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Catching A Glimpse

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This coven was interesting. Three out of seven had ‘powers’. The short, pixie like woman, bursting with energy was currently having a vision. No doubt of someone watching her, that someone being me. I think I angered her cause even when she has visions of me I’m blacked out. Like a shadow. A blonde hair boy, shaking with what seemed like anger, stared at the copper hair boy, who I could only imagine was watching what Alice was seeing as he read her mind. I giggled; chiming of bells filled the air as I did. That definitely got the attention of the ‘family’. Uncle warned me of them of course, making sure I checked in on them every few years. But then again, Uncle Caius made me do simple and pointless tasks all the time.

Stuck forever at the age of 17, my electric ice blue eyes stood contrast on my tannish skin. My waist length mahogany hair with tints of red, stayed perfectly curled, almost all day and night. I looked ordinary. I was ordinary. I mean running at lightning speed, being invincible, having unimaginable powers, being incredibly rich, and a princess, was definitely ordinary. Right? Today I was in a white crop top, a black and red plaid, mid sleeve shirt over top. A pair of high waist, black lululemon leggings completed with a pair of red vans. On my right wrist was a simple, yet expensive, chain bracelet. A single charm containing the Volturi crest hung from it and a matching chain necklace with a smaller crest hung from my neck.

I stayed perched on my tree, calming my breathing so when I acted like I stumbled upon their beautiful house, I could seem human. I jumped gracefully down, taking my time to get to the house making noise that was loud so they knew of my presence. I pretended to gasp, before knocking confidently on the door three times. As I waited I reminded myself that had to be as human as possible around them until father said I could reveal what I was. Until then, I hoped not to become too attached to any of them in fear they would not accept me once I told them. I took a deep breathe, trying to somewhat slow my extremely fast beating heart. I was weighing the option to kick down the door, when it swung open revealing the father figure, Carlisle Cullen.

“Hello. Beautiful house by the way, I was wondering if you could show me back to town. I was walking along the trail when I saw the most beautiful flower just sitting on a rock. I decided to go grab it, but once I grabbed it I just continued walking and now I’m here.” I spoke fast, not too fast for a human but definitely mumbling, and rambling on. I read all their minds now that I was closer to them. I heard all six, mostly mumbling about how Alice and I could be twins with the amount of energy I have. Wait. Six minds are all I could read. Six. But there are seven of them. I frowned slightly, instantly putting both my shields up, before returning to Carlisle.

“Oh. Yes, you must be new.” I nodded as he said this. “Everyone knows to never stray from the paths in that forest.” He gave me a small smile, which I kindly returned. I fiddled with my cuff on my shirt as he continued. “Would you like a drive back into town?”

“That would be wonderful. But I don’t want to cause any problems. If you could just tell me what the easiest way through the forest to the trail that would be all.” I half smiled, not wanting to dazzle him or he would know for sure I wasn’t human. I noticed he was watching my bracelet as I fiddled with my cuff. I was confused then noticed it was because of the crest. I slowly put my hand down.

“Let me get one of my kids to walk with you. They know the way well.” He turned and yelled for Edward to come here. I realized quickly it was because I still had blood in my veins and he was easily the most immune. I smiled kindly as he came into view. “Edward, can you please help this young lady get back to the trail and make it home. It’s getting dark.”
“Sure, dad.” I smiled when he said dad, knowing they usually just called him Carlisle. “This way.” He walked away, into the forest human pace. I quickly turned to Carlisle.

“Thank you.” I ran human pace to Edward, slowing as I got to him. “Thank you.” I smiled walking quietly. “I’m Isabella, by the way. But call me Bella.” He nodded at me. Great the silence treatment. I understood, of course. Human, vampire. But I wasn’t full human. He couldn’t hurt me like he thought. I decided to see inside his mind, but when I tried it was silent. I got a confused face, raising an eyebrow when I realized I couldn’t hear him. Of course, he chose to look at me then.

“What? Is there something on my face?” he was worried, which caused me to laugh softly. His face lifted when I did, confused why they sounded like a vampire laugh probably. “Tell me about yourself Isa...” I shook my head when he went to say my full name. “Bella.” He finished saying my name softly and I smiled slightly.

“Well I’m from Italy. Lived with my father and some of my uncles.” I paused trying to think of how to make it sound more human like. “Moved by myself, dad said he might visits. Start school tomorrow. Simple.”

“Italy, that sounds cool.” He slowed down and I realized we were out of the forest and on the back of my property.

“Thank you for walking me. You don’t have to come up to the house.” I smiled, noticing his attractiveness for the first time.

“You’re welcome. I’ll see you at school.” I nodded and waved goodbye. I walked up to the house and once there I sighed. I turned around and saw he was gone. As I turned to go inside I cursed. Because I just broke my one rule I set for myself.

Don’t get attached.