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Keep Holding On

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Hi there! This will be my first fanfic, so please don't judge it, I know it's bad.
Before I start, though, if you read this AN please tell me if you're interested in reading this story; I don't want to spend my time writing something that people don't want to read. This is going to be a fic about a character of my creation, Cassandra (Cassie) Esposito, and how she has to make it out of an abusive relationship with her father. Obviously, since this is a Glee fic, she joins the McKinley High Glee Club, which is being run by Kurt and Blaine Hummel-Anderson, with help from Will Schuester and Sam Evans. Kurt and Blaine end up being incredibly important in this story, so there will be lots and lots of Klaine fluff and Klaine angst and Klaine in general! However, many of the major characters will be characters of my own creation, so if you're not interested in this, please tell me, I'll write something else instead. If you want to read it, tell me too! I want to know if people are interested in what I want to write. Also, if you want me to write something, give me a prompt! I can't guarantee that it will be good, but I'll give it my all! (I'm really interested in doing sicfics, if you want to prompt me;)) But anyways, tell me what you think of the idea, and a first chapter may or may not be up soon.
Thanks, heylookitsklaine

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Sitting on the couch, Kurt Hummel-Anderson felt like something was missing. I mean, sure, he’d gotten the family he’d always dreamed of, been the lead in several Broadway musicals, and lived in a good New York City apartment, but he still felt incomplete.

“What’s wrong?” Blaine, his husband, walked in.

“Nothing’s wrong! What made you think that?” Kurt sat up, turning to see the younger man walk in.

Blaine walked over and sat next to him. “You can’t fool me that easily! You were just, I don’t know, staring into space,” he said. “You only do that when you’re really worried about something.”

Kurt rolled his eyes, “You know me too well. If you must know, I feel like I’m missing something. Like no matter what I do, there’s still something I need to do. Do you know what I mean? I know that we have everything we could ever ask for, but I still think that there’s something else, but I don’t know what it is. Honestly, I’m just really confused. What am I doing? I have my dream job, in my dream house, with the man of my dreams and the best daughter I could ask for, but I still feel like there’s something I’m missing.”

Blaine reached over and pulled his husband into an embrace. “I know what you mean. For the last few months, I feel like there’s still something that I’m destined to do, I just don’t know what it is yet.”

All of a sudden, Kurt’s cell phone rang, and he pulled out of Blaine’s arms in order to answer it. “Hold on for one second, Blaine. It’s Sam.” He picked up the phone and greeted his old friend. “Hi, Sam! How are you? Good! I’ve been well, thank you. Really? Yeah, we’d be happy too. Of course, we’ll be there soon. No, I’m sure he won’t mind. Don’t worry! You’re welcome! See you soon! Bye.”

He hung up and put the phone down. “What was that about?” Blaine asked. “Did Sam need something?”

Kurt took a second to answer. “Yes, he wanted something, and before you completely object to this, hear me out. He offered us a job a McKinley, and I accepted.” Blaine sat up fast, but Kurt spoke up. “I told you, wait! He needs us to run the Glee Club. He’s been running football and glee, and it’s become too much to handle, especially during football season. He hasn’t had time to give glee the attention it needs, and he wants us to help run it, since we aren’t working right now. If you want to stay here though, it’s fine. I’m sure Sam will understand.”

Kurt stopped talking, and Blaine spoke up. “Kurt, you had me at ‘he offered us a job at McKinley’. I think this is what we’re missing! Teaching kids, helping them realize their talents; it’s what we should be doing right now!”

“So, we’re going back to Lima?”

“We’re going back to Lima!”

Setting the table, Cassie didn’t think that her father would be home for another few hours. So, she was surprised when her dad burst through the front door.

“Cassandra! I found the place where we’ll be moving! We’re moving to Lima, Ohio. A small town, where no one knows you. Hopefully, you’ll keep quiet and we won’t have to move again.” He yelled, but that wasn’t anything new. Cassie just knew to stay quiet. She set out his dinner, and then started to move to her room of the apartment. However, her father wasn’t done yet. “Cassandra! You know that this is your fault, right?”

“Yes, father.”

“Good. Now, come sit down.”

“I can’t, father, I have to finish my work.”

