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Smooth Criminal

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These pawns are so fun to manipulate except for one. The very one he was very fond of playing with the most. The one who had occupied most in his mind while going on his usual killing urge.

His lovely porcelain doll with a fiery personality. A pretty detective with violet eyes.

He watched his doll moved in graceful movements from his walks to his hands touching around the man-made surroundings. Those violet eyes darken with each sighting it made were like precious jewels. Beautiful and priceless.

An amusement etched in his grin when he watched his doll made a cute scowling expression with his brows furrow and pink lips thinned out. He will have to find out how soft and kissable those lips are. The excitement gave him tingles and goosebumps.

He looked adorable when he lashed out at his silly partner with sapphire eyes. He will have to pluck those next time and add them to his personal collections. He loves beautiful things.

He smiled.

"What the quiznaking hell? This one has to be a sick psychopath. It's getting worse with each victims. This one must not be his favorite with the way his body got mutilated. "

He prefers being called a sophisticated criminal than a psychopath. This one will have the same fate as his second play. Cut out his eyes and throw him in a certain alleyway for men to pick him off before tossing his body somewhere in the city.

"Shut it, Lance! Either help me get the evidence from this body or go bother someone else who cares to listen to your useless rambling. You're giving me a headache. "

"Ugh. Why am I stuck with you, mullet? "

"Go talk to Allura if you want to change. She didn't listen to my repeated request for it. "

"What the hell, Keith?!"

Such opposites between these two. If he had to choose between the two, he would prefer the less talkative one. Much easier to play without staining his hands too often. He would rather keep the mess outside of his private sanctuary.


His doll has found his little present tucked inside the victim's pocket over its heart. He made sure to leave him little gifts to pick up and solve. After all, he wanted to see which one of those smart detectives will be the first to notice.

But last to know before it was too late.

"Another one?! That's the sixth one these past months. And what's with the white hair this time? "

"It could be the color of the next victim."

"An elderly person? So far, all the victims have been young adults. "

"Or it could mean he didn't want us to know who's next and left it vague. You know, you can dye any color easier over white. "

"Hmm... It does have an ugly hairstyle like yours. "

"Will you stop making fun of my hair, Lance?"


He chuckled. He has yet to place the last important piece of his small gift.

At first, he didn't think of leaving hints of his next toy because it was just on a whim until those poor baby police had to call in the big boys to help. That was when his interest perked up.

They were all different and unique as a rag-tag group. These two, Lance and Keith, always working in the front lines. He was careful to step around the other two companions. One was like a dwarf with glasses, but he was careful around her. The dwarf was their tech wiz and he made sure to keep his own hacking hidden. As for the other, the big bear was keen on noticing scents and chemicals, but more on the weak side when he watched him vomit after seeing his creative work on the body.

The anticipation of getting caught was thrilling. The game of cat and mouse.

The next two was their big bosses and quite a beautiful pairing. A male with that interesting cut across his nose with an odd white turf on his head and a female with silky, smooth long hair like platinum gold. They would be so fun to play with. The King and Queen of this chess game.

But he wanted one of their knights. A violet-eyed knight before his checkmate.

"What do you think of it, Keith?"

"It looks almost completed without the eyes."

"This person has given us a wild goose chase with a 360 degree turn on his killing. It was so random before deciding on leaving these weird doll clues. "

"Something could have caught his attention to change. Whatever it is, we have to stop this before he finds another victim. "

Oh. It was more of someone, pretty doll.

"We have to send this to Allura and Shiro. They might be able to piece this quicker before he gets to the next victim. "

"Yeah. Well, looks like the others are here now. "

You're my next target, pretty doll.


"Hello. My name is Lance and this is my partner, Keith. We’re detectives investigating on a current case. Thank you for giving us your time, Mister Lotar.

"It’s Lotor, detectives. How may I help you?

”My partner is an idiot. Forgive his mispronunciation to your name, sir.

Lance glared and Keith ignored while he wrote down in his notes. He took a sip of his drink and cleared his throat.


"You were the first to call him missing? How did you know the victim? "

You jerk.

Keith groaned when Lance cut him off, but let him be since he was good at talking with people. His own social skill still sucks. He watched Lotor taking a sip of his coffee.

He was well-dressed to the nines with his crisp white pinstripe suit and his long, platinum hair bundled and tied loosely over his shoulder. He was gorgeous like a supermodel.

"I am a regular of this nice cafe and it was one of the waitress who informed me about her brother, Rolo. She looked distraught and wanted to help her out. "

"What is her name?" Lance asked.

"Nyma. Ah. Here she comes. "

Both Lance and Keith turned to see a tall, blonde lady with two ponytails tied up. Lance whistled, and Keith can only roll his eyes and shake his head. She came to their table with their orders.

Lotor just smiled with Lance talking and being subtly flirtatious at the waitress Nyma while his partner ate his food with such vigor. He wondered how Keith's blood will taste like when cut. He could tell this one is not a screamer like the others.

