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“Hyung is so sexy…”
Jungkook’s mouth fell open after seeing for the first time their “Blood, Sweat & Tears” video; Jimin looked so seductive with the light jacket falling off his shoulder and his eyes piercing the camera.

No one payed much attention to that comment, they all thought the same but perhaps each in a different way.

Jungkook was mesmerised but kept trying to behave normally, his eyes often falling on Jimin’s body; his neck awfully close to his fingertips and his soft-looking silver hair begging to have a hand run through it.

“-ie? Jungkook?” a worried voice made him snap back to reality, Tae was waving his hand in front of the younger’s eyes hoping to wake him up from his trance.
“Are you okay?” he asked when Jungkook finally looked at him.

“Ah… yes, hyung. Why?” he muttered with a nervous smile, “Oh I don’t know, you were going to drill a hole in Jiminie’s head with that stare. What’s wrong?”.

They had stopped recording some minutes earlier; Namjoon and Jin had quickly left, dragging Suga with them too. Jimin and Hoseok were reading comments on Twitter, laughing at some pictures that were posted.

“Nothing… I am tired,” Jungkook shot an unintentional glare at Hoseok, who had his arm around Jimin’s shoulder. “And is that hyung’s fault for some reason…?” Tae nudged in Hoseok’s direction.
Jungkook shook his head and got up (ignoring Tae’s concerned look), seeing how the others were going to leave too.

They changed subject on the way to the dorm and Jungkook returned to his calmer self but with a huge burden in his heart.

He finally convinced himself that all he felt for Jimin was respect, that he wanted to follow his example closely and that was why his heart skipped a beat whenever he looked at him.
“Yes, I respect hyung. I want to capture people like he does… That’s all it is,” he thought to himself.

When they returned to the dorm, Jimin couldn’t shake off the feeling of Jungkook’s gaze on him. He was certain that the younger one had stared at him the entire time.

They all had dinner together, Jimin observed Jungkook, worried that he was feeling ill and that he was trying to hide it somehow. Jungkook was talking less than usual, not joining Suga in the usual cringe-stare towards Jin and his jokes.

The rest of the group talked actively, Tae would sometimes look at the two wondering if something had happened between them but he decided to let the boys deal with it themselves.
Jungkook quickly left the kitchen to go to his room followed by Jimin's eyes.


Jungkook closed the door to his room and a heavy sigh left his body. He felt tired, as if he had been holding his breath this entire time. “What’s wrong with me?” he wondered endlessly, forcing himself not to think about what (or rather, who) was disturbing his mind.

He fell on his bed, putting some music from his phone. The shuffle was on and after a couple of songs, Jimin’s “Lie” came on and he suddenly stiffened.

As he listened to Jimin’s velvety voice, he imagined him dancing flawlessly, his perfect body matching the beat and his eyes stuck on Jungkook, as if to seduce him.
He fell asleep and his mind continued the dance for him.

In his dream, Jimin pushed Jungkook to sit on his bed while he moved closer and closer. He sat on his lap and gently swayed his head back showing his sweet neck as the music played in the background.

Jungkook couldn’t think anymore, the teasing had gone on long enough.
He pulled Jimin onto his chest so he could get a taste of that sinful neck, his teeth nibbled aggressively and he sucked on the tenderness wanting to leave a piece of himself on the beautiful canvas that was Jimin.

The dream sped up as obscene moans were resonating forward in time.
Now every time the song’s chorus came on, where Jimin sang his heart out, Jungkook was pushing inside him making him scream in pleasure as his nails pushed into the youngest’s shoulders.

Jungkook suddenly woke up, sweaty and with a dangerous heartbeat in his chest.
He wanted to die from shame.
Wetness dripped from his member, his underwear and jeans were sticky with liquid and he knew that he had no excuses for that.

“I don’t think this is… how respect feels like,” he thought to himself while washing his clothes, his cheeks red from confusion, “this makes no sense at all.”

Knock knock.

“Jungkookie? Can I come in?” Jimin was at the door, finally rid of Hoseok and Tae who wouldn’t let him leave without hanging out with them first.

He heard Jungkook rushing about in the room. “That boy is really weird today,” he thought while crossing his arms and waiting for a response.

“Uh, yes, hyung. Just a moment!” Jungkook was hiding the evidence of what had happened and finally went to open the door for Jimin.

“What took you so long?” Jimin smiled at him and lightly slapped his shoulder. Jungkook smiled back and he sat on his bed. “Kookie, you’ve been strange today and I’m worried. Are you feeling sick? You know you can tell me anything.”

Jimin sat beside him, being closer than ever. It wasn’t unusual for him to do that, especially when he was worried about someone. Jungkook used to be bothered by how touchy-feely he was but his opinion changed a lot with time.

Jungkook paused, looking at the other’s features. “I should accept that I feel this way,” he thought to himself, “and take the situation… in my hands.”

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“I… do feel a bit sick, hyung,” he lied through his teeth with his puppy-eyes looking at Jimin, “I don’t want to worry the others but… could you sleep with me tonight? I think I’d feel better,” he spoke softly looking at his hyung’s preoccupied face.

Jimin ruffled the other’s hair smiling, “Of course, let me get my things.” He walked outside the room feeling Jungkook’s eyes following him and observing his every move, “That kid must be really sick today, he’s being too cute…” he thought scratching his head.

Tae was waiting arms-crossed in front of the door, “What’s wrong with Jungkook?” he muttered when his friend approached, “Hm, well he’s being very cute and I don’t know why but I’ll be sleeping in his room tonight, I think he needs some company.”

Taehyung visibly pouted at that but didn’t manage to complain, Jimin was patting his head and reassuring him because he knew Tae liked his company the most, “it’s just for today, don’t worry.”
The other nodded and watched as Jimin took his phone charger and some other things.

When he returned to Jungkook’s room, he was already tucked in bed checking some music on his phone.

“Hyung, finally!” he smiled widely causing Jimin’s heart to flutter, “Ah Kookie, what’s up with you today? You are being so cute,” Jimin pushed Jungkook a bit and sat beside him, “hyung will jump on you and kiss you if you keep that up,” he said, jokingly threatening him.

“Ah… I was actually hoping that you would do that,” suddenly Jungkook’s sweet smile showed a spark of devilishness that caught Jimin by surprise. “What?” he blurted out as a shy smile and rosy cheeks painted his features, “You must be very sick or… wait, did you have alcohol in secret?”.

Jimin watched as Jungkook’s eyes seemed to darken, almost devouring him. He let off a nervous laugh to brush off the situation, ignoring the youngest’s behaviour thinking he was messing with him as usual.

He turned his back to get up and look for a distraction but his hand was held still with strength, “Hyung…”, soft lips brushed his fingers and pressed harder when the other looked back startled by the move.

“Jungkookie? W-what are you doing?” Jimin’s expression made Jungkook hesitate for a moment, until he placed another gentle kiss on the other hand, “I am doing what you wanted to do to me.”

He held Jimin’s wrists in front of himself, with the palms open so he could continue kissing them slowly while looking directly at the older’s flustered face. “Jiminie… you are really beautiful,” he whispered on his now damp palms that received so much love.

Jimin’s heart was about to burst in his chest. He had always loved Jungkook, from the very beginning. His devotion to all the members, his family, had been so strong that he had sworn to himself he’d never let anything get in the way of their happy life together.

