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Everything had been bland before the day he met him. He would watch the world go by in a flurry of nothing but black and white, colorless, timeless, emotionless.

The day John met Alexander was the day he started seeing things as more than just a picture. He registered color, picked up on emotions. He even began to feel emotions. Whenever he was around Alex he felt safe. He glowed with happiness, he saw light in every word, in every corner.

Which is why he didn’t understand why it all had to be taken away so quickly.

“Go, save yourself and the dogs! There’s nothing you can do!” Alex was stuck in his burning bedroom, and there was nothing John could do. The fire heated up the wooden door to degrees impossible to bear, and he knew it wouldn’t last for much longer. “I love you, Alex.”

“I love you too John.”

Without a second thought, John scooped up his two puppies and rushed out the flaming house. The firefighters had just arrived, but a second too late. A cry ripped through the air as the flames danced in the 5 AM light.

John’s vision started blackening. The edges of his field of view slowly withered away leaving nothing behind them. As John was slowly blinded, he put down the dogs and ran straight back in.

John didn’t notice the fire scorching his clothes or attaching onto his hair. He didn’t care. Without Alexander, he had nothing. No meaning. No life.

Alex had given him life.