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Empty Apartment

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He pictured this so many different ways, that his first step in the city would be magical, even if it wasn’t his first time actually stepping there, something about knowing that this would now be his home should feel magical. He thought it would feel comforting, like finding that missing puzzle piece that matches that hole in your chest perfectly. He even, at some point, considered it would feel kinda lonely, kinda new and that everything would be just uncomfortable and insanely too much. But, out of every scenario Kurt could possible think of during all those nights up planning and dreaming about his future, he never thought this would be it. 


Truth be told, a part of him was kind of disappointed, but as soon as he stepped in New York City, the place he dreamed about arriving since, since always, the only thing he could think of was hot freaking hot it was. Seriously, it was the begging of August and it sure wasn’t supposed to feel as if the sun was trying to burn his oh so pale skin. So besides that, the only thing he was feeling was sweaty. But excited none the last. 


Of course there was nothing to complain. If there was one thing Kurt learned after feeling miserable for a long period of his life is that being negative would never help him fix any of his problems. So, being the positive person he was, the first thing he did was put this whole weather issue aside, leave his bags at the hotel room his dad managed to get him for 5 days (yep, that was how much time he had to find a roommate and an apartment in the budget), and go explore crazy hot New York City. Nothing would come if he sat around with the AC on and waited for someone to magically offer him a place to live. 


If only Kurt knew anyone in the city, he was sure this would be so much easier. But being all alone there had it perks. For instance he could have a fresh start. He was after all starting his first semester at NYU, so not only it meant that he was one step closer to became a journalist, he was also about to meet a bunch of new people who probably also loved to write and to communicate and were friendship-material, and above everything Kurt was determined to find happiness and so he would. 


Many people don’t get it, and Kurt doesn’t expect everyone to, but being a gay kid in a small town filled with small minded people is so much more difficult than it sounds. The name calling, the bullying, the fear, all of that is awful sure, but not being able to be yourself is by far the worst. And now he didn’t have to anymore. Even if back in Lima he didn't hide his sexuality, he always felt like part of him, as long as he stayed there, would somehow want to hide, and now he didn't had to anymore. In New York no one cared if he liked dick or how much his clothes were ‘too much’ and by that he means fabulous, or if he was different, if he walked differently, if he talked differently, and if being different meant being weird, and unnatural and being called names every single day for not matching what society expected him to be, he would take this label and rock it all around the city that no one cared how different he was. He was going to be Kurt, and that would feel awesome. 


And suddenly, as he walked through the crowded streets, in that scalding hot weather, he felt something he never pictured before but that now seemed more fitting than ever. Relief. Kurt felt as if for the first time in his life he could just take a really deep, lung filling breath and exale calmly. This was it. In all of those dreams he always knew someday he would be be sitting in a little loft above the New York City sky and he was going to be watching people stumbling over cracks in the road, and frantic tourists getting lost. He knew he would recognize himself in the sadness of some others, but he was sure he was going to be happy. He was going to be okay. And he was going to know that his life is just beginning. And now it really was. And when it finally hit him, relief was all he could feel. 


Though, to match this marvelous plan, he needed to find that damn loft as soon as possible. But besides being a super positive person, Kurt Hummel was a man that also believed in the power of caffeine. And as he spotted that Starbucks around the corner he smiled brightly, that might  be a sign, but for now he really needed an iced coffee.



Nick was having a very stressful day. 


It was hot, the band had a two hours rehearse in one hour, and to top all that Jeff had no time to finish that blowjob in the morning so he was sure he was about to die with a serious case of blue balls. And as if he didn’t had enough problems, Blaine decided to play cute today and simply don’t pick up his phone. So that rehearse would probably turn into a huge mess, since Blaine would show up late, and since he would be late the whole thing would be late, Nick would waste forty minutes screaming at him about compromises and the importance of showing up in time and all those things that Blaine already knew. Which would end up with him rolling his eyes and shrugging, grabbing his guitar and doing vocal warm ups. And so they would rehearse for luckily an hour and they wouldn’t be nearly as prepared to their gig as Nick expected them to be.


