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Star Fire

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He was eight years old at a Ministry function with his father when a tall, blue eyed man held a conversation with him. Taller than his father, with a permanent smile on his face - he couldn’t help the mixture of uncertainty and relief in his presence.

“Should you ever need to Floo to safety, or just to see me, my boy, do not hesitate to seek me with these words.”

He frowned up at the man. “That doesn't make sense. It's not an address -”

There was booming laughter from Auror Toshinori and a playful grin. “Then you will not need to worry about forgetting it, hm?”

He was fifteen when Fuyumi’s Patronus found him during midday in the library. He was already moving with his wand gripped in his sleeve as it spoke in his sister’s hushed voice.


He ran up passages and dark stairwells, his classmates jumped out of his way as he made his way up, up, up. He thought he may have heard Iida's voice, but he couldn't stop.

There was dread in his bones when he reached the Headmaster’s Office, praying to whatever god was listening that it would be empty. Perhaps there was one, after all, when he found the room blessedly clear. He closed the door behind him and began to rush towards -

Gods are not that kind, it would seem, as the door is suddenly slammed open before he could cross the room.

An automatic “Protego!” is up but still he staggered back from the force of the incoming hex from the man.

“Shouto!” His father barked. “What do you think -”

But he had tossed powder into the flames, practically throwing himself into green embers with a clear shout, “All Might!”

Maybe he didn't say it right.

Though the Floo network had obviously, miraculously, connected - he was absolutely sure that he wasn't in another fireplace.

Actually, he was falling from the sky.

Gritting his teeth, he took note of the tree below him and manages a possibly useless levitating charm along with an equally possibly useless cushioning charm on himself. He tucked his wand into his sleeve and barely had the time to brace himself for the branches.

He probably snapped right through a thicker branch but then crashed into something warm before falling to the snowy ground.

There’s a roll in the landing, arms which attempt in vain to steady the impact, and breath leaving a body.

Shouto feels heat underneath him - a person, his mind supplies - and he quickly tries to put his weight off of them when his gloved hands slip anyway and he topples.

“Oof -”

A tiny, traitorous voice in his mind told him to just stay there, never mind that someone was getting crushed under his weight. He felt so heavy and his supply of magic screamed at him to stop moving, to rest.

“I'm sor-” with a huff, he tries again, rising a little with success, but words fail him at that moment, because he had fallen on a lot of freckles.

Freckles, on a face which also held concerned green eyes, like summer grass likely to be beneath the snow below Shouto’s covered fingertips, which lay millimeters away from dark locks. “Are you okay?”

“You're asking that to someone who just knocked you out of a tree.”

“You fell into the tree.” the person, a boy in a striped blue sweater groaned.

Shouto pulled away from the boy, who seemed to be about his age. “My apologies.”

The boy grunted and sat up, cocking his head to the side. “You didn't answer my question.”

“I'm fine. You broke my fall.”

At this, the boy laughs, and Shouto’s side hurt so he wonders if he's fine after all. “I'm glad. You're a lot lighter than you look, considering, y’know, physics.”

“Cushioning and levitating charms.” Which reminded him to quickly take his wand from his sleeve and inspect it for damage. Finding none, he cast Finite , and pressed his right hand to his side, relieved to feel it only a tad tender.

The boy had begun muttering to himself. “A levitating charm cast while falling doesn't mean flight but maybe it could slow descent, but is the limit of that from the caster to object or caster to ground being levitated from? But if you're falling then maybe that already counts as levitation if -” he blinked, a guilty grin fanning away his calculated gaze. “Sorry.”

“That's fine,” Shouto said, though he filed the sudden thought process to think about for later. He stood up and took in the snowy scape -a courtyard, perhaps, when he finally noticed the looming castle above.

Hogwarts castle.

Well, that would probably explain the drain in energy. The Floo had to find a price somewhere to transport him several countries over.

“Are you - do you mind telling me why you were falling from the sky?” The boy asks, a little cautiously, eyes on the heavy uniform. “You're a little far from Durmstrang.” Very far from Durmstrang, more like.

The boy was still sitting on the ground. Shouto offered his hand to help him up. “I'm looking for Auror Toshinori.” He replied.

The boy perked at that, taking Shouto’s hand and stands up as well. There’s snow in his hair, though it didn’t weigh down its unruliness. “All Might? I think he's with the Headmaster right now. Do you want me to take you to him?”

Shouto almost sagged in relief. He’d read about Hogwarts’ strange castle with moving staircases and ever-changing hallways. “If you wouldn't mind.”

“No problem. Just give me a minute here…” He took out his wand as he turned on his heel to go towards the tree they had fallen out of.