A painful expression twisted Jimin’s embarrassed face as he pushed Jungkook away from him.
“You don’t know what you’re saying, stupid kid,” he glared at him as he walked to the door, “think about what you did, I’m not your toy.”

He slammed the door close and returned to his room where Hoseok was sitting with Tae, surprised at Jimin’s angry entrance. They didn’t bother him as he seemed too upset to talk.
The dorm was silent.


A silent cry wept under the blankets, Jimin’s mind and heart were each beating a different rhythm.

“Stupid kid, what a stupid kid,” he kept thinking, deeply wounded by what had happened. Whether Jungkook was serious or not, the damage didn’t change. He didn’t believe the other had real feelings for him, he was probably curious or was playing around and that hurt more than anything.

Jimin had choked his feelings for a long time to fight for his happy family, his BTS, and that “stupid kid” just decided to make a joke out of it. He was aware that deep down Jungkook was still a child and that he didn’t know anything, he didn’t mean to open such a deep wound but he couldn’t think straight.


Tae and Hoseok had both checked on him a few times, caressed his hair through the blanket and after a few moments left the room because they knew he needed it.

“I think I’ll go have a talk with Jungkook,” Tae’s voice was deeper than usual and his eyes followed the door of the youngest’s room. Hoseok nodded sharply, knowing that Tae was the better choice since they were closer.


Jungkook was sitting on the floor of his room, his back on the wall and his hands on his face.
“What… just happened? What did I do to hyung? Why was he so hurt? I’m sorry, hyung… I’m so sorry, hyung,” his thoughts of regret haunting him. “I rushed everything.”

The door to his room opened, Tae didn’t even knock. He slowly walked in front of him and suddenly grabbed him by his shirt, “What did you do?” he spat.
Jungkook wasn’t even surprised, “I… did something to hyung,” he didn’t try to avoid his friend’s gaze, thinking there was no point in that.

“I kissed his hands,” his watery eyes moved to the floor as Tae let him go, “I… don’t know why I did that, I think I feel something for hyung… It’s so strange,” he was stuttering and felt Tae’s gaze soften on him.

“Oh, Jungkookie…” Tae sat on the bed sighing and rubbing his chin, “Okay, I understand.”
Jungkook’s eyes widened, “ do?” he felt his heart tighten, “Yeah, I do,” the other responded letting out another sigh.

“Listen… I, ah,” Tae was thinking about the right words to say, “Jiminie is kind, just talk to him tomorrow and don’t make it worse, okay?”, he walked closer to the youngest and patted his shoulder, “don’t ever make Jiminie this upset again, am I clear?”.

Jungkook stood silently and nodded, unsure about what to say the day after and what Tae meant with his words. He didn’t dare ask, he had enough to think about.
Would Jimin forgive him? Did he hate it so much?

Many questions groaned for answers and he wasn’t sure he was ready for them.

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The next morning, Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok were all whispering in the kitchen, talking about what had happened the night before, while Suga just listened quietly, too dazed to intervene.

They didn’t know anything since Tae refused to share information.
“I won’t tell you, it’s their... personal thing so don’t ask,” he seemed uncomfortable about being questioned so no one pushed him further.


Jungkook had been standing in front of Jimin’s room for what seemed like an eternity, hoping that he’d come out on his own for breakfast but there were no sounds coming from his room.

After walking back and forth for a few minutes, he finally knocked on the door.
“Hyung? Can… I come in?” he held his breath, thinking that the other would ignore him but a muffled “Come in” crawled through the door.

As soon as he walked in, he saw Jimin almost completely nestled under his blankets with only a few strands of hair slipping out.

“About yesterday… I want to explain,” Jungkook started, while sitting on the floor next to the older’s bed, “Shut up, Jeon Jungkook,” Jimin mumbled, “I’ll say it now and keep it in mind: I’m not your plaything so never do what you did yesterday again, am I clear?”.

Jungkook felt his heart tighten and even though he promised himself that he wouldn’t upset Jimin any further, he couldn’t control his words, “I wasn’t playing!” his voice slightly trembling, from irritation rather than fear, “Why do you even think that?” he stood up even if he knew that Jimin couldn’t see him.

“I think…” he put his hand on the blanket, caressing it instead of Jimin’s head, “I just feel something, I know it sounds insane but I just did what I felt like doing because I think you’re… beautiful” that last word was spoken so softly that Jimin thought his heart would jump out of his chest.

“I’m not a girl for you to say that to me,” Jimin struggled to sound confident, feeling that Jungkook sat on his bed beside him, his hand looking for the other’s silver hair to stroke.

“I know, Hyung,” his voice became deeper as his hand removed the blanket and showed the other with his back turned towards him.

Jimin trembled as cold fingers traced his neck. The reaction made the youngest smirk, pleased that he wasn’t being rejected and took it as a sign to continue but all of a sudden, soft plump lips pressed on his as thin hands held him still.

Jimin kissed him without allowing him to breathe even for a moment, his tongue entering without permission and leaving Jungkook gasping for air.

He interrupted the kiss, as suddenly as he had started it savoring the image of Jungkook’s dazed and panting expression, “You’re a kid, Jungkookie,” he whispered on his lips without touching them, “You wouldn’t know the first thing about being with a man.”

He got up from his bed, leaving a shocked Jungkook still sitting down, “I got my revenge so we’re even now,” he said smiling from ear to ear petting the other’s hair, “Let’s go have breakfast now.”

He simply didn’t have it in him to be angry at Jungkook for too long and his revenge was sweeter than anything he could’ve gotten, “This is fine,” he thought to himself, “Kookie is still growing up, he’s just curious and now he tasted his own medicine.”


They walked downstairs together and were immediately drowned with questions from Hoseok and Jin who had been impatiently waiting for news.

“It’s all fine, don’t worry!” Jimin smiled, “Our Jungkookie joked about my favourite comic for too long and I was just teaching him a lesson, I’m a good actor after all,” he didn’t want to say the truth because he knew it would’ve made things awkward in the group.

Taehyung was standing further with a serious face, while the others were happily talking with Jimin and sometimes pinching Jungkook for making them worry.

“Tae, are you okay?” Jimin put a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Oh… yes, I am,” he smiled awkwardly, “I was just worried.” Jimin felt that wasn’t it but a sleepless night didn’t help him think things through.

They finally had breakfast together.
Jungkook’s gaze kept falling onto Jimin’s lips, slightly wet from drinking milk clumsily since he hadn’t slept much, causing the youngest to stare blankly.

“Ahem!” Tae fake-coughed to stop him from making a fool out of himself even if no one else had noticed except Jimin, who was almost enjoying the attention now.

They finished up and went to get dressed since they had an interview and dance practice but as soon as everyone started leaving, Taehyung stopped Jungkook from going.

“What happened? Did you apologise?” he questioned while holding Jungkook’s shoulder.
“Ah…” Jungkook avoided his gaze, “kind of…” he slightly smirked but felt the other’s hold get tighter, “Hey hey, why are you squeezing me?”.

“Answer me properly,” he seemed irritated, “Why are you angry? Hyung said it was all fine,” Jungkook shook the hand off his shoulder easily and stared him down, “I don’t see where the problem is.”

“There is no problem,” Tae scratched his head, bothered by his unexplainable behaviour rather than anything else, “Well, I’m glad you’re both okay.”

“I told hyung why I did it,” Jungkook felt something like an itch in his mind, a feeling that was bothering him about Taehyung, “and he kissed me,” he said bluntly, “I don’t know if that means something but we’ll see. You don’t mind, right?” a devilish smile painted his lips.

