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Seduced by Moonlight

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Sookie’s POV

“Goodnight, Sweetheart,” Bill whispers softly, pressing a gentle kiss against my cheek as the two of us stand upon my worn front porch together, having just returned from a romantic, moonlit walk.

“’night, Bill,” I answer back, an automatic smile coming to my face as I see my beau’s dark eyes shine with apparent affection under the porch lights.

“And you’re sure you’ll be alright here all by yourself?” he questions, earning an instant cocked brow from me.

“Bill, we’ve had this talk already,” I answer back, feeling my spine straighten as my recently departed grandmother’s words are suddenly escaping me. “I’m a grown woman and therefore fully capable of taking care of myself,” I insist, seeing Bill’s right eye twitch subtly. “Besides, if something happens, I’ve no doubt you’ll be here in a literal blink of an eye,” I add, watching as a small smirk plays over my undead boyfriend’s face.

“But of course, Sweetheart,” Bill answers back before raising my hand to his cool lips to press a gentle kiss against my knuckles. “Sleep well,” he adds just before I step inside, sending him a soft smile.

“Rest well, Bill,” I offer, seeing him nod his dark head just before he disappears in a quick flash of movement that makes my mouth go momentarily agape. Man, I’m really not used to seeing anyone move quite that fast. This whole dating a Vampire thing will take some getting used to, it would seem.

An absent smile crosses my face as I take the time to deadlock the front door before drifting off to my bedroom, thoughts of my recent date with Bill playing cheerfully through my utterly smitten mind. I can still hardly believe my luck, having finally found the perfect boyfriend…well; he’s perfect for me anyways.

There’s more than one reason I ended up dating a Vampire and my telepathy definitely plays a large part. The fact that I can touch my boyfriend, can give him a kiss goodnight without hearing his every thought is an utter relief, especially after having suffered for years with that very plight. Trust me, ladies, knowing exactly what’s going on in your man’s mind at all times is no luxury; it’s more like a damn curse. Ugh.

But I don’t have to worry about that, not anymore, not now that I’ve found my Bill. Sure, he’s a Vampire and maybe that means we’ll never take sunbathed walks on the beach or relax under the afternoon sun together, but I can live with that, it’s well worth it; knowing I can just relax around him, knowing I can truly be myself.

“Oh, Gran,” I whisper softly, suddenly becoming distracted by the sight of her agape bedroom door. “If only you were still here; I just know you’d love Bill,” I enlighten thin air as the softly wrinkled smile of my dearly departed Gran floats through the forefront of my mind.

I pause a moment, almost as if awaiting a response before letting out a soft sigh and continuing on my way towards my own nearby bedroom. I step inside, humming softly under my breath before digging out a knee-length nightshirt. I lift the soft, pink material from my dresser drawer before feeling a strange, icy chill run along my spine.

“Now what on earth?” I whisper, straightening before making a beeline towards my bedroom window. I narrow my eyes, scanning the moonlit yard skeptically before finally having to shake my head at myself for my own foolishness.

“Really, Sook, since when are you scared by your own shadow?” I chastise, shaking my head once more before making my way to the bath, intent on taking a nice, long shower before settling in for bed. Yet another strange chill trails along my spine just before I close the bathroom door and I’m left silently cursing myself before brushing off the phantom chill once more. Damn, I really need to calm down already; must be I need this shower worse than I thought.

By the time I’m dressed in my nightgown with my hair and teeth brushed, I’m feeling much better and am soon burrowing under my covers with a small smile. Once my eyes close, there’s but one face on my mind; that of Bill’s, my perfect boyfriend. What a lucky girl I am; so very, very lucky. And with that thought in mind, I soon find myself drifting off to a restful sleep.

Claudine’s POV

“Shit, that was close,” I whisper to myself, making myself fully visible once more from my perch next to my human kin’s bedroom window. She almost saw me…again. That would not be good. If Niall has told me once, he’s told me a million times, never be seen, never let your presence be discovered, and here I am almost blundering it all up…but then, that’s kind of my thing, managing to screw things up.

Not this time though! Nope! This time I’m bound and determined to be the very best Fae Guardian Faerie has ever seen! That’ll show them! That’ll show them all! This girl’s more than just a ditzy klutz with magical abilities! If I can pull this off, maybe they’ll even finally let me live down that whole horny toad debacle. Gods…what an absolute mess…not to mention the perpetual humiliation, but that’s all in the past, it’s time for me, Claudine Crane, to finally step up to the plate, to show my fellow Fae I can manage a simple task and that’s exactly what I intend to do!

“Don’t you worry, Cousin Sookie, you’re in good hands,” I whisper against the cool glass, seeing said cousin drift off to sleep with a contented smile splayed across her angelic face. Such a sweet and innocent soul I have in my care. I can’t mess this one up, I just can’t!

I cant my head then, still unable to shake the wariness my kin’s new beau has managed to instill within me. Is it that Mr. Compton is a Vampire? Or is it possibly something more? I have to admit, I was quite shocked to see how quickly my rather naive kin involved herself with a creature of the night, but just as I’ve been ordered, I’ve kept my distance, letting her make her own choices…at least so far.

