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God Love Her

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Sherlock’s P.O.V.

I’m running down the hall trying to get away from the Rugby team. I may have told Philip Anderson’s girlfriend that he was cheating on her in front of the entire Cafeteria. That is why I am running in the hallway that I have grown to know so well, because of these exact situations. My brother, his girlfriend Sally Donovan, his best friend John Watson, and John’s girlfriend Mary usually sit in the Cafeteria with me, but they were all on a University visit, since they are sixth forms. John usually scares them off, but this is what happens when he is not here.

Shit, I lost track, I’m at a dead end now. I back up against the six form lockers. I debate if I could get around them and get to my locker, in the fourth year hallway, but knew there was no way i could make it. Anderson came up and started punching me. He hit my face, then kept hitting my gut until I fell. Once I fall onto the ground the others start kicking me. “Not so tough when Watson’s not around, are you, Freak!?” Anderson raised his voice while laughing at me.

“Hey! Fuck off, and leave her alone, Losers!” The new voice was one I had always admired, but knew there was no chance for me and him. The voice belongs to the bad boy of the school, Greg Lestrade. Lestrade has a black faux haircut, he has green eyes, and he is always dressed as a rebel, which he is. He is also the lead singer in a band, “All Alone,” he and five other six and fifth form students started it in fourth form.

“Why do you care, Lestrade?” Anderson spats at him.

“Who said I did? I just want you and your boys to get out of my sight. I also think you’re an arse if you think beating up a girl is right, now piss off.” Greg says to them and they all run away from me as fast as they can. Greg comes over to me and reaches out his hand. I flinch away trying not to let him see it. He does though. “I just want to help you up. I’ve actually seen you around and wanted to talk to you, but you’re always around John and your brother.”

“Why would you want to talk to me?” I ask him as I took his hand and he slipped his arm around my waist. I tensed up at this and, of course, he noticed.

“I’m helping you. You need to go to the nurse. As for wanting to talk to you, you’re kind of adorable. I want to get to know you, so we can either go to the nurse and get your bruises looked at, or we can skip the last half of the school day and go to my flat. Which do you want to do, Sherlock?” He explained to me and when he asked which I’d rather do I knew what I should've said, but I didn’t.

“I’d rather go to your flat.” I said and blushed when I heard it come out of my mouth. Greg just smirked and kept his arm around my waist as he walked us to his locker and grabbed two motorcycle helmets. He then slammed his locker shut, and led me to my locker. He grabbed my backpack and stuffed my books in it. He then swung it over his shoulder. He held on to both helmets with one hand and slipped his arm around my waist again. He smirked when I blushed.

Greg’s P.O.V.

I have thought Sherlock Holmes was adorable since the day my parents decided we were switching churches, and the church happened to be the same church her father was the pastor of. That was the same year she started first form. When she walked through the doors of Bakersville Secondary School for first through sixth form I made it my goal to talk to her before I graduated. I had never actually talked to the kid except to tell her to move or when we were in Sunday school. I have wanted to talk to her, but her brother and her brother’s best friend were always around her.

Now I have just saved her from the rugby team, and am helping her skip school. Once we get her bag from her locker I slip it onto my right shoulder, and switch both the helmets to my right hand. I wrap my left arm around her waist and smirk when she blushes. I will never get tired of her adorableness. “Let’s go. My bike is parked close to the school.”

I lead her to my motorcycle and get on. “Don’t worry I won’t kill you, or crash.” I say as she gets on. I slide my helmet on and then I slide the extra helmet onto her own head. “Hold on to me.” I say and start up the bike. Her arms are immediately around me and I can’t help but smile.

It takes us about five minutes to get from the school to my flat on Baker Street, but I was speeding. I live on my own because when I lived with my parents they kept bringing up the bible and the sins I have committed. Don’t get me wrong, I do still follow a lot of the rules of the bible. Like thou shalt not murder, or thou shalt not steal. My parents support me for who I am, but I know they don’t understand. I still go to church every Sunday to please my mom, and to watch the preacher’s daughter. I’ve got a bible on my nightstand that I still read every night.

When we get to Baker Street I park my bike in the alley. I help her off and take off both our helmets. While I hold both helmets in one hand I go and open the door to 221 Baker Street, then I lead her up to my flat 221B. As soon as we were in the flat I close the door and back her up against it. I lean in slowly to give her time to turn her head if she wants to, but she doesn’t. I close the distance between our lips. The kiss is slow and sweet. We kiss until we are both out of breath. I pull back just a little. I look into her eyes and smile. I take her by the hand and lead her to my couch. I sit down then pull her down next to me. She moves onto my lap and turns to straddle my lap. She leans in and starts to kiss me just as sweetly as I did her. I don’t know how long we kissed this time, but I know it was longer than the first kiss.

When she pulled back to breathe I looked into her eyes and immediately knew where this was headed. “Should we go to the bedroom?” I breathe against her lips.

Her stormy blue eyes brighten and have an innocent look to them again. She nods and I know I’ll be the first. I take her hand and lead her down the hallway and to my bedroom. As soon as we’re in the room I close the door and back her up against it. I kiss her again, but this kiss is a determined passionate kiss.

She starts sliding off my black button up t-shirt, that is unbuttoned to show the black shirt under it with a skull on it. Our lips don’t part until she is trying to pull my skull shirt up. I pull away and quickly shed my shirt showing off my six pack. I then pull her red dress over her head, because I had already unzipped the back while we were kissing. We go back to kissing as she starts unbuttoning my jeans. I unclasp her bra before throwing it across the room. We pull back again and I pull down my jeans and pants in one go, before throwing them to join her bra. She does the same with her underwear.

Sherlock’s P.O.V.

As soon as our clothes our shed he picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. “Don’t worry, Baby, I’ll be careful. I know you’re a virgin. I promise I’ll make this good, but it may hurt a little.” He tells me laying me down on the bed. I nod my understanding. He looks at me and smiles as he reaches his hand into the bedside drawer. When he pulls his hand out he has a condom and a small bottle of lube.

He lubes up a few fingers and starts to slowly open my vagina. After five minutes, of fingering me and kissing me everywhere he can, I’m a withering mess. He pulls his fingers out and tears open the condom packet with his teeth. He slides it over his cock and uses the rest of the lube that is on his fingers to lube himself up.

He lines himself up with my vagina and slowly pushes in. It starts out with pain and I scream. He leans in and starts to kiss me as he pulls out and slams back into me. When he starts kissing me I feel only pleasure. We both scream each other's name as we come only a minute later. He kisses me softly as he pulls out and ties the condom off. He tosses it into the waste bin by the bed. He then rolls off me and onto his back. He pulls me over to him, and I lay my head on his chest. “That was amazing.” He says as he pulls the duvet over our naked bodies.

“It really was.” I reply as I close my eyes. We both are asleep within a few minutes, him holding me close and me with my head on his chest listening to his breathing.