“Ah…” Taehyung was speechless, “right.”
There was nothing else he could add.

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“Ah, Jimin is really bad at lying, isn’t he?” Namjoon was getting a glass of water since he and Taehyung prepared their things before the others.

“W-what are you talking about?” Tae was surprised at the sudden statement, “I am not blind, it was obvious that he was lying,” he sipped his water without appearing too bothered, “and… his eyes were puffy.”

Taehyung frowned and avoided his stare, “I can’t tell you anything, hyung,” he said softly, justifying his silence, “I know, don’t worry,” Namjoon smiled a bit, understanding him, “I just wanted you to know that some of us notice things too, not Jin though,” he laughed.

“I think Hoseok and Suga noticed too,” he continued staring at the window, “Suga saw it immediately, you know how he is with Jimin.” Taehyung didn’t respond, unsure on which reply would be safer to use when talking to a genius.

“How are you doing? You seem pale too,” Namjoon was only concerned about the well-being of his friends, he didn’t want to stress Taehyung either, but one lie is always the beginning of more lies and he wanted to avoid that even though he felt that everyone was entitled to their secrets.

“I’m fine, kind of,” he sighed and sat on a chair close to Namjoon, “Hyung, let me ask you something,” he felt oddly nervous about asking, “It has nothing to do with Jimin, okay?” the other nodded silently, “What would you do if you felt like someone close to you was… getting taken away or something like that?”.

“Are you sure this isn’t about Jimin?” Namjoon chuckled, “Or… is it about a girl? It sounds more like you’ve had your girlfriend taken away to be honest,” Taehyung felt his cheeks getting warmer and his stomach twisted, as if he had done something to feel guilty about.

“It’s… a girl, of course,” he responded without thinking, “Ah, okay,” Namjoon crossed his arms and continued to look outside, “Well, I’d win her back obviously.” Taehyung shot glances left and right, confused on what he was asking in the first place and what he meant with it.


“Why am I talking about Jimin as if he’s a girl that I like?” he thought as he walked away from the kitchen, after thanking Namjoon.

“It’s all Jungkookie’s fault that I became weird, he’s a devil,” he smiled at his thoughts. He loved all the members, Jungkook and Jimin the most and that would never change but he felt like something was different between all of them. He was also different.

“Tae!” Jimin jumped out of the room, “I need your help, come here.”
Taehyung immediately walked to him, happy about being able to hang out a little bit before they left. “What’s up?” he asked. “Ah, close the door for a moment,” Jimin was looking at his bed where some clothes were tidily folded.

“I am really unsure about what shirt to wear,” he said without taking his eyes off the clothes, but tentatively trying to stroke Taehyung’s head. “Hey… Jimin,” Tae took his hand and placed it on his hair so he’d stop poking him randomly.

“Maybe we should talk about yesterday, don’t you think?” he saw Jimin’s face change for a split second, “I know a little bit about it,” he placed his hands on the other’s shoulders and turned him towards himself, “you can talk to me, you know.”

Jimin smiled, “Tae, don’t worry about it,” he placed his arms around Taehyung’s waist, “we dealt with it now so I just want to move on from that, okay?” he spoke softly and he saw that Taehyung’s expression became calmer.

As Taehyung sat on the opposite bed, he leaned in to look at his clothing options.
He didn’t want to talk about Jungkook, not to Taehyung, not to anyone else, not even to himself. He felt that if he did, it would trigger something that he had held up until that moment and he planned on continuing with his resistence.

He took a shirt and turned around smiling, “You’ll get a show now, it seems,” he laughed feeling a bit embarrassed because of the changing he had to do. Taehyung’s eyes widened as Jimin took off his shirt, revealing his heavenly skin and toned muscles that slightly flexed as he quickly folded what he took off.

He had seen him before but he felt odd about it now, as if he wasn’t the same person.
“Tae, is everything okay?” Jimin noticed that and moved closer, holding the newer shirt in his hand ready to be put on in a moment. “A-ah, yes, try it on,” Taehyung’s stuttering was making him suspicious.

Jimin stood as close as possible because of the limited space between the beds. He stared at Taehyung in silence for a little bit before turning his back on him and looking for the correct side of the shirt.

Taehyung was observing every corner of his back, it looked manly and feminine at the same time. It was strong and seductive and his thoughts were turning into a derailing train, making its way towards strange desires he had never felt before.

He slowly touched his back with his fingers, moving up and down with a cruel motion. Jimin shuddered but laughed, thinking the other just wanted to tickle him or was playing around.
He couldn’t see Taehyung’s pained expression.

But Jungkook could.

The youngest had silently entered the room, thinking he’d get some time to talk with Jimin. Instead he witnessed Taehyung’s hand on the other’s back, not moving as a friend would do and a face that showed need. A need he was familiar with.

He suddenly grabbed him, stopping his hand, surprising everyone since they didn’t hear him enter.
“What are you doing?!” Jimin shouted at him, “you scared the hell out of me,” he sighed heavily as the other let go of Taehyung’s hand.

“What are you two doing?” he tried to remain calm but Jimin noticed his nerves showing, as he glared without being conscious about it. He often did that in the past too but he was never sure what was wrong with him.

Taehyung was visibly uncomfortable, “Just helping Jiminie choose what to wear,” his voice cracked, “I think you can help better than me so I’ll go now,” he left with a strained smile that made Jimin worry and follow him until he was out of the room.


“What’s wrong with you?” Jimin sighed again as he put the shirt of his choice on.
“You… never mind, hyung,” Jungkook gestured irritated, “and why are you not letting me help with your clothes now?” he changed topic, he didn’t want to talk about Tae with him.

“Because…” he glanced on the floor to avoid Jungkook’s piercing stare, “I think I figured it out by myself,” he scratched his arm nervously. The youngest smiled at the other’s shyness, “That’s too bad, hyung,” he sat on the other bed, “I don’t think this one is good, you should change it.”

“Plus I’m wearing white, you know how it works,” he looked entertained at Jimin’s reaction. The older one took the challenge, he wanted to tease him a little bit, see how far he could push the kid who acted oh-so confident.

“Okay, then you’ll help me properly,” he sat on the youngest’s lap, legs open facing him straight ahead, their faces too close for comfort. Jungkook looked at him surprised but didn’t want to fall for his trick, he would be the one taking the lead.

“So? How can I help?” he leaned in, his breath on Jimin’s neck blowing softly and making the other twitch almost unnoticeably. Jimin put his hands on the youngest’s broad shoulders and moved one slowly towards the back of his head.

He lightly pulled his hair, making him look up, “Take it off for me,” he whispered in his ear.
Jungkook gulped, his mouth slightly open as he felt tightness between his legs.

Jimin smiled proudly at the other’s reaction but didn’t expect him to follow the order.
Jungkook placed his hands on the alluring hips that sat on him and slowly pulled up the shirt as his wrists slid on the skin.

“Jungkookie?” Jimin looked surprised. “What, hyung?” Jungkook smiled playfully, “I’m helping you, right?” he took the shirt off entirely in one smooth movement.

“I… I think this is enough,” Jimin was struggling to remain calm, almost hearing his own heart beating harder and harder in his chest.

“I don’t think so,” Jungkook held him closer and kissed his collarbone, a suffocated moan escaped Jimin as the other continued placing his lips on his hot skin, now licking and biting softly.

