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Road Livin'

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"Don't take too long this time, got it?" he looked at you with a cocked brow.


"Yes, yes," you put a hand on the door handle and got ready to step out. Before you could get a foot on the concrete, you felt a tug and a squeeze on your arm. When you looked back, you were met with a serious glare.


"Don't fuck this up either," he warned you.


"Just focus on gettin' the gas, okay, big fella?"


Taehyung smirked. He pulled on your arm again, bringing you closer so he could plant a smooch on your forehead. "Get going," he then released your arm and watched as you stepped out the car.


Once you were inside the convenience store, Taehyung took a glance over to the filling stations. The young male stepped out of his truck and walked over to them, with the intentions of helping himself to it's gas.


As soon as you entered the store, your gaze landed on the young cashier. 'He seems to be the only one here.' you thought, as you quickly scanned the rest of the store. When you looked back his way, you found him watching you. "Good night," you nodded respectfully.


He plucked the earphones from his ears, "good night." He quickly returned the gesture.


You walked a bit further in the store, and picked one of the isles that carried various of snacks. You picked up a couple of chips and pastries. Once you were finished with that isle, you moved on to the refrigerators. You picked a couple bottles of water and a 6-pack of beer. After bumping the door back shut and walking back up, you took a glance up at the monitor and saw the guy strangely looking over. But it didn't seem like he was suspicious of you. More like interested.


'How cute. He can't take his eyes off me. Reminds me of how Taehyung was when we first met.'


After you reached the counter, you placed all your things on the counter, ready for them to scan. You could tell by the nervous smile of his, and the blush that reached from his cheeks to his ears, that he was interested in what he saw.


"Excuse me," you strolled right on up to the counter, "how much for a pack of Marlboro?" You crossed your arms under chest as you leaned on the counter, making sure the cleavage under your bomber was noticeable.


"Wh--What's a pretty girl like you doing smoking?" he asked, while starting to scan your items.


You chuckled as you swept a few strands of hair behind your ear. "You think I'm pretty?"


"Y-yes," his head was a bit stiff, but he nodded.


"Thank you," you put a few extra bats in your lashes, "you're so sweet."


A shy chuckled escaped his lips, "It's no problem," he lowered his gaze and continued to scan the remainder of your things. Once he finished bagging your things, he decided to treat himself to another eyeful of your beautiful face, only to find you staring back at him already.


"Oppa sure is handsome," you smiled.


"Your--Your total is $26.68" he quickly dropped his gaze again.


"How much would it come to with the cigarettes included?"


"Oh, right. With the Marlboro, it'll be," he turned back to grab a pack of the cigarettes, "$46.68."


"$46.68?" you put a pout in your lips. "What to do...?" you looked down towards the counter.


"D-do you not have enough?" he asked.


"I'm so sorry. The last gas station I went to was selling just a bit lower than that. I just thought this station would be same. Forget it, then," you took a step towards the doors. "Dad will be so pissed," you muttered, but loud enough for his ears to catch.


"W-wait! How about I give them to you $15."


"What?!" you whipped your head back around with creased brows. "That's insane. I can't let you do something like that. Won't it come out of your pay?"


"It's okay. It's no big deal, really. You don't want your dad getting mad at you, do you?"


"Oppa," you turned back to the counter, "you're a life savor. Please," you reached up and took him by the hands, "let me repay you in my own way."


At the moment, the guy's face was the color of a tomato. "No, there's no need to--"


"Please?" you bat your lashes at him.


"What...did you have in mind?"


"Is there a storage room somewhere here?"


"Yes," he nodded.


You bit your lip, "lead the way," you said, in your most flirtatious voice. From the time those 3 little words left you mouth, you could see the interest in his eyes amplify up to 10. "Don't worry about the items. They'll be here when you're finished."


You could see that he was clearly flustered from the way he was eyeing everything else but you. "Okay," he squeaked. And with that, the flustered male started walking towards the direction of said room.


