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Right after releasing his second single, Leave, famous 19-year-old Todoroki Shouto announced on Chirper that he will be going on indefinite hiatus. Only an hour later, Yuuei Entertainment confirmed the announcement.

A surprise to many fans because of his successful career, no reason has been given for the hiatus at this time.



[BEST VOTED] I cried when he made the announcement TT_TT

[BEST VOTED] Whatever the reason, I hope he continues in entertainment. He’s got the face for it

My dad’s coworker’s sister-in-law works at Yuuei Ent and I heard it’s bc of drugs

- [response to “My dad’s coworker’s”] I highly doubt that lmao

- [response to “My dad’s coworker’s”] He would never!!!

- [response to “My dad’s coworker’s”] Honestly makes no sense

Is he sick? : (

He’s not even that great of a singer


Did daddy get fed up with his career choice? XD

- [response to “Did daddy get fed up”] Fuck off, we all know he made it this far on his own

- [response to “Fuck off, we all know”] I was joking lol calm down



Izuku is nearly surprised when Shouto comes up to him in the Yuuei Ent. lobby. Remembering his senpai in the entertainment business is now on hiatus, it makes sense Shouto would make time to greet him. Whatever the reason, Izuku always appreciates the company even if it’s just momentarily from Point A to Point B.


“Just Shouto is fine now,” The correction confuses Izuku, “Vocal lesson?”

Izuku laughs and runs a hand through his nearly-messy hair, ““Yeah… Then after, straight to dance practice. I’m getting way better though, so…”

“Good to hear,” Shouto’s following question is even more surprising than Shouto coming to see him at all. “Interested in joining a group?”

Izuku could only blankly stare for a moment, letting the question sink in.

“A group? As in singing and dancing?”

“That’s right.”

“…Are you sure you want to ask me to join? I mean, I’ve only been here a year… there’ve got to be others…”

Shouto shakes his head, “I’ve already asked three others and they've accepted. You’re the final piece we need.”

“R-really?! I-I mean… I’m definitely flattered and am completely interested, but I don’t know if-” He begins to mumble, a habit he’s had since he was young, and a habit that amuses Shouto.



“You’ll do fine.”

“I… well… okay! I’ll do it!” Shouto gives him a pleased nod as they reach Izuku’s destination. Hand on the doorknob, the boy asks, “Who else did you ask?”

“Well, just Eijirou, Denki, and… Katsuki."

“Oh, those three? That’s good-” Izuku paused. “K-K-Kacchan?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“M-maybe I shouldn’t… I mean… Kacchan, well… he… hm….”

“I’m not going to force you to join the group if you really don’t want to,” Shouto cuts in. “This was a gamble on my part, especially since groups need the best kind of chemistry possible to push forward together, but vocally, you and Katsuki may just balance each other out.”


“Think on it,” Shouto squeezes his shoulder. “We’re going to have a meeting about it tonight in the boardroom at 7. If you’re not there, I understand.”


Izuku goes into the room as Shouto walks away. With the band proposal on his mind, with Kacchan thrown into the mix, he finds it difficult to focus and gets scolded by his teacher.

When the lesson ends, he has a few hours to make a final decision.

The pros of joining outweigh the con (being Kacchan), but even so, why does it feel like Kacchan will outweigh everything else?

He paps his own cheeks, now going over the pros and cons of having Kacchan as a bandmate.

The pros: He’s an amazing singer, can dance really well if he puts his mind to it, and is also a team player… if he puts his mind to it.

The cons: So much fighting. Anger. Explosions.

However… Kacchan has cooled down a lot since they were kids. It’s not like he actively bullies him whenever they’re in the same room anymore… so that’s good? Probably?

And if they’re stuck together in the same group, then maybe it’ll be okay?


And who knows when a chance like this will come up again!

Hours later, Izuku walks into the boardroom and sees his future bandmates and a few board members waiting for the meeting to start.

When Shouto looks over and smiles, when Denki waves excitedly at him, when Eijirou stands and cheers for him, Izuku knows everything will be okay.

The fact that Kacchan didn’t bother looking his way was another thing, but…

It wasn’t as terrible as it could have been.


=One Year Later=


MIC: A passionate new group is soon on their way to debuting! Full of surprises since their trainee days, who are these young members?

MIC: Kaminari Denki, born June 29th. With a quirk like his, he’ll electrify all their fans with his moves and sense of humor.

MIC: Kirishima Eijirou, born October 16th. Don’t take him for granite, he’s got a voice that will rock anyone’s world!

MIC: Midoriya Izuku, born July 15th. Despite joining Yuuei Entertainment much later than the others, his sweet face will send a shockwave through everyone’s heart.

MIC: Bakugou Katsuki, born April 20th. Just because his temper is fiery doesn’t mean he can’t stun everyone with his explosive vocals.