“S-stop, Jungko-” Jimin was cut off, an overpowering tongue meeting his, seeking more and more depth, lips sucking other lips as rough hands traced Jimin’s naked back.

Knock knock.

“Jimin, are you ready?” Hoseok had knocked on the door and in a split second Jimin was off Jungkook’s lap wearing the black shirt that was on the bed.

The youngest laughed, entertained by Jimin’s rosy cheeks and nervousness but decided to get up and leave the room. Hoseok wasn’t surprised by his presence because it wasn’t unusual but saw how flustered Jimin was.

“Are you okay?” he lightly slapped the other’s shoulder.
“Ah, yes… I should go wash my face though,” he huffed feeling hot all over, “I’ll be right back.”

“Was… that a hickey on his chest?”

Chapter Text

Jimin locked himself in the bathroom. His already rosy cheeks were burning as his thoughts flooded his mind. “What did I do? Am I an idiot?” he splashed some ice cold water on his face, hoping to get rid of the heat that rushed through him.

He endlessly repeated the kiss in his head, their lips intertwined almost desperately and the other’s forceful hands on his body, grabbing him as if he was his prey. It was painfully exciting, a drug sprinkled with divine lips and seduction.

His reflection in the mirror brought him back to reality.
“That’s Jungkook, my Jungkookie. This is wrong, I should stop it before it’s too late,” he sighed, feeling his chest tighten. He wanted him but he knew it would be a horrible mistake, it would make things difficult. His needs and desires never came first and this wasn’t an exception.

He washed his face again and slowly calmed down, trying to distract himself by thinking of the things they had to do later on. As he hurriedly paced through the hallway, he noticed Hoseok was waiting for him, visibly frowning.

“Hyung, I’m ready. Sorry for making you all wait,” he smiled nervously.
“Jimin-ah, I am disappointed,” his gaze turned into a glare that no one should have to experience, “did you fool around with some girl behind our back?”.
“Huh?” Jimin burst in a loud laugh, “a girl? What are you talking about? That’s so weird, Hyung,” he lightly tapped the other on the shoulder to reassure him, he didn’t know what got into him.

“What’s that on your chest then? Are you going to say that a bug bit you?” Hoseok sounded sarcastic and his lips were turning down as they did when he was getting irritated, “you’re not even bothering with wearing a shirt that covers you properly. So are you going to talk?”.

“Huh?” Jimin stared blankly at Hoseok before looking down and seeing an aggressively purple and red mark. “That little shit…” he was so furious and embarrassed that Hoseok became worried rather than angry. “What? You didn’t know you had that?” he asked curious.

“No, I really didn’t,” he grit his teeth, rushing back to his room to change and as he did, his steps became more and more stomping. “Hyung, it’s not what you think so don’t worry,” his voice was lower. “Time to punish that little devil.”


The car was just about to leave. Jimin and Jungkook were sitting next to each other with a sleepy Suga sticking to the window, fighting to keep his eyes open.

Jimin ignored Jungkook’s glances, the coy smiles that he shot trying to make the other laugh. The youngest seemed entertained, thinking Jimin was just being shy.

Some minutes passed and Suga was squished on the window breathing from his mouth, sleeping soundly. Jimin turned to look at Jungkook after checking that the driver had put up the separator between them and him.

“Kookie?” he whispered with his provocative voice in the ear closest to him. His hand dangerously slid on the other’s thigh, making Jungkook shudder at the sudden action.

“Hyung? W-what are you doing? We’re in the car,” he shot a panicked glance at Suga sitting next to him. Jimin smiled making his lips wet with his tongue, “oh? I didn’t notice that at all,” his smile widened as his fingers reached between the other’s legs making him gasp in surprise.

He palmed his bulk over the trousers, holding the shape with his fingers, feeling his stiffness growing as he continued the painfully slow motion. Jungkook grabbed him by the back of the neck to keep himself still, holding back his voice.

“Shh, Kookie. You wouldn’t want to wake Hyung up, right?” he felt a rush of adrenaline as Jungkook held him, shamelessly wishing that he’d pull his hair and make a mess of him right there. He unzipped his tight jeans with a quick motion making the youngest grunt shamelessly in response.

His dick wobbled free, pulsing from excitement. The risk of being seen turned him on, he thought he’d go crazy but was scared at the same time. He couldn’t stop himself from languidly moving his hips looking for the other’s touch.

Jimin smirked pleased, his hand embracing the youngest’s painful erection and thumbing the aching tip making Jungkook grip desperately on the shirt.

“H-hyung…” he gasped as Jimin jerked him off in merciless motions, first with gentle hands, sometimes even mischievously stopping to look at his squirming expression and then with quick, sharp movements.

Jungkook’s breath was getting louder, his head falling back on the seat. “Jimin… coming…” he muttered gritting his teeth, on the verge of his climax when all of a sudden, Jimin interrupted contact and smiled, resembling a devil.

“Hyung?” he whispered confused, his voice rough from frustration. “Jungkookie-ah,” Jimin purred, kissing the other’s already wet lips with poisonous sweetness, “this is my little revenge for marking me without my knowledge,” he patted the youngest’s suffering member, “you should put that away before Hyung wakes up.”

“Ugh… hm?” Suga was slowly waking up because of Jimin’s voice, made louder on purpose. Jungkook’s face turned pale as he quickly tried to zip his painfully tight jeans, hissing at the difficulty of it while an entertained Jimin observed him grinning.

Jungkook took off his sweater and tied it around his waist just in time before Suga opened his eyes, “aren’t you feeling cold like that, Jungkookie?” Jimin mocked him.

The youngest didn’t speak a word. He was beyond furious but he contained himself. “What’s wrong with him?” Suga asked when he saw how uncomfortable Jungkook looked, his legs crossed and his face almost twitching every few seconds, avoiding his gaze.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Jimin smirked, “I think he just needs some fresh air perhaps, he didn’t sleep much last night for some reason.” Suga stopped the driver and they parked for a bit in front of a small isolated cafe together with the other car.

Jungkook rushed ahead of everyone, mumbling something about the toilet. Jimin couldn’t take his mischievous smile off his face. He wondered what Jungkook’s next move would be, his mind wandering in all sorts of steamy directions.



“Am I stupid?” he thought as he sipped his drink ignoring Taehyung’s monologue, “I did that for revenge and that should be done with. Why is that kid so… sexy?” he sighed out loud, gaining an irritated stare from Taehyung.

“What’s wrong now?” he thought he knew the answer to that, “nothing, Tae,” Jimin smiled shyly, “I was a bit distracted, that’s all.”

Chapter Text

Hot, vengeful fingerprints burned his skin. He touched himself to release the painful frustration that the other put him through, his own rough hands so different from Jimin’s confident, soft touches.

“Hng!” he held back his voice, gritting his teeth as he rested his head on the stall’s door spilling on a tissue he found in his pocket. He wanted to scream Jimin’s name out of shame and frustration but his mind was clouded by what happened in the car.

“He’s so sexy, damn him…” he threw the tissue away, zipping his jeans up as carefully as he could. After washing his hands and splashing his face with cold water, he stood still for a bit, deciding to calm down even though his brain insisted on showing him scenarios where he ruined Jimin, body and soul.

He sighed heavily, “I shouldn’t think about this anymore…” he gulped thinking about what he had just done, “I should focus on work, not that crazy mochi hyung.”