He was a planner, and every since he and the boys, Blaine, Jeff, Wes and David, became a band he felt like each day they were finding new ways of testing his limit. Of course none of them were lucky like Jeff, because whenever Jeff reached that limit, sex was always fixed everything. But for the other assholes he worked with, even if he loved every one of them dearly and as if they were family, sometimes he just wished they would cooperate and make everything easier.


“Hey, you reached for Blaine, get a life and fuck off.”  Beep.


 “Blaine I am calling again you little fucker, I know you are only ignoring my calls because you want to make me suffer or maybe because you are screwing some random dude but please, please I beg you do not come late for the rehearse today okay? Please promise me, promise me!” Nick sighed, “And here comes messages forty seven.” 


It wasn’t a great day. 


Nick thanked the cashier and grabbed his coffee and as he managed to type Blaine’s number and yet again it went straight to voice mail, he barely made his way to door when a something, or better yet someone suddenly pushed him, making his phone to land on the floor along with his coffee. 


“What the fuck?” Nick groaned making everyone in the coffee shop stare while he turned his body to find whoever pushed him, “Seriously God has got to be testing me today!” 


The stranger’s blue bright, Bambi alike eyes were wide as he froze on his feet, “Oh my god, I am so sorry!” 


Nick rolled his eyes, “I bet you are, not only you made me waste all my coffee but I almost shattered my phone screen! Why don’t you watch where you are going dude?” 


The man had the same look on his face as if he expected Nick to punch him or to yell some more, “Look please let me buy you another cup of coffee, and I promise you I will never bother again.”


Nick raised an eyebrow, “You sure isn’t a New Yorker. You are too kind.” 


The stranger shrugged, “It’s my first day, let me make it up for you okay, and again I am so sorry.” 


Nick shook his head, feeling guilty about screaming at the guy, “Hey, it’s okay man, just an accident, though I do accept the coffee, thank you…”


“Kurt! Kurt Hummel.” The man, Kurt, said offering him his hand.


Nick smiled, “Nick, Nick Duval. So Kurt, what brings you to the city that never sleeps?” 


“I am about to start my semester at NYU” Kurt said smiling brightly.


“Oh my god that is great, congrats! My band always plays at this pub nearby, you should come someday!” Nick said smiling, “Though isn’t it a little late to move in if you are about to start your semester, I mean shouldn’t you be like doing apartment hunts or finding a job?” Nick asked.


Kurt nodded frenetically, “Absolutely, I am right now looking for apartments, I just needed a coffee to know where to begin.” He laughed.


Nick nodded, “I totally get you, my caffeine always helps me think straight before anything.” 


“Hun, you have a band? That is great! I would totally love to see you guys playing some time!” 


“We are playing in this pub next Friday, that if my stupid band actually show up to rehearse so we can actually do a decent fucking job!” 


Nick noticed he went a little overboard with the information as an awkward silence filled the air, but before he could think of something nice to say, Kurt was quick to change to subject, “So Nick, are you a New Yorker?” He asked as he paid for the coffees and waited until they handed them to him.


“I firmly believe that some New Yorkers are born and some are made, I might not have been born and raised here but I sure am a New Yorker.” 


Kurt smiled so big and Nick almost laughed, he looked so young and he probably was if this was his first semester of college and everything. Nick was 22 years old, and even if he didn't consider himself old, far from that in fact, he missed being new to the town. Everything looked so big when he first moved in, and now it just seemed to be more crowded than before.


“This is so good! I can’t wait until I feel like a New Yorker, because as if for now, all I feel like is a lost tourist who only managed to ruin someone’s coffee order all day.” 


Nick laughed, “Hey, it’s all good. It was really nice meeting you even if the circumstances weren’t the best.” 


The brunette man smiled, but that instantly faded away when Kurt noticed Nick was about to leave. He didn’t want to sound creepy or do any other thing wrong today but Nick was the closest thing to a friend he had and honestly, he might be helpful. 


