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Ten Years

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“I can’t believe you’re finally going to enter the 21st century and buy a cell phone!” Charlie squeals, holding tight to her best friend’s arm.

Dean laughs at her excitement. “You know I woulda had one by now if my dad wasn’t a freakin’ dick,” he reminds her.

“And now look at you! Officially moving in with me tomorrow and buying your own cell phone! My little Deanna is finally cutting the cord,” Charlie says, wiping away a fake tear.

“Okay, Charlene,” Dean replies. Two can play at that game.

She pinches his arm in retaliation and he lets out a little squawk. “Can you behave yourself for five minutes so I can do this?” he asks, stopping outside the entrance to the Verizon store.

Charlie nods and schools her face into a serious expression. “Let’s do this.”

They walk into the store and they see two men working behind the counter. One is already busy with a customer, so Dean walks over to the other guy. The closer he gets, the more he realizes this guy is weirdly attractive in a nerdy kind of way. His shirt looks like it’s about two sizes too big, and his hair is absolutely everywhere, but in such a way that Dean can’t tell if it’s on purpose or not. And his eyes. Holy shit. Those are some kind of freaky blue eyes. Contacts, maybe?

“Welcome to Verizon, how can I help you today?” the guy says.

Wow. This guy’s voice is like sex on legs. Dean flashes his most charming smile and says, “I wanna buy a cell phone.”

The guy smiles back politely. “You came to the right place. Any idea what kind of phone?”

“He wants an iPhone 7,” Charlie pipes up from beside him.

“He does,” Dean says, in reply to the guy’s questioning gaze.

“I can definitely help you out with that. What color are you looking for?”

“Ooooh get the pink one! Your dad would flip,” Charlie grins.

“Yeah, but I’d probably get my ass kicked any time I pulled it out, too. How about black?” Dean asks.

The guy nods. “I’ll grab one and be right back to get you all set up.”

He turns to walk into the room behind him, and Dean turns to look at Charlie. With one look, including rolling his eyes up into his head and miming breathing hard, he’s able to convey just how hot he thinks this guy is.

“I know!” Charlie whispers. “He’s so dreamy! You should ask him out now that you’re not at home anymore.”

“I’ll see if I can get him to flirt with me first. He’s probably straight,” Dean grumbles. The hot guys always are.

“Nope,” the other worker interjects.

Dean turns towards him and sees the guy bouncing his eyebrows at him knowingly. “Really?” Dean checks.

“And you are so totally his type,” he encourages him.

Dean can’t help but smile wide at that. “Thanks man.”

The hot guy comes back out with a box in his hand and smiles at Dean. “Okay, here you go. In just a couple of minutes you’ll be good to go. What’s your current cell phone number?”

“I don’t have one,” Dean answers.

The man looks surprised and says, “That almost never happens with anybody over the age of ten.”

“I’ve been telling my dad the same thing for the last five years,” Dean complains.

“But now he’s moving in with me and he can do whatever he wants!” Charlie says excitedly.

“Congratulations,” the guy says. “I’m sure you two will be very happy together.”

Dean and Charlie exchange a look and burst out laughing. “He’s almost pretty enough to turn me, but I’m a hard six on the Kinsey scale,”  Charlie explains.

The guy’s eyes go a little wide and then he smiles as he understands. “Me, too,” he admits. He shoots a smile at Dean and says, “How about you?”

Dean rakes his eyes up and down the guy’s body and says, “A solid three. I like ‘em all.”

The man holds out his hand for Dean to shake and says, “I’m Castiel.”

“Dean,” he answers easily.

“I’m Charlie!” Charlie interjects, batting her eyelashes at Castiel and making Dean laugh.

Castiel looks amused, too. “Nice to meet you both. Let’s get this all set up for you, Dean,” Castiel says.

Dean hands over his driver’s license when prompted and when Dean goes to put his wallet back into his pocket, he can feel Charlie knock it out of his hand and to the floor. He shoots her an annoyed look (I thought you said you could behave?) but turns around and bends over to pick it up and put it back in his pocket. He wonders if the point of that was to get Castiel to look at his ass. That might work in his favour, he decides, smirking to himself.