Jimin was smiling to himself, so proud that he drove Jungkook insane with only his hands.
He wasn’t even listening to the conversation between the others, even though Taehyung stabbed him with insistent glances, trying to get his attention.

“Jimin-ah... was weird earlier,” Hoseok managed to cruelly wake him from his daydreaming, getting everyone to turn towards him curiously.
“Huh?” Jimin stared at him, hoping to silence him with his eyes. Unfortunately the situation turned for the worse when Jungkook walked in.

“Ah, are you okay now?” Suga didn’t seem too worried in that moment but he thought Jungkook’s face was too pale when they were in the car.

Jungkook simply nodded, his gaze avoiding eye contact with Jimin who was doing the same but for a different reason. His cheerful attitude gone the moment Hoseok spoke.

“What are you talking about?” the youngest asked without actually caring too much.
“Jimin,” Hoseok spoke again, now looking right at Jungkook who asked the question, “I was saying how he was weird earlier, he had something like a hickey on his chest.”

Taehyung’s mouth dropped open from shock.
Jin and Suga laughed, feeling impressed by Jimin’s alleged boldness but only Namjoon turned serious, without making a single comment. He found it extremely unlikely that Jimin would mess around with some girl.

Jungkook covered his mouth, his hand hiding an amused smile which Taehyung caught immediately and interpreted as proof that he was the one that made the mark.

“It’s not like that, Hyung,” Jimin felt his pulse speeding up, “I already told you. Why are you making them misunderstand?” he shot a quick glance at Jungkook, hating how the youngest was enjoying the situation.

“But how did you get that then?” Hoseok was either blind to the warning signs from Jimin or he was doing it on purpose for some reason.

“Yes, Hyung,” Jungkook finally turned his glistening dark eyes towards the other, “how did you get a hickey on your chest? I’m also curious, that is quite strange,” he smiled so widely that Jimin thought his teeth would fall out of his mouth.

Taehyung wasn’t looking at either of them, finding the table much more interesting.
His stomach knotting on itself as images of his two friends doing something so intimate fogged his already confused mind.

He never thought about Jimin that way before, he never pictured his soft neck being kissed and his bare chest prey to those same lips. Those images felt like thorns that were strangling him and prickling deep down.

“I probably hurt myself somewhere without noticing,” Jimin sighed, hoping to silence the voices of the members and especially that of Jungkook, “let’s just go, we’ll be late.”


“Jungkookie! Not coming with me this time?” Jimin chuckled when he saw Jungkook walk towards the other car, glaring in response to the other’s mocking question.

“I’ll go with you then,” Taehyung’s steps sped up as he approached Jimin. He put his arm around the other’s waist and while no one found it that strange, Jungkook bit his lip in an attempt to control his irritation.

“Tae, is something wrong?” Jimin felt the hand around him getting rougher.
“We have to talk later,” Taehyung showed a weak smile, “not in the car.”


Jimin had a bad feeling. Taehyung seemed pent up, almost tense but he didn’t want to push him knowing he had something important to say.

They spent the car ride in silence, Taehyung’s hand captured Jimin’s just as they got in without wanting to let it go, warm fingers hidden in the space between them.
“Tae, you’re making me worry,” Jimin whispered.
Taehyung didn’t respond, his hand squeezing the other’s a bit more.


“Was it Jungkook?” Taehyung was sitting on a chair in the empty meeting room, his head falling down as his eyes couldn’t focus on Jimin’s.

“What are you talk-” Jimin started, wanting to avoid the discussion that followed.
“Don’t pretend with me, Jiminie…” the deep voice dropped even lower, his eyes not wanting to avoid contact any longer.

“It was a mistake, Tae,” Jimin scratched his head, feeling uncomfortable with where the conversation was going.
“A mistake? How can you get a hickey from Jungkook by mistake?” the moment he raised his voice, he surprised himself too.

He left his chair, walking towards a nervous Jimin, and as he placed his hands on his shoulders, he saw the other’s pale face, tattered by the stressful situation. He didn’t want to make him suffer, that was never his intention.

His arms surrounded Jimin, a warm embrace that only meant comfort.
“Just don’t get hurt, Jiminie.”
His own words stinging him, as he locked his heart away in the name of love.

Chapter Text

“You worry too much, Tae,” Jimin returned the embrace, smiling to himself.
Fate had brought him such a precious friend, someone warm-hearted that would support him no matter what direction he took.

“I am so lucky,” he thought as he leaned more, softly rubbing his head on Taehyung’s shoulder, “how did I deserve this much?”.

As the hug got longer, Taehyung’s heartbeat got louder. He couldn’t stop himself from thinking about Jimin and Jungkook together, in that sense. It didn’t even feel strange, it was just painful.
Would he be cast aside? Would he not be Jimin’s number one anymore?
And most of all, was that what truly bothered him?

He didn’t want to answer to those questions.
His feelings were imprisoned in an iron-maiden of truth and the only choice was to stay still, not moving towards the spikes of reality or seeking an impossible escape.

“Thank you, but,” Jimin finally looked at him, “this is nothing serious, I am sure Jungkook is just playing around and I feel like he’s being curious,” he nudged.

“He’s cute though, it’ll pass,” he truly believed that, but reassuring Taehyung was the most important thing in that moment.

“Hyung!” Jungkook burst into the room, looking like a child that had lost his parents.
“Why did you run off like that?” it was clear he ran everywhere in the building looking for them, his breath breaking his words as he talked, “what are you… doing?” he noticed how close they were, too close for his liking.

“Nothing,” Taehyung walked to him and tapped his shoulder with a weak smile on his lips, “let’s go to practice, we delayed it for too long.”
Jungkook looked at Jimin for answers but all he got was silence, followed by a smile and a ruffling of his hair as if to reassure him.


The practice went smoothly except for the occasional moments when Jungkook couldn’t avoid glancing at Jimin’s smooth moves, his ass was particularly captivating and the looks didn’t pass by unnoticed by the silver-haired man.

A glance here and there, a smile from one and from the other. Jimin was enjoying the attention but he still made up his mind to discuss everything with Jungkook, even if it got awkward.

After practice, they drove home since the interview was only later in the evening and they stayed in separate cars by Jungkook’s request (Jimin traumatized him a bit, he wasn’t ready for another shock).


Hoseok and Yoongi decided to watch a movie since everyone else except them, Jungkook and Jimin had to leave for another interview. Taehyung was not too willing to leave his two friends unsupervised but there was little he could do to change the situation.

“Let’s watch this!” Hoseok was quite excited about a new movie about hip-hop dancers making Yoongi smile tenderly at his happiness.

“We’ll be back in a bit, I have to talk to Jungkook about something,” Jimin responded without showing any sign of nervousness, which, on the other hand, was starting to appear on Jungkook’s face. Hoseok nodded in response, not giving too much attention to what he said even if he had a weird feeling about those two.


“Sit down, Jungkookie,” Jimin looked calm but as he talked, he became more and more nervous, “I think we should talk about what’s going on with you… and me,” he included himself reluctantly.

He walked to the door and locked it, wanting privacy for the conversation but as he turned, Jungkook stood as close to him as was possible, with his dark eyes speaking a thousand words.

“Jung… kookie?” Jimin was caught off guard, as the youngest savoured him with his eyes.
He couldn’t find the will to move when Jungkook held his hands up against the door, gently but with strength, not him allowing to escape.

