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Unexpected Show | Fantasy Flash Fiction

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An elven woman lied lonely in a sparely furnished room she could afford, unable to sleep and was still fairly stressed out from her daily shift at the tavern. As for this moment, she simply allowed her mind to drift as her hands slowly wandered down her torso under the duvet. Her amber-coloured eyes were staring outside the window pane as she slipped her free hand along the fabric of her lace panties, she bit onto her lower lip as she did so. The woman closed her eyes and secretly wished for someone to keep her company for the night, to distract her as she teased herself slowly and tenderly.

As she made the wish, a fairly odd female creature appeared outside the bedroom window as she eagerly watched the woman please herself through the glass. As magical as the outside world was, it was only mandatory for strange beings to lurk in every crook. In this case, it was a cheeky pixie! She never bothered to knock on the glass, or make herself known in any way; she simply watched the performance with her tiny palms pressing against the window pane. Oh la-la, this was certainly a treat!

Due to the summer night temperature, her body started to quickly build up sweat as she proceeded to tease her clitoris beneath the blanket... unable to detect the pixie outside since she was totally lost in herself. The woman removed the sheets from her voluptuous body, revealing her entirely nude form to her unknown viewer. She lets out a quiet coo of pleasure, as her fingertips continued to caress the walnut of her clitoris. One hand explored her upper body, now massaging one of her small breasts as her other hand tenderly fondled her snatch inside of her already moist panties.

The sprite's gaze glittered over the woman's nude body, scanning those luscious curves excitedly through the glass. Her green eyes lit up with awe at the sight, casting glances here and there as she could feel her own vulva tingle. It was such an unexpected show, and yet it surely caught the pixie's attention! With that, she searched the window for an opening, and she was soon able to flutter her way into the woman's bedroom within minutes. In spite of this, the woman soon tore off her bra and unexpectedly threw it at the window, catching the pixie along the way.

Lost within her saucy fantasies, the elven woman started to pinch her erect nipples for a slight moment, shortly before pulling down her soaked panties. She revealed her already dripping wet pussy to the pixie, despite she never knew the sprite was watching the entire time...

The pixie floated to the woman's divan, later landing onto her stomach. Oh, she really hoped the woman would not mind her invading one of her most private times. Amalie proceeded to watch the woman tease herself, her gaze completely locked on that busy hand. She merely wondered if whether or not she should make a move onto the woman, or just enjoy this close-up show.

Completely unaware of the pixie sitting on her sweaty body, the elf continued to please her clitoris intensively, teasing the swollen walnut in slow circular motions. As she brought her fingers to her lips, she licked them clean. Yet, as a sudden wave of pleasure rushed through her body, she soon yelped as she finally witnessed the little pixie sitting before her.

"Who... what... are you? Since when are you here?" The woman asked countless questions, shyly stuttering. She observed the sprite sitting on her bare stomach, pausing her fingers for a moment or two.

The pixie jolted with surprise, despite she expected this to happen. After all, it was only likely for the woman to feel startled by the pixie's presence. "Really, you're masturbating in front of the window and you never expected anyone to be watching?" Amalie questioned, raising a pink brow with curiosity. "It's a very big world out there, no-one is ever alone!" Amalie stated, giving the woman a quick wink as she smirked widely at the sight. 

"Oh well, I figured the chances would be pretty slim for someone to be watching..." The woman responded as she examined her new little friend, albeit she still felt weary of the gothic creature. "I didn't expect any peeping pixies, though!" The elf blushed. "I wonder what fairies could do to help me..."

Amalie was sat on her knees, palms planted on the woman's stomach as she leaned forward. "I know I'm small and all, like very tiny, but I could always alter my size..." Amalie cooed.