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I'll bleed and fight for you

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          Thomas Jefferson was a young man ready to live, more or less, his own life. When his parents divorced, he went to live with his mother, as his father was an homophobic asshole. So since he was ten, he grew up with his loving mother and her very kind wife. He really loved them, of course, they were his family. But he also wanted to know what it was like to live like an adult. He was already 21, for God's sake! And this new life will begin with College. In a dorm. With a roommate. Well, there were like two bunk beds, so maybe he would have more than only one roommate. Anyway! He was ready for this new beginning! He had already unpacked all his stuffs and was all excited with the idea of sharing a room with a friend, even if they weren't his best friend, James Madison. It didn't matter, he was gonna have fun anyway! 


            That's when they arrived. A very short man, wearing an oversized hoodie and carrying his luggages with more or less a lot of difficulties. And in his arms... Wait. Was this a baby?! Thomas stared at the man in surprise as said man walked to the other bed, putting the little sleeping baby on the sheets very carefully, as he was made of crystal. He then proceeded to unpack as Thomas finally found his voice back.

"Hum, Hi, my name's Thomas Jefferson, nice to meet you, mister...?"

"Alexander Hamilton. Nice to meet you, mister Jefferson" the man answered with a low voice, sitting on the bed and taking the baby in his arms. 

"Hum... And...?"

"Oh, my son. Philip" Alexander informed, smiling tenderly to his child.

"He's cute!" The Virginian answered, smiling too. "You seem pretty young, how old are you?"

"I'm nineteen. "

"Ni- Oh! How... Where is the mother?" 

"He doesn't have any." He replied kinda agressively. 

"Oh... I'm sorry for you loss..."

"He's never had any mother." 

"... But then how..."


           Oh. It was pretty obvious now. Alexander was very short and thin for a boy, his hair was long enough to reach his shoulder, his face was pretty cute, a bit round, with big hazel eyes and long lashes, a beautiful red mouth, adorable freckles on his cheeks and nose, and the oversized made sense now. This man was very beautiful, and very feminine.

"Are you trans?" 

"Why would you care?!" The shorter man replied, on the defensive.

"So i don't make you uncomfortable. Don't be so scared, i won't hurt you. I'm cis, but bi. What about you?" The Southerner asked in a very friendly tone.

"... Bi too. "

"Oh! And... Can i ask how old is Philip? By the way, i'm 21." 

"... He's 6 months. He won't cry at night, now. Not too much." 

"Good to know! But even if he does, it won't be a problem, don't worry. I can even take care of him sometimes if you want. It must be exhausting to raise a child alone."

"... It is. Thank you, Thomas." 


          And as the younger man gave Thomas his first smile, the Virginian felt his heart melt. This smile was the most beautiful he'd ever seen. And he absolutely wanted the young dad to show this smile as much as possible. Blushing and smiling, the taller man answered: 

"Anytime, Alexander. Never hesitate to ask help, and let's be friends!"