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Darcy's Office Romance... but without the romance

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THE ASSHOLE! Darcy thinks to herself as he smirks at her across the boardroom table. She’d worked for weeks on that assignment and it was perfect. But he’d cut in and taken her out with a swift kick to the knees claiming she was too inexperienced to lead this project herself. So now she had to partner with that complete and utter jerk for the remainder of this assignment.

With the meeting over Darcy stalks back to her office on a lower floor of the Avenger’s Tower, it’s late so everyone is leaving, saying goodbye to her on the way out, asking if she will come out for drinks, but she has a ton of work to do to make sure she can stay ahead. So she waves them on saying she’ll come next time and heads into her office. Darcy is busy answering emails when her office door swings open, of course it’s him, with his jacket and tie off, with the top few shirt buttons undone, sleeves rolled up, now it’s the end of the day, highlighting his arm and chest definition. Fucking hot bastard! She stews internally as he enters her office, closing the door behind him and sitting without Darcy saying a word, she just raise an eyebrow in question.

“Well, how about we go over the project? You can get me up to speed.” He says without preamble, his smug face showing that he knows how pissed she is.

Fucker! “I don’t have time tonight, check the calendar, maybe I can fit you in next week.” Darcy retorts turning back to her emails. She watches out of the corner of her eye as he just quirks a smile at her dismissal of him before taking her large project folder off her desk and starting to read it, making all sorts of annoying humming sounds as he flicks through the pages. Darcy pretends to ignore him but she’s read the same sentence 7 times now. He stops at one page and stares intently before grabbing a pen and starts to write on the page. “Hey stop that!” Darcy jumps up and grabs the pen off him, she tries to grab the folder too but he doesn’t let go. “What’s your problem?” Darcy demands.

“Well this graph doesn’t match up with the numbers.” There’s that fucking smirk again. Why does it make him hotter?

“Impossible.” Darcy responds incredulously, leaning over as he puts the folder on the desk and she moves next to him to look at the page, her hair falling over her shoulders and grazing his hand on the desk. She’s focused on trying to find the mistake in the graph when she feels it, a light touch on the back of her leg, just above her knee, under her skirt. Darcy freezes, as she feels her body respond. She remembers too late that she didn’t wear panties today, because the line in this type of skirt is just too obvious, his fingers trail up her thigh and start to play with the curve of her ass.

As her body unconsciously moves into his touch, all of a sudden Darcy is slammed forward into the desk with a hand on her back holding her down and him towering over her, pushing her skirt up. “I fucking knew it!” She hears him exclaim from behind her, “I fucking knew you didn’t wear panties with these skirts!” Then before Darcy can tell him off for his rough treatment, his hand lands hard on her ass making her squeal, he does it again and again and again.

“Get off!” Darcy yells as she tries to twist out from under him, pissed at his effortless manhandling of her.

He chuckles as he slides a finger between her legs and up the line to her ass, leaving a trail of wetness, causing her to stop struggling and begin to tremble beneath his touch. “Are you trying to tell me you don’t enjoy this sweetheart?” His finger traces the line again. “I knew the moment I saw you that someone that looked as innocent as you but didn’t wear panties to work would like a firm hand.”

Before Darcy can retort his hand moves back down the curve of her, now pink and tingling, ass and she feels his fingers slide into her pussy and out again before rubbing gentle circles around her clit. All she can do is try to stifle her moans as his clever fingers work her up, changing between caressing her clit and then sliding into her pussy and tickling her gspot. He starts to move faster and rougher and Darcy forgets to be quiet, she forgets to worry about others left in the tower as she screams his name as she cums.

All Darcy can hear is her raspy panting as he moves to perch on the desk next to her. She turns to face him and he smirks at her as he slides his fingers into his mouth, sucking them clean and making an obscene popping sound when he pulls them out.

Just because the guy gave me an amazing orgasm doesn’t mean I like him any better than last week. OK maybe a little but I’m not ready to let him off the hook for all his bullshit just yet.

“Well thank you, that was a nice distraction.” Darcy says as she calmly disentangles herself from the desk and smooths her skirt down. His smirk falters for a bit as she doesn’t immediately reach for his cock, bulging obviously under his belt buckle. Darcy reaches around him snagging her purse off the desk. “See you tomorrow.” She gives him a little wave as she leaves her office, hips swaying as she walks out the hall to the elevators.

“YOU’VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!” Darcy hears him yell as the elevator dings... It's her turn to smirk.