“Hey Nick, I don’t wanna sound creepy but, would you like to be my friend?” 


Yep, Nick thought, he definitely isn’t from here, “Of course...Kind of an odd question but you are a cool guy, so why not?”


“Thanks, you are cool too. But, uhh how do you feel about helping me find an apartment?” He asked hopeful. 


Nick stared at him for a good minute. Not only it had been quite some time since he last went looking for an apartment in this huge city but that also sounded very boring. And besides he had to find Blaine and drag his ass to rehearse and somehow find time to meet up with Jeff and solve his ball’s problem and…


“Wait!” Nick said, making Kurt’s face look more confused than ever, “I know someone who can help! This guy from my band, he totally has a spare room and it is close to your new college.”


Kurt stares at him for a good minute, was Nick suggesting him what he thought he was? Would that be fate working along with him? Because if that was it, he was so loving New York already, “Oh my god are you for real?” 


Abso-fucking-lutely! We can go there right now, come on I will get us a cab.” 


Kurt could hardly believe his luck, this was destiny and he was so glad he ruined Nick’s coffee earlier because really he would be saving so much time now that his new friend, who was in a freaking band, just saved his day. If this was anyone else Kurt would’ve thought this was some crazy guy trying to kidnap him, but Nick sounded genuinely nice and Kurt knew he was actually trying to help him, so he wouldn’t miss this opportunity, even if at some level it sounded dangerous. 


Meanwhile Nick wasn’t even sure what was going to happen to him. Well, Blaine did have a spare room and honestly, who in New York wasn’t looking for someone to pay half of the rent in this economy? Sure, Blaine had his father's taking care of this part of his life, but his best friend deserved better than to have his father only caring about his bills. And besides, maybe with a roommate there Blaine would learn a little bit about discipline and would stop screwing around every single guy in town in order to avoid his issues and stop skipping important meetings and band rehearses and maybe he would quit drinking and getting shit faced during week days, and maybe, just maybe, became a better human being. 


It sounded kinda unfair to project all of this on Kurt, a new kid who was probably barely legal, who just arrived here. But then again, the kid needed friends and a place to stay and he was a nice guy, Blaine would totally like Kurt.


And besides the sooner they got there, the sooner Nick could drag Blaine to this damn rehearse and they would totally be there on time. So there, he not only managed to help Kurt with his problem, but he managed to cross one item of the list of things that were making today a sucky day. 


“Let’s go.” He said, opening the cab door to Kurt, who smiled hopeful and got in the car.



The building they walked in seemed very friendly. The doorman even knew Nick’s name and all in all it seemed to be a save neighborhood, which was one of Kurt’s main concerns, along with having a great roommate and finding an apartment in the budget. And since Nick only said great things about Blaine during the short cab ride, Kurt was thrilled as everything seemed to flow in his favor. 


Once the elevator’s door opened on the 8th floor, Nick leaded the way until a plain white door that which Kurt assumed would be his new home. What weirded him out though, was when instead of knocking, Nick slammed the door three times and screamed for Blaine. Kurt frowned but decided to not put a lot of thought into it, maybe that was the dynamic of their friendship. 


Both men were able to listen to a quiet “Fuck”, that came from inside, and Nick recognized this as the ‘waking up with a really bad hungover headache’ mood, in which consisted with Blaine using the word fuck in the begging of every sentence. 


The door opened slightly, as if the man was trying to avoid even the quietest noise and when it fully opened, Kurt did his best not to frown, because really, the guy was a mess. His hair looked as if it needed to be combed ASAP and his shirt had so many stains that it could have easily been thru a war, plus he wasn’t waring any pants, just some dumb star wars boxers, that almost made Kurt roll his eyes – even if positive person, like every human being he had his judge bitch moments. His eyes were puffy and heavy and he had scruffy facial hair, which usually wound’t be a turn off for Kurt but, being literal here, the guy needed a shower. Deep down, maybe after a thirty minute bubble bath, with expensive bath bombs, the guy, Blaine, would be somewhat a very attractive man, but for now, the only thing Kurt could think of was how the hell he was supposed to live with this guy.


