men had begun to disperse, leaving them without an audience.
“I think it’s time we got some rest, little dolphin.” He whispered into her ear, letting his hand slip down the neck of her shirt, rubbing her breasts. She grunted and tried to shake herself free of his grasp but he only tightened his grip and led her into his cabin. 

Euron pushed Yara down onto his bed and began untying her shirt. She writhed beneath him, but had no sure defence with her hands chained behind her. Once her shirt was open at the front, Euron lay on his side beside her. He gently stroked her chest until he fell asleep. Yara scrunched up her face in disgust as she lay motionless beside her uncle. 

She didn’t sleep. The pain in her mouth was too intense. In the early hours of the morning she began gagging on the rags in her mouth and Euron awoke quickly to the sounds of her discomfort.
“Up you get.” He pulled her to her feet and removed the cloth from her mouth, the bleeding had finally subsided. The two of them stood there, Yara’s shirt collected at her wrists where the iron connected her arms. Euron gave the leather collar around his niece’s neck a gentile tug before placing his hands on both of her biceps looking her up and down. She looked up at her captor, mouthing the word water.
“Of course, precious.” He whispered planting a kiss on her forehead. “Stand right there.” He released her arms and she swayed on the spot, as her eyes following him as he retrieved a canteen. He gently placed one hand on her chin as he poured water slowly into her mouth, allowing her to take small gulps. When he was satisfied that she had had enough Euron led her back toward the bed, pulling her shirt back up onto her shoulders. He lay her down but did not follow. Instead he sat beside her,
“You rest now…” He took a vile from his pocket and poured the contents into her mouth, moments later Yara was unconscious.