After ten minutes of failed attempts of flirting though, Dean’s got his first cell phone complete with case slid into his pocket and a bag with the box and charger inside in his hand, but nothing more than a polite smile from Castiel. Dean’s just coming to accept he’s shit outta luck when Castiel writes a number down on the back of a business card and slides it across the counter.

“If you have any trouble with the phone, or need anything else, just shoot me a text,” Castiel says, smiling.

“Count on it,” Dean promises, and he shoots him a flirty little wink before he turns to walk away.

Charlie barely makes it outside the store before she starts jumping up and down in excitement. “I so ship this!” she exclaims.

“Gee, Charles, I’m shocked. I had no idea,” Dean says sarcastically.

“You’re gonna text him, right?”

“Yeah, as soon as I figure out how the fuck to do it,” Dean reminds her.




It’s two days before Dean has the hang of texting enough to feel comfortable texting Castiel. He also doesn’t want to come on too strong. But Charlie’s been bugging him since they left Verizon so Dean decides to go for it Saturday afternoon.


DEAN: Hey Castiel. This is Dean. I bought a black iPhone from you yesterday. I don’t know if you remember me or not?


He didn’t necessarily expect an instant response, but Dean sees the little checkmark on the phone and how the check changes into a tiny read. Then the little dots appear and he knows Castiel is responding.


CASTIEL: Believe me, I remember you. How’s the phone working out for you?

DEAN: Good, I think. Best phone I’ve ever had haha

CASTIEL: Glad to hear it :) How did the big move go?

DEAN: Really good. Feels good to be able to do whatever I want for once. Me and Charlie and a few friends are going out tonight to celebrate, actually.

CASTIEL: I also have plans to go out with my coworkers tonight. Where are you going?

DEAN: Haven’t decided yet. Definitely wherever you’re going now though ;)

CASTIEL: I’m flattered, really, but unfortunately I think I’m a little old for you.

DEAN: Please, you can’t be that old.

CASTIEL: How old do you think I am?

DEAN: I dunno. 25, 26?

CASTIEL: Okay, now I’m really flattered. I’m 31.


Dean makes a face of disbelief. There’s no fucking way this guy is 31. Maybe he’s not into him?


DEAN: I call bullshit. You can just tell me to back off if you’re not interested, you know.

CASTIEL: I assure you, I’m 31. I had to enter your birthdate when I was setting up your phone account so I saw our ten year age difference. That’s the only reason I didn’t ask you out then and there.

DEAN: But you still gave me your number?

CASTIEL: An old man can dream :)

DEAN: Dude, you don’t look like an old man. I don’t care. You’re hot.

CASTIEL: It really doesn’t bother you?

DEAN: Not even a little bit.

CASTIEL: Well, in that case, I’m going to the Fraser tonight :P

DEAN: Hahaha I will see if I can make an appearance. No offence or anything, but that actually IS where the old people go lol Not sure if I can get Charlie on board with that.

CASTIEL: Where are you going?

DEAN: Probably the Zoo, but it’s just across the street, so I can probably pop over if you want?

CASTIEL: Text me when you’re out and I’ll find you to buy you a drink

DEAN: Sounds good, man. I’ll see you later :)



Dean’s drunk.

It’s midnight, and he and his buddies have been drinking since nine o’clock. He’s not stupid drunk, but he’s drunk enough that he feels like everything is moving a little slower than usual and his lips are tingling. It's fuckin’ awesome.

He’s taking a leak when he feels his phone buzz in his pocket. He zips up and then checks it out.


CASTIEL: Did you get a better offer?

DEAN: No but I'm drukn. You still wanna come to biy me another drink?

CASTIEL: I'm out back having a smoke. Come find me :)


Smoking’s kinda gross, but whatever. He wants to see Castiel again and the beer is making him kinda horny so he walks out the back door. There’s a tall privacy fence out here and Dean realizes it’s probably so that nobody can get in through the back. He walks around until he sees Castiel standing by himself, leaning against the fence. Castiel puts out his cigarette and pops a piece of gum into his mouth.

“Hey, Cas,” Dean says as he approaches him. Castiel is wearing a pair of jeans that hug his thighs and a bright blue polo shirt. He looks even hotter than he did in his work shirt, and Dean could literally drool over the thick muscles in his arms. “You look hot.”