No rebellion, a sign of acceptance. He melted as Jungkook’s lips touched his, with such softness that rejection was nowhere to be found in his mind.

The youngest kissed his cheek and neck, tenderly without the insatiable lust that he showed before, getting closer to his ear and breathing on it, making Jimin’s already rosy cheeks burn brighter.

“Were you thinking about rejecting me, hyung?” he whispered, his hold getting a bit tighter as he waited for an answer. Jimin turned his head on the side, not wanting to look at him, “Jungkookie…” he tried to reply, but was interrupted by the other’s now stronger attack.

He didn’t want to hear Jimin’s lies. What mattered was that precious moment, when he took his breath away and made him tremble in his arms.
“Jungkook!” Jimin stopped him. His eyes were foggy and his lips swollen, the intensity of the kiss, the secrecy and Jungkook himself made him shiver from excitement but he had to talk.

“You can’t just do what you want,” he glared ineffectively while still being held against the door, “I feel like… you are just frustrated, that’s why you’re like this.”

“So that’s what you think?” Jungkook’s mocking tone was transpiring anger, “and what you did was what? Help me get off? Would you do that with Taehyung too if he was “frustrated”?” he was getting more and more bitter as he spoke, leaving Jimin in shock.

“No!” the older surprised himself with the answer. He looked on the side, wanting to avoid Jungkook’s eyes but the other’s hand moved his head to face him.

“I am frustrated,” Jungkook kissed him lightly, “because I’ve held back for a while,” another soft kiss, “so many sleepless nights because of you,” he tasted Jimin’s silent lips, drunk on his delicate perfume and soft tongue that didn’t fight him.

Jimin’s lips were puffy, his eyes lost in the other’s and the will to fight against him was crumbling to pieces.
“But this is wrong,” he barely pronounced.
“It’s not if no one knows,” answered the other without signs of doubt, “not even V hyung.”

Jimin caressed his features, observing every detail of the man in front of him. The “kid” caught him.
Jungkook held back. He wanted to show him how deep his love was, to make him scream his name over and over but he didn’t make a move.

The older grabbed him by his shirt, kissing him and pulling him even closer. Jimin’s back hit the door as Jungkook bit his lower lip, his hands pulling up the other’s shirt.
He loved Jimin’s muscles and the soft skin that felt like silk on his touch.

“No, don’t take it off,” Jimin breathed, “let me… apologise for today’s car accident,” he pushed the youngest on the bed, his eyes hungry, not wanting to remove his clothes yet.
What was the point of fighting this feeling? He wanted him as much as Jungkook did. He didn’t want to think about the consequences any longer.

Jungkook took in Jimin’s beauty, watching him sit on his lap as he was pushed down by his small hands. He remembered his dream, the older’s teasing in it and the unforgettable cries he made under him. His member reacted, more than it already had, becoming visibly hard under Jimin’s now attentive eyes.

Jimin unzipped his jeans in a slow motion, watching the other squint from discomfort.
He still wanted to tease him a bit, that was what he was good at after all. He touched him through his underwear, jerking him as slowly as he could, getting muffled moans from the other who grabbed the sheets, his head dropping back.

He kissed his aching dick through the cloth and mouthed it, making Jungkook tremble and look at him in surprise, “hyung…” his eyes watery from being too excited. Jimin took the look as a plead and pulled his underwear down, licking the length as a first taste.

Jungkook’s breath was cut off as he grabbed Jimin’s hair, pulling him away and sitting up with the other between his legs.
“Wh… what are you doing?” he didn’t seem as confident as he appeared some minutes before. Jimin smiled at him, his hand on the other’s shaft, jerking it slowly, “you should be pulling me in, not away, Kookie.”

Jimin took Jungkook’s hand, signaling him to pull his hair more. “You should know what to do,” Jimin licked his lips, gasping as the other’s hold became rougher.
Jungkook didn’t move, looking at Jimin’s seductive glance and his full lips getting dangerously close to his dick.

Jimin took him in, his saliva making his lips slip smoothly as the hand on his hair held him tighter and Jungkook’s suffocated moans filled his ears. He sucked slowly at first but he became faster as he went on, torturing the youngest when he stopped, licking the tip in round motions.

Jungkook’s vision fogged, his hips started moved on their own as he started fucking Jimin’s mouth enjoying the slippery sounds and the moans the older made. Jimin’s mouth worked more, relentless with his tongue, his throat getting more and more of the youngest’s meat.

“Coming… coming, hyung,” Jungkook’s desperate moan turned him on even more.

“A-ahh,” he pushed his thighs open and sucked hard, making the youngest cum in his mouth and on his already swollen lips.

Their fast breaths filled the room but fortunately not enough to be heard downstairs.
“That was… amazing,” Jungkook couldn’t believe Jimin did that to him, he turned to look at the other who was even sexier now. His lips were so beautiful.

Jimin laughed, thinking back at how much he struggled to accept how he felt about Jungkook.
“Jiminie?” Jungkook wasn’t looking away.
“I love you.”

Chapter Text

Time stopped.
Nervous breaths touched his face as a tender hand slid the stranded hair on his forehead.
I love you. Those quiet words took his breath away.

“What is he saying?” Jimin thought it was the recent pleasure talking, “Jungkookie…” his voice broke as he avoided the other’s gaze.
He loved Jungkook and always had but everything felt unreal, like he would wake up and realize it was all a dream and if it wasn’t one then… was he allowed to be happy? Just like that?

“I’m not being curious or playing,” Jungkook cut off his line of thought, not wanting to give space to doubts, “it’s not a recent thing either.”
Jimin smiled, caressing his features. “Go on,” he said, wanting to hear more about Jungkook’s love, the kind of love that he never thought the other would show for him.

“You really like getting compliments, hyung,” Jungkook laughed softly, feeling reciprocated through Jimin’s playful touch. “You were always the most beautiful to me, hard-working like no one else and I kept thinking that I only admired you but that wasn’t it.”

“Hmm,” Jimin couldn’t stop himself from touching him, feeling free to do so for the first time, “yes, I noticed that you admire me very deeply, Jungkookie,” he smirked as Jungkook embraced him to his chest, his arms getting tighter around his lover.

“I love you too,” Jimin snuggled against him, a bashful smile painted his lips. “It’s not recent either, you should know that,” he chuckled, “I’ve been showing it to you since the beginning but you’re a tough one.”

They stayed like that for a while, neither wanting to let go and return to their usual life.
“Kiss me,” Jimin looked at him with his persuasive gaze and barely finished the sentence. Jungkook’s lips were already on his, getting more passionate as the seconds ticked.

“Jiminie? Jungkookie? Is everything okay?” Hoseok knocked on the door making them jump out of the bed so quickly that Jimin almost tripped on the sheets.

“Y-yes, all good!” Jungkook stuttered nervously while Jimin smiled entertained on the side.


When the rest of the group returned, they seemed tired but quite satisfied with their work.
Taehyung sat next to Yoongi on the sofa, taking the controller from the seat and switching to a romantic comedy that was playing.

“How did it go?” the older asked without complaining about the change, “hmm, was okay,” Taehyung was absorbed in his thoughts and didn’t want to talk because his mind was jumping from one end to the other without stopping.

“It was fine, Taehyung did Jimin’s moves from the video,” Namjoon laughed a bit, taking his jacket off and handing it to Jin who wanted to check if he had ripped it in the car since they played around too much.

