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(i promise to take you) as you are

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He wasn’t sure how they got there.

They’d talked about this beforehand, talked about taking it slow, not because they needed to, but because they wanted to. It was different, what was re-blossoming between them. Their love was strong as ever, but so much had happened since she gave him the ring back. They had changed, individually and together, and certain truths and realities had been unearthed. It’d hurt, more than either of them could bear, but ripping open those old wounds had been cleansing, making way for a new beginning. A new life.

A new them.

So they were taking it slow… 

Well, they were supposed to be. 

Oliver had walked her up to the loft. He wasn’t going to go in, they’d decided. It would be one kiss, maybe two. She’d lace their fingers together, cradling his hand in hers as he pulled her in for a hug. Maybe he’d kiss her forehead, her nose and then her lips one more time… and then he’d go back to his place.

But there was no such thing as one or two kisses between them.

The second his lips grazed hers, he’d been lost. They’d been touching all night, and they’d even stolen a few soft kisses since their world had settled down enough for them to date, but this was… 

It was overwhelming in the best way possible.

One second they were in the hallway and the next Oliver was shoving her up against the door, hands in her hair, leg between her thighs, moaning as she deepened the kiss. That might have been okay, except Felicity slipped her hands under his suit jacket and grabbed his suspenders, pulling him closer just as she started wantonly grinding her hips down against his thigh, lifting one leg to wrap around him.

And then they were inside the loft. He didn’t remember how or when she unlocked the door, but it didn’t matter because she pulled him in by his suspenders and damn near attacked him, pushing him towards the stairs. Oliver had picked her up then, hauling her off her feet, his hand slipping under her dress, fingers grazing her bare ass. The noises she made were music to his ears and he’d made it up one step before deciding the bedroom was too damn far. He’d whirled around and made his way to the couch, sitting down with her in his lap.

Clothes had been ripped off, shoes dropping to the ground, and then…

And then Felicity had her hands in his boxers and his face was buried in her throat and nothing was slow.

Oliver shoved himself up off the couch and stumbled back, chest heaving with desperate breaths. His lips were swollen from her kisses, his skin was flush with need for the beautiful woman sprawled out on the cushions before him. She only wore white panties and a lacy bra that barely hid anything. Her hair was askew, her eyes shiny with desire, lips red and perfect and the way she looked at him…

He cursed.

“Slow,” Oliver rasped. He swallowed hard, and her eyes dropped to his mouth, to his throat, and down his chest to the heavy bulge in his boxers. Her lips fell open with a soft moan and he hardened even more. He cursed again. “I want this to be perfect, I want…”

“Oliver,” Felicity interrupted. She pulled the strap of her bra down, so slowly it hurt to watch. She slipped her fingers into the cup, and he knew exactly how her nipple felt against the back of her fingers as she slowly tugged it down to reveal her breast. “This is exactly right,” she whispered, her voice hoarse. “We’re right. We’ve always been right, we just had to find our way again. This is already perfect because we’re making it that way. Now… Get back here.”

He didn’t have to be told twice.

In the blink of an eye, Oliver was on her, pulling her panties down her legs. He pushed his boxers out of the way just enough to free his hardness and she opened herself for him, so warm and welcoming and loving.

Oliver buried himself deep inside her in one swift thrust.

Their cries filled the room as they moved together, as they re-learned each other, as they imprinted their rediscovered love into each other’s flesh, fingers digging in, lips crashing together… 


They were home.

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“So was this why your relationship ended?”

Felicity gaped. “Wow, you guys just dive right in, don’t you?”

The woman offered a smile, and Felicity almost believed it was genuine. Except she was still a reporter asking questions that even Felicity didn’t like talking about. And it was her own love life.

“Well, the people of Star City were very taken with ‘Olicity,’” the reporter replied. Felicity bit the inside of her lip to stop from smiling at the name her and Oliver had been dubbed with. Olicity. She honestly had to wonder what her life was sometimes. The lady pushed her recorder closer to Felicity, like if she pressed hard enough the answers would fly out like word vomit. “We were all hoping you’d make it. And now you and the Mayor are back together and he just came out as the Green Arrow, so it stands to reason that his nighttime activities might have played a role in the demise of your relationship before.”


“Well, we, uh…”

Felicity’s lips moved as she worked to say something that was… well, that was anything, but nothing came to mind. And really, that was allowed because the reporter had been following up on questions about Smoak Technologies and its role in fighting the crime in Star City only to veer right into Felicity’s personal life without an ounce of warning. They had prepared for questions like these - not exactly like these, because why - and yet…

Her mind was blank.


Movement from over the lady’s shoulder caught her eye and she glanced over.

“Oliver!” Felicity blurted, plastering a huge smile on her face. She reached for him, her fingers making a grabby motion. He pressed his lips together, his eyebrows shooting up - ha, did he really think she’d let him slide by without saving her? Oliver didn’t leave her hanging, though, and he sidled up next to her. Felicity immediately wrapped her arm around him and he reciprocated as he gave the reporter a polite smile. “This nice lady was just asking about…”

“About why you two broke up in the first place,” the reporter filled in.

“Oh,” Oliver said, his fingers tightening on Felicity’s shoulder.

Really, it was ridiculous. He’d just announced himself as the Green Arrow and they were being asked about the status of their relationship. Or rather the past status of their relationship. Or status of their past relationship. Or… whatever.

“Did it have anything to do with you being the Green Arrow?” the lady pressed. “Did Ms. Smoak not know, or is she more privy to what’s going on than you’ve let on?”

And there it was. The reporter wanted to know more instead of being content with the knowledge that Star City’s Mayor was also the vigilante running through the streets at night.

Felicity chortled. “Of course I knew,” she blurted. “How could I not? I mean, you don’t sleep next to a guy with these muscles…” Her mouth was just going, she belatedly realized, and her hand was just moving. She patted the top of his ass a few times before sliding even lower as she said, “And not realize that a simple workout regimen is all he does every single day.”

Before she could tell her hand to stop, Felicity squeezed his ass.


Oliver jumped with a nervous bolt of laughter and mortification colored Felicity’s cheeks. He grinned - but it wasn’t entirely because he was disarmed by her sudden grope, Felicity thought when she glanced up - and shook his head.

“Felicity knew,” he said. His voice was low and confident, smoothing right over the fact that she’d just grabbed his ass in public. “I’ve learned the hard way that secrets are never a good thing in any relationship.”

Oliver glanced down at her as he said the last part, his grin softening into a quieter smile, one just for her. She immediately relaxed at the sight, and nodded.

This time when she groped his ass, it was with more intent, and while he didn’t jump, his lips quickly pinched together to keep a smile at bay. His eyes sparkled and she felt his fingers twitching to return the favor, but apparently he was far more behaved than she was.

“So,” the reporter said, pulling their attention back to her. They turned at the same time. The lady was smiling, and some of the edge had worn from her voice. Olicity strikes again. “Are there wedding bells back in your future, then?”

Oliver smiled. “You could say that.”

Felicity’s wedding ring burned a hole in her chest where it hung on her necklace for when they were in public. The spur-of-the-moment wedding had happened just like that: completely out of the blue. She’d asked and he’d said yes and an hour later they were at a courthouse. Being buried alive on an island that’d been blown to smithereens by a madman. But they weren’t ready to announce it, not yet. So much of their lives was quickly becoming the public’s and they weren’t ready to give all of it up.

“But now that you’ve come out as the Green Arrow, what kind of message are you sending by putting your future wife’s life in direct danger like this?”

Felicity stiffened - this woman was painfully good at blindsiding. And she’d cut right to the chase, right to the exact debate they’d all had for hours when the question of Oliver announcing himself as the Green Arrow had come up. She moved to respond but Oliver was already talking.

