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A preliminary examination of potential significant others (last saved by T. Drake)

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Please scroll down. This is in the form of a table, and there really is text here, but AO3 doesn't treat it terribly well.




Other Considerations

Allen, Bart

- Consistently interesting conversational partner
- Good working knowledge of each others' personalities
- Unlikely to be injured in lasting way

- May be distractable despite encroaching maturity
- Food budget

- Increased possibility of losing romantic partner in a "Crisis"

Anders, Kory

- Attractive in a highly feminine way
- Sexually experienced

- Attractive in a highly feminine way
- Sexually experienced

- Of all listed, is most likely to garner approval from Dick

Aquista, Darla

- Has evinced interest in me

- Necrophilia somewhat offputting
- Connections to organized crime
- May never know identity

Bertinelli, Helena

- Unlikely to demand great degree of emotional intimacy
- Enjoyable teammate and conversational partner

- Bruce may present a difficulty

- Her history with Dick, though this does not seem to have impaired his relationship with Roy

Brown, Stephanie

- Is already privy to information I may not be permitted to share with others
- Very accepting of personal boundaries
- Wealth of shared experience
- Compatible personalities
- Extremely fond of me
- Caring, understanding friend
- Appreciates my taste in pizza

- Is impetuous and headstrong

- Already has social approval from important parties
- Has tension with Bruce
- Dad & Dana's approval - pro or con?

Cain, Cassandra

- Will understand my crime-fighting commitments

- Will understand everything else
- Is extremely intimidating for this reason and others

- Should be encouraged to wear Barbara's old suit as often as possible

Carr, Snapper

- Experienced providing logistical support while remaining safe

- Sense he takes the Mission less than seriously

Choi, Grace

- Very experienced
- Would not expect committed relationship
- Would reject emotional support

- *VERY* experienced
- Unlikely to be interested in anything more than one-night stand
- Could break me in half
- Anissa (?)
- Roy

- Roy unlikely to exercise any sort of monogamy claim
(cf. Harper, R. and notes on commitment, monogamy)

Curry, Arthur

- Complimentary effective working ranges

- "I love you -- Aquaman!"

- Would this make me a stepfather?

Dearden, Mia

- Friendly, charismatic
- Increasing amounts of shared experience

- Medical concerns
- Traumatic sexual history, may require emotional support that I am not equipped to provide

Dowd, Bernard

- Has evinced an interest in me

- Will never be on approved list for sharing of identity

El, Kon

- Basis of friendship promising
- Compatible psychosexual makeup, as evidenced by "Ravers"
- Long-term history lends itself to conversation or companionable silence
- Sympathy already exists between us
- Tactile telekinesis
- Would be unlikely to develop animosity even if he is uninterested in me

- Not actually skilled at companionable silence in practice
- May be inclined to gossip
- Fashion sense questionable
- Execrable taste in television
- Criticizes my taste in music

- In committed relationship (cf. Sandsmark, Cassie)
- I may not be his "type"
- Secrets regarding his genetics could complicate things, but have already done so

Fite, Anita

- Her personality would be complementary to my own, and ease and facilitate social interactions

- Magical skills somewhat disconcerting
- Nudity likewise disconcerting

- Whereabouts unknown
- Single mother, may not be interested in relationship at this time

Flores, Catalina

- Sexually attractive
- Impetuous enough to consider me a prospect under the correct circumstances

- Would create tension with Dick
- May still carry a torch for him

- Involvement in Dick's emotional breakdown (?)
- Possibly insane

Gordon, Barbara

- Access to vast amounts of information and supplemental materials will keep relations on every level consistently intriguing
- Unlikely to require high levels of emotional engagement
- Some sympathy exists between us
- Vast video library

- Practically speaking, omniscient

- Her relationship history does not suggest I am her "type"

Grayson, Dick

- Shares an understanding of the unique difficulties associated with the legacy
- Fearless, effusive, and full of grace
- Not difficult to seduce
- Good taste in movies, television, fast food
- Dad & Dana know and like him
- Has a certain fondness for me

- May be more interested in permanent commitment than I am
- May require intensive emotional support
- Would be extremely inconvenient enemy
- Fashion sense questionable
- Impossible to make small talk due to extensive knowledge of his background

- Have already devised plan for neutralization in case of enmity
- Ongoing romantic yen for Barbara, Kory, Bruce (?)

Harper, Roy

- Charismatic and attractive

- Unlikely to be interested in long-term committment
- A falling-out would negatively impact both of our teams and our affiliations
- History with Dick (?)

- Ask Babs about "Speedy" joke
- Ask Helena about "draws a mighty bow" joke(s)

Hawke, Connor

- Pleasant to associate with
- Not disposed to excesses of emotion
- Self-sufficient to all appearances and credit checks

- Apparently virginal
- Mutual lack of experience may hinder matters
- Effects of faith on sexuality unclear

Hayes, Greta

- Some shared history

- May be invested in "normalcy" to the exclusion of friendship/more with me
- Now corporeal

J'onzz, J'onn

- Advisibililty of a connection to arguably most powerful member of JLA
- Possibility of exercising stabilizing influence on same
- Shape-shifter, which would indubitably add spice

- May still be in mourning for lost family/planet
- May not be interested in me

- Extent to which our anatomy is compatible unknown

King-Jones, Cissie

- Enjoyable company
- Has evinced interest in past

- Might expect me to forgo crime fighting as she has done, which would be unacceptable

Kord, Ted

- Shared interests
- Mutual respect already exists
- The Bug
- Access to highly advanced technology

- Missing, presumed dead
- Already shares said technology with teammates, so unlikely to be useful as a bargaining chip

- Barbara may have prior claim

Kyle, Selina

- Bruce will be unable to contest the desirability of the connection

- Criminal record
- Unstable personality

Lance, Dinah

- Physically attractive
- Shared experiences and frame of reference
- Willing to wear wigs for right incentive

- Not on the approved list for secret identities at present
- A falling-out might create animosity between teams

- Babs (?)
- Ollie (?)

