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It's something that establishes at the age of four. 

A sensation, like a shock or a tingle runs up and down the body, and suddenly stops. That was the connection. 

Soon, the person would feel pain; headaches, cuts, injuries, whatever it was, it was pain. But the truth is, it didn't belong to them.

It belonged to their soulmate. 

The strong pain continues until they meet their soulmates. And there are two ways to know who is your soulmate.

The first and most common; making contact with them for the first time ever. 

Once the contact is made, the same shock or tingle runs up and down, securing the connection. In place of the pain, a mark shows up. It's usually a simple colored shape, like a circle or a square.  

The second has rarely happened. 

Hurting your soulmate.

See, if you hurt your own soulmate, when you feel their pain it feels even worse. Ten times the pain or depending on how bad it was. The mark settles right after the pain has diminished. 

Then, there is rejection. 

Once the connection is secure, the pain isn't felt as much. But if one person rejects their soulmate, a terrible things happens. 

The pain is increased instead of lowered. 

Some people say it's a represenatation of the other's heartbreak. Others say it's a warning to tell the person to not to do it. But whatever it is, it's the most terrible things someone will ever feel. 

It's like the connection is ripping apart slowly, the pain becoming clearer to the both people. Increasing slowly, the pain can become unbearable. It slowly breaks, then the marking becomes a blotch of color.

And just like that, the soulmate connection is gone.

Tsukishima Kei felt pity for his soulmate. All the blows of pain suddenly collapsing on them, but he had as much right to complain as they did.

After all, he was probably causing them as much pain as they were.


He sighed as Yamaguchi brushed something over his cheeks, "Is this needed? I'm sure we can work without-"

"Tsukki, don't complain, it's just makeup," Yamaguchi interrupted, "It makes your disguise more convincing." 

Tsukishima rolled his eyes, "Why do I have to do this anyway?"

His partner, who was usually assigned to him in most missions, turned towards him, "It's to keep our true identies covered Tsukishima."

He looked up at the pair of green eyes focusing on him, "Akaashi, you do cross dressing all the time though. I barely do it," he said as he looked down at the red dress he was wearing, "And this thing looks like a rectangle on me."

Akaashi sighed as he adjusted a black wig on his head, "We'll be in and out of there just like that," he replied, snapping his fingers.

Tsukishima's wig was placed on top of his head after Yamaguchi finished the make up, "Did I have to wear contacts?" 

"Yes," they answered at the same time.

He rolled his eyes once more, standing up with the given purse in his hand, "Well let's get this over with."

"Let's do it."


A car ride later, Tsukishima and Akaashi arrived at the Ushijima Residence. A party was being held by Ushijima Wakatoshi's father, who had stolen files from a previous mark they had. This was reported by Sugawara.  

The father himself has that and the information they need. According to Yamaguchi, a chip is placed in a portrait of the Ushijima's, left corner down. 

With fake identities and a few lies, Sugawara managed to get them into this party, other people like Ushijima being here as well.

But that was not important right now.

Tsukishima and Akaashi has to the painting, which was in the main hall entrance, the opposite direction of where the party was. 

In and out. Quickly. Swiftly. Silently. 

But if this were to end with wounds, he would feel pity for the poor person connected with him.