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Naruto's Pain

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3rd person P.O.V

It was just a normal day in Konoha. Team seven was having their regular practice session at the training ground while Kakashi was reading his book.

Naruto and Sasuke were bickering at each other trying to be better then the other as they fought while climbing up trees for the twentieth time that was until a blow to naruto's arm caused everyone to panic.

there was blood soaking through naruto's sleeve and up his forearm. At closer inspection there were cuts.

When we showed concern he quickly turned around and ran into the forest. As we followed close behind, drops of blood were leading into the forest but, after awhile there was only one drop of blood at the entrance into the forest. We had lost track of him.

We decided to split up trying to find Naruto. The only thing going through our minds was "we hope we won't be too late'

(2 hours later)
Naruto was up in one of the trees and cleaning his cuts so they didn't get infected because the Kyuubi was refusing to heal his cuts because he wanted Naruto to talk to somebody but, naruto said that nobody would help him because he was a demon that deserved to die. As he cried saying this, there was a orange flash and then there was a medium fox rubbing against naruto's arm and he instantly knew it was the Kyuubi because of his nine fluffy tails curling around his arm. As naruto picked the Kyuubi up he started crying anew as he told the fox that he was naruto's only friend and the Kyuubi licked him and said to rest while he kept watch and without any fight left in him, Naruto fell asleep.