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I Like Me Better When I'm With You

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When Midoriya wanted something he tried his best to set his foot forward and reach for it. Something even as small as taking all the groceries up to the house in one trip, inevitably ignoring all the words of warning his mother gave him about everything spilling he still did it anyway (there was no-one around to see him spill the cereal anyway but he carried everything in one trip nonetheless).

Here, at the fresh age of 18, he had decided that he was finally ready to leave the so-called nest as his mother called it. He knew the thought of him leaving saddened her a little, but she was also very supportive. In no time, he found himself with a small apartment with the help of some friends that wasn’t too far out of town, and found work part-time at a little coffee shop several blocks down from that. Luckily the college he was going to was in just the right area of closeness to both work and home. Friends came to him fairly easily (why he didn’t know) and he had formed some of the closest bonds he didn’t think was possible in such a short time. It had already been a full year there on his own and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

As such, he found himself waking up pretty early that morning. His landlord, a lovely short old lady had told him another tenant was moving in within another day or two, so that he should look out for them and say hi.

‘Of course I will! I hope we can get along too.’ He had said to her.

She smiled and patted his hands. She was such a nice old woman, at times he’d almost found himself calling her Granny, though he was pretty sure she wouldn’t have minded. She’d sent him off after that, a few slices of freshly baked banana bread in his hands to go and waved before she had made her way back to the front office building.

Midoriya smiled as he remembered the scene, putting on his shoes and looking at his face in the mirror one last time. With a satisfied check he made his way out the front door and locked it. The apartment next to his was still as silent as ever, no moving boxes or anything to be seen anywhere. The tenant wasn’t here as of yet obviously, but he’d be sure to offer to help out with their bags or boxes if he saw them on the way back from his shift. Who knows, maybe they’d be friends.

After catching a seat on the bus and playing around with the apps on his phone, Midoriya found himself at his work within ten minutes or so. Universal Americano (UA as all the workers called it for short) was an amazing place to work at. Their coffee was honestly the best he’d ever tried in his opinion. He’d stumbled in after a really rough week of starting college classes sometime last year and found himself wondering around the area. Of course he was ecstatic to see they were hiring, and even more surprised when the manager hired him that same day. Ochako; a girl from his Physics and English Language class had been working that shift, and from there they’d gotten really close. From there she introduced him to a whole group of people, some already in his classes or he’d passed by on campus, while others were new, fresh faces.

Needless to say, his social group grew very quickly and with that more ‘squad hangouts’ happened as Denki had called it. There was this unspoken rule between them all where everyone that was free would get together on Friday nights and play games, talk and do other sleepover stuff at whoever’s unlucky house or apartment they chose for the night. He was probably next on the hit-list to be honest.

That’s gonna be fun to clean up afterwards.

As he walked in he found himself smelling the alluring aroma of coffee beans grinding together. There was a faint scent of cinnamon and nutmeg wafting in the air, the drip drop of the brew machine and the splash of 2% skinny milk being poured in a cup. He smiled as he put on his apron and made his way out the staff room. Kirishima and Todoroki greeted him briefly, the red-head turning back to the coffee machine as Todoroki continued talking to a young customer.

Midoriya glanced at the clock, wondering to himself where Ochako was. She had her late moments, but he didn’t see her in the breakroom while he was there. The girl was usually at the counter during this time, chatting up customers and excitedly practicing her foam art skills. She was very good at hearts and smiley faces. Everything else was a bit of a mess but the customers never seemed to mind much. The ones that hit on her never got any art at all though. Somehow that was a lot colder than a badly shaped foam art of a flower.

As if the universe was reading his thoughts he felt his phone vibrate in his right pocket.

Ochocolate: Hey! Izuku!
Ochocolate: I-zuuu-kuuu
Ochocolate: You should be at work by now right?
Ochocolate: Cant come in today sry. I forgot to text ya earlier h aha. Floaty got out of her cage and Tsuyu is helping me look for her :’/

Kirishima happened to see him looking at his phone and unabashedly asked. “That Ochako?”

“Yeah. Apparently she’s not coming today?”

“Oh right. Her hamster went MIA.” He scratched his head. “I bet the little fur ball is probably just hiding out under her bed or somethin’. Her rooms really messy.”

He nodded. The last time he visited her room looked like a tornado passed through and that was after she only tidied up all her books. Game night was hectic. “I’m sure she’ll find him...hopefully.”

He shooted her a quick text because leaving someone on read was a nightmare and he would never want to pass that anxiety onto anyone.

--Good luck! I’m sure he’ll turn up. Try putting the little banana treats out that he likes in a corner. Oh and some water <3

With that he closed his phone and went to work by Kirishima.


“Hey Izuku?”

He looked up from the machine curiously. Todoroki nodded in his direction and waved his hand towards him. He smiled and walked over.

“What’s up?” Luckily the line wasn’t extremely long, most people were just tiredly waiting on their orders; after all it was mid-morning. The line peaked in the early morning, around lunchtime and in the evening. But people were all heading to their classes or jobs by now so it was fine.

“Can you take over my position for a little while? I just need to go to the bathroom really quickly.”

“Oh yeah it’s no problem Shouto!”

The boy gave him a small smile before turning and walking through the employee door. Midoriya glanced at his phone and was about to check his e-mail when he heard someone clear their throat from over the counter.  He jumped and looked up, a customer who looked very angry scowled at him. Midoriya quickly put his phone away and smiled, good ol’ employee mode setting in.

“Hi there! Welcome to UA Coffee, what would you like today?”