“I assure you that Felicity can more than take of herself,” he said, narrowing his eyes. Warmth filled Felicity’s chest at that response, but as much as she appreciated it, this was really not what they should be talking about.

“Still,” the lady pressed. Felicity could feel Oliver’s ire rising. “Isn’t there-”

“Oh wow, look at the time,” Felicity interrupted. “We have to go. Thank you. Okay, bye.”

They turned away before the reporter could respond, unwinding their arms. Oliver laced his fingers through hers and his face was dark when Felicity looked up at him.

“You okay?” she asked.

The instant he glanced at her the tension melted out of his frame. He took a deep breath and brought their laced fingers up to press a quick kiss to the back of her hand.

He smiled, squeezing her hand. “Yeah.”

Felicity heard the because you’re by my side as if he’d shouted it from the rooftops.

She smiled back, and he saw the as long as we’re together, we can do anything reflected back at him.

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“Where do you see us in ten years?”

It wasn’t that long ago that a question like that would have sent his wife running. Maybe not physically, but emotionally? Oh, she would have blanched, her eyes widening, a hundred different responses running through her head as she struggled to find the right one that wouldn’t entirely show her hand. He hadn’t been much better, although he’d leaned more towards wearing rose-colored glasses than anything. It’d taken months of hell to realize neither of them had been fully ready for all that a life together entailed.

Not anymore.

Felicity didn’t even flinch where she stood over the large touch screen down in the bunker. Instead she hummed under her breath at the question, her fingers not faltering where she was organizing that week’s case load. The team was stretched a little thin since Rene’a injury, so there was more to do than usual. He knew she was weighing the ups and downs of where things could land on top of his workload as the Mayor.

All his various mayoral meetings were also on the screen.

His eyebrows went up when he saw she had him checking out a quick lead on the recent jail break over the lunch hour on Thursday. Past the fact that she wanted him to do some quick Green Arrow business in the middle of the day…

“You really think I can get all the way down to the Glades and back for my 2 p.m.?”

Felicity shot him a smile over her shoulder. “Yep.”

You don’t have a choice.

Oliver chuckled as he sidled up behind her, gripping her shoulders lightly. He dropped a kiss to the top of her right one.

She blindly patted his hip in return, sliding her hand down his still-leathered thigh. Her eyes never left the screen. “Is this because John was talking about his first anniversary with Lyla?”

“It got me thinking,” he confirmed.

Felicity shrugged, rearranging a few more things. She left the Glades stop on Thursday, he noticed with a wry smirk - she knew his assistant Benjamin was going to flip - before she pulled his attention back to her.

“Well… I think I see us in that monstrosity of a brownstone I can’t talk you out of,” she said. He laughed, kissing the side of her neck this time. She gave him a content sigh and leaned back into him. “Ten years?” She shrugged. “I think I see me pretending not to cry as you and William carry all his stuff out to a crappy SUV he bought with money he made under the table from you when he was helping out at City Hall. And when I lose that battle, I’ll pretend I’m crying because I’m angry that he’s driving that thing across the country - and at you, because you’re letting him - but we all know I’m really crying because I’m not ready for him to leave. Even though I’m so insanely proud at the school he got into that you had to pry me off him when he first told us.”

Oliver stopped breathing, barely blinking at the vivid image she was describing.

“And then,” she added, “when you guys try to call me on it, I’ll tell you it’s just pregnancy hormones.”

His heart stopped.

Felicity turned to him and she bit her lips together to keep herself from laughing at the look on his face. It did nothing to diminish her smile, though.


They hadn’t really let themselves talk too much about the future. There was always something that came up, that derailed them, that put their plans on hold, whether it was because of his Mayor duties or their nighttime activities. But he’d hoped, and he’d shared those dreams with her, the eventual future that’d taken him years to finally admit to wanting with a yearning that took his breath away.

Felicity wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands found their natural perch on her hips and he pulled her closer, breathing her in. He could already feel the way her body would change as she carried the life they created.

He wanted it, so bad he could taste it.

“Oliver,” she said, her smile softening. “Where do you see us ten years from now?”

A thousand responses rocketed through his head but there was only one response that resonated with all of them.

“Happy,” he promised.

The grin she gave him was blinding and he sealed the promise with a kiss.

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Oliver smiled.  “Okay,” he replied, the word so soft it barely registered.

The air between them was electric. He didn’t want to leave, not just yet, like always. The feeling was getting harder and harder to ignore. He knew why they’d pushed this off - their promise to talk after the island hadn’t included his entire life being turned upside down by the sudden inclusion of his son in his life - but things were settling… slowly, but surely. 

And it was getting harder to say goodbye to her each time he saw her, harder to say goodnight, to walk away from her. 

He wanted her and he was done hiding it. He’d buried it for so long - too long - but now the door was open again and he wasn’t losing this, losing her, not for anything.

And yet… he was almost okay with waiting, just a little bit longer. There was something about the way that electricity between them crackled. It danced over his skin, searing his nerves with an awareness of her every single move that made his heart race. They were taking their time, exploring their relationship in a new way, and it was both frustrating and… 


He wanted her, absolutely, but the waiting made it somehow more intense.

With another smile, Oliver stepped closer. He was going to move around her to go home, keep that space there, maintain the buffer… 

But instinct flared and he moved towards her instead. 

His hand reached for hers, his fingers sliding over her palm. Felicity immediately reacted, curling hers around his, turning into his touch with an ease that made it hard to breathe. God, how could one tiny touch set him on fire like that? He inhaled sharply and his senses flooded with her scent. His eyes fluttered shut, the urge to take that final step and turn towards her flooding him. He wanted to hug her, to hold her close, to bury his face against her neck and just breathe her… 

He didn’t, though, because they weren’t there.


But they would be. He knew it with a certainty he could taste.

And she knew it, too, judging by the way her breath stuttered as she leaned into him.

Oliver clasped her hand in his and kissed her cheek.

It was soft, gentle, quiet, meant to say everything he couldn’t just yet, but it was so much more than that: it was a promise in and of itself. For them. For their future.

They moved at the same time.

Her front barely grazed his arm, but it was enough to burn him, almost as much as his lips where they were pressed to her skin. She warmed under his touch, her head turning into his. Her glasses brushed his temple as loose strands of her hair grazed his nose. His stubble slipped over her and Felicity gasped, her hand sliding further into his. The tiny puff of air coupled with her nails suddenly scraping his wrist had a shiver dancing down his spine.

It was over as fast as it began… but it also somehow stretched on for a perfect eternity until they both reluctantly pulled away.

“Goodnight,” he whispered. The word ghosted over her ear and she licked her lips.

“’Night,” she breathed.

They let each other go and went to their separate lofts, both knowing that someday they would be going to one, together…  


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“Is this…” Felicity stared into the box. She wasn’t sure what she’d been expecting, but this…? She looked up at Oliver where he stood before her. He shifted from foot to foot, his arms crossed tightly over his chest. He was nervous. Her heart picked up even more as she picked it up. “Is this what I think it is?”

“It’s a key,” he confirmed softly. And then, like those were the magic words, all his nervousness disappeared. His shoulders relaxed and a quiet smile lit up his face. “It’s to where you think… but it’s more than that. I want to share a home with you again, Felicity, but more than that I want to share a life with you. My life. All of it. That key is to more than just a house. It’s a key to me. To everything. I’m done holding back. I want to share everything with you, Felicity, everything I am - who I am, what I am, who I’ll become. I want that, with you. I want you, and I want you to have me. All that I am is yours, forever. Which is what that key means. And I thought… I thought we could start fresh, somewhere new, build a home that’s ours, and William’s, when he’s ready.” He suddenly furrowed his brow. “I’m just now realizing how this must look, because I’m not asking you to move in with me right now, not if you aren’t ready to, but I wanted you to know that I’m here, all of me is here, whenever you-”

She didn’t let him finish. 

