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"Hold the elevator!" Seunghyun called, dashing down the hall. An ivory hand held the doors, and Seunghyun slipped inside.

"Thanks. Heechul hyung! How are you?"

The only other occupant smiled. "I'm good, Seunghyun-shi. And you? Your new movie comes out soon, right?"


Heechul smirked. "You'll have to forgive me for skipping it. I have no desire to damage my eardrums with fan girls seeing you shirtless."

"Omoni plans on wearing earplugs to the premier."

Heechul snorted. "It's going to be a mass loss of virginity, you know that, right?"

Seunghyun chuckled.


"You look good, hyung."

"I know," Heechul smirked again. "The ladies love the willowy look."

"Is that what they call it? Back home we called it skinny," Seunghyun teased.

Heechul flipped the bird. "I'm beautiful and you know it."


The elevator reached Heechul's floor, but the doors didn't open. The box gave a loud groan, and the lights went out.

"Not really?" Seunghyun asked.

Some emergency lights came on. Seunghyun pressed the call button.


Seunghyun cursed.

"Might as well get comfortable," Heechul said, pulling off his t-shirt. He stretched out, feet by the door, shirt pillowed under his head.

"You can't be serious."

Heechul closed his eyes. "What else are we going to do? Who knows how long we're going to be here. Might as well make the most of it."

Seunghyun was silent.

"I won't look at you, if that's what you're worried about."



Seunghyun didn't know how long he slept. He remembered at one point pulling off his dress shirt, and noticing the heat. Heechul had stripped down to his boxers. His skin glistened with sweat. Seunghyun drifted off again.



The next time he opened his eyes, it was because he felt a pair of lips pressed against his. He was startled to see Heechul smiling at him.


"Wanna play?" Heechul asked.


Heechul rolled his eyes. "Do. You. Want. To. Mess. Around?"

"Are you serious?"

"Yep. I'm bored and a little horny and you're gorgeous as fuck."


Heechul's face fell. "You have a girlfriend."

Seunghyun shook his head.




Heechul sat back on his haunches. His ego was beginning to hurt.

"Don't you have a girlfriend?" Seunghyun asked, sitting up straighter.

"Nah. Sohee isn't interested in me, and I'm not interested in Puff. Gunhee and I are casual."

"You're bi?"

"I don't like labels. I'm interested in anyone I find beautiful and lovely."

When Seunghyun didn't answer, Heechul sighed. "You don't have to do anything. I can do all the work while you lay back and enjoy."

Seunghyun swallowed. "I've never..."

"Really?" Heechul asked, without a hint of malice or teasing.

"With a guy."

Heechul shrugged. "Close your eyes and pretend I'm a girl. I make an excellent one, so I'm told."

Seunghyun closed his eyes. Heechul got the hint.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't meant to push," he said softly.

Before he could scoot back to his side of the elevator, a large warm hand gripped his wrist. Heechul looked up to see Seunghyun's dark gaze, steady and intense. He moved closer, closed his eyes, and pressed their lips together.


Seunghyun kissed him deeply, slowly, gently. He put his hands on Heechul's hips to bring his lithe body closer. Heechul put his hands on Seunghyun's  shoulders to steady himself. Seunghyun's hands moved up to his hyung's face, before moving to places kisses along his jaw and throat.


Heechul wriggled out of Seunghyun's grasp to kiss his lips before slowly moving down his body. Segunhyun had left his undershirt on, and Heechul placed kisses on top of it, respecting his dongsaeng's modesty. Seunghyun's breath hitched when Heechul reached the waistband of his pants.

"Want me to stop?" Heechul looked up, hair in his face.

Seunghyun pushed his hair out of the way. "No. Please, Heechul, I want you."

Heechul smiled and undid Seunghyun's pants. "I don't think I've come across someone as big as you."

Seunghyun blushed, then gasped when Heechul took him into his mouth.

Seunghyun's fingers tightened in Heechul's hair as his hyung began to bob his head. Heechul hummed while alternating between deep-throating and gently swirling his tongue around and up and down the organ. Seunghyun pulled Heechul over to his side so that he could grab the other man's own erection. Heechul groaned and sucked harder as Seunghyun began to stroke him. He pulled himself as close to Seunghyun as he could while spreading his legs.

Heechul began to stroke and suck faster to match Seunghyun's pace but Seunghyun pulled him off.

"Not yet," came the deep voice.

Before Heechul could protest, his back arched and he let out a wanton moan as he climaxed all over Seunghyun's hand.

"You've beautiful like this, Heenim," Seunghyun breathed.

Heechul merely mewled and stretched.

Before Seunghyun could figure out how to clean his hand, Heechul grabbed his wrist and licked him clean. Seunghyun was shocked- and fucking turned on. He pulled them both to their feet and backed Heechul into the wall. He kissed Heechul while slowly pushing inside of him. Heechul hissed and groaned. His nails dug into Seunghyun's shoulders as pain licked up his spine. They stayed still for a few moments- Heechul trying to adjust to Seunghyun's massive size as Seunghyun kissed along Heechul's throat and jaw.

"Okay," Heechul sighed softly. "Move."

Seunghyun slowly slid out before pushing back in. When Heechul grimaced, Seunghyun pulled out, changed his angle, and tried again.

Heechul cried out.


"It's fine," Heechul smiled. "Just like that."

Seunghyun hefted Heechul up, wrapping his legs around his waist. Heechul wrapped his arms around Seunghyun's neck and buried his head in his shoulder. The elevator was filled with panting as Seunghyun pounded into Heechul. Heechul licked up Seunghyun's neck, causing the other man to shudder. Heechul smirked. He licked around the shell of Seunghyun's ear, tugging the lobe with his teeth.

"Heechul, fuck!"

"We already are, baby."

Seunghyun snorted and Heechul grinned.

"You're such a slut, aren't you, hyung?"

Heechul shivered at the deep voice in his ear. "Yes," he gasped.

"You love dirty, rough sex, don't you?" Seunghyun gripped Heechul harder.

Heechul's head fell back. "Yes! Fuck! Seunghyun!"


Seunghyun growled as he released inside Heechul's ass. Heechul groaned and slumped into Seunghyun's arms. Neither one moved, trying to catch their breath.

"Well," Seunghyun said softly.

Heechul cleared his throat as Seunghyun slid out of him and gently lowered him to the floor. They were quiet as they redressed and readjusted themselves. They gave each other a once-over, making sure their activities wouldn't be noticed.

"Where are you staying?" Seunghyun asked.

"With Shindong," Heechul replied. "Which is fine, he's nice. He just snores."

"Does this mean I shouldn't mention I have the penthouse all to myself?" Seunghyun teased.

Heechul snorted, then looked over at Seunghyun. "Do you regret it?"

Seunghyun looked him in the eye. "Not at all."


Suddenly, the elevator groaned and shifted. The lights came on, and the elevator dinged at Heechul's floor.

"Bye, Seunghyun-shi."

Seunghyun smiled. "Bye, hyung."


Seunghyun couldn't sleep. He paced his hotel room before finally opting to stand and stare out the window. A knock on the door pulled his attention from the busy city below.

He was surprised- pleasantly- to see Heechul leaning against the door frame in nothing but a bathrobe.

"I can't sleep," Heechul declared before walking past Seunghyun into the room.

Seunghyun grinned before closing the door.