Castiel smiles, which makes Dean’s heartbeat pick up, but then Castiel narrows his eyes at him. “Just how drunk are you?”

Dean smirks. “Drunk enough to tell you how hot you look. Not drunk enough that you need to worry about it.”

Castiel reaches out and puts his hands on Dean’s hips, drawing him in a little closer. “Drunk enough to appreciate an old guy telling you that I haven't been able to stop thinking about these lips of yours since you walked into my store?” Castiel asks, his deep voice hitting Dean right below the belt. His hand darts out to cup Dean’s chin and he runs his thumb across Dean’s bottom lip.

“Don't need to be drunk for that, Cas,” Dean says when he finds his voice again. Castiel drops his hand back to Dean’s hip.

“Are you having a good time?” Castiel asks. Dean can feel his fingers rubbing his hips and takes another step closer into his space.

“I am now,” Dean tells him honestly. Castiel’s fingers are tracing the waistband of his jeans now, and Dean’s trying not to whimper. Cas is fucking hot and he’s teasing him when he’s drunk and horny and it's really not fair. Dean gets a whiff of what must be Castiel’s cologne and he leans in even closer to take in the scent. “You smell incredible.”

“You look incredible.”

Dean smiles, then laughs a little when he notices his lips are still tingling. “My lips feel funny,” he says, running his tongue across his bottom lip and then his top lip.

Castiel’s laughing at him, but Dean doesn't care because he looks even better when he's smiling. His eyes crinkle at the corner and his gums show a little bit, and he's fucking adorable.

“How are you this hot?” Dean asks again.

Castiel shakes his head in disbelief. “You’re making it difficult for me to act like a responsible adult,” Castiel confesses.

Dean grins. “Good. I don't want you to anyway.”

The next thing Dean knows, Castiel is walking him backwards towards the corner of the fence, and then his back is pressed up against it, with Castiel's hands on either side of his head boxing him in.

“Can I kiss you?” Castiel asks, his voice already husky.

Instead of answering, Dean leans forward to press his lips to Castiel’s. It starts off with just their lips sliding together, but Cas’s body is just so close to him, and he smells so good, Dean can't help but part his lips to invite Cas in for more. Castiel doesn't hesitate. Dean meets his tongue as it slips into his mouth, and he feels desire shoot through him like lightning. Castiel takes another step closer and erases any remaining space between their bodies, and Dean groans into Castiel’s mouth when he wedges one of his muscular thighs between his legs, giving Dean’s thickening cock something to press against as Castiel continues to kiss him stupid.

Castiel pulls his lips away but Dean chases them. He's not even close to being done with kissing this guy. Castiel kisses the corner of his mouth, and then along the side of his face to his jaw, nibbling a little bit and making Dean gasp.

“Tell me, Dean, are you wearing lace panties again tonight?” Castiel whispers into his ear.

Dean freezes. “How did you…?”

“I saw them when you bent over to pick up your wallet at the store. I haven't been able to think of anything else in days,” Castiel explains, taking his earlobe between his teeth. “I bet you look gorgeous in them.”

“You… like that?” Dean asks, surprised. He’s only ever been with one chick who thought it was hot when Dean wore panties.

Castiel moans and presses his erection into Dean’s hip. “You have no idea.”

Dean doesn't think about it when he takes Castiel’s hands and moves them around to the back of his jeans. The only thing better than the intense feeling of soft fabric against his skin is somebody else touching him through it. Castiel’s fingers graze his waistband again, and Dean shoves them down the back of his pants. Then Castiel has a handful of Dean’s ass through his satin panties and Dean gasps at both the sensation of the smooth fabric against his ass and the way Castiel is squeezing him. His hips thrust forward all on their own, and Dean curses as his head falls back, “Fuck.”

Castiel is sucking on Dean’s neck, hard, humming against his skin. “You are so beautiful, Dean. You don't know what you’re doing to me.”

“I want you, Cas. Take me home with you.”

