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Naruto's remaining Problem

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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the main story. All things belong to the creator Masashi Kishimoto.

Naruto was the savior of konoha more then once and has gained a fan base for it.

He was accepted as a person and not a monster, he has dealt with death several times with Zabuza and Haku, the third hokage, gaara who is now kazekage but no longer the one tail's holder because it was extracted from him, his teacher Jiriya, Nagato and finally Neji yet he still hasn't broke and gone into despair.

Yet even with this and the battles he has dealt with there were still a few villagers who wanted him dead. In their eyes Naruto(the fox) was the one that killed their family and they still mourn them even after the fox rampage 17 years ago.

They planned to kill him while he was weak and injured from the war and the battle with Sasuke.

They knew his power was great but, he was currently exhausted and low on Chakra. On top of that he was still recuperating from his brush with death and getting the Kyuubi back from the fourth hokage.

How they planned to kill Naruto was to burn his house down when he falls asleep and make sure he can't escape by putting up seals which will be activated as soon as Naruto closed his door. The seals will circle the entire complex because only naruto lived in the apartment now. Everyone else was moved after the P.A.I.N battle. Naruto got to keep his apartment because his home and the home to his right and the floor below him were still intact but in bad condition.

After the seals were put up the Villagers layed down gasoline and bomb tags all set on a pully to ignite the gasoline after they lit the paper and got out of the blast range.

As soon as Naruto goes into his room the tags will be lit and the seals will be active sense there were only two windows and the front door as exits it made it easier to keep him in place and kill him.

The only way to break the seals was if a person that knew release seals came around to deactivate them but in doing so that person would be severally hurt as well as burned alive.

To them this would be just a slight inconvenience because they would be out of the village before they were found out and they would move to the land of waves until it was safe to come back into the village without suspicion because the villagers and shinobi would be too busy rebuilding and mourning for the monster(Naruto).

In their opinion anyone that cared for the monster were betrayers of the secret law among the villagers "love the demon, you love the darkness" and anybody that didn't listen would be frowned down on so many didn't stray. That was until the death of the third hokage and naruto knocking sense into the sand kid gaara thus becoming friends with the land of sand gaining an ally in a dark time.

The small mob of about 5 villagers stayed hidden among bushes and behind walls until they saw who they were waiting for not knowing there was a hokage spy amoung them listening and waiting until the time to tell was safe.

The time to act on this was very soon and could literally mean life or death for the hokage's favorite kid.