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Let Me Understand You

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I sighed as I looked at myself in the mirror. This was supposed to be a fresh start. New school, new place, somewhere far away from all the baggage that was left behind in Bordeaux, France. I gave myself one more good look over and I figured this was as good as it was going to get. I walked away from the mirror and picked up my school bag, and I walked out of my room and closed the door behind me. I made my way down stairs and I saw my mother's girlfriend Yosano Akiko sitting at the table eating breakfast, while my mother Ozaki Kouyou was finishing up my breakfast. Yosano looked up and she saw me making my way into the kitchen from the stairs, she smiled warmly at me. 

"Goodmorning Chuuya." Yosano greeted. "Are you ready for your big day?" 

I sat down in one of the chairs at the table. "As ready as I guess I'll ever be." 

I felt my mother rub her fingers through my hair before she sat my plate of waffles down in front of me and she kissed my forehead.  

"Don't worry. You'll do great. I know you're not good with change sweetheart but it's for the best." 

"Yeah... I know." I said before I started eating my waffles. 

Yosano's watch started beeping. "Shit I have to get to work. You sure you don't want me to drive you to school Chuuya?" Yosano asked me as she stood up. 

"I'll be fine really. I can walk. It's not that far." 

"Okay... suit yourself." I watched her kiss my mother on the cheek and then she left to go start her new job as a doctor at the local hospital. 

My mother sighed looking at me. "Chuuya she's really trying... You should give her a chance." 

"I know she is. I don't dislike Yosano. It will just take a little time to get use to is all. I am just glad you're happy now." I looked up at my mom smiling to reassure her. 

"Alright..." She said trying to believe my words. "You should get going honey. You don't want to be late on the first day." My mother said as she grabbed my plate off of the table. 

"Right..." I felt her kiss my cheek and she smiled. 

"You'll be just fine." 

I gulped and tried to believe her. "Yeah... right. Okay. Well I'll see you later mom. I'm leaving now." I said as I started heading for the door. I saw my mother standing in the kitchen door way. 

"Let me know when you get to school please." 

"I will. Bye." I grabbed my house keys off the key hook, and I walked out of our new apartment and closed the door, locking it behind me. I sighed heavily. 

"You'll be fine Chuuya..." I tried to reassure myself as I started walking to school. 


I had finally arrived at school, and I had gone straight to the office to get my schedule. Once I did I headed for my first class, but got lost on the way. The school was huge and I easily got turned around considering I didn't know really any Japanese. And it wasn't like I could ask considering no one here spoke French. I sighed as I just tried to find my way. I looked around the hallways seeing if maybe a sign would give away the class. 

"This is hopeless..."  

"You seem lost." I turned around and I was greeted by another student. He was tall. Way taller than me. He had wavy black hair, and greenish golden eyes. He was more than attractive. I stared in awe at him for a second and was pulled from my thoughts when he spoke again. 

"Are you lost?" He asked. 

"A-ah... Yeah... That obvious?" I chuckled nervously. 

"Very. You're not from, here are you?" 

I stood there in silence for a second really having to think about what he just said. 


"I figured as much. I can tell by the accent, and your looks are definitely foreign." I felt him take the schedule out of my hand and he looked at my classes. 

"Ah you're in the same class as me. Come on." The raven-haired man started walking down the hallway and I followed behind him. He looked down at me as we walked. 

"I'm Gilbert by the way. Gilbert Nightray. And you are?" 

"C-Chuuya... Nakahara Chuuya." 

"Nice to meet you Chuuya. Where are you from?" 

"Uh... Bordeaux, France." 

"France. Nice. Well I am sure you will like it here."  Gilbert tried to reassure me. "Ah here we are." 

We stopped in front of our first class and he slid the door open and we both walked in together. As soon as I walked in I felt all eyes on me. I hated it. It made me feel even more nervous. 

"Nightray-san! You are late!" 

I watched as the raven-haired male bowed. 

"Ah, sorry Kunikida Sensei. I was helping our new student find his class." 