Clutching the key in her hand, Felicity closed the distance between them in two quick steps and wrapped her arm around his neck, pulling him down to her. He managed a breathy, “Felicity,” before her lips covered his. 

The kiss was a punctuation mark on one life and an open door to the next.

Her heart brimmed with happiness and excitement, with love and hope. She had been hesitant still, especially when William entered his life twenty-four-seven, because she didn’t want to impose on him, or his son, to make him feel obligated, or to make him feel like he had to choose because that wasn’t who they were anymore. 

But there wasn’t a choice - there never had been. There was just him, and everything that went along with that. 

God, it was so perfectly adorable and corny and fantastic and Oliver that he’d given her a literal key to himself.

It was everything she’d wanted, everything she’d needed.

Oliver melted into her with a sigh and wrapped his arms around her. He pulled her closer, holding her as tight as he could. 

The kiss quickly escalated. 

Passion burst between them, electricity sizzling the air, setting their nerves on fire. His tongue ran along the seam of her lips and with a moan she opened for him, letting him in without hesitation. He kissed her like she was the answer to every question he’d ever had and she reciprocated, pouring her heart and soul into it like she hadn’t done in… god, in years. There was no more fear or worry, there was only light and joy and that beautiful hope for the future that was finally theirs.

When the need for oxygen became too much, they parted, but they didn’t go far. 

Gasping for air, Oliver whispered, “So, is that a yes?”

Yes, I take you, all of you…

Felicity grinned, a huge smile that filled her entire face. “Yes,” she replied against his lips. “Definitely a yes.”

And I give you all of me.

(She kisses him again, and again, and Oliver eventually pushes her up against the door. They damn near ravage each other, but not before Felicity whispers, “Wait, wait,” and gently replaces the key in the box. When she does, Oliver picks her up and carries her to the couch and they make love, finally whispering those beautiful words, over and over, all night. When they aren’t reacquainting themselves with each other, they talk, about everything and anything like they never have before, like they will, for the rest of their lives.)

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Soft curses greeted him when he opened the front door.

Oliver chuckled.

“I can’t believe how bad these directions are. This is YouTube voodoo.”

Balancing the last box in one arm, he closed the door behind him with his other hand, quietly, not wanting to disturb her. More cursing drifted from the far corner of the loft. Their loft, now. His heart warmed, just like every other damn time he’d walked into their house today.

Their home, for their family.

Setting the box on the ground with the others, Oliver went to find his wife.

“Why. Aren’t. You. Working?”

A frazzled Felicity was waiting for him when he walked into their bedroom. Her hair fell around her shoulders in unruly waves and a dark frown colored her face. And she was glaring at their new duvet where it was draped across the floor. Oliver had to bite his lips to keep from grinning as he stopped in the doorway. God, she was so damn cute. She didn’t notice him right away as she shook her head, huffing in frustration.

“Okay,” she said, “this shouldn’t be this hard. I’ve done this before, so I know I can do it, I just need to… do it. And I will. I will not admit defeat. Hear that, you stupid damn duvet cover?”

She emphasized her question by kicking the crinkled duvet cover at her feet.

Oliver chuckled, finally alerting her to his presence.

Her head whipped to him, and she didn’t skip a beat as she asked, “Do we really need this?”

“The cover?” he asked, walking towards. “Or the duvet itself?”

“This entire thing,” she replied, scooping up the duvet cover. She waved it at him. “This thing is smarter than me, Oliver. And it’s pissing me off. I should be able to put on a stupid duvet cover, but nooo. I’ve tried six times already and I swear three out of those six times this thing tangled itself.” Felicity dropped it on the ground. “I looked up directions and I even YouTubed it to figure out that rolling technique, but that technique is a dirty lie. Nobody can do that. It’s not real. The instructions lie. And whose idea was it to get a king size? This thing is ridiculously huge. Ridiculously.”

He laughed. “It was yours,” Oliver reminded her as he reached her. He swept some of her hair off her shoulder before wrapping his arms around her from behind. She immediately melted back into his chest and Oliver pressed his face against her neck as he added, “Mostly because you hog the covers.”

She slapped his arm. “I do not.”

“Yes,” he said with a grin, “you do.” He hugged her tightly, dropping a kiss on her pulse point with a quiet, “You can hog them all you want, though. I’m just glad you’re here.”

Felicity huffed, shaking her head, a smile threatening to pull at her lips, but she fought it off. “No,” she said. “Honeymoon-phase you won’t take away from my righteous anger. I won’t let it.”

“No?” he asked, turning her around in his arms. He dropped a series of butterfly kisses all over her face, fighting his own smile when she refused to give in. “Felicity…” he breathed, dragging her name out, knowing exactly what it would do to her before he cupped her face and kissed her on the lips.

She stayed serious for all of two seconds before she broke into a grin. Felicity scrunched her nose at him and kissed him back, her hands finding his waist. She twisted his t-shirt in tight fists, pushing up on her toes to deepen the kiss just enough to make him growl before she pulled away.

“Okay,” she hedged, looking up at him from under her lashes. “Maybe I’ll let you a little.”

With one more kiss - more like six, there was no such thing as one kiss between them - he asked, “Do you want some help?”

“I’m past the helping stage, Oliver. I’m at the ‘screw this, let’s sleep without the cover’ stage.”

“Then the bed won’t match.” He picked up the wrinkled duvet cover and shook it out. He turned it inside out and grabbed a corner, indicating the other one to Felicity. “Here, I’ll do this corner, you do that one, and then we’ll flip it.”

“I tried this,” Felicity said, but she did as he said. “It didn’t work.”

“It will this time,” he promised.

It took them a second to get the ties in their corners. Felicity had hers tied and was already prepping to turn it inside out when Oliver finished. He grabbed the edge of the duvet and stood to shake it out…

Except he’d tied the wrong damn corner.

Felicity snorted.

“Damn it,” he whispered, dropping it to untie it. He shot her a look. “That one didn’t count.” He didn’t wait for her to respond before he was shoving his hand into the massive amount of duvet cover to find the right corner. He fished it out before quickly tying that corner to the duvet. “Alright, there we go.”

Oliver grabbed the edge again and shook it out…

He’d tied the other wrong corner.

“What the hell?” he snapped, shaking it out even more, just to make sure. Nope, it really was the exact opposite corner. “How did I…?”

Felicity burst out laughing. “I told you!” She sidled up next to him, poking him in the side. He jerked away from her, but she did it again, tickling him as she teased, “Mister ‘It’ll work this time, I know what I’m doing, it’s just a duvet cover, how can it be smarter than me…’

Oliver moved to grab her hand before she could poke him again, but she danced away. Triumph gleamed in her eye as she laughed at him, and even if he wanted to be annoyed, he couldn’t be, because the pure light and happiness that suffused her face was too damn gorgeous and amazing and contagious.

With a dark laugh of his own, Oliver chased after, but she evaded him again, saying, “‘Oh no, Felicity, I know exactly what I’m doing.’” She moved around the bed, her grin getting better. “‘I’ll make sure it’s…’

Oliver caught her, yanking her against his chest, his fingers instantly diving into her sides.

Felicity’s words dissolved into laughter and her knees gave out in an attempt to get away from him, but his reflexes were too fast and he hauled her up into his arms, keeping her close.