I sit for a moment more, fidgeting somewhat restlessly before my curiosity finally gets the best of me. I just have to check in on this Compton character; Sookie’s wellbeing depends on it after all and I can’t let her down, not if I can help it! With a determined nod, I pop myself from the windowsill before abruptly landing upon the decrepit porch of the Compton Manor. As soon as I land, I pick up the sound of Bill’s voice, his rather irritated voice, and find myself pressing my ear against the front door as my face pinches in concentration.

“I’m moving things along just as fast as I possibly can, Your Majesty,” I hear Bill insist to instantly catch my attention. Your Majesty? As in Vampire Royalty? Just what on earth is ol’ Billy Boy up to? “No, I have not managed to seduce the telepath just yet, but trust me when I say I’ve effectively laid the groundwork. It won’t be long now,” Bill claims cockily to leave my fists clenching in instant fury.

“Fucking son of a bitch,” I hiss out below my breath, pressing my ear more firmly against the door so as not to miss even the slightest utterance of damning testimony against the Vampire I just somehow knew I couldn’t trust.

“Yes, she can most definitely read minds just as you thought, My Queen,” Bill assures his apparent superior. “And no, the girl cannot read Vampire minds; obviously, or she would have run from me at the first given chance,” he practically giggles out with glee to bring an incensed frown to my face. The bastard!

“You’ll have the telepath at your personal beck and call by the end of the month, this I solemnly swear to you, My Liege,” Bill insists to send icy panic racing through my every vein. Shit! “And just wait until you taste her; like liquid sunshine upon your tongue,” he adds with menacing laughter before I find myself shaking my head in disbelief whilst slowly backing from the front door.

“No,” I whisper, shaking my head harder than before. I can’t let this happen! I have to find a way to save Sookie and fast! Shit! Shit, shit, shit! It’s then that a loud creak catches my attention and I find myself suddenly frozen in place, quickly realizing I’ve made the sound, having accidently stepped upon one of the many loose boards upon the deteriorating porch. Oh, fuck me.

The front door suddenly flies open and I only just manage to pop myself to the edge of the yard before being seen by an obviously suspicious Vampire. Oh, damn; that was close! I freeze in place in the darkness of the yard, seeing Bill’s dark eyes scan the night before finally seeing him shake his head and step back inside the aging manor. Thank the gods.

Before I realize what it is I’m doing, I find myself absently trailing though the nearby cemetery, my hands tracing over cool stone and marble as a deep frown settles upon my face. Damn. I somehow knew Bill was up to no good, but never in a million years did I think he’d planned to sell my dear, sweet cousin off as some blood whore and to Vampire Royalty no less! The very audacity of that filthy bloodsucker!

“Dammit, Claudine! Think! Think, think, think,” I mutter to myself, kicking at a patch of overgrown grass as my mind continues to spin with the revelations of this night. If only there was a way to protect my human kin, to ensure she never end up in the hands of that wrenched Vampire Queen!

It’s then that I hear it, an almost eerie howl that manages to instantly halt my steps before I slowly raise my face towards the shining moon hanging high above. A wolf; fucking genius! And so simple! Why didn’t I think of it before!? I’m not sure how long I stand just like that, my face raised towards the shining moon, listening to that distant howl, before a slow smile finds its way across my face. Perhaps there’s a way to save my cousin after all and without having to reveal myself as well. Hmmm…

With a pop, I find myself standing above Sookie’s four-poster bed, seeing her fair hair splayed across the pillows as my resolution sets firmly into place. Part of me knows this plan is perhaps a bit reckless, hell, it’s insane, really, but what choice do I have here? I can’t allow Sookie to be hauled off to some Vampire Court and made a blood slave! I have to save her; it’s my job after all.

With this thought in mind, I step a bit closer, watching as Sookie’s chest rhythmically rises and falls with her shallow breathing, all the while knowing I’m doing only what is necessary to save her. It’s with a deep inhale I find myself standing just over her slumbering form, my hands splayed in the air above her.

Now for the spell; just what was that incantation again? I pause for a moment, my seemingly endless nights spent in the Fae Academy coming to mind once more before somehow familiar words begin spilling from my lips. Yes, that’s it! Of course! I just knew I had in my magical arsenal the perfect solution to solve this current dilemma!

A soft, blue glow is soon emanating from my fingertips and I find myself smiling through my incantation as that ethereal light floats down to surround my still sleeping kin. Soon, Sookie’s entire form is encased in cerulean radiance, her slow, steady breathing never faltering even for a moment as I continue on, letting the magic surround her, letting it sink into her, letting it take her over.

I finally finish my spell, a rather triumphant grin coming to my face as I watch that beautiful, blue splendor melt beneath my cousin’s sunkissed skin. As the final bit of magic flows into Sookie, she lets out a soft sigh and my grin widens, knowing I’ve just saved her life, unbeknownst to her of course.

“There,” I whisper, risking the chance of being caught as I reach out a hand to gently comb my fingers through Sookie’s golden hair. “You can thank me later, Dearest Sookie,” I whisper through a somewhat cocky smirk, taking the time to lean down to press a soft kiss against Sookie’s forehead before abruptly popping from the room, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I surely must be the greatest Fae Guardian of all time.