That's when the teacher looked directly at me, and I looked at him with nervousness. 

"I see... Well I guess I can let it pass this time. Take your seat Nightray." 

"Yes, Sensei." Gilbert stood back up completely and he went to go take his seat. 

"You!" Kunikida said. 

"M-Me...?" I said nervously. 

"Yes you... Who else would I be talking to? What's your name?" 

"C-Chuuya... Nakahara Chuuya..." 

"Well Chuuya. Welcome to class 2B. I hope you enjoy your first day, and next time be on time to my class. I will not accept tardiness, understand?" 

"I... I think so..." 

"Good. Take a seat next to Dazai-san. He is the guy one seat in front of Gilbert." 


As I walked to the back of the classroom I felt several eyes on me. I just tried to ignore them to the best of my ability, as I quickly made my way to my seat and sat down. 

"Ehm. As I was saying- During the Edo Period-" Kunikida continued with his lecture.  


I looked over at the new student sitting next to me. God was he attractive. It was obvious he was foreign with those looks. He had beautiful brownish-ginger hair and a section a little bit longer that fell just past his left shoulder. He had the most striking cerulean blue eyes, and the skin of a porcelain doll. Before the day was over I'd definitely get his number. There was no way in hell I'd let this opportunity pass up on such a beauty. 

"Dazai... Oi, Dazai!" I looked up at Kunikida Sensei who slammed his hand on my desk. "If you could stop staring at Nakahara and pay attention to my lesson that would be great!" 

I nodded. "Moving on." He said as he turned his back to me walking away. I looked over at the ginger whose face was now flushed a beautiful scarlet. 

Cute. I thought.  

After a boring hour and a half class was finally over. And now it was the break period, and it was time for lunch. I watched as Gilbert asked if Chuuya wanted to join him and his friends Oz and Alice for lunch. Chuuya nodded and he collected his things and went with Gilbert. Dazai despised Gilbert sometimes. It's like he knew too damn well what he was thinking but he wouldn't let that stop him. Dazai stood up, and collected his bag, and he made his way to the cafeteria. 


I sat down with Gilbert, and I pulled out my bento and opened it up. 

"Woah." Gilbert looked shocked. "That looks really good! Who made it?" He asked with excitement. 

"I-I did... You can try some if you want..." 

"I would love to!" Gilbert said happily as I slid my bento over to him. I watched him bite into some of the food I had made. 

"Holy shit Chuuya this is amazing. You're a natural." 


"Definitely! I know talent when I taste it." Gilbert chuckled and he slid my bento back to me. 


"No problem." Gilbert said smiling at me. God, he had a smile that could kill. No doubt. I was pulled from my thoughts again when I saw two people running towards us. I figured it must have been Gilbert's friends. 

"Gil!" Oz yelled as he ran to the table. 

"Over here Oz!" Gilbert waved his hand. 

Both Oz and Alice stopped at the table and they took their usual seats. 

"Chuuya this is Oz and Alice. Guys this is Chuuya. He's a new foreign exchange student from France." 

"Ah cool! Nice to meet you Chuuya!" Oz said happily looking at me. 

"Nice to meet you." Alice said calmly. 

"N-Nice to meet y-you." I said shyly, as looked down letting my bangs cover my face and continuing to eat my bento. 

"So, France what is it like?" Alice asked. 

"Yeah what's to do there?" Oz asked curiously. 

"What kind of food do they have?! They have meat, right?" Alice asked overly excited. 

I felt bombarded with questions. I wasn't really sure how to answer, and my anxiety starting building up more than it already was. Which usually triggered an annoying habit of mine I couldn't control. I was starting to freak out until I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I saw someone sit next to me. I looked over to see the wavy-haired brunette with chestnut eyes. 

"I think that's enough questions for now. I am sure Chuuya already feels over whelmed enough without being bombarded with questions." Dazai smiled. 

"Why are you over here Dazai?" I watched Gilbert say bitterly. 

"Why greeting our new student of course!" Dazai cooed and then he looked at me completely ignoring Gilbert's frustration of him being here. 