“Ohh, Jiminie’s moves? How did that go?” Yoongi’s playful smile wanted to take Taehyung’s attention but the other changed subject abruptly, “where are Jungkook and Jimin?” he asked without taking his eyes off the tv.

“They stayed in the room for a while, I just went to call them to come downstairs,” Hoseok was at the end of the stairs when he heard the question, “what’s wrong? You don’t look well.”

“Were they alone?” Taehyung’s voice dropped lower. “Yes, why?” Hoseok crossed his arms, feeling very confused by the question and its relevance. Taehyung shook his head, “nothing, never mind,” he stood up and lightly slapped Hoseok’s shoulder, “I need to shower.”

Jin was unusually silent, exchanging looks with Namjoon. “Our maknae line is kind of strange these days,” he fiddled with the jacket in his hands, “I should try to talk to them maybe,” he looked around for consensus and saw Yoongi give him a silent nod.

“Maybe I should be the one to talk to Jiminie though,” Hoseok was very close to him and felt like he could get more out of him if he pressed the right buttons. Namjoon agreed to it too and took his jacket back, walking towards his room without commenting but his thoughts putting the puzzle pieces back in place.


Jimin stepped downstairs before Hoseok could go to him. The living room felt heavy with tension, Hoseok was standing with his arms crossed, looking at the younger with a serious expression while Yoongi still sat on the sofa, not turning to look at him.

“How was the interview? Where’s Tae?” he asked smiling brightly, being his usual self even if he knew something was out of place.

“Taehyung went to shower,” Hoseok responded, as Jin got up to leave and look for Jungkook, “it was all good, they can tell you later,” he squeezed Jimin’s cheeks, “I have to talk to Jungkook a bit.”

“What’s going on?” Jimin asked as he went beside Yoongi who patted on the seat next to him, telling him to sit down. Hoseok joined them, putting an arm around Jimin’s shoulders, “you tell us,” he looked straight at the younger one, wanting the truth out of him, “you, Jungkookie and Taehyung have been strange these days.”

“Jiminie,” Yoongi finally spoke, making the younger shudder as he knew that the other read him like an open book, “you know you can tell us everything, seeing you guys be this strange makes us hyungs feel bad.” Those words clutched at Jimin’s heart, making him look down avoiding the gaze of the other two.

“Is it about Jungkookie?” Hoseok hit the nail on the head, Jimin’s silence spoke a thousand words. Yoongi sighed, understanding the implications of the question. “It’s okay, you know,” Hoseok looked away, being aware of Jimin’s feelings for a while now, “we kind of suspected it anyway.”

“What?” Jimin was shocked, thinking he hid it quite well. “I think we all knew it, even Jin probably got it recently,” Yoongi ruffled the younger’s hair, feeling that he needed it in that moment, “just… don’t do weird stuff when we’re around.” Hoseok burst out laughing, hugging a crying Jimin who had held back for so long, thinking he wouldn’t be accepted.

“We’re family after all,” Yoongi patted him, sighing again as tension left his own body too.


The conversation between Jin and Jungkook went in a slightly different direction…

“I think he’s hot,” Jungkook stared at Jin who was freaking out, walking around the room saying “What the hell,” repeatedly with a red face that made the youngest laugh.

“You should see him when-” Jungkook teased him, laughing so much that he couldn’t breathe.
“Oh my god, shut up, brat!” Jin covered his ears and screamed, not believing what he was hearing, “you… dirty kid, how old are you?!”.
“Younger than you, that’s not difficult to be…” Jungkook shot at him, almost falling from the bed from laughing so much, watching Jin pointing at him with his “old man” ways.

The eldest accepted everything in the end, not really caring about it as long as the situation wasn’t awkward, warning Jungkook to not be too open about it because of the media and because he’d probably faint at the sight.

“So you’re fine with it?” the youngest smiled, feeling proud of his friend.
“Of course! I am a modern man, after all,” Jin was offended at the notion of him not being accepting of their relationship, “we’re family, you know.”

Chapter Text

The corridor was echoing with Jin and Jungkook’s laughter, while the feeble sound of a cry could be heard downstairs as warm voices engulfed it. It hadn’t been long since Taehyung left to shower but something clearly happened to cause such a commotion.

He made his way towards the living room, recognising his best friend’s voice, and he immediately noticed the silver head slightly bent towards the floor while small hands pushed the tears away with the overly long sleeves that covered them.
He rushed in front of him and found Jimin’s soft, wet cheeks with his gentle touch.
“What happened?” he asked, cutting off the presence of the other two members from his vision.

The sudden appearance of Taehyung surprised them all. Jimin’s confusion was clearly showing on his face as he didn’t know how to react to the question without making his friend even more worried than he already was.

“Tae… you know… me and Jungkookie…” he tripped on his words, finding it difficult to finish the sentence and feeling his face getting warmer as he tried to speak under so much attention.
“What about him? Should we… talk in private?” he finally glanced at Hoseok and Yoongi, noticing that they were both still there, staring at him almost mockingly.

“We know everything,” Hoseok slapped Taehyung’s shoulder, wanting to reassure him, “the thing between this crybaby and the maknae upstairs who’s laughing with… the other maknae,” he chuckled, seeing the other’s arms flop on his sides from relief. Taehyung sat on the floor, staring with his mouth open at the revelation.

“Really?” he finally smiled, feeling his burden shrink almost entirely, “I thought I had to… hide more, I didn’t want to lie to our members and…” Taehyung’s rambling continued for a while, making them laugh at how much he had to say through his confused stuttering. His care and kindness were put to test when he had to hide things from those he loved and seeing Jimin and Jungkook, his best friends, get hurt or lie made it even harder.

He caressed Jimin’s cheeks, lightly touching the puffy eyes above them. He felt a sting in his heart, knowing that Jimin was someone else’s most important person but he swallowed the pain, hoping that this would make him happier. That’s all that mattered.

“He’s the most beautiful when he’s happy,” he thought with a soft smile painting his lips, “I love you, my friend.”


Namjoon joined them shortly after, finally putting the last piece of the puzzle into place. He knew that Taehyung developed romantic feelings for Jimin since their private conversation involving a mysterious “girl” that was stolen from him. It pained him to know how he felt but he promised himself not to intrude. They had to deal with their feelings on their own.

“Yah! You should hear what this kid said, I was shocke-” Jin almost tripped to get to the end of the stairs, yelling the news and waving his arms around. Jungkook was smiling right behind him but as soon as he reached the room, his expression changed. He saw Jimin’s red eyes, his flushed and damp cheeks caressed by Taehyung and immediately thought for the worst.

“Why is he crying?” Jin blurted out, weakly pointing at the young man.
“He’s just relieved, he shared some big news,” Yoongi responded in his friend’s place, patting his shoulder to encourage him a little more.
“It seems we have a couple in our house, yuck,” Hoseok poked at the two with a joke, not used to such a relationship being normal but wanting to be approving of his friends.

“Yes,” Taehyung looked at Jungkook with a sincere smile, “congrats, Jungkookie.”


Everyone was being so loud afterwards. The guys would make jokes about the two to relieve some tension but in the end, they’d warn them about the media and other things.
“We’re happy for you but, remember that we are still a group of guys living together so there are boundaries,” Namjoon sat down at the kitchen table with a concerned look in his eyes.