There was a frown on Shouto’s face as his mind registered that while they stood outside in late November, the petals which he had mistaken for snowflakes in the boy’s curls had actually been pink petals of the cherry blossom tree in full bloom. The branch, littered with lush green leaves and blossoms (which also proved to be the cause of the light ache below his ribcage) lay by the tree’s roots, and he watched the boy crouch down and lay a gentle hand on it.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I'll fix you up right away.” The boy murmured. He cast a levitation charm on the branch and brings it high into the tree, and Shouto can see that it goes nearly where it had snapped off. The boy placed his right hand on the trunk, and closed his eyes.

There was no spell that he says and no wand movement. The branch merged into the tree and the part where it broke merely grew into a healthy arm. Magic is practically leaping off of the boy’s figure.

“What's your name?” Shouto blurted out in the moment he realized that he didn't know whether to attempt to douse the lightning bouncing on the boy’s skin or if it was really alright to just watch.

The boy quickly turned just slightly to meet Shouto’s incredulous face with wide eyes. “I -” his mouth widened into a cherub smile. “I totally forgot to introduce myself, I'm sorry!” He exclaimed. Time seemed to turn back, as Shouto watched the tree go from full bloom to what the tree was expected to look like in the first place: a little gnarled and bare. “I'm Midoriya Izuku.”

Shouto took note that they've been speaking Japanese this whole time, and barely formed a response without stammering. “Todoroki Shouto.”

In a blink, the snow covered ground was gone, replaced by cobblestones dampened by a light sprinkle of rain which fell upon Shouto’s senses.

Midoriya was smiling all the while, the glow faded away when he took his hand off of the trunk. He walked over to Shouto and tilted his head, “Let’s get going.”

Tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, Shouto fell in step as he's led through Hogwarts’ halls. Their footsteps are hardly offbeat but still drove curiosity out of his mouth. “What was that out there?”

Midoriya seemed to have had been lost in thought because his head snapped up quickly. “What?”

“With the -” everything . “Courtyard. Was it your Quirk?”

They turned a corner and Midoriya sighed. “I - I wasn't really supposed to let you see any of that.” He admitted. His eyes darted nervously before he slowed just a step so that their shoulders almost touched as they walk on. “I know what you saw was...weird, even for magic, but I can't - can't really explain it without breaking a promise, and it wasn't my Quirk, so - uh, actually,” he stopped then, as they come to stop by a statue of a grinning gargoyle. He peered up at Shouto with a hopeful, sheepish smile. “Do you mind keeping that between us?”

There’s something screeching in his head to oblige, to momentarily swallow his curiosity whole, and prompts Shouto to nod his head even though he wanted to know .

But Midoriya brightened, and it reminded Shouto of something. There's no chance to ponder, however, because Midoriya turned to the gargoyle and promptly enunciated, “Algernon” in English.

The gargoyle jumped to the side, revealing a winding staircase. Shouto followed Midoriya up the narrow space until they come to a heavy-looking, wooden door.

Midoriya knocked.

There's an immediate response from the other side. “Come in!” called a cheery voice.

Shouto knew he was having a long day with one surprise after another, but perhaps it was starting to get a little too odd.

Hogwarts’ teaching staff held a few of the world’s most renowned Aurors in history. Seeing some of them gathered in the room at that moment was...a little ridiculous.

Toshinori Yagi, internationally known as a bright flame of justice with golden hair and an eternal smile, kneeled on a small cushion in front of a kotatsu with a little cup of tea held between both of his large hands. All Might’s eternal smile seemed strained.

Kayama Nemuri, though known as Midnight, sat demurely on top of the kotatsu table with a bowl of snacks in her lap and a thoughtful expression on her face as she peeled a mikan.

Aizawa Shouta lay on his side in a yellow sleeping bag by the table, but also had a steaming cup by his face. On top of his shoulder was Headmaster Nedzu, who held his own cup in his paws and welcomed them in.

“Oh? A Durmstrang boy?” Midnight all but purred around an orange slice.

All Might’s strain morphed into recognition. “Ah, young Todoroki! What a surprise!”

“No wonder Endeavor’s pissed.” Aizawa grumbled from his sleeping bag. He lifts his eyes to Shouto. “You had better have a good explanation for the trouble you've brought.”

So he stole a deep breath and straightened his shoulders before looking at All Might. “I tried it, in the Floo. It's a little off, I think since I didn't end up in another fireplace, but it did get me here anyway without a portkey.”

All Might looked a little grave, and Shouto thinks he may have caught onto something. “Todoroki, my boy…” He trailed off to look at the Aurors in the room, his gaze ending at Nedzu, who nods.