“It’s the end of the year, isn’t it? Now come here.” He stood up, almost screaming at this point.

“Yes, father.” She walked toward him, knowing it would end the way it always did. She stood directly in front of him for a few seconds before it happened.

She knew it was coming. She knew from the moment he stood up. She braced herself when she saw the hand move up, prepared herself for what would happen next. Still, though, the slap rocked her. The moment her father’s hand hit her face, she swayed back and forth for a second, then stopped. Weakness, she had realized long ago, was just another reason to be hurt.

“You want to work, go work,” her father said slowly, carefully, almost like he was daring her to say something. But she didn’t. Instead, she just turned around and walked down the hallway to her room.

“So,” she whispered to herself when she got there, sinking into her bed, “We’re going to Lima.”

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Cassie woke up to her alarm early August 23, ready to start her day. Getting out of bed, she changed into the outfit she set out the night before, a loose grey sweater, black jeans, and black boots, and pulled her hair up into a messy bun. The outfit, she thought, was nice enough to blend in with other high schoolers, but still comfy. She checked the clock. “5 o’clock. Shit, I’m, running late!” She hurried down the hallway of her apartment; making sure to slow down as she went passed her father’s room, and went to the kitchen to start making breakfast and putting together her lunch.

She put leftovers from last night’s dinner, a simple pasta dish, into the microwave, and started to make pancake batter. After the batter was done, she turned on the stove, got a pan, and started making the batter into actual pancakes. While cooking, she grabbed and apple and a granola bar from the pantry, placing them into her lunch box for school. Then, she finished making the rest of the pancakes and, after putting them on a plate, she selected two for herself and ate.

Once she was done, she went to her room. She picked up her backpack and put her supplies into it, then made her bed and cleaned up any mess on her floor, desk, and dresser. Walking to the front door, she put her backpack down so that it would be ready when she left in about an hour for school.

“Done with the easy part of the morning, now I have to clean up this mess of an apartment without waking up my father,” Cassie whispered to herself. “Because why would he clean up after himself when his daughter could clean it for him?” She rolled her eyes, but started to pick up the trash that was littered on the floor.

An hour later, she checked the clock in the kitchen. “6:40; time to go to school.” And with that, Cassie Esposito started to walk to school, knowing that, even though she had told herself that it would be fine, knew deep down that it would be the same as any other school. It would be full of bullies who don’t care about who you are, what you may be going through, or if you had done anything to them, would throw insults at you constantly. “Maybe this time,” she said, “People will be decent and leave me alone.” Shaking her head, she sighed, “Probably not.”


Kurt and Blaine stood in the choir room, amazed. “We’re here, Blaine!” Kurt exclaimed. “We’re back!”

“I know,” Blaine said, “But we’ve never met these kids before. What if they hate us? What if no one bothers to audition?”

“Honestly, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Things have changed, at least a little bit.” Kurt and Blaine turned around, shocked that someone was speaking. Then they saw who it was.

“Sam!” Blaine shouted. “It’s been so long!”

“Yeah,” he replied. “I’ve been busy. Managing both the football team and the glee club is hard.”

“I bet! But anyways, what are the kids like?” Kurt asked. “You know them much better than we do.”

“They’re nice, and super talented. The group is mostly juniors and seniors with a few sophomores thrown in. Auditions should help bring in more freshmen, though. For some names, there’s Mia Taylor. She’s a senior, and looks like she’ll be the lead female soloist, at least for major competitions. Then there’s Oliver Reilly. A junior, but really talented, and one of the oldest guys in glee right now. He’s in the running for lead male soloist. As you know, we lost nationals last year, but it’s only motivated the kids more. Club should be starting soon. Auditions are today, but I have to get going, I have practice to run. See you guys later!” Sam already had turned and ran from the room before Kurt or Blaine could respond.

“That,” Blaine said, “was a lot of information. We’re definitely going to have to have everyone introduce themselves.”

“Yeah,” Kurt replied, “That will definitely be one of the first things we do.”

A few minutes later, the bell rang, and several students walked into the choir room. Once everyone was there, Kurt opened up the club simply.

“All right, guys! Welcome back to the McKinley High Glee Club!”