While his back was turned, you looked out the glass door and found Taehyung standing there with his hands shoved down the pockets of his jacket. With a thumbs up, you gave him the okay to get back in the car.


"Oppa, I'll be right there," you shouted to the guy. "Let me just grab a condom or 2!"




Hearing him stutter for about he umpteenth time, you had the hardest time stifling back your laughter. When you heard a door open, you quickly gathered up the plastic bags, threw a couple of candies in there, and scurried out the store as fast you as you could.


At the jingle of the door, the naive male came back around the corner and saw that you were already out the door, running towards a black truck. "H-Hey!"


You ran around the back and dropped the stolen items inside the cargo bed, before hopping in it myself. "Floor it!" you shouted.


"You don't gotta tell me twice!" he shouted back.


As soon as Taehyung stepped on the gas, the cashier was now rushing outside to try and catch up with you. "Sorry, oppa!" you waved to him before you and the truck were no longer visible.


"Success!" you bumped both fists in the air. You put your back to the side of the car and took a second to catch your breath from your little sprint. "Time to find a new town for clothes, then," you breathed. You felt bad for the naive cashier, but you had to do what you had to do. Finally looking up to the starry sky, you started to think.


It had been a couple of months since you and Taehyung started living your life on the road, and so far it was great. It was only the two of you, and no one else. No nagging parents to tell you what to do, or how to live your life. It was truly amazing.


After driving for some time, Taehyung stopped the vehicle long enough for you to hop out with your stolen things and go back up to the passenger's seat. As soon as you slammed the door shut, Taehyung stopped on the gas again.


"You get everything?" he asked.


"Of course I did."


"And my cigarettes?"


"Couldn't leave those behind, or else you would've had another tantrum."


Taehyung scoffed. "I'm an adult now. You don't think it's bit much to call it a tantrum?"


"Of course not."


Taehyung took a quick glance in your direction. His eyes immediately landed on your chest. "Was that guy looking at your chest?"


"Hm?" you looked over at him. "Oh, probably," you shrugged. "What's wrong? You jealous?" you questioned, with a quirk of your brow.


"What's there to be jealous about? You're mine and I'm yours."


"You're right," you smirked. "There's absolutely nothing to be jealous about. Not even when he suggested I let him bang me in the storage room."


"He what!?"


At Taehyung's sudden shout, you broke out into laughter. "I'm joking~" you teased. "Look at you, getting all worked up.


Taehyung rolled his eyes. "I can't help it. I've got a gorgeous girl on the road with me, and it bugs me that every bastard we meet can't seem to keep their eyes to them-fucking-selves.


"Aw, you think I'm gorgeous?"


"Duh. Anything less than that seems like an insult."


You eyed Taehyung carefully, as he kept a steady eye on the road. "Tae," you called him, "slow down."


"Slow down?" he glanced your way again. "For what?"


"Just do it."


"What are you--" When Taehyung saw you pulling your scrunchie over your hand to tie up your hair, he instantly lost whatever words. A light chuckle escaped his lips as he pulled his eyes back to the road and eased up on the gas. "To what do I owe the sudden treat?" His hormones were slowly beginning to take control.


You unzipped your jacket and dropped on the floor. "I'll allow your imagination be the answer to that," you said as you climbed over to his lap and ducked yourself beneath the steering wheel.


From the moment you reached for his zipper and pulled it down, you could feel his little friend growing over your palm. Taehyung lifted up his lower half from the seat so you could properly tug down his pants to his ankles.


"A little excited aren't ya," you eyed his tight boxers with full eyes.


"I can't help it. It's been a while since you last got me off."


"I hope you can last long then." That said, you reached for the hole in his boxer briefs and pulled out his fully hard friend. As soon as your hand wrapped around him, you felt his heat.


You started out by stroking his length nice and slow, building up the tension in his cock. Every stroke you gave him felt like a charge right down to our middle. He wasn't the only one excited.


You took one long lick up his shaft and kissed head before letting the tip of your tongue swirl around it a couple of time. It was when you flicked your tongue back and forth over his tip that you heard him hiss.