The Headmaster turns to the boys, with an easy expression. “Midoriya-kun, I take it you escorted our guest here? Thank you so much!”

Midoriya shook his head. “It was my pleasure.”

There was a false thoughtful tilt of Nedzu’s head. “It seems that we have something we talk about, Midoriya-kun, so I’m sorry to ask if you would mind stepping out for a bit.”

There's unexpected objection is in Shouto’s throat as Midoriya was ruffled to respond, “Oh, yes! Of course! I'm sorry!” He bowed.

Nedzu giggled lightheartedly with a wave. “No need to apologize. I believe we may be in need of you later, so do you mind coming back when called?”

Midoriya nodded. “Yes, of course.”

“Splendid! I believe Recovery Girl needed an extra hand in the hospital wing, perhaps you'd help her out in the meanwhile?” Nedzu suggested.

Midoriya affirmed with another nod. He bowed again to the Aurors with a smile, and before he left the room his smile widened at Shouto just a little bit. “I'll see you later.” He said.

Shouto’s blood rushed in his ears and he willed himself to not stare after Midoriya when he went through the door. He weakly wished that he had asked the boy to stay after all, but pushed it aside.

The room was grim even with Nedzu’s semi-comforting smile. “Now, what can we do for you, Todoroki-kun?”

Izuku released a shaky breath as he left Todoroki’s line of sight. Or rather now that he's not under Todoroki’s mismatched eyes, he has the time to soothe his heart from leaping at his rib cage.

Todoroki Shouto was part Veela. Izuku had known this even before the moment the name clicked in his brain and helpfully supplied him with articles of the Durmstrang prodigy. He had known this while Todoroki followed him through the halls and his long strides reminded Izuku of Auror Midnight’s movements during combat. And if there had been any doubt in this fact all that while in Izuku’s mind (there hadn't been), then it was blown away when Todoroki spoke and Izuku made the fortunate mistake of meeting his eyes and tried putting together a response at the same time. The sound of Todoroki’s voice combined with the proximity between them so Izuku could whisper was a spell on its own.

While Todoroki didn't actually do anything to unravel Izuku, he just really didn't have to. It was minuscule compared to Professor Kayama’s potent bloodline, but, Merlin help him - Todoroki Shouto was very pretty.

And then there was that moment when Todoroki had asked for his name and Izuku almost blew up the cherry blossom tree he had been working on for over a month now, just from sheer force of flustered he was.

He's breathless with the amount of effort it took him to not wax poetic about Todoroki’s face (and a little from the dull bruise by his ribs but that's probably from when he fell out of the tree) when he reached the infirmary, though he had taken his time to get there.

Recovery Girl was without a doubt, the most talented Healer in all of history. Though she stood in her later years, the witch was still brimming with energy and hardly ever needed help with anything. Said little witch stood on top of a wooden stool whilst stirring something in a large potions pot in the middle of the hospital wing.

Izuku heard the cackling of a bad Muggle movie in his mind but knocked on the door. “Hi, Chiyo-baasan.”

Shuzenji Chiyo finishes a counterclockwise stir when she looks up, gaze immediately checking Izuku for injuries. She smiled warmly at his condition. “Midoriya-kun, how good to see you.”

He approached and took a quick look at the contents of the pot. It was a lovely shade of purple. “Sleeping Draught?” He asked. He frowned, remembering Recovery Girl’s last counterclockwise stir. “Dreamless Sleep.” He said with a confident nod.

Recovery Girl waved a stasis spell over the cauldron. “Right you are!” She says, moving down the step stool.

Izuku rushed to her side and helps her down.

She chuckled. “Always such a nice boy you are, Midoriya-kun. Did the Headmaster send you my way?”

He puffed up his chest with a grin. “I'll help in any way I can.”

“How about you help me bottle the potion, and we can go over your diagnostic charm?”

“Yes, m’am!”

It's a little over an hour when All Might walked into the infirmary, his voice carrying to the back of the room, where Recovery Girl and Izuku have tea between them. “Hello, Recovery Girl!”

They had made quick work of bottling the potion for Dreamless Sleep. Recovery Girl pointed out a few suggestions and chinks in Izuku’s diagnosis and prognostic spells before she had suggested they relax.

“How do you do, All Might?” She greeted. “Have you come to take Midoriya-kun from me?”

“I am well, thank you!” All Might says. He turned to Izuku, “My boy, if you would come back with me.”

They excuse themselves from the hospital wing, Recovery Girl thanking Izuku again for his help.

“I'm sorry we’ve kept you waiting, my boy.” All Might said with a slight frown, walking side by side with his student.