MIC: Back from hiatus, Todoroki Shouto, born January 11th. Creator and leader of the group, his cool demeanor can send the hottest of chills down the spines of everyone listening.

MIC: Present Mic here, right outside these boys’ practice room, where they are rehearsing for this Friday’s upcoming showcase. Amazing, look at them! They really have their choreography together, don’t they? Especially with a greenhorn like Midoriya in the group, they’re working extra hard for that showcase!

MIC: Speaking of working hard, it looks like they’re about finished, so let’s talk to them!

Cut to five boys sitting in a row: Kaminari – Kirishima – Todoroki – Midoriya – Bakugou.

MIC: Are you nervous about the showcase at all? This will be the first time all five of you will perform together as ELEMENTS in front of a big audience, won’t it?

KIRISHIMA: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous at all, but I think the excitement overweighs it.

MIDORIYA: [nods] If anything, we’re all a bit more nervous about our debut in general. [laughs] We don’t want to let anyone down.

KIRISHIMA: Right. I also think some of the pressure stems from the reality show we're also doing.

MIC: What about you, Todoroki-san? How does it feel to be back on stage again after your hiatus?

TODOROKI: Well, performing solo is one thing, where I only needed to focus on myself. With four people performing with me, I’ve come to learn that I have a heavier weight to carry so I can’t let them down.

MIC: Do you miss that solo life?

TODOROKI: I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t something I wanted to keep doing. This sort of group is less lonely and more… lively.

Kaminari and Kirishima chuckle, while Midoriya grins.

MIC: This group is an interesting one, to say the least! With someone as experienced as Todoroki-san, what about the greenhorn, Midoriya-san? Compared to these four, you only recently got into entertainment, right?

MIDORIYA: Right. I joined Yuuei Entertainment two years ago, with no experience in dancing and singing. I wanted to act, and somehow got in based on my impressions…

MIC: We’ve all heard you’re really good at impressions! Can you show us one?

MIDORIYA: Of course! There’s one famous character I’m really good at, I hope you can guess… [clears his throat] [expression and voice completely changes] No need to worry, citizens! I am here!

MIC: Aaaah! That’s Yagi Toshinori’s All Might! Amazing!

MIDORIYA: Haha, yeah… I’m a long-time fan.

MIC: Hopefully you’ll be able to tell us more about that at the showcase! Ah, looks like we’re running out of time, so one more. Is it true Midoriya-san and Bakugou-san are childhood friends?

BAKUGOU: [snorts] Giving fans fodder, are you?

Kaminari, Kirishima, and Midoriya side-eye Bakugou in horror.

MIC: …Fodder? What do you mean?

BAKUGOU: I know all about how fan girls get, and let me tell you that I will not, under any circumstances, give anyone the opportunity to—

TODOROKI: [clears throat] I’m sorry, Present Mic, we really should start cleaning up here.

MIC: Right, right! See you boys at your showcase! And don’t forget, viewers, their reality show, STV Presents: STV ELEMENTS’ first episode will be airing Thursday at 7PM! You too, can join this hot, new rookie boyband on their journey from first forming the group to their deb—

The TV shuts off.

 “What a shit interview,” lounging on the sofa with a towel over his damp hair, Katsuki tosses the remote onto the table. “They didn’t even try to edit out the last question with how garbage it turned out for them.”

“You’re overreacting.”

“Fuck off, Deku, it’s all true. And Denki didn’t even get to talk.”

Denki calls from the kitchen, “Didn’t bother me much. Girls seem to like the ‘silent, handsome’ type.”

“Better yet, let’s make sure he never talks if he spouts garbage like that,” Katsuki sits up. “Anyway, it’s obvious Shouto’s gonna be the most popular, and Deku’s gonna be following. Shouto makes sense, but Deku doesn’t.”

“You’re just mad that the only question that involved you personally was about your friendship with Izuku,” Eijirou laughs, only to be met with a sofa cushion to the face.





[BEST VOTED] Good luck!!! I’ve been following you since you were announced as ELEMENTS

[BEST VOTED] No-EXP Midoriya is already getting popular. Good luck, kid!!

[BEST VOTED] This is the first interview with Shou-chan that didn’t mention his father once. Kudos!

That impression was hilarious

Aww, Denki seems shy

Bakugou has a point

BaKa was bad-tempered as ever. Never liked him even during his trainee days lol

Who are these people

- [response to “Who are these people”] Gay

Katsuki was out of line :/ It’s not like the fans are hurting them with their fics and art

- [response to “Katsuki was out of line”] They’re real people and it’s weird


Midoriya’s dress sense is kind of shit

- [response to “Midoriya’s dress sense”] Sorry, he just seems out of place in general

Not a fan of Shouto. Anyone can go places when they’ve got a famous daddy



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