"Tease," he breathed.


"And you love it," you retorted.


You closed your eyes and lowered your mouth over him, bracing your flattened tongue out against him. From the second he felt the warmth of your mouth surround his shaft, a shudder ran through his his entire body. "Wow."


You slowly bobbed your head up and down on the half that you could've fit into your mouth. Your tongue swirled around him numerous times, earning you little grunts of his pleasure. 'Let's see if I can go deeper.' You gagged your way down on him, nearly chocking, until the base of his length was touching your lips and his tip was tickling the back of your throat.


At this point, it was one heck of a struggle not to buck himself into your mouth. Every now and then, you would hear his breath hitch. It seemed like he was having a hard time holding in voice. But you didn't want him to hold back. You wanted to hear his sexy voice and you sucked him off.


'Don't you start holding back on me.'


Suddenly, Taehyung's grip on the steering wheel tightened after feeling the brief closing of your throat on his head. "Hane--"


You swallowed hard once more, while your eyes fluttered to check his reaction. Sure enough, Taehyung's face was totally scrunched up. 


Up and down you went, sucking and moaning to his liking while gradually lubricating his length with your saliva. Just running lips ran over his veins, it riled you up even more. You didn't want him in just your mouth, You wanted him inside of you, riding you until you were nothing but a moaning mess.


Eventually, the car started to filled with erotic noises your mouth made, and Taehyung's near breathless grunts. "Fuck it."


Those were the last words he breath before you heard a gear shit and felt the back of your head jerk back into the steering wheel.


"Mm," you groaned. As you went to soothe the back of your head, you felt sudden sting, causing you to pull it right back down. When you looked up at Taehyung, you found him gazing down at you with a dark look in his eyes and lust completely glossing over them.


He pulled the scrunchie out of your hair, grabbed a handful of your lock, pulled back and rammed his cock into your throat. You damn near chocked at the sudden movement, but somehow managed to keep from throwing up. Once you calmed yourself down, you slapped Taehyung against the leg and glared up at him. 'The hell!'


"I told you, it's been a while," he growled.


Before you knew it, you were being guiding along to the hastened pace of his choosing. Your eyes were clammed shut, wondering when he was going to reach his climax.


"Think you can handle swallowing my load this time?" he raised brow, while his free hand ran through more of your hair.


'Is that supposed to be a challenge?'


In your own little way of answering, you braced your hands on the sides of Taehyung's thighs. You sent nothing but deep vibrations into him for a couple seconds more, up until something wet and warm shot down the back of your throat.


Following that, came a series of thrusts; each accompanied with a shot of warm liquid that continued to target and slip down into your esophagus. After a couple more of those, the tension on your scalp finally relaxed. When you drew back from him, your lips left his sensitive cock with a lively pop.


With sigh, his head hit the seat, "I needed that."


You swallowed once, taking everything down one time. "I nearly died back there."


"And yet," Taehyung took a hand to your cheek, "you took it like a champ. Nobody tries like my Hanuel tries." He leaned over and flicked his tongue over your bottom lip, asking for permission to enter your mouth, to which he was kindly permitted.


His tongue fought with yours for a couple of seconds before he went onto to make out with you in a heated passion. "I love you," he confessed.


"I love you, too," You shimmied out from your spot, and leaned over to plant a kiss on his nose. "I'll get you to return this kindness of mine at a later time."


"Fine by me." Once you climbed back over to your spot, Taehyung pulled back up his pants. He shifted the gear into drive and stepped on the gas. "Ah! I'm feeling so good right now!"


You just propped your elbow on the edge of the window, deciding to stare out at the lights and trees that you passed by.


A/N: [1] Source of idea: "Dean - Run The Streets" I'm not joking. One song conjured up all of this. I didn't even plan on writing on a smut. It's been so long since I have though (ღ˘⌣˘ღ).

[2] I was thinking of making this a oneshot, but then I thought I could continue their journey and include a chapter for every member or two they meet. Like a mini series. Interested?