Jimin was leaning on the kitchen counter, drinking from a juice box. He had washed his face and finally calmed down but was now paying extreme attention to the leader’s words. “Just don’t… make it weird, okay?” he scratched his head, feeling like he was having difficulties expressing himself for the very first time. He was generally open and supportive of all types of relationships but he knew that having that kind of couple in the house implied a lot of things that the others were probably not ready to deal with.

They all agreed silently. Jungkook didn’t protest either. He reluctantly nodded at the statement and left the room, knowing he had to prepare for the late night interview they had in the next hour. He needed time to think everything through and regain his focus, as did everyone else.


The interview passed smoothly as the boys regained their usual attitude after the situation at home was settled. Even Taehyung’s feelings were calmer even if they stang him from time to time when the couple exchanged meaningful glances that no one else caught.

Jimin was dazzling. His smooth silver hair and the confident smiles made him the centre of attention, so easily that Jungkook thought about locking him up and keeping the boy only for himself. Even as they walked back to the car together, Jungkook’s hand moved to the other’s waist claiming his rightful place by his side.

The crowd surrounding them didn’t think much of it since it wasn’t unusual for the boys to be that close and touchy with each other. “Fanservice” was an easy disguise to use and Jimin felt at the peak of his confidence, with Jungkook’s arm around his waist, holding him like he was a treasure he couldn’t let go of under no circumstance.


“Jungk… ook, bre… athe,” Jimin’s air was cut off almost immediately when they entered the darkened car, the windows were hiding them and the separator was up while music played in the background.
Jungkook couldn’t stop himself from kissing him, touching his warm face, hands, arms and his perfect thighs that were slightly open, making him dangerously attracted to what was between them.
“Jimin,” he whispered against his lips, finally letting him breathe, “I have to return today’s favour, remember? I’m not impolite,” he smirked as he continued the assault on the wet mouth that tasted like heaven.

“Not here!” Jimin pushed him away, “and not today either.”
Jungkook flinched, his hands still on the older’s neck. “What? Why?” he shot as he backed away.
“You heard what Namjoon hyung said,” Jimin’s sharp gaze was warning the younger, “we just told them and I don’t want it to be uncomfortable for the others.”

“But it didn’t bother you when you touched me in the car before? Next to Suga hyung too,” Jungkook raised his eyebrows and started playing with Jimin’s hair.
“That was different,” Jimin pinched the younger’s cheek, “just be a good boy for hyung, okay?” he ruffled the other’s hair, smiling at the pouting expression Jungkook had, aware that he didn’t like being treated like a child.

“Hmm, I’ll be a good boy alright,” he responded sarcastically knowing that Jimin wouldn’t detect it.
“If you behave well, I’ll be really good to you, Jungkookie,” Jimin purred, slightly pulling the other down by the shirt and kissing him gently. It took all the self-control he had to not rip his clothes off right there but he remained calm, wanting to get his “revenge” later on.


Jimin was in bed, while Hoseok slept in the bed next to him. It was quiet and he kept thinking about Jungkook, his guilt eating at him. He never rejected the younger, he was usually unable to do that because he was just too cute.

“Maybe I should go talk to him,” he thought, feeling his pulse speed up at the thought of being alone with Jungkook while everyone was sleeping. Something was bound to happen for sure.

Suddenly his phone’s screen lit up, showing he had a message. It was Jungkook.

Come to my room?
I know you’re awake”

Jimin sat up immediately, looking at a sleeping Hoseok, hoping he wouldn’t wake up. He tiptoed, holding his phone with one hand and slowly opening the door with the other.
As he closed it gently, his back hit something sturdy right behind him.
“There you are,” Jungkook’s low whisper slithered in his ear and his arms suddenly wrapped him in an embrace. “You scared me,” Jimin exhaled, thinking he had been caught sneaking out by someone else.

“Mm,” Jungkook had his chin on Jimin’s shoulder, holding him by the waist. He breathed in his fresh scent as he left kisses on his neck, getting a weak sigh from the other.
“Not here!” Jimin turned around, lightly pulling his cheek, “you’re really impatient,” he laughed at the sight of Jungkook’s devilish smile.

“Well then,” Jungkook suddenly grabbed him, holding him up as if he was a bride ready for the first night after the wedding. Jimin squirmed in his arms, almost letting a scream out from surprise, “you idiot, what are you doing?!” he muttered as silently as possible, gripping on Jungkook’s shoulder with his arm around his neck.
“What do you think?” the younger smirked, “I’m taking you to bed, of course.”


“Not today, huh?” Jungkook smirked, pushing Jimin on the bed and hovering over him.
“Yes, but you never listen,” the older chuckled as he pulled the younger into a kiss, gaining an approving moan when he deepened the contact. His clothes were already flying off the bed thanks to an impatient Jungkook who wanted to see everything as soon as possible.
“You’re so beautiful,” the low whisper made Jimin shiver, as he felt rough hands hold his wrists to the bed and wet lips trace his chest and nipples, tasting everything.

Jimin watched him strip, almost drooling at the sight of his perfect muscles and seductive thighs that looked sculpted by the gods. His gaze fell on every twitch of his body, the veins that popped when he held back his impulse and the determined eyes that looked back at him.

Jungkook prepared him, one lubed finger at a time, taking in all the sweet sounds his lover made as he watched him arch his back and moan hesitantly. The secrecy made it even more exciting because of how Jimin held his tempting voice back.

His fogged eyes followed the younger’s move, watching as he positioned himself at his entrance, holding back from pushing in just for a moment. Gentle lips kissed his eyes and cheeks wanting to reassure him that he wouldn’t hurt him while he started to press in.

Heavy breaths soon filled the space between them as Jungkook tortured Jimin with kindness through his slow, agonising movements, wanting to get his sweet revenge for being rejected that day.
“A-ah, Jungkook, faster…” the older couldn’t hold back the frustration any longer, thinking that Jungkook felt the same, if not worse. Jungkook stopped as his sweat lightly dropped on the older, “are you sure?” he asked, aware that he wouldn’t be able to slow down after that.
“Just fuck me properly already,” Jimin hissed, sinking his fingers in the other’s back.

Jungkook hit his pleasure again and again, filling him with his length as Jimin bit into his arm unable to contain his voice. The wet sounds made Jungkook growl with excitement as his need to hear Jimin scream his name resonated in his mind.

“W-what are you doing?” the older muttered as his breath broke in his throat when Jungkook’s hand moved to hold the pulsing erection “I want to drive you insane,” the younger whispered as he licked Jimin’s neck, leaving small bites and kisses along the way.

Jimin’s mind went blank when the hand sped up, “I can’t… Jungkoo-ah!” he stuttered, feeling his climax coming as tears formed in his eyes. Jungkook’s big hand was so different from his own, rough but gentle at the same time. He didn’t listen to the older’s pleading, slowing down only to thumb his tip as the older bit his shoulder to hold back the cries.
Jimin came with a guttural sob that he barely managed to hide, followed shortly after by Jungkook whose thrusting had become slower but deeper by the end.


His eyes kept closing as tiredness kicked in after the long day. His sweat made him even more beautiful in Jungkook’s eyes. He felt his fingers tracing the slightly damp forehead under his silver hair, hoping that moment wouldn’t disappear any time soon.

“Jimin…” Jungkook’s finger stopped at his chin. He looked at the younger, taking in the image of perfection that stared back at him, “mm?” he mumbled as he noticed a devilish smirk appear on the other’s lips.
“I think… we weren’t so silent.”

Phone: 10 missed calls.