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Don't Wanna Surrender (Just Yet)

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Kihyun isn't a mere vampire. He is the vampire. His pack is well known by the others in the area, but its mystery remains a secret: who are they?

No one really knows where they came from. His pack members, Hoseok and Minhyuk, are rarely seen without each other, so there's always the lingering feeling that they're a couple. Well, they're quite the opposite. Minhyuk isn't the "I need a boyfriend" type. He likes the rush and the thrill from one night stands and he doesn't really want a relationship. Hoseok, on the other hand, is completely whipped. He's had his eyes on a human for quite a while now and it bothers Kihyun the most.

"How can a vampire fall in love with a human?" He asked, facing the older one.

"Well, shit, haven't you ever fallen in love?"

"Why would I?" Hoseok sighed at the answer.

"You're hopeless..." He looked at Kihyun and smirked, having second thoughts. "We should go out. I know a guy that I want you to meet..."


"No way" Changkyun babbled, throwing himself on the sofa. "No fucking way I'll leave this sofa tonight, hyung"

"No fucking way? If I say you're going, then you're fucking going"

"It is wednesday, I shouldn't go out to parties, hyung!" Changkyun tried, pouting.

"Get your lazy ass up" Minhyuk said, rolling his eyes. "I know a guy I want you to meet."