The man glanced at the menu for a moment before he looked back at Midoriya, his eyes then deciding to settle on the counter. “All black is…fine. A medium.”

“Do you mean a Grande?” He bristled at hearing this. “Uh, S-sir?”

The customer shifted his frown on him once more. “A fucking what?”

Midoriya swallowed and quickly went to get the cup. “T-This size. A Grande. Is that fine?”

“I dunno why y’all don’t just say medium but shit sure.”

“Ok, that’ll be $4.50, one moment sir.” Midoriya quickly left the counter to prepare the cup. There wouldn’t be much reason to have Kirishima make it since it was just this one customer. He could see the red-head curiously watching the two though, arms folded and ready to walk over if he needed help.

With the steaming cup of black coffee prepared he brought it to the counter, taking the money from the other man.

He was pretty startled when he first saw him practically yelling out his responses, but looking closer, this customer was actually pretty attractive. It’s a shame he frowned and scowled so much though. Maybe he had a really nice smile under all that? Or a really dorky one? He’d like to see his smile. Honestly he just wants to reach over and fix his face, push his cheeks up in a fake smile. Actually that might just be a one-way trip to a major suicide mission. Could he actually even smile? Attractive features aside he was still kinda scary. Those eyes of his really glare into you, with those beautiful blonde lashes of his—wait. Glaring?

Midoriya came out of his musings to see the customer furious, the cup of coffee spilled and dripping over the counter, but more importantly, all over the bottom half of his nice t-shirt, the liquid spilling onto his black jeans. Kirishima had shouted something to him and rushed over with a handful of tissues but he was utterly mortified. He spilled the coffee on the customer. He spilled hot scalding coffee on the customer. The customer who is shouting profanities left and right and now kneeling to the floor in pain. Shit.

“Oh god I am so so sorry!” Shittt. “I – I –oh god.”

“Are you um, okay man?” Kirishima asked. He flinched when the customer yelled at him.

“Do I look fucken fine to you hair for brains?” Kirishima outrightly gasped. He pouted and went back to wiping the counter.

The man was still on the ground, the coffee cup at the very least disposed of now and the counter quickly wiped. Kirishima was on his way to get the mop when Midoriya stopped him.

“Kirishima, tell Shouto I borrowed his keys I’m gonna take him to the hospital cover for me please!”

“You’re whating the what now!?”

“He might have severe burns...or something!” He ran to the back to grab the keys just as Todoroki was returning from the bathroom.


“I’ll be back!” With his apron off and keys in his hand he stooped next to the blonde man again.

Midoriya heard Kirishima call to Todoroki from the back but their voices faded in the background as he went to reach for the customer. He saw him glare, but wince when he moved his hand. “God I’m still really sorry about all this. Please let me take you to the hospital to get checked though. Please.  That’s the least I can do for you right now.”

The other watched him up and down for a moment, as if he could do worse than spill boiling hot coffee on him. Actually wait, he could throw another cup of hot coffee on his face and like leave him to die right there on the floor or something. Just in case he looked at both his hands and sighed seeing there was no hidden death coffee.

“Fucking fine. I don’t need you to help me up though.” Despite his words Midoriya still went for it anyway, even though he really didn’t need the extra assistance.

With surprising strength he helped the man stand, and didn’t spare a glance back to his co-workers as he helped him out the door to find Shouto’s car.


That was such a hectic day.

Midoriya was bout ready to dive into his bed and curl up in a ball of regret and embarrassment. He stepped off the bus, feet dragging on the ground and walked into the front building. He tiredly waved at the old woman, telling her to stay safe and have a goodnight before getting in the elevator to the second floor. He was too tired to climb up the flight of stairs.

The drive to the hospital was awkward and tense, a quiet but angry air radiated from Bakugou the whole way there as he refused to look at Midoriya. Midoriya sent him concerned glances stiffly every now and then but he did have to keep his eyes on the road. Katsuki Bakugou; as he learned was the person’s, name was freakishly weird. He’d gotten burned but not deep enough to leave any major damage or marks. The doctor said it was merely a first degree burn but Bakugou was somehow seemed slightly resistance to that type of heat.  The burn would leave nothing more than a slight spot to the affected area but not even to stay there forever. Maybe he took a lot of boiling hot showers and drank a lot of hot drinks or something? He promised to make it up to him though. In Midoriya’s regrettable mistake the owner of the store, Toshinori had told him to Bakugou that they owed him a free cup of coffee and a discount on their baked treats. He might just stay away from coffee shops in general for a while after this incident though.

Stepping out of the elevator he stopped dead in his tracks near his door. The new neighbor was here, boxes scattered in the hallway and the sounds of muttered cursing spewing out as they lifted another heavy box. That would’ve been more than fine and all, and Midoriya would’ve already ran over to greet them and help out. But that voice. The sight he was met with was more than alarming.

It was the person from earlier at the coffee shop.

Katsuki Bakugou.

The man in question was currently in the middle of lifting another box inside. Seeming to sense that someone was staring at them they dropped the box at their door and turned to stand up straighter. He was close enough to hear his back crack slightly. Bakugou blinked as he also noticed him. He turned his head and quickly continued lifting his box inside. Midoriya heard the door shut quickly after that, the few other boxes still remaining outside. He wasn’t sure if the blonde was going to come outside again anytime soon.

Midoriya sighed. Well this was just his luck. Not only did he spill scalding hot liquid over someone and have to take them to the hospital, but that someone was apparently his new next door neighbor.