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I Really Didn't Need to See That, EVER

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The Beginning:
Stiles, Peter, Chris, and Lydia were all researching what the hell came into Beacon Hills this time. All they knew from Scott was that when he was patrolling one night, he saw some creature that looked like a dragon with a goat's head shape and horns, and around seven feet tall.

Stiles originally said it sounded like the mythical creature of Southern New Jersey; the Jersey Devil. But since this wasn't New Jersey, nobody would agree without further research and elimination of all other plausible creatures.

The creature had been eating bunnies, stealing small animals (pets like small dogs and cats), and most recently tried to steal a baby, fortunately the mother of the baby was a local witch that was passing through and knew how to defend herself.

In about five hours, it was found that yes, Stiles was correct in his assumptions and that the so called 'Jersey Devil' is actually a demon-pet hybrid from hell that had been spotted in New Jersey because a portal to hell that Demons regularly use to visit earth is. Apparently these nasty creatures actually are pets kept by demons themselves.

So Stiles looked up a summoning spell and gave it to Lydia to use because it only works for those with dark magic or those connected with death. Lydia will have to summon a demon to collect the damn demonic pet with all the wolves nearby to protect her from any potential harm.

Peter also left so just Stiles and Chris were left to gather and re-organize all the resources they had taken out. Allison wouldn't be back till tomorrow because she's out with the wolves as back up hidden in one of the trees to shoot if needed. Chris will be watching over Stiles because apparently, sparks (well only virginal sparks) are very well liked in the underworld, as in they are likely to be kidnapped and used for their magic in hell against the good.

After cleaning up, they ordered Chinese food, and Stiles pigged out to his heart's intent. He had to stay the entire night, his dad actually insisting since he had to leave for the week with Jordan for a law enforcement convention a few towns over.

It gets to be 10 pm and since there's no news from the pack it's guaranteed that he will have to stay the night. Since he knows that Scott, as revenge for pranking him earlier this week had fucked Allison in her bed, knowing that Stiles would have to sleep over, Stiles says he'll take the couch. Chris refuses, because he wouldn't be near enough to protect the boy with him being upstairs and Stiles staying in the living room downstairs.

So they compromise by Stiles sleeping with Chris because when Chris went into his daughter's bedroom and smelt the sex in the air he agreed. He's pissed as hell especially because he sees a fucking semen stain in the middle of the bed.

Stiles goes to the connected bathroom and showers off the days grime, pulling on his favorite batman pajama bottoms (which may be female's but he saw them at the store and really wanted them so they just hug his ass and don't have a spot for his dick to go through). He leaves the bathroom, shutting off the light and subconsciously licks his lips at the sight of Chris bent over removing his clothes.

Chris, sensing he was being watched looked behind him and saw Stiles glazed eyes, he raises an eyebrow and pulls on his boxers, climbing into the bed. Stiles joins him on his own side and hopes that Chris didn't and won't notice the half a chub he's sporting right now (which is quite easy to not see as he's only about 4 inches hard).

They both fall asleep within minutes, except Stiles wakes up to grab water but feels something holding him down and something hard rubbing on his ass. He looks down and sees that Chris is spooning him from behind, and rutting into his ass. Biting his lip, he reaches back and pulls down his own pajama bottoms (totally freeballing).

He looks and sees that Chris is still very much asleep, so he slowly and as quietly as he can, reaches into the slit of Chris' boxer shorts and pulls his thick cock out. He positions it right up against his hole and lets Chris do the work in his sleep. Muffling moans into his pillow he ruts back against the hard pressure.

He can feel how leaking and wet Chris' tip is and it's wetting his tight virgin hole so much that he feels he could take something in. He slowly reaches back and pushes just the tip of Chris' cock into his hole. Gasping he bucks back and accidentally impales a few more inches into himself, it burns like hell but he's always been a bit into pain, only ever using enough lube to prevent tearing when fingering himself but never enough to smoothly go in without burning quite a bit.

Panting, he swivels his hips back repeatly, feeling the hot flesh throb in his tiny hole. Then he hears it, rustling "What the fuck!"

"I-I you were rutting agaisnt me I'm so sorry, please don't tell my dad!"

"Fuck little boy, just couldn't help getting a fat cock into your little hole huh? Tight little virgin cunt taking it without prep." Stiles moans as Chris shallowly thrusts. He whines when he feels the man pull out.

Chris gets up and turns on the lights, and climbs back on the bed, stripping the pajama pants off Stiles. He pushes Stiles legs up and against his chest, leveling his face with Stile's slightly loose hole. He gives it a few licks, holding down the boy to stop him from bucking against his face. He eats him out with vigor, like a starving man, pushing fingers in one by one aside his tongue until he gets three fingers in without his tongue inside. He pulls out his fingers, hearing a whine come out of the fucked out boy.

Stiles sees the thick fat cock in front of him that's slowly prodding at his hole. Chris slams in and fucks Stiles as hard as he can throwing Stiles' legs over his shoulders to get as deep as he can. Stiles can hear the headboard banging against the wall violently and matches Chris thrust for thrust. It burns and it's sore but it just feels so fucking good.

"Look at that little baby cock bouncing with all my thrusts, you were made to take cock, never give weren't you baby boy?"

"Yes! Yes!" he pants out reaching down and pulling at his nipples, Chris slaps his hands away and sucks at one little bud while rubbing and pulling the other, alternating to give each the same treatment. Stiles freezes and with a scream cums harder than he ever has. He tightens around Chris while climaxing, milking his cock before the older man can pull out. With one more pulse, Chris is dumping his load inside the tight no longer virginal heat.

Chris pulls out and looks at the red and puffy hole stretched wide and gaping from his thick cock, leaking his seed. He's not small and even his wife refused sex until they agreed to conceive Allison, he's gone for years without sex because his late wife just refused to take the cock, even after giving birth and therefore making her cunt looser. He thinks back, while rubbing at and pushing his cum back in and realizes he hasn't had sex since Allison was conceived as fucked as that is.

He thinks about fucking Stiles so many times that he'll take his seed, growing large with pregnancy. He growls as he gets hard again and pushes in his semi. Stiles gasps from over-stimulation but lets the older man fuck into him again, pushing and keeping in the cum he already had pumped into him. He wraps his legs around the older man, and pulls him into a passionate kiss. Chris pulls Stiles' ass up so that he's fucking the boy slightly upside down, hoping his seed will take better that way.

He creams inside the small boy again, pulling out and watching mesmerized how the cum leaks out in abundance. Stiles pants and has trouble keeping his eyes open, he feels a wet cloth being rubbed against his hole and fingers cleaning the cum out of him while falling asleep.