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Democratic Ancestors

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It all happens so quickly, Diane rushes from the restaurant into the lobby, her resolve fading with each determined step. She really does want him, scary as it seems, she really does. Diane Lockhart, diehard liberal, democratic feminist, seriously and desperately wants Kurt McVeigh. Suddenly, before she can stop to think, she’s spinning on her heel and striding back toward the restaurant. Her hips sway as her confidence in her newly made decision pushes her back to his table.

Kurt is still seated, nursing the beer she’d poured for him earlier. He spots her walking toward him, his mouth slightly agape.

“Diane-“ He says in shock and she merely leans forward and kisses him passionately once again. Her tongue swipes at his bottom lip, requesting access that he gladly grants. Her hand threads through his hair, pulling him toward her as his hands flail, unsure of where to land.

“Take me to bed, Kurt” She whispers breathily into his ear as they break apart, both gasping for air. Kurt smirks slightly, tilting his head as he looks at her, her hand still curled into the hair at the base of his neck. Her sparkling, lust-filled eyes meet his, her heart pounding fast and doubt suddenly seeping into her bones.

“Let’s go.” Kurt replies after a long beat of silence and Diane grins widely; relieved. Fumbling with his wallet, Kurt lobs a few bills onto the table before reaching out and taking her hand. A slight shiver trickles over Diane as his large hand encloses hers. They’d just shared one of the most erotic kisses of her life and yet, the feeling of his hand holding hers is so much more intimate.

The pair remain silent as they make their way back to the hotel lobby, barely glancing at each other as they patiently wait for the lift. Kurt gently rubs his thumb over the soft skin of her hand and Diane’s eyes almost roll back in her head. How is he able to make her feel like this with such an innocent touch?

The elevator arrives and much to their displeasure, they are joined by an elderly couple and a businessman. Kurt smiles politely, nudging the button for the fifth floor as he pulls Diane into the corner with him, his hand dropping hers to sneak around her waist instead, slipping dangerously close to her arse. Diane raises her eyebrows at the bold move, smiling daringly at him.

The couple in front of them ramble on about something but neither take any notice, too focused on each other and the agonisingly slow speed at which the elevator seems to be moving. Finally at the fifth floor, Kurt releases her, holding the door open and guiding her out.

“Miss Lockhart,” He practically purrs and Diane gulps at the sensation his words evoke within her. Something about the way he says her name just makes it sound so…dirty. “This way,” he adds directing her toward his room. Diane fidgets nervously with her purse, glancing around the hallway as he fumbles with the key card. Finally on the fourth attempt the door swings open and Kurt, steps back allowing her to enter.

Spinning on her high heels she turns to look at him as the door clicks shut, her smile almost predatory. Dropping her purse to the floor she bites her lip seductively as she moves toward him, pressing him into the door with her body. Kurt’s hands encircle her slim waist, pulling her impossibly closer and the pair simply stare at each other. They’re both breathing hard at this point, the tension building; puffs of air mixing together as they lean closer, their lips almost touching.

Diane’s eyes slide shut and she gasps his name. “Kurt,” She whispers and it’s all the invitation he needs. Kurt closes the distance between them kissing her roughly, his tongue tangling with hers as they both fight for dominance.

“Oh God,” She gasps as he moves his lips down her throat, his hands already at her thighs sneaking her electric blue dress upward. Diane reciprocates by moving her hands to his coat, desperately tugging it off his shoulders. Kurt slides the coat off with her help, and spins her as it falls to the floor, turning the tables and shoving her against the hotel room door. Diane grunts; her hands moving back to his head as she brings his mouth back to hers kissing him hard. It’s all teeth and tongues and so very hot. Lord, but this man knows how to kiss.

Kurt’s hands continue on their journey, easing her skirt up higher and higher until he touches the silk of her panties. Diane pulls him hard against her, her moan into his mouth only encouraging the course of his hands.

As Kurt slips his fingers beneath the flimsy fabric, Diane rips her mouth from his with a loud groan.

“My, my Miss Lockhart, so wet. What would those Democratic Ancestors think?” He mocked lowly in her ear. Diane bit her bottom lip, stifling a smirk as his fingers touched her. Kurt grinned, moving away slightly to watch her expression of pure lust. Slipping two fingers inside her slick heat, he spoke again.

“What would they say about a Right-wing nut job, getting you off?” Diane merely gasped, tilting her hips toward his hand, so much for stoically silent, apparently when it came to sex Kurt could be quite loquacious. His thumb pressed hard against her clit and Diane let out a loud scream, her body jerking toward him.

“Please, more!” She whimpered and he complied pushing deeper into her, his teeth tugging gently on her earlobe.

“Come for me, Diane,” He said gruffly and that was her undoing, her body shuddered with release and he held her tightly between the door and himself as her knees buckled.

Blinking her eyes open after a long moment, Diane breathed heavily.

“Wow.” She whispered, locking eyes with him.

“Changing your stance on Republicans?” He asked cockily as he slid his hand from within her, and brought it to his mouth, licking his fingers clean. Diane watched him breathlessly, her blue eyes never leaving his.

“I’m not sure,” She finally spoke, smirking.

“Perhaps you need more convincing?” He retorted, kissing her softly and pulling her from the door and further into his room.

“Oh, I’m definitely going to need more convincing!” She said seductively, moving to unbutton his shirt.

Unzipping her dress and pulling her onto the bed with him, Kurt replied,

 “Good, because I’ve got one hell of a pitch!”