Izuku shook his head. “Recovery Girl’s good to hang around with when you and I don't hobble through her doors with something broken.” He joked.

All Might agreed, and asked him how his studies were going.

Izuku quickly goes through the areas he'd been improving on, and the areas he still needed work, before remembering Todoroki. “He - uh, dropped in, when I was in the middle of meditating.” He admitted. “Oh, but I asked him to keep it a secret, and I didn't say anything!” He added.

His mentor looked thoughtful. “I think young Todoroki will keep his word. Though I’m surprised, it was good you were to keep it from him. He's very keen on answers, from what I can tell.” He mused, before grinning at Izuku. “Quite like yourself, I would say!”

Izuku’s face flushed, really, for no reason.

They get back to the Headmaster’s office, where Izuku finds that Professor Aizawa had crept out of his sleeping bag and was holding a hushed conversation with Professor Midnight. The two wore little grins which sent a chill down Izuku’s spine.

Headmaster Nedzu stood by the fireplace with Todoroki, who sat on a stool with a worn out hat on his head.

The Sorting Hat gave what Izuku thinks to be a grin. “Ah, Midoriya. This one is giving me almost as much trouble as you did.”

“Welcome back, you two.” Nedzu chirped.

“Don't you like the trouble?” Izuku said thoughtfully.

Todoroki had his brows a little bit pinched, but nodded at Izuku and All Might. “He's giving me trouble.”

There was a mumble from the hat before it barked, “Slytherin, since I couldn’t get that boy over there to them last time.”

Aizawa trudged over and picked up the hat from Todoroki’s head, handing over the old relic to Nedzu’s paws. “Not that what House you are matters.”

Nedzu levitated the hat to a cabinet he can't reach before turning to address Izuku. “Midoriya-kun,”

Izuku straightened, though a little nervous. “Yes?”

Nedzu gestured to the room with his paws. “We seem to have a situation and would require your help, with Todoroki-kun’s transfer.”

Izuku’s brows shoot up. Transfer? This far in the school year?

“It's sudden, and there are several things which need to be settled,” Nedzu says evenly. “This is where your case comes in handy, as you have a spare room.”

Izuku blinked. “He's...going to live with m-me?” He gaped. “But I - oh, not that I don't want you - Todoroki-kun, to uh, be my roommate! Because honestly the dorm is too big anyway, but I'm - my thing is -” but the thing was - he lived alone for reasons. He already has a hard time fooling his friends, so how is he supposed to keep a secret with a roommate?

Todoroki glanced at him from the stool, looking a little helpless, and Izuku shuts up because he’s sure he’ll die if he didn't.

All Might pressed a hand to Izuku’s shoulder. “My boy, young Todoroki will be under your care. Do not worry! Everything will be fine!”

Midnight glided across the room to smile at Todoroki. “And don't you worry about your family, boy,” she said softly, though there was wickedness on her lips. “We’ll personally see to their safety.”

“We should get going,” Aizawa said gruffly.

Nedzu nodded and smiled at Todoroki as well. “As promised, Todoroki-kun. You're in good hands with Midoriya-kun.”

Izuku realized, as he once again leads Todoroki down corridors, that underneath the gentle words from his professors was...anger.

He felt almost sorry for the person who had attracted the wrath of the Aurors, but it was smothered by the feeling that was sure they deserved it.

Shouto followed Midoriya through hallways lit with torches, lamps, and the last window from probably ten minutes ago proved that they were really high up in the castle, since he had looked down below to see the sun setting.  

Midoriya read instructions on a parchment hastily written by All Might before the professors had all but tossed them out of the Headmaster’s office. He's muttering them to himself while turning corners and not missing a step, and occasionally he’d look up to make sure that Shouto was still beside him.

There were little paper lanterns floating in the next hallway they turn to, and Shouto had already lost count of how many hallways that it had been. The glow within them don't flicker, so he wondered how they produced light. The next turn had glowing mosaics on the walls of flying birds and blooming flowers, all in constant motion.

At the end was that of a little girl in a simple white dress. She visibly perked up at the sight of Midoriya.

“Hi, Eri. I'm back.” Midoriya says warmly.

“Welcome back.” The girl replied brightly. She had a little horn on the side of her temple.

“This is Todoroki Shouto, Eri! He's - he’ll be living with me starting today.”

Shouto nodded. “Hello.”

She blushed, hiding behind her curtain of hair and opening her mouth before closing it again and looking to Midoriya helplessly. “W-what is something that is slow to wear?”

Midoriya met Shouto’s eyes with an apologetic grin. “She's shy.” He said. “Do you know the answer?”