He was relentless, earning wild laughter that turned into tears and eventually into Felicity begging for him to stop before they finally toppled onto the bed.

Fighting for air, Felicity pulled him on top of her, cradling him between her legs.

“We don’t need the duvet right now…” she said breathlessly, wrapping her arms around his neck. She arched her back and her intention was oh so clear. The welcoming heat between her thighs pressed against the seam of his jeans, right against the growing bulge waiting for her there. “… do we?”

Oliver shook his head, his nose brushing over hers. “No, no we do not.”

Her lips grazed his. “What time is it?”

“They won’t be here for a few hours,” he replied, knowing exactly what she was asking - where are William and Raisa?

“Oh good,” Felicity breathed before her lips crashed into his.


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(In my mind, he calls her. He spent the entire afternoon with William and it’s been on his mind, ever since picking him up, ever since he’d had to leave his son again when Anatoly called him. He’s ready to make a decision, but he isn’t quite there yet.

So he calls Felicity.)

“Hey,” she says, a smile evident in her voice. 

“Hey,” he says, dropping onto the couch.  His tie is loose and his are sleeves unbuttoned. His stomach is full of Chinese food and his heart is brimming with a happiness he didn’t even know existed because his son has started opening up to him. He’s letting Oliver learn things - like that he’s a little sneak kicking Oliver’s ass while Oliver mashed buttons - but also that he always ordered sweet and sour chicken because it was his and his mother’s favorite.

“I was just about to call you.” 

He settles into the cushions, letting his head fall back. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” she confirms, and he can hear her smile growing. “Curtis said yes.”

Oliver grins. “Congratulations.” A new brand of warm contentment spreads through him as he basks in her joy with her. In the fact that she’s sharing it with him at all. “That’s fantastic news. And it’s good, because according to the paperwork you filed he said yes ages ago.”

Felicity laughs. “Yeah, well… I’m hard to say no to.”

A moment of silence settles between them because god, she has no idea. It’s not a strained silence, but it’s definitely full - of knowledge, of promise, of the future. Oliver closes his eyes. He wants to talk about that with her, so badly it aches. And all the promises of ‘soon’ are starting to stack up. Like right now. It’s not the time, but if she agrees with his idea, if she thinks it’s a good idea, if she supports him… then maybe soon isn’t so far off.

“So what’s up?” Felicity asks. 

He fills her in on his afternoon with his son. He tells her every single detail, marveling in it all over again, feeling like he’s experiencing it all again for the first time as he tells her. 

“It got me thinking,” Oliver says, “about what I could do now to be here more.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, like, maybe… maybe taking a step back again. Away from the Green Arrow.”

“… Oh.” 

He waits for her to process.

“Not, like… not permanently?” she asks.

“No,” Oliver replies immediately, and he’s surprised by how true that is. “I couldn’t do that, not like before. It’s part of who I am, it always will be. But right now I need to get some other things realigned.”


This time her voice is quieter, softer, coming from a place of gentle understanding. And maybe even a hint of something more. It gives him the assurance he didn’t know he needed to tell her his idea.

“I was thinking of asking John,” Oliver says. No, he more blurts it. He doesn’t realize how heavy that thought has been weighing on him until he finally voices it. “It’s a lot to ask, I know, but…”

“But he’s the perfect choice,” Felicity fills in. “The right choice. Can you imagine Curtis out there? Well, no, because I need him to be my second-in-command - which, by the way, please remind him I’m Jobs.” He has no idea what that means, but she breezes right past it. “And Rene couldn’t do it, he’d blow your cover faster than you ever could.” Oliver chuckles. “And you trust John.”

“I do.”

She’s quiet for a moment. “I think you should. At least ask. I think he’d go for it, for as long as you need. Remember when J.J. was born, when he put you in your place about trying to sideline him? This is his fight as much as yours. And mine. All of us. And I think he’d understand why you’re doing this. It’s not like William has anyone else right now.”

The relief that rushes through him is heady. 

Oliver sighs and some of the weight on his shoulders fades. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For being… you. For understanding. For… for being here for me.”

“I’m always here for you, Oliver. Always. Thank you for letting me be.”

(Or something like that.)

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There was no choice to make.

The hall was quiet save for a few whispers, the clinking of glasses and silverware, some soft emotional sighs - alright, those were mostly from her mother - and the shuffling of feet. 

For the most part it was just bated breath as everyone watched them.

Her face was straight, not wanting to give away what she was going to do, even as she raised the cupcake with the bright green frosting on it to his mouth. The smile on his face was so quiet and serene, so beautiful and unsuspecting. The ceremony had been perfect and now it was time to cap it off with… 

A twinkle in Oliver’s eye caught her off guard, but before she could process it his lips twitched ever so slightly, like he was fighting a smile.

Oh no.

Felicity narrowed her eyes, opening her mouth to tell him, “Noooo…” but it was too late.

He shoved the dark green cupcake in her face. 

Felicity gasped - he got her first - and with a face-splitting grin, she did the same exact thing to him. 

Oliver laughed, a gorgeously boisterous sound that echoed through the room as he tried to dodge back, but Felicity followed him, making sure she smeared icing all over her stupidly handsome husband’s mouth and cheeks. The move had the cupcake he held going up and over her nose, which made him really laugh. It was contagious and amazing, and her laughter quickly joined his, especially when she nearly got her cupcake in his open mouth, but he caught her wrist at the last second before she could.

As laughter and applause erupted around them, Felicity looped her other arm around his neck and pulled his lips down to hers. 

The kiss was a complete mess, all grins and green icing, especially when he tugged her into his chest and tried to smear his icing-covered face all over hers. It elicited a little shriek from her before she gave it as good as she got, reducing both of them to giggles and open-mouthed kisses.

But the real giggles didn’t start until Felicity pulled back and looked up at him.

He had green icing all over his face - on his nose, his cheeks, around his eyes and in his eyebrows.

It was freakishly reminiscent of his Hood days, so much so that Felicity snorted.

Biting her lip to keep from losing it, she dragged a green-tinged finger down the side of his face with a quiet, “So much for those Green Arrow rumors not being true, huh?”

Oliver grinned. “That bad?”

Felicity hummed, shaking her head as she drank him in. “No,” she replied, leaning forward to lick the tip of his nose. He chuckled, and he didn’t stop as she dropped more open kisses all over his face, tasting as much as kissing. “Definitely that good.”

Completely oblivious to the room around them, Oliver whispered, “C’mere,” just before his mouth found hers again… only to be thwarted when his lips slipped right over hers and landed on her cheek. 

Felicity laughed and they tried to kiss again, but icing was everywhere and it was only getting worse… 

No, it was only getting better as they stood there in their own little world, their perfect little world that was all theirs, that they’d fought so hard for, that they’d won, and tried to kiss each other through endless giggles and green icing.

(That’s the photo Oliver will always carry in his wallet and the one that Felicity keeps with her as she builds her brand new company.)

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Oliver’s hand froze over the bowl of popcorn, his eyes flying to Felicity where she’d stopped in the middle of the stairs. Confusion flitted over his face before he saw what she was wearing. A pleased smile tugged at his lips as his eyes darkened.

She would be all for that except he was about to shove his hand into a bowl of salty popcorn.

“Did you touch that yet?” Felicity asked, coming down the rest of the steps. The large t-shirt she wore swayed around her, letting some of the chilly loft air drift over her naked skin. Oliver was just as transfixed as the air was with her current state, his eyes glued to her hardening nipples where they pressed through the material. His hand still hovered over the bowl. “Oliver.”

“Hmm?” he asked, his eyes flying to hers.

“You made popcorn.”

Oliver furrowed his brow, finally moving his hand. He looked at the bowl and then the television where the main Netflix screen waited. “I thought we were watching a movie.”