“Fuck, Nick couldn’t you just call? I'm not even late!” The man said, scratching the back of his neck and looking pissed.


Nick rolled his eyes, “Well I did, fifty times. And you would know that if you had picked up, which you didn’t, hence me being here right now. So quit acting like a bitch and let us in.” 


Blaine looked as if he was about to come back with a witty remark but when he hear Nick saying ‘us’, he than noticed his best friend wasn’t alone. 


“Who is this?” 


Kurt tried to give the best friendly smiled he could, but he was pretty sure he ended up giving Blaine the same smile he used to give to Rachel Berry whenever she asked about his opinions on her hideous animal sweaters. 


Nick pointed at him, “This is Kurt, your new roommate.” 


Blaine snorted, “I am not looking for a roommate, dude.” 


“Oh, you are. Can we please go inside so we can have a proper talk?” 


Blaine stared at Kurt for a good five seconds, making the boy very uncomfortable and then finally led the way inside, in which he laughed as he quietly told them to don’t mind the mess, which Kurt wasn’t sure he meant himself or the apartment, which was wow, so messy he couldn’t believe someone actually lived there. 


“Kurt?” Nick asked, trying to get the boy’s attention, “We will be inside discussing about you moving in, are you okay waiting here?” 


Kurt gave him an odd look, “Nick I really don’t wanna bother, are you sure it is okay for me to be here?” 


Nick nodded, “Absolutely sure, Blaine and I will have a quick chat but we will be right okay?” He asked and Kurt nodded, “B? Blaine!” 


Blaine gave Nick a funny smiled as he was caught staring at his, apparently new roomie’s ass. Kurt gave Nick a mortified look and Nick gave him an apologetic one, hoping that even after this whole mess, literally, Kurt would still be down with moving in. 


Blaine followed his best friend into his room and closed the door behind him, just waiting for this whole thing to make sense.


“Some people give presents to their best friends, it can be a nice shirt, or maybe a video game, sometimes even cars if you are rich. But really is that a new thing to gift complete strangers to someone, because if that’s so I’m not sure if I'm into that, Nicky.” 


Nick rolled his eyes, “You never had a problem fucking complete strangers so I thought you would like it.”


Blaine smiled, “Touché.”


“Seriously,” Nick said, motioning to his friend to sit down on his bed, “I know you will say this is me completely overreacting, but I worry about you a lot.” And with that, Blaine almost laughed, “I am trying to be serious here, B. I know you have this whole I don’t give a fuck attitude going on, but believe me I know you do. Not only because you seem to be using alcohol to solve your problems since what happened in Christmas, and I get it and I am not judging, but whenever you are drunk and not going after random boys that sometimes aren’t even cute, you whine about hating your dad and wanting to become an independent man who doesn’t rely on his dad’s money, which honestly? If you showed up in time for the rehearses we would probably be a lot more famous by now, just saying, anyways,” Nick took a deep breath as his best friend seemed to be dying of boredom, “Long story short, Kurt ran into me, he seemed like a nice guy, we became sorta of friends, he asked me to come help him look for an apartment, and I thought about that spare room you have here, and how awesome you would feel being able to pay your half of the rent with the money we make with the band, that way you would be able to ditch your asshole of a father and also do a good thing for once.”


“Do you know you sound insane right now, right? I get this is another episode of Nick trying to save the day, and I appreciate it, but fore real though?” Blaine asked, “It is one thing for me to sleep with strangers, everyone does that. But having one living with me? What if he is a serial killer? What do you know about this guy?”


“I know he wouldn’t hurt a fly, he asked me to pay for my coffee after he accidentally made me dropped it! Who does that? Nice fucking people.” Blaine kinda nodded, “And about this whole sleeping with strangers thing you just mentioned, dude sometimes the guys you sleep with actually sleep in this hole you call a home,” he ignored Blaines ‘hey!’ and smiled, “and they are all most likely to be serial killers than Kurt.” 


