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Dreams Come True

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“Alright everyone, show me what you have found!” Sanha announced to his forest friends. Sanha was busy building his ideal true love and needed materials to try and recreate their image.

“Would these help with his eyes?” A rabbit shows Sanha two black star sapphires.

“Perfect! And they sparkle just like his,” Sanha exclaimed as he placed them on.

“Presenting my one true love, my prince.” He turned the statue towards his animal friends. “Oh my goodness! He doesn't have any lips.” Sanha frowned.

“Does he have to have lips?”

“Yes, he does! When you meet this someone who is meant for you. Before two can become one, there is something you must do.”

“Do you pull each others tails?” A rabbit asked as he got kicked away from the one's tail he pulled.

“Do you feed each other seeds?” A bird asked as it shoved a handful into another's mouth.

“No, no, no, there is something sweeter, everybody needs.” Sanha then sung about how he had been dreaming of a kiss from his true love. “If we're going to find some lips, we need some help.” He calls for more animals to bring in more materials for lips.

They sung as he and the animals placed lips that best fit the way Sanha's image. But found not much luck. Sighing they stop as the last pair of lips slid off, he sat on the knee of the statue.

“So to spend a life of endless bliss. Just find who you love, through true love’s kiss.” Sanha sighed happily looking at his creation.


“Is this your true love?” Sanha heard someone from his doorway ask. Turning around he saw his friend Myungjun walk in, Sanha scrambled off his statue to greet him.

“Yes, he is.” Sanha beamed.

“Huh…” Myungjun commented. “Your true love looks vaguely like Prince Dongm-.” Sanha quickly shoved an apple into Myungjun's mouth, muffling whatever he was about to say.

“Okay! Time for everyone to leave, thank you for helping me!” Sanha said as he opened the door for the animals to exit. Shutting the door, Sanha walked back to Myungjun.

“Rude,” muttered Myungjun as he munched away at the apple.

“How did you figure it out!”

“Well, besides the blushing whenever he's around during his weekly night outs or the gazes you send him when he's not looking, I would say it's the way you talk about him. Not to mention that your true love over there is a spitting image of him!” Sanha casted his eyes to his bare feet.

“When did you, you know, know he was your true love?”

“Last night in a dream, I thought I told you this morning!”

“Yeah but you left the important detail of it being Prince Dongmin.”

“You're right.” Sanha groaned. 

“Do you really think he is your true love?” Before Sanha could answer, a shadow darkened the room and Myungjun stood wide eyed at what was behind Sanha.

“Um… S-sanha, eye eye eye.” He repeated pointing.

“I, I what?”

“I eat you now!” A loud voice boomed from the outside. Whipping around Sanha sees an eye of a troll peer through his window and jumps away from it as its hands burst into his home.

“This way!” He heard Myungjun yell through the opposite window. Sanha climbed out onto the branches that holds his house.

The troll attempted to grab Sanha as he and Myungjun jump from branch to branch. The final branch that they land on dips and Sanha starts to slip off. The troll reaches to grab him but its hand gets caught by a sword.

“Do not fear Sanha, I am here!” Sanha heard someone yell, they sounded eerily like Dongmin. Squinting his eyes to the ground below, Sanha realises that it was Dongmin. Letting out a giggle at the situation, Sanha did not realise that he was sliding off the branch until he was at the edge.

“Sanha hang on!” Myungjun yelled as he jumped to the next branch so he could grab Sanha.

Sanha jumped to the branch but managed latched on with one hand. With the weight uneven, the branch flung the troll out of sight. Despite them being safe from being eaten by a troll; Sanha was not able to pull himself up even with Myungjun's help. Sanha's grip loosened and he found himself falling through the branches, squeezing his eyes shut, he lands in someone's arms.

Slowly opening his eyes, he saw the dark twinkling eyes of Dongmin. “Prince Dongmin?”


“Thank you for rescuing me.”

“Well it's my pleasure to save you from a particularly terrifying troll!” The both of them giggle, neither of them realised the position they were in.

“Dongmin how did you know that I was in trouble?”

“Oh, that troll was the one that I captured but it got loose. I must have not tied it properly because I got distracted by a beautiful voice and the voice and troll lead me here to you. That voice completed the song that I sung. It was about…”

“True love’s kiss,” They both said at the same time.

“Prince Dongmin, I have something to confess.”

“If it's love, then I do accept and I too am in love with you.” They grinned at each other.

“Must be destiny!” Sanha said.

“Sanha will you accept my invitation to my coronation tomorrow? As well as my future groom?”

“Yes! I do accept!” Sanha accepts as he hugs Dongmin.

“Yes, finally!” They both heard a shout, looking up they see Myungjun lying casually on a thicker branch. He waved at them when he saw them looking at him.

“Well I must be going off, to prepare for my coronation and our wedding.” Dongmin stated.

Sanha got out of Dongmin's arms and waved at Dongmin's retreating figure.

“See you tomorrow, Dongmin,” he called.

“Soon, we'll be riding off into the sunset!” Dongmin yells back.

Sanha smiled and goes back to his slightly crushed house, but he did not care as he was soon to be marrying his true love.




In some place far away, lay a dark cave. Where Prince Dongmin's stepmother watched her magical ball.

“So this is the little brat that has made Dongmin distracted from his duties as King and is out to take away my throne. Let's see how he will do in a place with no happily ever afters.” she smirked.



The next morning, after some hours creating suitable clothing for the event with some extra paws for help; Sanha bursts out of his carriage and ran up the stairway entrance of Dongmin's castle.

“Oh my gosh! I hope I am not late!” He exclaimed.

“Hey! Sanha! We're not done with you yet,” Myungjun yelled, stopping Sanha to smooth down his fluffy freshly highlighted hair and smoothed down his slightly crumpled suit.

“There you go! Now let's get to that coronation!”

The both of them ran up the stairs.

“Oh wait! I forgot something, Sanha hurry to that coronation, I won't be long!” Myungjun raced back to the carriage.

Sanha quickened his pace and greeted the man at the door as he got escorted to the event.

“This is so exciting!” Sanha said to the man.

Sanha was not half way to the hall when he got cut off by an old woman.

“Oh my what a handsome boy, I heard you are to be married to Prince Dongmin after his coronation today.”

“Yes, that is me! But I really must be going.” Sanha tried to pass by the woman, but she grabbed his hand.

“I have a wedding gift for you.”

“That is very kind of you but I am going to be late!”

“Please this will be very quick, I assure you.”

Sanha could not say no, because he was already being dragged towards a wishing well and could not break free from the woman's questionably strong grip.

“But my wishes have already come true!”

“This well is the most magical of all and will guarantee all your wishes to come true. Now lean forward and make a wish.”

Sanha sighed and closed his eyes to make a wish.

“Okay. And they both lived happily ever -” Sanha gasped as he felt a sharp shove in his back, making him fall into the well.  

Sanha was too shocked to comprehend his surroundings. All he remembered was blacking out and waking up to loud sirens. He stared at the hole below him that showed a small beam of light. Sanha decided to push out the cover and found himself surrounded by bright lights and loud noises. Confused he pulled himself out and stood, the lights making him disoriented.

“Where am I?”