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Freya and Keelin are walking home from Rousseau’s.  Freya, who had a few too many, is leaning on Keelin.

“I don’t know why you wanted to leave so early,” Freya says happily.  “It’s only midnight.”

“Because if we didn’t leave now, I was going to have to carry you home, which is something I’d prefer not to have to do tonight.”

Freya laughs.  “I’m not that drunk.”

“Not yet, but at the rate you were going, you would have been.”

Keelin was worried about her witch.  It had been a year since the Mikaelson’s had gone their separate ways and it was still taking its toll on Freya.  As each day went by Freya worried she would never find a way to bring her family back together; at least not in her lifetime.

“I’m sorry, Keelin,” Freya apologizes.

“What for?”

“For making you deal with my issues.  It’s not fair to you.”

“Hey, I love you Freya.  All of you.  I would deal with your ‘issues’ any day.”

“You’re such an amazing girlfriend,” Freya sighs with a silly smile.

Keelin can’t help but laugh at the way Freya is smiling at her. 

“You definitely had too much to drink,” Keelin states.

“It’s the truth!  You’re the kindest person I’ve ever met; you have an amazing smile, a huge heart, you’re smart, great hair!  Plus, you’re pretty amazing in bed.”  Freya whispers the last part.

“You’re not so bad yourself Miss Mikaelson.”

“No, I’ve got nothing on you.”

“I don’t know about that.  You’re a master with your hands.”

Freya blushes.  “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, Freya,” Keelin laughs.

It was moments like this that Keelin lived for.  Yes, they still had their issues to deal with, but they were in such an amazing place right now.  She and Freya were truly in love and being that much in love made any obstacles they faced seem a lot less daunting. 

Keelin was having a lot of thoughts lately.  She and Freya had been dating for over a year now and she honestly couldn’t picture her life without Freya in it.  She knew Freya had her issues with her family right now, so she was having a hard time approaching Freya on the recent thoughts that had been clouding her mind. 

“Freya, can I ask you something?” Keelin starts carefully.

“Of course, anything!” Freya smiles.

Keelin can’t help but smile back.  “Where do you see us going?”

Freya looked dumbfounded.  “Right now?  Home to bed so I can show just how great I am with my hands.”

Keelin laughed.  Maybe she should have chosen a more appropriate time to voice her thoughts with her girlfriend.  “I mean, the future.  Do you ever want to get married or have kids?”

Freya sobered up quickly at the mention of kids.  She hadn’t thought about that in a while.  Though the thought had crossed her mind when she saw how serious her and Keelin were getting.  “I guess I haven’t given it much thought.  Especially the kids part.  Marriage, I’ve definitely thought about before.”

Keelin smiled at that.  It gave her butterflies that Freya had been thinking about the two of them getting married someday.

“Do you want kids?” Freya asks carefully.

“Someday, yes, I would.”

Freya gulps, fear evident on her face.

“Do you not?” Keelin asks after seeing the fear on her girlfriend’s face.

“No, it’s not that.  I guess I just hadn’t given it much thought before.  It’s kind of a sore subject.”

“How so?” Keelin asks gently.

Freya had yet to tell her of her past pregnancy and fallen lover.  “It’s kind of a long story.  Not a happy one.”

“Freya, whatever it is, you can tell me.”

“In the early 1400’s I had fallen in love with someone,” Freya starts hesitantly.  “A man, named Mathias.  I was pregnant with our son, but we knew that my aunt would want to use him for her power, so we tried to flee.  Long story, short, Mathias was killed by Dahlia and our son…”  Freya takes a moment before continuing.  “Our son was killed by me.  I drank poison, hoping to save my son and myself from Dahlia’s torment.  It didn’t work on me, since I couldn’t be killed.  But, it worked on him.”

“I am so sorry Freya,” Keelin says tearfully.  Every day she understood more and more why her girlfriend was the way that she was.  Had she lived through the life she had, she’d probably be just as callous when it came to defending her family. 

“Keelin, I don’t know that I’ll be a good mother.”

“Freya,” Keelin sighs.  “I know you will be a good mother.  I have watched you look after your niece and the way you are with your siblings, so protective and loving; you’re going to be an amazing mother.”

“What if you’re wrong?”

“Haven’t we established that I’m never wrong?”

Freya smiles.

“Plus, our child would have two moms, so if there’s something lacking in one of us, the other will compensate.  My mother wasn’t always the most nurturing either, so trust me you’ll probably make a better mom than me.”

“You’ll be a wonderful mother,” Freya says instantly, looking at Keelin with pure adoration.  “In fact, I say we start trying right now!  Let’s make a baby!”

“Whoa, slow down.  I think that’s the drink’s talking.  We still have biology to compete with, plus I meant down the road.”

“I didn’t mean at this exact moment,” Freya laughs.  “But, soon, I would love to start a family with you.  You know, after we get married.”

“Oh, now we’re getting married?”

“Of course!  Although, I guess we’ll have to figure out who should do the proposing.  It was you’re idea, you can decide.”

Keelin laughs at Freya’s antics.  It was obvious the witch was still drunk. 

“We should get married in Fiji!” Freya continues.  “I’ve heard it’s nice there…”  Freya instantly stops talking and takes a gasp of air when a person dressed in black bumps into her, throwing her off balance.  Freya looks back fearfully as the figure walks away quickly. 

“Well, that was rude,” Keelin comments.  Keelin notices the petrified look on Freya’s face.  “Hey, what is it?  Are you okay?”

“That person, when they touched me I just got this terrible feeling.”

“What kind of terrible feeling?”

“It felt like how I felt when I was in Dahlia’s presence.  This cold, hollow feeling.”

“Okay, well Dahlia’s dead, honey.  You don’t have to worry about her ever again, okay?”

Freya nods, still obviously shaken.

“It’s okay,” Keelin says as she pulls Freya into a hug.


“Did you do it?” a middle aged woman asks.

“Yes,” the woman in black answers.  “As I said I would.”

“Good, now I will be able to complete the spell so that we can channel her magic.”

“Why do we even need her magic?  You and I are plenty powerful alone.”

“This spell requires a great deal of magic.  If we want it to work, we’ll need to use her power as well.  Now, come help me.”

“And who put you in charge?  Need I remind you that I am the oldest?”

“Of course not.  You remind me every day, sister.”

This is just a short intro chapter; let me know what you guys think.  I’d love to continue if I get enough people that are interested.