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Andy's breathing was uneven, breasts heaving under a partially unbuttoned blouse as she chose to forgo a bra today.

A hand cupped a bare breast, while the other frantically moved underneath her skirt.

A voice cut through her hazy mind, hinting as someone recognizable.

"Do continue, dear. I am quite enjoying the show."

Andy was speechless when she looked up.
Her limbs were suddenly paralyzed and words wouldn't form in her mouth.

Miranda stood in the doorway, one hand resting on the door frame, thoroughly enjoying the view.

"You know I don't like to be kept waiting, Andréa," Miranda sternly scolded.

When Andy was still silent, her horrified wide gaze still fixed on hers, Miranda huffed and raised a brow," Perhaps if I gave you some… incentive."

The editor shrugged out of her blazer before unbuttoning her blouse slowly.

"Touch yourself, Andréa," Miranda commanded in a tone that Andy knew better than to disobey.

Andy snapped out of her trance as more of Miranda's skin was revealed. She licked her lips.

Unconsciously, her hands began moving again. The sight of Miranda in her bra made her very wet.

"That's it, darling. Pinch your nipples," Miranda ordered as she reached behind and unclasped her bra, letting it fall down her shoulders.

Andy rolled her hardened nipple between her fingers, eyes glued to Miranda's now bare breasts. Her other hand furiously rubbed her clit.

"Spread your legs wider and lift up your skirt. I want to see your cunt."

Andy moaned and complied, exposing her bare sex to Miranda's heated gaze.

"Enter one finger, slowly."

The brunette slid a finger in, pumping at a maddeningly slow pace, while her thumb continued to rub her pearl.

"You don't come until I tell you to, Andréa. Is that clear?"

"Y-yes, Miranda," Andy whimpered.

"Now slide another finger in and fuck yourself faster."

Andy did as Miranda ordered. She was so close, but it wasn't enough.
"Please, Miranda. May I come?"

"Not yet, dear."

Andy pitifully watched as Miranda brought her hands up to her own breasts and played with them.

The visual of Miranda touching herself added with her commands and Andy's own self stimulation sent her teetering at the edge of orgasm.

"Miranda! I'm—gonna…" Andy tried to hold it back.

"Come for me, Andréa. Now."

Andy eyes slid shut as her thighs quivered but Miranda steely tone stopped her, "No, no. Don't close your eyes. Keep them on me. I want to see those pretty whiskey eyes of yours as you come. "

"Miranda!" Andy yelled out, voice echoing in the quiet building as she struggled to keep her eyes glued to Miranda's, her hips jerking and her muscles contracting around her fingers.


Miranda walked over to Andy and took ahold of Andy's hand that was still inside of her. Miranda gently slid her fingers out before bringing them to Andy's own lips.

"Taste yourself."

Andy sucked her fingers into her mouth. It was an interesting taste, slightly sweet and salty.

"You're such a good girl. I think you deserve a reward. But let's continue this elsewhere, Andrea." Miranda re-buttoned her blouse and shrugged on her blazer.
"Roy's waiting outside. We're going back to my place." Miranda held out her hand.
Andy took it, pressing a light kiss to the Miranda's wrist.

She dressed quickly, not wanting to keep Miranda waiting.

Together, they walked hand in hand to the car and not once did they let go.