Shouto frowned. Slow to wear? “Is that...a joke?”

Izuku laughed. “It's a riddle! We can't get in if we can't solve it.”

“A turtleneck.”

Eri giggled, floating to the wall on their right. “Correct.” The wall she previously occupied vanished with golden sparks.

“That's a good one, Eri!” Midoriya says with a grin.

The girl beamed. “Thank you!”

Shouto followed Midoriya through a shimmering curtain and reach another flight of stairs, though this one winds up. They pass by glass stained windows, vibrant and a little abstract for Shouto to place at the time.

Midoriya paused when they're a few feet away from where the stone steps become wood, turning to Shouto with a hesitant smile. “Do you mind it if I grab hold of you here? The wards will go off if I'm not physically accompanying any newcomers.”

The curiosity burned on his tongue again but Shouto nods, though startling when his pinky is taken by Midoriya’s own as he's sort of dragged the next couple of steps. His pinky is released when they pass three wooden steps, and Midoriya grins at him as they reach the top not too long after.

They enter straight into what Shouto thinks to be a large, round common area. There were dark blue velvet curtains down on the opposite side of the entrance except for the nook in the middle, where a large stained glass window depicted the twilight.

There’s a hearth to their immediate left and kotatsu table sits a good distance from the flames, littered with open notebooks and books and pens and pencils. An upright piano sat just a few steps away with books piled on top, and a love seat not too far from it. Above them, the room was well lit and warmed from what looked like a large silver disc of bright golden flames.

“Sorry for the mess! I have notes everywhere -” Midoriya flittered to the kotatsu table, closing notebooks and stacking them into a pile. “I'm so embarrassed - I wish I had known I was having someone over today so I could have cleaned up, but really I should have cleaned up in the first place so I was just irresponsible and lax and -”

A loud grumble erupted from Shouto’s stomach, which caused his face to burn in his own embarrassment and halt Midoriya’s panic at the same time.

Shouto sighed. “It’s really not messy at all.”

“There’s more.” Midoriya quipped. He walked around the table to the far left of the room, where there was a kitchenette and small island in the middle. Midoriya brightened at the plates on the island. “Oh, they already asked the kitchens for us.” he carried the plates over by the windows, where there was a wooden table fit for a family though only had two chairs.

Shouto followed, looking at the vase of snowdrops on top of a few books in the middle of the table. He takes a seat when Midoriya offers. Looking down at the plate full of food, he sees that it’s in a well-placed stasis charm.

“There’s usually more options at the Great Hall, but I think the professors want us in the room for the night just in case of news.” Midoriya said, taking out his wand and casting a non-verbal Finite Incantatem. “You can, uh, start eating, but I feel as though I should at least tell you a little bit about, uh - myself? Or at least my situation, if it could be called that, or well - it can , because it is - okay, I’ll try to be clear, I’m sorry.” he bites his lip to stop the flow of words, looking at Shouto and then down to his hands fiddling with chopsticks.

“It’s just my face.” Shouto says flatly, sure it was blank and probably discouraging the boy across from him. “I’m listening.”

“No!” Midoriya all but shouts. “Sorry, I didn’t mean - to yell, or to uh, look at you like you’re making a face, you’re actually not making one - I mean, ugh…” he ran a hand through his hair, squeezing his eyes shut for a long moment. When he opened them, there was a look of calm and determination that shocked through Shouto’s system - he had to stop chewing to keep from choking on what little gasp would have escaped him. Midoriya shakily took a deep breath and though his smile is a little wobbly, his back was straight and his hands were still with his left over the right. “Headmaster Nedzu already said it, but I have the room to myself. Or more specifically, the entire tower.” he began. “I’m not entirely sure how Durmstrang dorming works, but here in Hogwarts we typically have dormitory rooms with four students max in each room, and the Houses are separated by towers across the campus. My case is that my schedule is a lot different from everyone else and I transferred here, too, just this year in September. Combined, I got to be in this tower with all this space for my, ah, research. It also doesn’t disturb any room mates when I have to leave suddenly.”

It was vague, for an explanation, and Shouto wondered if he was ever going to fully know anything that went on with Midoriya as he swallowed. Oh, was there stamina replenishing potion in the rice? He felt a little less groggy now. “It sounds like you’re given a lot of freedom.”

Midoriya stopped fiddling with his chopsticks for the sake of properly using them and takes a bite of his food before nodding. “In comparison to the students here, absolutely. It’s because I’m busy with a lot of things.” he said. “I’m training to be an Auror, for one, so I leave the school sometimes.”

Shouto stared at him. “You’ age, aren’t you?”

