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Not Too Old To Be Kids

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"Remind me again why a bunch of couples are playing Spin The Bottle," Mercedes says and takes another sip from her Solo cup.

"What do you mean," Tina asks, "there were always couples when we did this before."

"Yeah, but now some of us are married."

"Shush, 'Cedes." Kurt is holding Blaine's hand as they sit down in the circle. "Let's have some fun!"

"What happened to Baby Penguin Hummel?" Santana takes another gulp of alcohol. Kurt glares at Blaine with a you told her?! look.

"Baby Penguin Hummel married an amazing man who showed him how to be sexy."

" Wanky ."

"Shut up."




"Shut up."

"No, you shut up first."

"You have to shu-"

"Kurt," Mercedes interjects, "are you drunk already?"

"Naw. Just tippy. I mean tipsy." Mercedes laughs and Blaine gets a bottle of water which he all but shoves in his husband's face, claiming it was too hard to handle a drunk Kurt.

"Alright, bitches and gentlemen! Let's get this party started!"

"Puck, no insulting the women. We've talked about this." Quinn pats her boyfriend's arm.

"But bitches are girl dogs and girl dogs are the cutest things ever!"

"What a softie," Santana mumbles and takes another few sips.




Loads of kisses (there were actually combinations they hadn't tried out in high school) and a sober Kurt later, it's Blaine's turn. He spins the bottle and chuckles a little at doing exactly what the name of the game suggests, watching it spin, spin, spin around before it lands on Sam.

"Oh, we don't have to."

"Dude, you've wanted to kiss me for, like, the longest time now."

"Have not!"

"Yes you have," they all shout out in varying states of slurring.


Before he can finish Kurt is pushing him to the other side of the circle and he lands on Sam. He doesn't have a chance to do anything because Sam is already connecting their lips. They pull away and for some reason he can't stop laughing, moving back over to his original spot and receiving a kiss on the cheek from Kurt. He's still laughing when he says, "That's another former crush kissed and checked off the list."

"Oh, please," Kurt scoffs, "I wasn't a crush. I was love."

"Ah, yes, the loviest of loves. I was so in love with you."

"What happened to crazy drunk Blaine? I think I prefer him over stupid romantic drunk Blaine," Kurt chuckles.

"He jumped out the window and went looking for Narnia so he could capture Mr Tumnus."

"Why would anyone want to capture a fawn?" Mike asks.

"I dunno, ask him. Oh wait, you can't! He's in Narnia!" Blaine breaks out into laughter again.

Brittany asks, "Did Sam's kiss make you drunk? I want some of that."

"No me gusta. I'm gonna need more booze if I have to watch my wife kiss Froggy Lips." Santana stumbles around the circle to where Mercedes is sitting and takes the red cup right out of her hand and drinks. Then she spits it out, "Ew! Who drinks water at a teenage party!"

"None of us are teenagers," Mercedes points out.

"But it's a teenage party! Someone gimme some booze," Santana moves over to Quinn instead and sits on her lap. Quinn takes her cup and dumps it on the brunette's head.

Santana gasps, "You did not just do that. It's on, Fabray!" The two start a sort of game of tag around the circle and Mercedes excuses herself before she gets trampled. Kurt follows her to the kitchen.


"What?" Mercedes asks.

"I'd ask if Sam knows but he's been staring at your belly all evening."

"Before you ask, it was planned."

"You don't look that happy."

"I'm ecstatic... Just worried."

"Sam would be an excellent father. You don't see it now but he'd be caring, compassionate. I'm pretty sure he's not going to want to separate himself from that little boy or little girl."

"Thanks, Kurt."

"You're always welcome. Plus," he winks, "I'd be happy to babysit."

She laughs, "Of course you would. Any progress on deciding yourself?"

Kurt nods, "She's away for work right now but we really want to ask her."

"It would be awesome to have one of my best ladies to talk to," she nods in agreement. The two, despite not being able to meet all that often, have gotten better at reading each other even with less words being said. "Come on, let's go back."

They walk back into the living room. Quinn and Santana are now sitting against each other and they look more like lovers than enemies. Blaine is watching Tina spin the beer bottle and turns his head around in sloppy circles, trying to match the movements of the bottle. Kurt sits back down next to him and holds his husband's head in place, giving him a big smooch to the lips.

"Cheater!" someone calls out and Kurt laughs.

The bottle stops and Mike freezes up a little. Tina notices and states, "Artie said he doesn't care what happens tonight. It's just one kiss, it'll be fine."

"Okay," he shrugs and moves closer to his ex. He's the only single person in the room but Tina is alone, Artie off directing a film at some place he forgot the name of. The girl's lips are just as soft and caring as he remembers them and he has to break it off before he gets too attached. Tina smiles at him. You'll find someone, I'm sure of it, she seems to say with her eyes.




By the end of the night only Mercedes and Kurt aren't drunk, everyone has kissed one of their exes or former enemies and no one is sad. They decide to just all spend the night there in Mike's house so they bring out the pillows and blankets, laying out a general area in the living room. Mike is just about to crash on the couch when he sees Tina point to all the couples cuddling, Brittany and Santana, Mercedes and Sam, Kurt and Blaine, Quinn and Puck, and then points to them. He gives in and they fall asleep together.

When they all come together, no one is really alone. And they'll never be too old to be kids.