He looked so prettier in person. His inky, raven hair looked soft and fluffy like a Persian cat. Lotor will have to touch them with his fingers when he gets his chance. He loved how violet eyes shimmered brightly from natural light.

He will have his pretty doll soon.

After several minutes of talks, Lance decided to return his attention back to him before glancing at his partner with surprised look on his face.

"Were you really hungry Keith?!"

"Shut it, Lance. You dragged me out without giving me time to eat my breakfast. "

"Pish posh."

He watched them bickered a bit before their attention went back to him.

"Excuse our cute bickering, Mr. Lotor." Keith glared at Lance. "One last question before we wrap this up. Do you have any other information you know of that can help us with this case? "

Lotor hummed. "I've read the news about it. I'm sure you lovely detectives would notice the subtle pattern with this smooth criminal. "

"Nice term!" Lance wrote it down.

His eyes glanced over to see Keith staring at him. Analyzing him.

"Well, thank you for your time. If you happen to know anymore, let one of us know. "

"Thank you~," He purred. "I'm sure I will let one of you know soon."

Lance quirked a brow, but shrugged it off. Not Keith. His eyes narrowed. His doll was getting suspicious on him.

It was time to play with his pretty doll tonight.


His pretty doll was so feisty and strong. He loved the challenge when he snuck up behind his pretty doll who had looked very surprise after seeing his very last gift placed on his tidy bed.

A completed doll with violet eyes and black hair in his favorite casual clothing.

Even with a little slip of liquid ecstasy into his usual drink at home after work, he still have his fighting spirit to struggle against his hold until he finally passed out when Lotor covered his doll's mouth and nose with a soft fabric soaked with chloroform. His doll’s body limped against his hold.

He has to be prepared for anything. He hates being thrown off course like his doll did. It took longer to find a perfect time to strike.

With a gentle tilt of Keith's head, his nose nuzzled against the smooth column of his neck and taking whiffs of his clean scent. It was the perfect moment to strike when he was out of the steaming, hot shower. He licked his lips many times from the teasing sight of Keith's naked silhouette behind the glass door.

"My pretty doll. You’ve made me do more work than necessary.

His fingers touching his cheek and gliding down his smooth, toned body with admiration before stopping above the hem of his white towel. With a hum, he plucked off the makeshift binding and was gleefully rewarded with a lovely full view.

"But you might be worth the work. You are prettier than the others. You would look wonderful in red. It suits you well.

Releasing his hold on the gag, he turned and scooped up his pretty doll up in his arms like a bride except for his doll's dangling arms and head tilted back.

"Let's go back to my place for our little private time together."

He will enjoy his new acquisition.



His doll looked more splendid than words he could ever describe. A masterpiece in the making.

One more adjustment with those smooth legs, he took another couple of shots. This would be his personal favorite. He will send one of his best pictures to his doll's partner from the goodness of his heart.

It was just simple two pieces of clothing minus the extras, but something about how it complimented on his doll was sexy. Just a white halter top and boyshorts.

"My pretty doll, you are too perfect for words." as he placed the camera on small table and sat on the edge of the plush bed.

His hand touching and admiring the smooth feels of teasing flesh and softness of his lace garter belt and white thigh-high stockings.

"So beautiful and ever so tempting."

His hand moved up to Keith's exposed stomach and fingers admiring each grooves of his subtle six-pack.

"Our little fun will begin when you wake up. Taking you now won't be as entertaining without your fire. " His words purred.

With careful moves, he laid Keith down on his back on the bed and brushing away stray strands of his hair from his sleeping face. He leaned down for a kiss on his cheek then peppering it down his neck and collarbone.

He wanted to cut his pretty doll's flesh piece by piece like the others.

He wanted to hear his cries.

He has the urge to fuck his doll senseless before killing him. To see him bleed lovely in his own pool.

But why kill his doll if he could play with him longer? He could sedate his kill urge with future preys while his doll can feed his other urge.

His hand touched his doll's firm cheek. "You are mixing up my priorities. To fuck and kill you off or play with you longer then fucks you while seeing your friends. A good fuck stay, but the killing? "

He hummed.

"That sounds good actually. Enjoying a good fuck while watching your friends run around the city without a lick of finding us. More like finding you after they start to piece together all my clues~. "

He licked him on his cheek.

"You see my pretty doll, they are way too late to know. They can never find us if they think with such slow, conventional method. "

He chuckled.

"My pretty doll let's enjoy our moment."

Lotor took both of Keith's wrists up and over his head with making several wraps of thick white fabric so he cannot escape. As much he enjoyed using cuffs; Lotor knew how versatile his doll was after watching him. With an approving nod, he grabbed another white fabric and chuckled when he heard his doll's soft moans. It was music to his ears.

The drugs have finally begun to wear off.

He watched Keith's body twitching and his head moving with the struggles of opening his eyes.

Sorry pretty. Can't let you see me just yet~

His hands and fabric went quickly over Keith's eyes before the first crack.

With his mouth covering over Keith's surprised gasp.

It was time to sedate his lustful craving with his doll.

Good morning, my pretty doll.