“I’m fifteen?”

“My age,” Shouto confirmed. “And you’re telling me you’re in Auror training.” he said, barely keeping the disbelief from showing in his voice.

“I get why you wouldn’t believe me,” Midoriya offered with a nervous grin. “The professors can tell you, if you want to ask them later. Also, no one’s supposed to know that either, but since we’ll otherwise be spending a lot of time together, I thought you might as well know.”

It was getting a little difficult to eat and think and listen and process everything, and Shouto was so tired from everything, potions in his food or no. “Spending a lot of time together because you were assigned to watching me?”

Midoriya tilted his head. “Not really watching you? We’ll have the same classes, which are mostly separate from the other Houses unless they’re joint anyway, but otherwise we’re regular dorm mates.” he smiled. “I mean, as regular dorm mates as could be, I guess, considering.”

He was surprised, sure that the Hogwarts staff would want to keep a close eye on him. “They didn’t ask you to watch me?”

“They didn’t really ask me to do much except for us to get acquainted and stay here until they get back.” Their plates empty, Midoriya took them to the sink in the kitchen before walking back to the table. “There are just the rooms left to see - ah, they’re kind of a mess, too..”

Shouto followed him to the door to the left first, between the windows and the kitchen.

“This is my room.” Midoriya says with a slight flush, pushing the door open.


He hadn’t grown up with a lot of Muggle interactions because of his father’s insistence of rigorous magical upbringing, but Shouto was sure that Midoriya’s room was - from the bedsheets to the giant bean bag on the floor, that the yellow mouse with the red cheeks on every surface he saw - indeed full of Pikachu. There were posters of Pikachus on the walls, with ketchup bottles and sometimes Pichus and some green owl Pokemon he didn't have the name for at the time. There was a fuzzy looking Pikachu on the bed, on top of the Pikachu cased pillows. A bookcase ran along the wall from ceiling to floor, all but one corner filled with large texts - the wood of that also had Pikachus zapping along the edges. The wooden closet to the far side had Pikachu shaped brass knobs, and there were figurines of Pikachu as -

Shouto was going to lose it, he was sure of it when a strangled “Oh my god.” escaped him, when his feet carried him across the room to stand over the army of little figurines of Pikachus in the Hogwarts’ Auror/teaching staff’s battle robes. He swiveled around to look at Midoriya, who had been gaping at him and had jumped when he suddenly turned his way.

“I'm going to guess you know what Pokemon are?” Midoriya said with pink cheeks.

Remembering himself, Shouto struggled with composure. “Yes. Sorry - I was surprised by these,” he pointedly looked at the All Might Pikachu. “That I just ran in your room. I'm sorry for my rudeness.”

Midoriya’s hands flailed in front of him. “No, no! It's fine! I was letting you in here, you know.” He assured. “Do you like them?”

“How...are these even possible?”

“I...made them,” Midoriya admitted, a hand coming to rest behind his neck. “Through Transfiguration. It was pretty hard, but a lot of fun to get the details.”

“That's impressive.” Shouto said. “It's not easy to be able to make something so well.”

Midoriya took a sharp breath in, reddening ever more so. “Thank you, I'm quite proud of them.” He smiled. “Want to see your room now?”

Shouto nodded, following Midoriya out and across the living room and into what would be his bedroom. He was surprised to find tatami floors when Midoriya pushed the door open.

“Ah, I didn't know what I wanted to do with this room when I got the tower, so I thought about trying to keep it traditional -” Midoriya explained as they walked in.

There was a dark wooden bookshelf to the left wall of the room, also brimming with texts and some scrolls. A clean whiteboard stood by it, with colourful markers in a magnetized cup the shape of Pikachu’s face. There was a closet to the right of the door and stacking drawers in the corner. On top of the lowest box was a single blue vase for a snowdrop flower on top of some books, on the next box was a Pikachu plushy also sitting on books. It left for a lot of open space.

“There's only a futon and pillows and blankets in the closet,” Midoriya told him with an uncertain smile. “I can help you with Transfiguring it to a mattress, if you want? And maybe we can find something to turn into a bed frame, too - oh, unless you won't need my help if you want to do it yourself, because you might want a specific type of frame and mattress -”

“This is actually perfect, Midoriya.” Shouto said, cutting him off and offering a small smile for his disruption. Midoriya gaped, probably from being interrupted, so he added, “I sleep better in Japanese rooms.”

Midoriya brightened at that. “What a good coincidence, then!” His eyes look over the bookshelves and the whiteboard. “I'll move those out of the way, if you want.”

Shouto shrugged. “I don't mind. This was your room first.”