"Dazai. Dazai Osamu. I usually don’t let people call me Osamu but I'll make an exception for you, cutie. And you're Chuuya, right?" 

"Tsk. Don’t call me cute I am not a woman. And yes, my name is Chuuya." 

Dazai whistled. "Feisty. I like that." 

I was in shock. How cocky can one person be. Seriously. I was about to put him in his place until he realized his presence wasn't wanted. 

"I see I am very unwelcomed here. But that is fine." Dazai took my phone out of my school cardigan pocket. 

"W-What are you doing?!" I yelled angrily. 

"Ah. Ne t'inquiète pas mon cher. Je ne pose que mon numéro dans votre téléphone." He smirked adding himself to my phone contacts. I was taken a back at the fact someone here actually spoke French. 

"Tu parle Français?" I asked shocked. 

"Oui. Très courant en fait." Dazai said smiling, and then he slipped my phone back into my school cardigan. I heard Dazai's phone buzz before he stood up, and he smiled. 

"Ah. Je sauverai votre numéro et vous le signalerai ce soir. Plus tard Chuuya." I watched Dazai wave goodbye as he walked away from us. I sat there in shock trying to regain my thoughts at how bold the brunette honestly was. 


After lunch the rest of the day had went pretty smoothly for me, and I was glad about that. The first day was definitely exhausting and interesting, but at least I had made a few new friends. I was currently being walked home by Gilbert. He wanted to make sure I made it back to my home safely. I told him it was alright but he insisted. I stopped in front of my house and turned to face him.  

"Well this is it... Uh. Thank you... for today. I really appreciate it..." 

"No problem. Anytime. I was the new student once, I  know how hard it can be getting adjusted. So don't be afraid to come and ask me for help!" Gilbert reassured and he took my phone out of my pocket and added his number to my contacts and he texted himself so he could save my number. 

"I don't care what time it is if you need me I am a text or call away." Gilbert smiled at me. 

I blushed at the sweet gesture. "T-Thanks..." I was about to speak again when I heard a familiar voice. 

"Chuuya!" I watched as my little blonde headed six year old sister ran towards me. She jumped on me and hugged me around my waist. 

"Where have you been?!" She pouted looking at me with her hazel green eyes. "I've waited all day to play with you!" 

"Ah... I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I had school today just like you Henrietta." I said as I patted her head, and then picked her up in my arms. "But now that I am home we can play all you want until dinner." 

"Fair enough!" She chirped happily. 

I turned my focus back to Gilbert. "Ah sorry I have to go. See you tomorrow?" 

"Of course." Gilbert smiled and then he turned his back and waved goodbye to me. "Later Chuuya." 

I watched as Gilbert walked away and then I turned back to Henrietta and smiled. "Now what would you like to play?" I asked as I started walking towards the front door of our apartment. 


It was now 10pm in Yokohama. And exhausted was an understatement with how I felt. I was more than ready to go to bed. I ruffled dry my wet hair, and I grabbed my brush off of my dresser and started brushing through my ginger curls. I stopped when I heard my phone vibrate. 

Osamu: "Hey Chuuya. <3" 

I picked up my phone and read the message from Osamu, and I replied with slight hesitation. 

Chuuya: "Hey..." 

Dazai: "What are you doing?" 

Chuuya: "Getting ready to go to bed... Um... You?" 

Dazai: "Same thing. But before I went to bed I was wondering if you'd let me take you out to lunch tomorrow?" 

Chuuya: "Why would you want to take me out to lunch...?" 

Dazai: "To get to know mon cher better of course!" 

Chuuya: "Yeah... sure... I guess that's fine." 

Dazai: "Great! Well with that being said good night Chuuya! Sleep well mon petite cher!" 

Chuuya: "Good night... See you tomorrow..." 

With that being said I turned my phone off for the night and I set it on the night stand. I turned off the light in my room, and made my way over to the bed and got under the covers. I fluttered my eyes shut as I prepared for another long day of school tomorrow.