Felicity smiled. “We are.”

He blinked, looking up at her. “And in the past that has usually involved popcorn…”

“Well,” she said, sitting down next to him on the couch, folding her legs underneath her. She’d already had the green throw she kept out there laid out so she didn’t feel the cold leather on her very naked legs. “That’s not all we’ll be doing.”

“Is that so…” Oliver took in what she was wearing again - one of his t-shirts that he’d left behind the last time he was over - as well as the fact that she was obviously naked underneath it. He grinned and the delight in his eyes was so painfully adorable that Felicity just shook her head, smiling softly. Oliver put the bowl on the coffee table and reached for her. “And what else will we be doing?”

Felicity answered by cupping his jaw and pressing her lips to his.

Oliver sighed, melting under her touch, his hands finding her waist. His palms were hot through the shirt and she shivered, pushing herself up onto her knees to get closer to him. Like a well-practiced ballet, he shifted, tugging her against his chest as he fell back on the couch, taking her with him. Felicity crawled over him, their lips never parting, the kiss growing more heated with each passing second. Oliver slid his hands down her back and over her ass, finding the hem of the shirt. He pulled it up and palmed her naked ass.

Oliver inhaled sharply, digging his fingers into her ample backside. The move had her pressing into the growing bulge in his pants and they both moaned at the sensation.

“You’re naked,” he whispered against her lips.

Felicity grinned, nodding, answering once more with a kiss. He touched more of her, taking his fill, his arousal growing. Felicity rotated her hips, arching her back for leverage. The sounds he made when she pressed more of her weight against him were delicious. Heat pooled between her legs, her nipples hardening even more, scraping against his chest.

Ooh, she wanted more, needed more, needed his lips all over her, his fingers sliding down…

“Wait,” she gasped, pulling back. They both panted, their combined breaths making the air hot and sticky and perfect for no clothes… But first… Felicity pressed her hair back behind her ear as she looked down at him. For a quick second she almost forgot what she was going to say because his skin was flush with arousal, his lips swollen, eyes glassy as he gazed up at her with so much adoration that it hurt. When his fingers ghosted over her naked ass again, one hand slipping down her hip - likely to pull her leg up to fully straddle him - she remembered what she was going to say. “You didn’t touch the popcorn, did you?”

He huffed out a chuckle, arching his head up to kiss her. “No.”

“Good,” Felicity said, kissing him back. “Good, because salt wouldn’t feel very good down there.”

Oliver laughed, his teeth bumping into hers, which had her grinning in return. “That would be bad.”

“Very bad,” she agreed. “So it’s good you didn’t.”

He hummed, kissing her more fully. “So when you texted me earlier about Netflix and chill…?”

“I absolutely meant you’re coming over here for sex,” she replied.

He pulled back with a quizzical frown. “Why didn’t you just say that?”

“You’ve never heard ‘Netflix and chill’ before?”

Oliver shrugged. “I assumed it meant watching Netflix and… chilling.”

She laughed. “It could mean that… I guess. It’s basically a booty call. Big on Tinder.”

That had him pausing. “Wait, you were on Tinder?”

“For all of five seconds,” Felicity replied. “It was awful, I hated it. You didn’t try any dating apps?”

“No, I…” Oliver paused, his hand coming up to brush his fingers over her cheek. “I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t going to find it there.”

Felicity bit her lip, her heart somehow simultaneously stopping and skipping a couple beats at the same time as it took off. She smiled, and there was a tinge of sadness to it that she didn’t mean to let through, but he caught it anyway. Oliver smiled, too, but he shook his head, cupping her cheek, pulling her lips back to his.

It didn’t matter, because they’d found each other again.

Felicity suddenly chuckled.

“What?” he whispered.

“Just thinking about if we’d seen each other on Tinder.”

“Well,” Oliver drawled, “if you’d sent me something about Netflix and chill, I would’ve been very confused.” She laughed as he added, “Why not just say what you want?”

“Because it’s not as skeezy, probably.” She grinned. “And to keep curmudgeon-y Oliver Queens away.”

“I am not curmudgeon-y.”

“You definitely can be.”

“Okay, but when people use words like ‘Netflix’ and ‘chill’ in the same sentence, then yes, because that’s stupid and misleading and…”

Her lips found his again, cutting him off. “But you’re my curmudgeon, and I love you.”

Oliver grinned, an absolutely blinding smile that took her breath away before he kissed her again.

It quickly spiraled out of control.

He deepened the kiss, slipping his hand down to her thigh, tugging at her leg, urging her to move up and straddle him.

“Pants,” she mumbled. “Get pants off.”

Oliver nodded and Felicity pushed herself off him, holding herself up on her hands and knees so he could quickly undo his buckle and jeans. It occurred to her that she’d have to actually get up so he could remove them completely and that would just take too damn long.

She sat back on his legs more fully and helped him shimmy them down his hips just enough for his hardness to pop free.

Heat washed through her like it always did when she saw his arousal - his need for her…

Felicity leaned over, taking him into her mouth.

“Oh,” he gasped, not expecting it. His head fell back, his eyes closing as she took as much of his length into her mouth as she could, swirling her tongue around him. His head shot up a second later to look at her - like he had to - and she met his gaze. He groaned, his hands slipping over her hair as he swelled between her lips. “Felicity…”

She moaned and the vibration had him shuddering underneath her.

“C’mere,” he whispered, urging her up. “C’mere.”

She obliged, releasing him with a pop before crawling up over him again.

Oliver cupped her face and kissed her, hard and demanding, pouring his need for her into it. Felicity moaned, helpless against the onslaught as she reached between them to guide him to her entrance. She slipped the head of his hardness through her wetness, making Oliver choke out a groan, before she pressed him to her opening. Oliver slid his hands down to her ass just and grabbed her ass, pushing her down, thrusting up to meet her with so much force their lips broke apart.

Their combined gasps surrounded them as he filled her. They instantly started moving together, Felicity swaying over him, her hair enclosing them in their own little world. Oliver cupped her breasts through the shirt, tweaking her nipples, drinking every little sound of pleasure she made as he ravaged her mouth.

It wasn’t long before she felt his movements starting to stutter, his pleasure peaking, and she changed her angle to rub herself against him, wanting to join him. It wasn’t enough and when Felicity gasped his name, a strained plea, he reached between them and found her little pearl. He pinched and rubbed and her cries changed as her pleasure suddenly sharpened. She pressed her forehead to his, breathing him in, rocking against him…

Felicity came with a loud shout, and Oliver was close behind her, making the couch rock with the force of his thrusts into her wet heat. He spilled into her with a groan that echoed through the loft, his fingers digging into her hard enough to leave bruises.

When she couldn’t take anymore, Felicity collapsed against him. Oliver caught her with limps arms, wrapping her up tightly.

“Okay,” he panted against the crown of her head. “Okay, I like Netflix and chill.”

Felicity laughed, hard enough that he slipped out of her.

It took them a few minutes, but they finally moved, cleaning up before rearranging themselves to watch Rogue One.

They got distracted by each other three more times, the popcorn going untouched on the coffee table.

(It would be months before Oliver would stop sending her texts that involved ‘Netflix and chill.’)

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The wafts of burnt food that hit his nose when he opened the door to her loft had his heart dropping.

Oliver whispered her name, barely getting the door shut before he was rushing into the kitchen.

He didn’t see flames, or hear screaming, or see any firemen.

No, all he saw was…

She was naked.

Oliver stopped dead in his tracks, his jaw dropping. He took her in - her hair was up in a loose ponytail, strands flying everywhere, and… nothing else. He swallowed, hard, not expecting to see her bare ass up in the air like that as she leaned over the counter, fiddling with…

A pasta maker?