“It's your room now.” Midoriya said firmly. “Oh, there's only one bathroom, though.” He added thoughtfully. He led Shouto out of the room, and the bathroom door was between his bedroom door and the piano.

It had a bathtub and shower head, a wide counter with streaks of pearlescent greens held a single sink, and the mirror took up the upper part of the wall. There was a long metal rack to the side for towels, and a waste bin. The tiles on the walls were pretty, inlaid with something shimmery like opal.

He wonders what a student had to do to live in these conditions when they go back to the living room. Midoriya didn’t seem to be a prisoner to the tower, with all the accessible exits available. Was it to keep others away from him?

Midoriya sat by the kotatsu table. “That’s the coat closet, but my broom’s in there, too.” He pointed to the door closest to the stairs. He twisted around to point to the kitchenette. “There's a small pantry there, too.” He turned back with a grin. “And that's pretty much it.” His posture was relaxed, unguarded, and his face only portrayed earnestness.

If anything, he would be the type of person people would always want around.

He made to sit across from Midoriya, and was reminded of his fall from earlier when it throbbed as he took a seat.

“What's wrong?”

Shouto pressed on his left side with his fingers. “I might have a bruise from the branch I broke on my way down.” He says. “Sorry about that, by the way -” he goes still when he found that Midoriya had scooted over close enough that he could count his freckles in the light of the hearth.

“Are you okay?”

“I'm fine. It's nothing.”

Hesitant, he moved back only a little bit. “Do you mind if I look? Not look I mean, I've been practicing some spells so…”

“You're a Healer?” Shouto asked in bewilderment.

“What? No, me being a Healer would actually be unbelievable.” Midoriya said cheekily. “But I'm the only healing apprentice you'll find on campus, so maybe you want to give me some practice?”

He sighed. It couldn't hurt, and he wasn't dying from a bruise. “I guess.”

“Okay, thank you!” Midoriya’s eyes shone with unconcealed glee. He had his wand out and did a nonverbal cast with a quick movement Shouto was unfamiliar with, moving over where he had pressed.

His wand was glowing blue and pulsing (oh, with his heartbeat), hardly flickering. He pulled back after a few moments with a smile. “Congratulations, you were right. It's just a little bruising that'll be little tender for the night.”

“That's what I said.”

“Do you want me to heal it for you, anyway?”

Shouto paused. “You can perform successful healing spells?”

“Just two, for now.” Midoriya admitted. “Three, on a condition.”

“Okay.” He consented. He watched Midoriya’s wand movements, committing them to memory along with the fact that Midoriya was very well trained in non-verbal spells. When he feels the muscle relax from the healing, he asked, “What condition?”

It was just a bruise, so Midoriya sat back after a minute of concentration. “Soul mate condition.” He said quietly. “I know I have one, but I don't know who they are.”

He wanted to ask how he knew without knowing, but there was no way for him to without stumbling or being invasive, so Shouto nods. “That's good. Soul mates are rare, even in a world of magic and Quirks.”

“You're right about that.”

Shouto bent side to side experimentally. “I can't feel it anymore. You did a good job.”

Midoriya’s laughter was breathy and relieved. “I'm glad.” He stood up and made his way to the kitchenette. “Chiyo-baasan would have my head if I couldn't heal a bruise correctly.”

He heard cabinets opening, the tap running, and porcelain clinking. It wasn't long until Midoriya came back with a platter holding two cups of tea and a bowl of biscuits.

One of the cups was set in front of him. “Thank you.”

“You're welcome.” Midoriya chirped, sitting back down. “We’re waiting for them to send a message or for them to request the Floo to open up, so we might as well try to relax.” He took a small sip. “Did you have any questions for me?”

He had a lot. Some more pressing than others and some questions he couldn't even gather into words. “What House are you in?”

Midoriya grinned. “Won't you guess?”

“Ravenclaw.” He said immediately, though feeling as though he should have actually thought about it more.

“That wasn't even a guess. But yes, I'm in Ravenclaw.” Midoriya answered a little proudly. “Which reminds me...there are classes tomorrow. It's already -” he looks over Shouto’s shoulder with a squint. “It's already eight thirty. I only have my lesson with Aizawa-sensei on Mondays, and sometimes he changes the times so I guess we’re waiting on that, too.” He hummed thoughtfully, reaching across the table to take out one of the bottom notebooks from its stack and a pen.

Shouto watched him write and draw some lines, muttering all the while. The tea had been at the perfect temperature to drink when Midoriya had handed him his cup (which also featured a Pikachu, this time with it slumbering surrounded by Pokeballs), but it was beginning to lose its heat.