Castiel moves against Dean so that their erections press together through their jeans, and when Dean’s mouth drops open Castiel crushes their lips together and rocks Dean into him with his hands on his ass. They lose themselves in each other, bumping and grinding against one another, hands tracing and then groping over clothes. All Dean wants is more and he isn't afraid to ask for it.

“Please,” Dean whines into his lips. “I want you.”

It's with a frustrated growl that Castiel wrenches away from Dean and puts entirely too much space between them. Dean’s head is spinning. His cock is throbbing, straining and leaking against his satin panties.

“You’re too young for me and you're too drunk,” Castiel finally says, his voice rough.

“I’m not that drunk!” Dean argues. “And I want you to fuck me, not marry me. I don't care how old you are.”

When I fuck you still wearing your panties, Dean, the only thing you're going to be drunk on is me,” Castiel tells him. Dean thrusts into nothing, absolutely desperate already and Castiel hasn't even really touched him. Castiel takes a step towards him again and pulls him in with a strong hand on the back of his neck, and kisses him hard but fast before he backs away again. “I’ll call you.”

Dean just looks down at the obvious erection in his pants and laughs bitterly. “Seriously? You're gonna leave me like this?”

“I'll send you something to help you work your way through it,” he promises. “Don't open any pictures until you're home. Have a good night, Dean.”

Dean stands there in the corner for a few minutes, drunk, turned on, and desperate. He decides he’s ready to go home and goes to find Charlie. She tells him to go without her and adds a wink, so Dean takes off and heads home to his apartment. It takes several tries to get the key in the front door, and he realizes for the first time that he might be a little bit more drunk than he thought he was.

Cas might’ve been right.

Thinking about Cas again makes him notice that his erection still hasn't completely flagged, which isn’t really surprising with the sweet drag of satin between his legs. He walks straight into his bedroom, shucks off his shirt, and drops his pants. He fishes his phone out of his jean pocket and lays back on his bed.

Nothing from Cas.

DEAN: I'm waiting

The first photo that comes through is a picture of Cas’s obviously hard dick through the fabric of his jeans. Dean palms himself through his panties, gasping at how good the fabric feels against his cock.

The second photo that comes in is the same thing, minus the jeans. Just the outline of Castiel’s cock in burgundy boxer-briefs.

CASTIEL: Your turn.

Dean snaps a quick picture of himself, focusing on his erection tenting his black satin panties.

CASTIEL: Jesus Christ. I wish I could taste you.

Dean groans at the words on his screen and thrusts his hand inside his panties to take his hard cock into his hand. This is even better than porn.

The next picture that comes through is the dark pink tip of Castiel’s cock being squeezed around his fist. Dean can see the what looks like lube glistening on the tip, and he can see how firmly Castiel is holding himself. He can easily imagine the head sliding through the right ring of Castiel’s fingers, and the wet little sounds he would make fucking into his hand.

Everything Dean imagines Castiel doing, he does to himself. He holds himself tight in his hand, and groans as he starts thrusting into his fist, never tearing his eyes off of the last picture Castiel sent him.

CASTIEL: Show me more

Dean’s already close and doesn't notice his finger has slipped to hit record instead of photo, so he ends up with a short clip of himself fucking his hand. He hasn't pulled down his panties, loving the way they feel against his balls and the way they catch on his cockhead every few strokes, and when he plays the video back he's turned on further by the sight of the head of his cock peeping out of the panties. He sends it without thinking about it.

When he gets a video in response, he eagerly clicks play. Hearing Castiel gasp and grunt as his hand fucks his cock is almost enough to make Dean come immediately. When Castiel’s voice catches, and the first spurt of cum explodes from the tip of Castiel’s cock and Dean hears Castiel call his name, Dean comes with him with a whine caught in his throat, coming all over his hand, into his panties, and onto his lower stomach.

He snaps another picture of his now ruined panties and the cum all over him, and sends it to Cas to let him know the effect he had on him.

CASTIEL: Wish I could lap up every drop.

Dean groans desperately, still stroking himself through the aftershock of a truly spectacular orgasm.

DEAN: When can you?

CASTIEL: Next weekend? I still owe you a drink.

DEAN: Fuck yes

CASTIEL: Goodnight, Dean

Dean barely manages to clean himself up with his shirt before he falls asleep.