He huffed out a laugh, furrowing his brow as he walked further into the room.

No fire, not scorch marks, nothing but Felicity Smoak standing in all her natural glory, completely oblivious to everything but what she was trying to make. And she was singing. Oliver shook his head in amusement - it was something about driving slow on Sunday morning, and never wanting to leave. As he listened to the lyrics, Oliver slowed a bit, a small smile curving his lips. They were filled with a certain kind of hope, but it was also the way she sang the words.

Like she was happy.

His girlfriend was singing alone in the unburnt kitchen, naked and happy, and it was the cutest goddamn thing he’d ever seen. Why she was naked at all was a good question, though. Not that he was exactly complaining, but he was worried because she was in the kitchen, and Felicity did not mix well with anything kitchen-related. The huge mess surrounding her was evidence of that. The counter space was littered with remnants of food, utensils and so many appliances it was a little jarring. Those had nothing, though, on the various failed pasta dishes sitting everywhere and the burnt soufflés on the stove.

On the next ‘verse, Felicity’s voice caught, and she slurred the rest of the words.

Had she been drinking?

On his second sweep, he saw the empty wine bottle and glass by the refrigerator.

That had his heart dropping all over again, because that could have ended very badly. It hadn’t, but it could have, and he suddenly needed to see all of her to make sure she was alright.


“Oh!” She jumped, whirling around, her flour-covered hands coming up to cover her heart. She was definitely alright. His eyes immediately dropped, his mouth going dry at the sight of her very naked body covered in flour. It was startlingly erotic and he wasn’t ready for the heat that swept through him. His suit pants were suddenly a little too tight and he shifted, forcing himself to look at her face again. That didn’t help in the least because she had a smear of chocolate on her cheek and it only added fuel to the flames of need. Felicity didn’t cook, but that didn’t mean he would ever, ever tire of seeing her covered in food. Especially food he could lick off her. Felicity blinked owlishly as she said, “Oliver. You’re here.”

“I thought I’d surprise you,” he replied, closing the distance between them. He couldn’t help it; his eyes fell down her body again, taking in her hardened nipples with a dusting of… no, that wasn’t flour. It looked like powdered sugar. His mouth watered at the thought of tasting that on her naked body and the way every inch of her flushed with a rosy pink didn’t help. “My meeting wasn’t as late as I thought it’d be,” he added, the words a low growl. “So I thought I’d come by.”

“But you’re here,” she repeated, waving her hands around. “You’re not supposed to see this. I was trying to surprise you by actually making a good dinner for once and you’re ruining the surprise.”

Her voice was loud and emphatic and her eyes were a little glassy which told him she had definitely had the entire bottle of wine.

“I’m sorry,” he said, his hands finding her hips. Felicity held her hands away from him to keep his suit clean, but he so did not care right now. He smiled, ducking his head under her arms to see her. His eyes caught on the powder covering her neck and chest. “This is a nice surprise, though. What are you doing?”


He didn’t give her a chance to answer right away, tugging her into him as he leaned in to taste the white powder that was streaked up the side of her throat. It was powdered sugar and with a delighted hum he licked more of it up, making her next breaths a mess of stutters that he couldn’t interpret.

“I, uh…” she started, but she didn’t finish.

“And why are you naked, Felicity?” he asked against her throat, dragging her name out. She shivered, just like he knew she would, just like he knew goosebumps would rise under his fingers and her nipples would harden even more. She pushed up onto her toes to get closer and he slid his hands around to her backside, helping her press the full length of her body against his. She was still keeping her hands above her head and even through the lusty haze starting to color his world, he chuckled, because it was so damned cute. And even that wasn’t enough to distract him from what he’d just walked in on. “Please tell me you weren’t cooking or baking naked.”

“I wasn’t,” she breathed, the words coming out in a slurred hiss. Her head fell back, giving all the access he could want. “I got sauce on my shirt so I took it off.”

“And you didn’t get another one?”

“It was hot in here.” She swallowed, her throat moving under his lips. “Still is.”

The urge to pick her up and throw her on the counter was strong, but he didn’t, not yet. Oliver pulled back to look at her.

“How much have you had to drink?”

“Not that much.”


“I’m not cooking naked because I’m drunk, Oliver,” she replied, poking him in the chest. When her finger left a smear of flour on his jacket she made a face. “Oops. But no, I was hot and I did spill sauce and that should have been fine because it was supposed to be just me tonight. And then I kept burning soufflés so I tried to make pasta because I have three pasta makers but nothing was working, and I got a little frustrated. Cooking is hard, damn it, so I had some wine. I’m pleasantly buzzed. That’s all.”

She was, that was for sure, but he was pleased that she was speaking clearly and some of the glassy look had disappeared. So he didn’t have to yell at her about something as ridiculous as needing to remember that it was safer to cook with her clothes on.

“I was trying to make food for a potential dinner in the future,” Felicity added with a shrug. She looked around. “I was practicing. Because practice makes perfect. But all this did was confirm that I cannot cook. At all. And I think I ruined those little dishes for the soufflés.”

His heart warmed at the thought of soufflés, and even more that she was wanting to make them. Oliver smiled, wishing he’d been here to witness the entire thing. It reminded him that they’d never finished the cooking lessons that had become part of their nightly routine back in Ivy Town. That was definitely something they would have to remedy.

But something else had caught his attention.

“You have three pasta makers?”

Felicity got sheepish at that, pressing her lips together as she blushed.

“I was having trouble sleeping for a little while,” she replied, ducking her head, “after Havenrock. I got pretty familiar with pretty much every single infomercial known to man and I sort of… bought kitchen stuff. Because it reminded me of you.”

Oliver was ninety-nine percent sure she wouldn’t have admitted that quite so endearingly had she not downed a bottle of wine.

He leaned forward, pressing his forehead into hers, urging her to look at him again. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Felicity said, her floured fingers moving like she wanted to fiddle with his jacket. “I missed you. A lot. And it made me feel better because things were weird back then and for some reason three pasta makers made me feel closer to you-“

He cut her off with a kiss.

It was sweet and chaste, perfect for telling her exactly how he felt about her admission.

Felicity hummed, smiling against his lips. She grabbed the collar of his jacket, pulling him closer for another kiss. He laughed, knowing she was getting flour all over him, but he still absolutely did not care. Oliver wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight, drinking from her lips. There was a faint taste of wine but he tasted pesto sauce and chocolate more than anything. It was a delectable combination and he savored it. Savored her.

“I like this,” Felicity whispered. He grunted to ask what she meant and she wiggled against him, her naked body sliding over his very clothed one. “You wearing all these clothes. And me. Naked.”

Oliver grinned. “I like it, too.” He kissed her again, more deeply. He glanced at the oven to see if it was on. Thankfully it wasn’t. At least she was being careful. “So was anything a success?”

“Yes, actually,” Felicity said, delight coloring her face. She went to the fridge and opened it with aplomb. “I made pudding!”

Oliver laughed and the sound echoed through the open room. “Pudding?”

Felicity’s grin was even bigger as she pulled out the giant bowl of chocolate pudding to show him. Nothing in the world would ever erase this image from his mind: Felicity so happy she was shining, completely naked and covered in powdered sugar and flour, holding a bowl of pudding.

“And it’s perfect!” Felicity added. Oh, she had no idea. She set the bowl down on the counter. “Here.”

She dipped her finger in it and held it out for him.