Lane-Kent, Clark

- Unlikely to die permanently
- Indubitably a font of fascinating conversation
- Multiple chances to practice languages other than English
- Has access to technology so advanced it is indistinguishable from magic

- Current partner is extremely intimidating
- Physical prowess may cause problems in the heat of passion

- In committed relationship (cf. Lane-Kent, Lois)
- Stepfatherhood (cf. Curry, A.)

Lane-Kent, Lois

- Demonstrated success at relationships with superheroes
- Highly intelligent
- Skilled conversationalist

- Metropolis is a long commute without superspeed

- Frightening
- In committed relationship (cf. Lane-Kent, Clark)

Lee, Jubilation

- Has expressed interest in the past
- Good kisser when our lives are in the balance

- Extremely talkative
- Not much in common

- Does not reside in this universe

Logan, Garfield

- Shape-shifter, green (cf. J'onzz, J.)
- Experienced crime-fighter
- Some shared history

- Incompatible personalities

- In a committed relationship (cf. Stone, V.)

Luthor, Lex

- Has resources not currently available to me
- Highly intelligent, engaging conversational partner
- Offers intriguing challenges

- Evil
- Was exposed to radiation as a child; could affect sexual prowess
- Metropolis is a long commute without superspeed

- Kon would never forgive me
- Bruce would find it an interesting avenue to exploit for resource gains

no last name, Diana

- Connections to U.S. Embassy and Amazons
- Lasso (cf. J'onzz, J. re: spice)

- Intimidating
- Predisposed to throwing Titans long distances
- Could affect relations with Cassie

- Stepfatherhood (cf. Curry, A.)

no last name, Indigo

- Robot
- Highly intelligent

- Very powerful, previous killing rampages
- May revert

- In committed relationship (cf. Shift)

no last name, Shift

- Shape-changer (cf. J'onzz, J.)
- Opportunity to gather intelligence on new meta

- Very little shared experience

- In committed relationship (cf. Indigo)

no last name, Slo-bo

- Sexual relationship could be beneficial to keeping him in line

- Present whereabouts unknown
- Progenitor killed the rest of his species
- Willing to do same to others

- Anita may have a prior claim
- Czarnian sexual habits? (research required)

Pennyworth, Alfred

- Would traumatize Bruce
- Age implies great experience
- Excellent cook
- Our personalities are compatible
- Shared history

- Would traumatize Dick, possibly myself
- Age might hinder performance
- Knows me too well

- In a committed relationship (?) (Thompkins, L., not listed)

Queen, Oliver

- Charismatic
- Unlikely to be too demanding

- Indubitably disinterested in long-term commitment
- Would need to associate entirely discreetly

- Possibility of being laughed out of superhero community
- Stepfatherhood (cf. Curry, A.)

Raynor, Kyle

- Holds Bat legacy in appropriate respect
- Green Lantern powers = endless possibility

- High fatality incidence with romantic partners

- May not actually be in galaxy

Sandsmark, Cassie

- Would strengthen connection with Amazons
- Long term friendship lends basis for relationship
- Lasso (cf. Diana)

- Unlikely to be interested in me romantically

- In committed relationship (cf. El, K.)

Stone, Victor

- Has access to highly advanced technology
- Compatible personalities

- Extant organic matter unknown
- Kon seems infatuated with him

- Cybernetic attachments?
- In a committed relationship (cf. Logan, G.)

Todd, Jason

- Shared history would lend itself to conversation
- Compatible interests
- Arguably my "type"

- Present affiliation unclear

- Bruce (?)

Troy, Donna

- Would strengthen connection with Amazons
- Formidable ally

- Unlikely to be interested in me
- Presently deceased or equivalent

Wayne, Bruce

- Might strengthen working relationship
- Some measure of sympathy already exists between us
- Shared interests and experiences

- Likely to lose interest in the face of other commitments and distractions
- Would never, ever hear the end of it from Dick
- Might cause tension with Dick
- "Bruce Wayne" persona

- Would cause tension throughout hero community
- Stepfatherhood (cf. Curry, A.)

Wilson, Slade

- Any experience involving Slade would certainly be life-changing

- Any experience with Slade has a far greater than zero chance of being life-ending

- Stepfatherhood (cf. Curry, A.)

Wusan, Shiva

- Possibility of exercising a restraining influence on a dangerous element
- Opportunity for learning new skills

- History of killing those close to her skill level
- And the merely annoying
- Likely to impart new skills which I prefer not to use

- Am unlikely to approach her skill level
- Stepfatherhood (cf. Curry, A.)

Zor-El, Kara

- Genetic history suggests she would be interested in me
- Opportunity to learn new languages
- Powerful ally

- Not my "type"
- Carries a torch for Dick
- Has a short temper along with great strength: bad combination

- Unsure whether Bruce would approve or disapprove
- Unsure whether Clark would approve or disapprove