 Blaine shrugged, “Fine whatever, but I'm still not doing this. The last thing I need is some nearly adult, going thru my things and messing up with my home. Yes my dad is a jackass but let the asshole do something for me.”


“Blaine, last Christmas he said he would rather had you aborted than to have you as his son.”


Blaine sighed, “Which was bad enough to hear once, thank you very much.”


“Sorry,” Nick said completely regretting his previous words, “But you see? You don’t deserve him, or his disgusting money. It is time to cut the strings with him and tell him to fuck off. You don’t need his money, not if Kurt moves in and you pay for only half of the rent. It is logical, and efficient.”


“How so?”


“The earlier you stop using his money, the earlier he will stop expecting something from you, the earlier you will be able to be and feel free, and the earlier you will be happier and quit drinking. Simple.” 


Blaine laughed, “See? I knew it, this is another episode of Nick trying to save the day. You make everything sound fucking simple, and it isn’t. For starters, I think the guy in my couch right now probably won’t want to move in this, as you so nicely put, hole of a home.” 


“Kurt?” Nick asked, “Oh no man, trust me, the guy is desperate for a home. And I told him you were pretty nice.”


Blaine licked his lips, “Nice.”


“Don’t even.” Nick warned, “I am doing this for you to not only stop this drinking nonsense but to also get rid of your abusive father. This is not, by any means, me bringing someone here for you to get laid.” Nick pointed at the used condom on the floor, “After all, you seem to be doing a pretty good job in this business.” 


The curly haired man shrugged, “Hey, at least I am being save!”


“True, but did you listen to me? Don’t. Even. Consider. This.” 


“Fine, fine.” Blaine said. It was true, part of him wanted to crawl into his father’s arms and beg him to love him, which he knew it would never happen since his father hated everything about the person Blaine was. And he was over it, he didn’t care, he knew he didn’t, he knew there wasn’t a way for him to fix this fucked up relationship. He was what he was, and that was a gay man in a band with no college degree, and if for his father this meant an abomination, than so be it. His dad had threatened him a billion times, ‘Get into college or I will throw you in the streets’, ‘Find a nice woman to start a family with or you will become a homeless pathetic man’, among other things, but Blaine knew he wouldn’t actually cut him off like that. But Nick’s speech made sense, that damn bastard knew how to sound convincing. What happened last Christmas was still affecting him and he didn’t want to be relying on someone who made him feel like that. It was logical, and than again, this guy Kurt was pretty hot.  


“Let’s go tell tight ass jeans that he can move in.” 


“Blaine.” Nick sounded like his mother. 


The man laughed, “Kidding, kidding. Let’s just go.”


At the living room, they found a vey bored Kurt sitting on the couch who seemed to be counting the tiles on the kitchen wall across the room. Nick smiled at the sight, Kurt was a really cool guy and he deserved to find nice people in this crazy town, and even Blaine was somewhat inappropriate, often a douche-bag and 11 out of 10 words that left his mouth were simply disgusting, he knew his best friend was a nice guy, and maybe some of Blaine’s bad boy-ish personality would stick to the new guy and make Kurt a bit more thick-skinned to face New York City and whatever hell he was about to face here. 


“Kurt, if you still want to,” Nick said, and the Bambi blue eyes were again staring at him as if Nick just brought him back to reality, “Welcome home.” 


“Or to hell, as some of us call.” Blaine said, giving him a devilish smile that made the soon-to-be New Yorker feel a shiver going down his spine, and he wasn’t sure if it was something good or not. 


But one thing was more than clear: Everything about this Blaine guy screamed trouble, and if he was actually going to live here, in hell as Blaine himself put, he should prepare himself. In some part of his brain, he knew that this idea was insane and that this would never work out, but this was also his new begging and he needed to get out of his comfort zone and do something crazy for once. He wasn’t sure if it was something crazy good or crazy bad, but even uncertain and at some level even scared, he knew he was about to find out. 


Kurt opened his biggest smile and said, “I am in.”