Oliver grinned, raising an eyebrow at her, but she just raised hers in return. In challenge. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her finger to his mouth. She was right, it was perfect, and delicious. Oliver wrapped his lips around her, swirling his tongue around the digit as he sucked on it. His eyes never left her, which meant he got to see the way her lids grew heavy, her pupils dilating as she stared at his mouth. He knew without even touching her yet that she was wet, for him, and he wondered just how much more delicious this pudding would taste on her. He sucked harder and her lips parted in a little pant before he let her go.

“You know,” Oliver said. “I wouldn’t mind dessert for dinner tonight.”

“Mmhmm,” Felicity nodded, stepping closer. “That sounds good.”

Oliver kissed her again, harder, deeper. He grabbed her hand and the bowl of pudding before tugging her over to the dining room table.

He didn’t waste a single second, setting the bowl down and lifting Felicity up onto the table. She giggled, capturing her bottom lip between her teeth. Her eyes darkened as Oliver shrugged out of his jacket and rolled his sleeves up. She fully expected him to stay up there with her, to step between her legs, but Oliver surprised her by pulling one of the chairs over and sitting down.

Right between her legs.

She let out a shaky breath, her thighs clenching. He grinned up at her, scooting closer. He ran his hands up her legs - she was quivering - before grabbing her hips. They worked together to get her to the edge of the table before she laid back…

Dipping his fingers in the pudding, Oliver had his dessert for dinner. Three times, actually, before Felicity got hers, resting on her knees between his legs, turning him into a shuddering mess as she licked pudding off him.

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They barely got the door shut behind them before Oliver had her pressed up against it.

His hands were all over her, slipping down her sides, around her back, over her ass, coming back up to cup her face. He deepened the kiss for a moment, but it was like he had to keep touching her, everywhere, all at once. It was amazing, his touch making her melt as much as it set her nerves on fire. She gripped the lapels of his jacket, trying to urge him back, wanting to climb all over him right now. She was so done waiting, and dinner had gone so well, and now all she wanted was him, inside her, all around her.

They could at least get to the couch since the bedroom was too far…

Oliver had other plans.

Before she knew what was happening, Oliver dipped down, his fingers suddenly finding the bottom hem of her skirt, his nails scraping at her thighs. And then he was tugging it up, up over her hips and to her waist. Felicity gasped at the cool press of the wall against her newly exposed backside, a heady combination with his heated fingers. Oliver kissed her one more time, a hard, demanding kiss that she felt in her toes, and then he was sliding down to his knees.

“Oliver,” she whispered as she watched him.

He grinned, shooting her a wink, and then he was picking up one of her legs and tossing it over his shoulder.

Need flooded her entire body, heat scorching her core as she threaded one hand through his hair. He pressed a kiss to her damp panties and her other hand flew out wildly, barely finding the doorknob in time just as her knee almost gave out. She felt precariously unstable where she stood on only one heeled foot, but then he pinned her to do the door, one hand gripping her thigh where it rested on his shoulder and the other holding her hip. His thumb pulled her panties aside and…

He dove in.

Felicity’s head fell back against the door with a loud thud, but it had nothing on the cry of pleasure that fell from her. He ate her out, thoroughly, licking and sucking, his teeth and tongue creating a beautiful mixture of pleasure and pain that had her skyrocketing to her peak quickly. He rocked against her and she thrust into him, her moans filling the room as he urged her towards orgasm with a skill that took her breath away. And it did, her moans coming out in breathless gasps as heat filled her veins, coming together in a white hot coil in her core, in tiny bursts of pleasure that had her palms and the bottom of her feet tingling. She curled around him, digging her heel into his back, her nails in his scalp, crying out for him to not stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop…

She came with a ragged shout, her back bowing as pleasure exploded inside her. He helped keep her standing, not relenting in the least, urging more out of her as she ground down against him, as he drank her pleasure, as she saw stars.

He finally pulled away and gently set her leg back down on the ground. Her legs were completely useless and it was like he knew because he didn’t let her go. He held her as she grabbed his shoulders, leaning into him. He tugged her skirt back down into place before standing completely.

She watched him wipe his face through hooded eyes. It was so incredibly erotic and that coupled with the way he was looking at her - like he was just getting started - had her grabbing his face, pulling his mouth to hers.

Felicity moaned at the taste of herself on his lips.

She needed him, now, right now.

Felicity pushed off the door and they stumbled their way to the couch.

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Felicity stared at his hand.

Rather, at the shiny band sitting securely on his ring finger.

His breaths were deep and even where he slumbered next to her on the makeshift bed they’d made in front of the fire for their last night in the loft. Really, their last chance to do this since she was officially moving in with him tomorrow. His exhales moved the hair at her temple, tickling her. She shifted a little closer until his stubbled chin pressed against her forehead.

She never took her eyes off his hand where it rested on her bare stomach.

It was gorgeous, a clean, simple metal. It was a little crude in how it’d been fashioned, but only because Oliver hadn’t had a lot of time to make both rings.

He’d spent the most time on hers.

With quiet wonder Felicity covered his hand with her own, her matching ring catching the remnant light coming off the dying flames of the fire. It wasn’t a complete replica, it was more of a yin matching a yang. Where one grooved along the edge, the other flowed out to fill it. Where his had a small indent, hers had the perfectly matching part to fill it. They were true partner rings when put together, a perfect reflection of them as a couple. Of everything they’ve gone through to get to this moment.

Felicity laced her fingers with his, twisting it so both rings caught the firelight. They were both at just the right angle that they were perfectly aligned, one tiny notch finding its home.

“Hey.” Oliver’s fingers tightened around hers as he kissed her temple. His lips lingered lovingly and she hummed, pressing against his lips before he urged her onto her side, spooning her from behind. Their fingers never parted as he pillowed his cheek on hers. “Looking at anything interesting?” he asked, a smile in his voice.

“Oh, you know,” Felicity replied. “Just the physical evidence that we got married. Wow, we got married. Twice.” The words felt strange coming off her tongue… but also completely natural, as if they’d been married this entire time. “No big deal. Except it’s also a huge deal.”

Oliver chuckled before nuzzling her cheek. “Are you happy?”

They both knew the answer, but Felicity still took her time to verbalize it. A soft, slow smile pulled at her lips and she twisted their hands again, contentment and a sense of rightness settling squarely in her heart.

Felicity nodded. “Yeah. I am.”

She felt his lips curling into a matching smile. “Good,” he whispered. Felicity turned onto her back to face him. His smile grew. “Me too,” he added before his lips found hers.

Chapter Text

The light was on in his bedroom.

Or their bedroom, as he liked to remind her. Her argument that they’d only talked generically about moving in officially always fell on deaf ears, usually ending with him reminding her that everything that was his was hers, too. From his life to whatever space they currently occupied.


Felicity quietly set down her jacket and purse, toeing her shoes off by the front door before padding down the hall. There wasn’t an ounce of sound coming from William’s room when she passed it, which made sense considering it was well after midnight on a weekday. He should be asleep.

As should the mayor.

She found him already settled on his side of their bed, propped up against the headboard, flipping through a stack of papers.

“Hey,” Felicity said quietly, stepping in and closing the door behind her.

The most content smile she’d ever seen crossed his face as he looked up. That was probably not entirely true, if she was being honest with herself. Mostly because she thought that whenever he smiled at her these days. He was just content, and happy, in a way that changed his entire countenance, adding an air of ease and warmth that had never been there before. It somehow made him even more gorgeous than he already was, which amazingly still had her stomach fluttering with giddy nerves.

“Hey,” Oliver replied. He moved to set the papers down, but Felicity shook her head.