Midoriya turned the notebook to face Shouto, sliding it across the table. “Our schedule would look something like this for at least this week, and I think Nedzu-sensei wanted at least a little more mingling with the other classes, so we’ll go to those in between.”

“In between...where?” Shouto asked dryly. The schedule drawn had back to back classes and activities and even some study halls. “You really do all of this?” Even his Durmstrang schedule hadn’t been this hectic, and that was on top of training sessions with his father on weekends.

“When I can,” Midoriya affirmed. “We have O.W.Ls at the end of the year, too, so the study times might be off. I have one on one lessons on some weeks, so I'm not sure if you'll be with me on those days or with your House? I don't want to drag you everywhere I go - wait, that sounds rude, um, I mean I don't want you to think you're shackled to my schedule? Although you kind of are? For now? I think Professor Nedzu’ll come up with some sort of tests so you’ll have your own schedule unless of course you end up in mine since you're a genius oh but I'm not saying that I’m a genius, kind of? I -”

Shouto held up a hand, feeling a corner of his mouth turn down against his will. Was this tea caffeinated? He could use some caffeine right then. “Midoriya, slow down. I think I get what you're saying.”

His lips pursed and he bowed his head slightly. “Sorry.” And Shouto immediately felt like an asshole, so he grasped at the tails of the conversation.

“Don't be. What are you saying about me being a genius?”

He gave him a questioning look. “You are?”

“Have you,” he gripped his cup in his hands, even more lacking in heat now. “Have you heard of me?” Slight frost began to creep on the sides of the porcelain.

“I don't think there isn't anyone in the school who hasn't heard of you.”

“Because my father is Endeavor?” He couldn't keep the bitterness out of his voice, even though he spoke quietly.

Todoroki Enji had been the best Auror in all magical nations for several years before Toshinori had showed up seemingly out of nowhere. Besides keeping place as second-best international Auror, he was a businessman and was renowned for his mastery over Fiendfyre and his Hellfire Quirk, respectfully.

“Well, that, and because you've consistently ranked first in Durmstrang in your year since you transferred, your flying as Seeker last year was so good it impressed professional quidditch players, there's been a few articles of you in the research field on your high potency of elemental magic, rumors on your Quirk, and you wandlessly froze the koi pond in Mahoutokoro when you were little.”

Shouto couldn't help himself, he gaped a little bit like a koi fish right then, a little flustered at having someone relay details of himself but -

“Koi pond?” It came out quietly, and as a question. There was a sudden pounding at his temple and he put his left hand there. “What -”

What koi pond?

The memory hit him the way the Durmstrang ship broke water from the air - slowly and heavily and almost like it would sink before magic and physics allowed for buoyancy.

He's eleven. He stood in front of the small Kitsune temple in the middle of the eastern koi pond. His school robes look like the dawn: pink and yellow, though time presented twilight. Shouto had been squatting down to feed the koi with bread from lunch when the reflection of the water caught a burst of light from the sky. He looked up, almost falling into the water when he realized that a comet was coming straight towards him. His Quirk activated suddenly, in a way it never had before - he had only been able to make little snow clouds and freeze small areas at a time with his ice, but now - the koi pond froze over in an instant, with terrifying ease. He reached up with both hands when the comet drew near -

He heard Midoriya’s voice calling his name, but it sounded far away, like he was being pulled under the ice and into freezing waters.

“Todoroki-kun -?!” Izuku jumped up, barely catching Todoroki by his shoulders as his eyes fluttered shut and nearly smacked his head on the table. The cup bounced off of the table and shattered onto the wooden floor.

He barely winced at the sound even as the abrupt massive headache bloomed and threatened the space between his eyeballs. Instead, he garnered his focus on gently setting Todoroki’s head down on the table, summoning a pillow from the loveseat to put in between his face and the wood. Despite his unconscious state, Todoroki’s forehead was still just slightly creased in pain.

Izuku went about fixing the cup and vanishing the tea spill, casting a diagnostic charm and a healing spell, all in rapid succession. When the healing spell didn't work (as he thought it wouldn't from the results of the diagnostic spell), he settled for smoothing out the crease with his fingers.

Todoroki’s skin was a little tempered both ways towards warm and cool. His breathing evened into a slumber as the lines relaxed under Izuku’s healing touch. He looked so peaceful that Izuku almost missed that life changing event.

Holy Merlin in Hell I am so Fucked.

He gave himself a minute to slow his rabbit heart as his own headache subsided. He forced down the panic but allowed himself a tiny doleful whimper.

Izuku can freak out about that situation later, but for now…

For now, he can wonder about why Todoroki had a powerful Obliviate charm on the day that they had first met.