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Snippety snappety snip

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Slowly, almost seductively, Fuji gets on the bed, kneeling over his tights and then covering his body with his slender and minute figure. Kawamura swallows, watching him move with mesmerized eyes: Fuji has a small frame, but his presence sure feel larger than life, and Takashi takes in a breath feeling overwhelmed and almost shy of being here with this amazing boy.

Fuji probably notices his reaction. His eyes glint in playful satisfaction, when he drops over him and their faces finally come at the same level.

-You should be more careful, Taka-san- he whispers, and Kawamura shivers –If you keep being this cute, I’ll eat you raw-

Kawamura could only swallow. And then smile.

-I’m not scared- he answers, carding his fingers through the bangs of Fuji’s soft, silky hair –I want you to-

Fuji looks almost taken aback, for a few seconds. Just for a few seconds. ‘Cause then his smile turns sweet and then, with no warning, down right diabolical.

-You'll make me lose my head ...- he hisses against his lips and and pressing the palm of his hands around his face; but Taka-san does not have a single afterthought: he meets him halfway, taking in his  fury and all of his dark corners and poring them them with love and gentleness. He doesn’t give up, he doesn’t waver. He wants everything Fuji has to give him, and he will give Fuji everything he wants to take.

When Fuji breaks away from his mouth, he’s red in the face and and his breath is short and wheezy.

-Taka-san ... - he murmurs, and Taka doesn’t know how to hold back. He grabs his hips and in a moment their positions are inverted, and the way that those brown bangs widen around on the pillow makes him his head spin.

-Then lose it with me.

And when he kisses him again, Fuji moans.