“No, no, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” she said, crawling onto the bed. But she didn’t take her side. Instead she made her way over to him, sprawling out on the bed, pillowing her head in his lap. She sighed in contentment, finally letting the exhaustion she’d been battling all night hit her. This was what she’d wanted, why she’d come over instead of just going to sleep back at her place. She wanted him. She wanted the security and comfort that came with being near the man she loved, the man who loved her. “Are you working?” she asked, wrapping her arm around his thighs, settling in against him more fully.

“Yeah.” Oliver ran his hand over her shoulder and arm and then her back. It was divine, especially when he swept it over her hair. “Just going over a few proposals I didn’t have time to get to today.”

Felicity made a noise in response, but as he brushed his fingers through her hair, as he massaged her scalp, his fingertips brushing over the outer shell of her ear so, so gently, she found herself fading fast. She closed her eyes, melting into him. She felt his body responding, twitching, and a ghostly smile crossed her lips. She thought about sitting up and removing those pants and giving him a very nice greeting, but she was just too tired. Maybe in a minute… or two…

Oliver continued to sift his fingers through her hair.

“You and Curtis work late?” he asked, only stopping his ministrations to flip the page. His fingers were back before she could complain.

Felicity’s lids were so heavy she couldn’t even be bothered to open them. “Yeah,” she slurred. “Working on some specs for…”

She was pretty sure she continued talking, but when she’d wake up later she wouldn’t remember. She was just so comfortable, and safe, and content, and warm, and loved, and…

Felicity fell asleep. 

Chapter Text

There was a world outside of their little bubble, she knew that. Well, she was pretty sure. Kind of sure. Maybe about eighty percent positive. Alright, maybe sixty percent.

It was hard to gauge much of anything past the way her husband was looking at her right now.

Her heart fluttered, sending a stream of nervous excitement dancing through her veins. It wasn’t the bad kind of nervous, though, not like the one she’d come to associate with Oliver for so long, for all those months when things had been… off.

No, this was anticipation.



They swayed together, the music swirling around them. Oliver’s hands rested on her hips, moving minutely every few seconds, like he had to keep touching her, had to feel her. She was vividly aware of every single move, of the heat in his palms, the tingle his fingers left behind where they brushed over the top of her backside, her waist, the bottom of her ribs before going back down. It was more intimate because they’d skipped the whole ‘can’t see each other before the wedding’ thing considering they were already married before they decided to have an official ceremony. He’d zipped the dress up for her after he’d kissed his way from her hip up to her shoulder.

“My wife,” Oliver whispered, pulling her closer.

Felicity smiled, cupping his face before running her fingertips through his soft stubble. His lips curled up in response and she traced the corner of his mouth with her thumb before sliding her hand up to his temple, then down and around his ear. She dragged them down the side of his neck teasingly, delighting in the goosebumps that followed her, before she stroked his cheek again.

“My husband,” she responded. He sighed, so utterly content. “So how does it feel to be Mr. Smoak?”

Oliver chuckled. “It feels good. Very good. Although…”


“I’m just thinking about all the paperwork I’ll have to file to make it official,” he said with a sigh. “Mayor Oliver Smoak. Mr. Oliver Smoak. Mrs. and Mr. Felicity Smoak.” She laughed, making him grin even more, her joy reflected all over his face. “I have to do it pretty quick here, I already ordered the monogrammed towels.”

“Oh good, they’ll match the monogrammed robes I had made. Mr. Smoak right here,” Felicity said, sliding her hand down to tap right over his heart before returning to stroking his face. “A perfect match.”

“A perfect match,” Oliver repeated, the smile fading into a quiet wonder.

He stared at her, like she was the answer to everything, and maybe she was, she thought, because she was quickly discovering that he was the answer to so many things, questions and thoughts and feelings she didn’t even know she had, much less was capable of.

“Yep,” she whispered. “A perfect match. Bathrobes, towels… you and me.”

Oliver let out a tiny serene, “You and me.”

The world definitely faded this time, leaving just them in a perfect bubble where for those few seconds, everything was perfect. They danced, holding each other, never letting go, knowing they would never have to ever again.

Chapter Text

One second the news was on…

And the next it was some late night sitcom.

Cued audience laughter rang through the loft, jolting Oliver from sleep. He opened his eyes, flinching when the harsh light from the screen hit his eyes. Felicity was still sound asleep underneath him, her stomach rising under his head in slow even breaths, her heartbeat steady. They’d fallen asleep watching TV, his head pillowed on her stomach, her legs curled in against his side, her arms wrapped around his shoulders.

This wasn’t exactly how he’d imagined the second night of their marriage would be. A lot of things weren’t how he imagined them, his heart growing heavy as he thought about the splintering team, about Rene testifying against him, and his anger about it.

Oliver sighed, pushing the thoughts away - there was always tomorrow - and lifted his head, squinting at the clock across the bedroom.


With a silent groan, Oliver stretched his back, thinking about moving them so they were under the comforter at the very least. The room had chilled, and goosebumps rose over his naked back. But he also didn’t want to move, because he was so damned comfortable. Resting his head on his wife’s stomach again - just a few more minutes - Oliver reached for the remote where Felicity had left it near the edge of the mattress. He clicked the TV off and blissful silence settled over the room.

Oliver sighed and settled in against Felicity even more. He nuzzled her stomach, her skin warm through her t-shirt, her legs cozy against his side. He cuddled closer, the top of his head brushing her breasts. He sighed again, this one deeper, and ran his hand up her side. His fingers skated over her pajama bottoms and t-shirt before going back down, this time with a little more pressure. She shifted slightly, but she didn’t wake, not until he slid his hand back up, this time slipping his hand under her shirt. Her skin was deliciously soft and warm.

“Mm,” Felicity hummed, shifting some more, moving even closer to him as she was roused from sleep. She hummed again, whispering his name, cradling his head. The warm light in the room caught her wedding ring, making it shine. “Husband,” she added in a sleep mumble. He could hear the lazy smile on her lips. “Hi. Tired.”

He really should move them before they fell asleep again, he thought. But how?

Oliver’s hand moved of its own volition. It slid out from underneath her shirt and down, right to the juncture between her thighs. Taking her pants off would require moving and he was too lazy to do that at just this moment, but this was fine, because these particular pants were very thin and he knew her panties were even thinner.

Adjusting just enough so he could keep his hand between her legs for as long as he wanted, Oliver watched himself palm her sex through her pants.

Her nails dug into his neck and shoulders, her breath hitching, making her stomach concave slightly under his head as her thighs tightened around his hand. He cupped her more fully, figuring out where he was and what he was touching before he started rubbing. The stuttered gasp she let out was gorgeous and he applied a little more pressure, moving his fingers in slow circles. He was unwavering, only increasing the pressure when he felt her little pearl starting to stand up a little taller, when he felt her juices spreading, soaking through her panties, dampening her sweats. Her breathing increased, her hold on him tightening as she started to rock up into his hand.

It wasn’t fast or hard, it wasn’t immediate. He built her up slowly, lazily, taking his time, sinking into her warm softness, delighting in the flush making her skin so hot, in how he felt her wetness through her pants. His name fell from her lips in sweet breathless gasps as she rode his hand…

But it wasn’t enough, not yet.

Oliver finally moved, sitting up a little, his hand faltering slightly. Felicity whimpered her dissatisfaction, opening her eyes to look at him from under heavy lids. She still looked half-asleep, her cheeks pink, her lips wet and swollen from biting them, her pupils blown wide. He wanted to see her fall apart completely. His name was on her lips as he leaned down over her chest and found one of her hard nipples through her shirt. She gave him a broken cry as he sucked on her through the material, hard, wanting her to feel him as if she was naked.

He slipped his hand under the band of her pants and panties and found her wet sex.

It wasn’t long after that before he had her falling to pieces in his arms.