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Second Time Around

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Lightning, Seven and Sice are seated with Rydia and her husband Edge at a busy yet popular café in Bodhum-Oerba, having lunch with their coffee. It's been one year since Lightning lost her wife Porom to an unknown but sudden illness, five years since she left Bodhum-Oerba for an assignment at Akademia in Rubrum with Rydia and Edge and six years since she broke off her engagement with Fang - yet for some reason, the pinkette is still on edge with butterflies in her stomach after everything she went through up to this point, partially because she felt that Hope had something to do with the events throughout that time. The others assure her that by returning, she can conquer her inner demons once and for all so that she can finally find peace of mind, something that Porom would have wanted for her if she was still alive.

Looking at the wedding band from her wedding to the Mysidian native four years ago that is currently on a chain around her neck, Lightning knew that they were right. As the group give the pinkette their order to relay to the barista, the older Farron takes a quick scan of the café and is shocked by who she sees there: Fang, her ex-fiancée. She's even more shocked that Fang is hanging out with Serah, Snow and two other people that Lightning is familiar with but doesn't quite know who they are and how they know the Oerban native. Noting that the brunette is ringless like she is, it sets off the butterflies in her stomach once more, just like when they first met. A part of Lightning wonders if Fang wants the older Farron to take her back, but for now, she shoves that feeling aside to get to the barista so that the orders can be place for the group, as Edge insisted on paying as he doesn't want a woman to buy a meal in his presence. Once she's done making the order, she hurries back to the group and lets them know just who is here.

"Fang? Here, of all places?!? And who is that pair with her, your sister and brother-in-law?" Rydia asks the older Farron while making the same discovery as the rest of them, curious for every reason but with a small smile on her face, thinking that the pair might be a huge reason why the Oerban native would be at a café instead of Lebreau's bar.

"Isn't that Y'shtola and Maria, Light? The duo involved in research and medicine to get people back on track with their lives?" Edge asks, noticing the violet haired woman and the Miqo'te seated with the brunette, the younger Farron and her husband. Like his green haired wife, he was stunned to see the Oerban native at a café, but knew that they had nothing to worry about with them.

"THAT Y'shtola?!? She hasn't changed a bit!" Sice wondered, remembering that the Miqo'te historian was the one responsible for getting her into Akademia in the first place.

"Must be. It has to be Maria with them - it was Maria who taught me the Cura spell when I first started at Akademia as a kid, before you showed up, Light..." Seven confirmed to the group, remembering that the violet-haired woman was the person Lightning took over for at Akademia five years ago, noting that Maria left on good terms, much to the surprise of both Lightning and Sice.

"Light? You okay there?" Rydia asks the older Farron, concerned as soon as the green haired woman saw that look on her face, the one of regret.

"Do you think she'll want to try again with me...?" Lightning asks in a small but worried voice, drawing tears and hugs from both Seven and Sice, remembering that Porom wanted the older Farron to be happy and at peace in her life, as part of Porom's final words to Lightning before she died.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she wants to, Light. Fang looks quite down to be honest with you..." Sice assured her, remembering a few things from the stories the older Farron told her shortly after the pinkette's arrival at Akademia. Sice always looks up to the older Farron as the big sister.

With that, the group were given their lunch and eat in comfortable silence, with their chats being in between bites of their food. What surprises them is when Fang approaches their table 25 minutes later, to talk to the older Farron.

What happened next surprised them all...


Fang, Serah, Snow, Y'shtola and Maria are having their lunch and tea, since they arrived a hour before they were supposed to. Serah and Snow managed to get the Oerban native out of her house to help the brunette conquer her inner demons, which was huge for one person to live in after everything that happened six years ago...

After Fang continuously and wrongly accused Lightning of cheating on her throughout their relationship, Fang went out and cheated on Lightning with not only her sister Vanille, but also Carlyn, a woman Vanille set Fang up with for her own reasons that Hope knew about. The brunette even had a threesome twice with Vanille and Carlyn, which ultimately led to Lightning breaking off their engagement and the older Farron moving out of their shared home and then moving to Rubrum for her 5-year assignment with Rydia and Edge. Fang was still seeing Carlyn for a year after Lightning left but didn't know that Lightning left until 18 months after. When she found everything out, Fang went into the darkest phase of her life for the next two years.

It was because of Maria's joining Y'shtola and her team in the medical department, along with Y'shtola as the Miqo'te often paired up with the purple haired woman on medical discoveries and magic, that the brunette got out of that very dark phase in her life and getting her on the right path once more. It took almost three years after Lightning left for Fang to talk to Serah and Snow again, as the Oerban native felt that they wanted nothing to do with her for cheating on Lightning more than once and ruining everything. Along with Serah and Snow, Fang takes a quick look around the café, with the brunette hoping to not develop an anxiety attack as she wasn't one to go out much since finding out the plan that broke her and Lightning up. What surprises Fang is that Lightning was there, in the flesh...but wasn't alone as she saw two 18-year-old teens with the older Farron along with Rydia and Edge, both of whom the Oerban native remembered from their working with Lightning.

"Serah...Snow...either of ya know either of those two brats with Light, Rydia and Edge?" Fang asks the younger Farron, annoyed that the teens sat close to her Sunshine. While the younger pinkette shrugged her shoulders and shook her head, Snow did the same, Y'shtola and Maria took a look and a smile was on their faces, knowing that Fang has nothing to worry about.

"Fang...the white haired teen in the ponytail is Sice. Seven, the silver haired teen that's with her who looks like Light...they're actually an item. Sice looks up to Lightning from what I was told...nothing for you to worry about at all, woman..." Maria tells her, noting that she was the reason why Lightning was transferred to Rubrum five years ago as a replacement instructor for Class Zero.

"Sice and Seven...I know the pair. They're girlfriends. I knew they were going to get together at some point, and Lightning is way too old for either of them. Sice sees Light as a big sister. Seven is often mistaken for Lightning's lost relative at Akademia." Y'shtola confirmed, knowing that she got Sice into Akademia, which led to Sice meeting and then dating Seven.

"Do you think I have a second chance with her, little Farron?" Fang asks Serah with tears falling from her emerald eyes, thinking back to her royal fuck up that led to Lightning calling off their wedding six years ago. Upon taking a closer look at her older sister and clearly noticing that the wedding band from Lightning's wedding to Porom is on a chain, Serah tells the Oerban native to talk to her and see what she says, as the brunette won't know the answer if she doesn't ask first. It gives Fang the confidence she desperately needed to talk to Lightning once more, with the hopes that the older Farron will give her another chance and make things right for them.

"Go get her back Fang..." Serah and Snow said to the brunette in unison and with a small smile on their face, knowing that this could heal the wounds that were deep inside both the Oerban native and the older Farron. Fang walks up to the table Lightning is at and asks the group if they can have a chat in private.

Without hesitation, Lightning accepts the offer and they go to a private area on the garden part of the café, hoping to patch things up between them from what happened six years ago.

Rydia, Edge, Seven, Sice, Serah, Snow, Maria and Y'shtola all look at the pair with a smile on their face from their respective tables, hoping for the best between the two.

They all hoped that Lightning and Fang get back together...this is their story.