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Well, Whoever Said Life Was Fair?

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I blinked stupidly, wondering if I had actually heard what my principal said correctly. I shook my head before interrupting what he was trying to say.

"I-I'm sorry, sir, but could you please repeat your last sentence?" I stuttered, my voice coming out weaker than I would have liked.

My principal, Mr. Lewis, sighed.

He repeated himself, slightly slower this time as though I were dead or dumb (and that didn't make me angry, not at all), "Well, miss Rhodes, you have been selected by the school board and staff to escort our new foreign exchange students, from South Korea, around the school and help them get acquainted to our school system. Now, do you have any questions before we bring them in and introduce everyone?"

"Yes, sir, I have a few questions. Why me? How many students are there? Is this gonna go on all year or for just until they get settled? Do they speak english? 'Cause if not, then we are gonna have a serious problem. I don't know any korean whatsoever, and I would rather not make a fool of myself!" I ranted, breathing heavily. All throughout my rant (and if I'm honest with myself, mini freakout), he had been sitting quietly with a single eyebrow raised.

If I wasn't careful, I could go straight into a panic attack. Seriously? Did they really have to choose the student with anxiety issues? Social anxiety 'coincidentally' being the worst?

I was shaken from my thoughts as Mr. Lewis finally reponded, chuckling quietly every few words, which I did NOT appreciate AT ALL.

"Miss Rhodes, we chose you because you are one of our best students, and we thought you would do a marvelous job of helping our guests to settle in faster. There are eleven new students in total," Here, my eyes widened and I choked on my own spit, coughing as my eyes started to water rapidly.

Mr. Lewis ignored this as he continued, "This is going to last all year, and you have the same schedule as all of them, so no need to worry about showing them around and being late to class. And, yes, they do all speak english. Not all of them are quite fluent, but a good few of them are. Don't worry about translation issues, I'm sure you will do an amazing job with the new students. Now, so you aren't late to class, we're going to go ahead and bring in the new students and let them introduce themselves," Mr. Lewis finished.

Not giving me time to amswer or react, the side door to the office opened, allowing eleven VERY tall forms into the room.

All I could think of as I sat awkwardly in a chair and the last one squeezed through the door was, 'Well, at least the office is big enough for all of us...kinda.'